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Ko Samui Palm Tree BeachToday we bring you a guest post from Skins over at We think it’s a great article that is spot on about Ko Samui and we haven’t covered this location yet. You may also be interested in our other posts Rilay Beach, Phuket, the Song Kran festival, Thailand in general and how to spot a ladyboy. Also of note is our article on internet dating, we agree wholeheartedly with Skins on that topic.

We don’t condone, encourage or support prostitution, among other things, the health concerns are just too great. However, we’re libertarians in the strictest sense. People should be able to engage in free trade of whatever they want, however they want.

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I love Ko Samui island. I’ve traveled all over Thailand and Ko Samui is easily my favorite place to live. Well, besides Bangkok. Just depends if I’m in a big city party mood or a relax on the beach mood.

Ko Samui is just about perfect. Beautiful women, rockin night life and some of the best beaches in the world.

Ko Samui Women Rating: 4/5

Ko Samui truly is paradise. There are beautiful women all over the place! Samui is a very popular tourist destination and many girls from all over Thailand come here to work at shops, hotels, bars and restaurants.

Everytime I visit Samui I meet several cute Thai girls and have mini relationships for my stay on the island. Last time I was there I met one girl I really liked… Amazing young lady.

I would have had a serious relationship with her if I wasn’t such a sex crazed maniac who travels every few months. Samui is much smaller and much more quiet then Bangkok but it still rates a 4/5 for Women based on my experience.

I met so many cute fun girls living on this island. They all love foreigners and they had no problems with hooking up and having a short term relationship. They never seemed jealous or crazy and I am still in touch with several girls I met there. We became really good friends actually.

It seems like island people are much more relaxed and easy going. The Samui lifestyle is amazing! I met most of my girls on these two websites:

If you read my previous post about How To Pick Up Thai Women then you know I love Thai Cupid. It is the best dating website in Thailand by far. If you are planning on visiting or living in Thailand you MUST sign up for Thai Cupid. It’s free to join so take a minute to make a profile.

There are a decent amount of girls living in Samui on Thai Cupid but don’t expect to see several thousand like in big cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Living on any island there are far fewer people which is why I always sign up for several dating websites.

The second best website to find sexy girls on Ko Samui is Thai Friendly. I was surprised how many cute girls from Samui were on Thai Friendly. This site is 100% free to join and send messages so I recommend signing up regardless of where you stay in Thailand.

These two dating sites are the best for finding girls on Ko Samui. Sign up and do a quick search to see what I mean!

Be sure to sign up before your trip so you can start laying the groundwork and setting up dates.

You can also meet plenty of beautiful women just by hitting the streets and looking around. I’ve pulled many cute girls that work at bars and restaurants.

Just be warned… Ko Samui is crawling with Hookers. If you prefer paying for sex then you will also love Samui! There is an endless supply of beer bars, massage parlors and freelancers walking the streets.

It’s much more low key then places like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket and that is just fine with me. I don’t like having that shit in my face 24/7 but it’s nice to have it available when you need it.

Overall the working girls aren’t as sexy in Samui as they are in the big cities but you can find some real talent if you search for it. I run into some real stunners whenever I am partying around Soi Green Mango.

Most girls partying in the nightclubs are hookers. You can read my guide on How To Tell If A Thai Girl Is A Hooker.

I know my way around and still had a girl hit me up for cash in the morning… This is after I specifically asked her if she was a hooker. If you meet her in the club and she goes home with you that night just expect to pay her 1,000-2,000 Baht.

There are also a ton of ladyboys in the clubs so be sure to read my guide on how to spot a ladyboy. Some of these ladyboys are the sexiest I’ve ever seen! Be careful!

Thai Ladyboys in Thailand

Ko Samui has an unbelievable amount of massage parlors. They are literally stacked one after another all the way down the street. Many of them have very cute young girls sitting outside. An hour long oil massage is around 300 Baht and you can negotiate what you want after that…

Ko Samui Massage Parlor

Just be warned. The cute young girls give horrible massages and they are only good for sex. If you want a good massage look for an older Thai lady.

I will also mention the tourists in Ko Samui. I never chase after white chicks in Thailand but Ko Samui has the most beautiful tourists I’ve seen in the country. I met some smokin hot chicks from Israel, Spain and Sweden.

I even banged my one and only white girl in Samui. A girl from the UK was all over me at the bar so I put her on the back of my motorbike, brought her to my room and banged her.

There are a ton of young tourists in Samui looking to party and hook up. Just hang out around Ark Bar Beach Resort and Soi Green Mango.

Whether you want to date a cute sweet Thai girl or rent a whore for your holiday, Ko Samui has you covered.

You will have no problem draining your balls on a daily basis.

Ko Samui Cost of Living Rating: 5/5

I think Ko Samui is a great value for what you get. It’s one of the more expensive places in Thailand but you are still living in paradise at a great bargain.

The island has a reputation of being an expensive destination for rich families who stay in resorts. Back packers usually flock to Koh Phangan and the sex tourists head to Pattaya or Phuket.

The only thing that sucks is the plane ticket. It’s around $130 one way! Bangkok Airways has a monopoly on the island and they charge what they want. You can go to Surat Thani then take a ferry to save a few bucks but that is a huge waste of time.

Just pay the price and fly from Bangkok to Samui direct in less then an hour. Once I was there for a while I learned how to save a good amount of money. My favorite cheap hotel is Lek City. Click that link to check out current prices. When I stayed there it was less then 600 Baht per night.

Lek City hotel is clean and conveniently located in the heart of Chewang.
One minute walk to the nightlife and three minute walk to the beach. Just be warned… It is directly next to the ladyboy cabaret show! You will see some interesting people at night.

If you walk behind Soi Green Mango you will find several cheap guest houses with rates around 600-750 Baht per night. Just be careful about staying too close to Green mango! Sound club is thumping until 6am and it will be shaking your room while you’re trying to sleep.

I stayed for a month at a place called TongTip Mansion behind Soi Green Mango. Not the most luxurious place but it was perfect for my stay. 13,000 Baht per month and it is walking distance to everything in Chewang. Beaches, clubs, shopping, the lake… Perfect. They are also very nice people. I will stay there on my next trip for sure!

I found apartments for half that amount but they are far from the action. I prefer to stay close to the action in Samui. It’s nice to stumble home drunk at night instead of risking your life on a motorbike.

That said, you must rent a motorbike to truly enjoy Ko Samui. There are several reasons for this. So you can explore this beautiful island and also avoid the taxi mafia… The taxis on Samui are infamous. They don’t use meters and they charge ridiculous rates to go anywhere. Plus the traffic in Chewang can take an hour to go down the main strip when you can just zip right by in minutes on a motorbike.

That one way street in central Chewang is a bitch! Another good area of the island is Lamai. It’s much more quiet at night and it feels like an older crowd. There are a ton of beer bars and massage places around Lamai. You will find plenty of entertainment without the thumping clubs and wild crowds in Chewang.

The beach is gorgeous in Lamai and they host a walking street every week where street vendors sell some of the best cheap Thai food on the island. If you are older and want a bit of relaxation without being totally bored check out Lamai. If you are younger and want to party all night then stay in Chewang.

The rest of the island is much more quiet but still beautiful.
If you have a girlfriend with you it might be nice to stay in a more quiet area where you can rent a nice bungalow on the beach.

Most places away from the east coast of Samui are very quiet at night. The streets are dark and you will have to drive a motorbike to the stores and restaurants.
It’s easy to live cheap and still have fun in Samui. I found a nice inexpensive apartment in a great location and only ate Thai food. If you want delicious cheap Thai food just follow the locals! You can save a ton of money and enjoy the best food on the island.

Skip the clubs and grab some beers from 7/11. Pick up your Thai babe and some good food then go relax on the beach somewhere. You can easily live in Samui for under $1,000 per month and have a great life. It’s just the plane ticket that stings a bit. I find island life is much cheaper and healthier then city life. I spend much more time outdoors in nature and exercising.

Also, relaxing on the beach is cheaper then spending time in bars and nightclubs in the big city. Samui is Paradise at bargain prices.

Ko Samui Quality of Life: 5/5

Life in Ko Samui is awesome and it easily gets a perfect Quality of Life Rating 5/5.
Just typing up this review has me itching to get back there! Ko Samui is one of the most beautiful places I have been in my life. There are endless activities to keep you busy here.

I love to hop on my motorbike and explore the different beaches around the island. Each has a different vibe. There are several waterfalls and interesting temples to see as well.

If you enjoy hiking, the center of this island is a thick jungle waiting to be explored.
You can rent ATVs or dirt bikes and go on an awesome off road tour of the island.
You must do the tour of Ang Thong Marine Park. Simply gorgeous.

Ang Thong Marine Park, Ko Samui Thailand

After your day of adventure grab a massage from a young hottie then enjoy a fresh sea food barbeque on the beach. Wash it down with a couple cold beers then walk to Henry Africa bar on Soi Green mango. Play some pool, watch the games and chat with some ladies. Later head to one of the many clubs or bars in the area and find yourself a nice lady for the evening.

Life is good in Ko Samui! The thing that makes Samui the perfect island to live is balance. It has everything you need to be comfortable without being over developed… Yet. There are fine dining options, malls, and every level of accommodation available. Back packers looking for a cheap guest house, middle class travelers on a budget or rich families looking to blow several hundred a night will find a place that makes them happy. There are also several shopping malls, a movie theater, several decent gyms, hospitals and an immigration office to extend your tourist visa.

Ko Samui is a laid back island with a beach town vibe without feeling too quiet and deserted. Travel snobs will tell you it’s too “touristy” but I disagree. Sure Ko Tao or the north of Ko Phangan is a more unique island experience but try living there for a few months.

A Single Man will loose his fuckin mind living there for more then a week. The good news is these amazing islands are a short, cheap ferry ride away from Samui. Another reason why this island is the best! Ko Samui walks that perfect balance of fun and relaxation so get there while it lasts!

Ratings Summary:
Women: 4/5
Cost of Living: 5/5
Quality of Life: 5/5
Single Man’s Paradise Overall Rating: 14/15

Ko Samui is paradise on earth and it’s the perfect example of Single Man’s Paradise.

My motto… Have Fun. Get Laid. Live Cheap. I do all three on Ko Samui. This island has everything a man needs to be happy and it is such a beautiful place to live.

Have you been to Samui? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below!

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