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  • Mark

    this site fucking rocks!

  • Charlie is God…..

  • einar Molender

    This site is huge shithole

  • Phillip

    Great video, thanks for the info. It’s time for people to wake up. I saw, first hand the effects, of our governments corrupt power in Panama under Bush 1. Never trust anyone, the second law in, the 48 laws of power. I’m glad you stick up for what you believe in. Funny how some of the comments have already tried to persuade you by using the power of social conformity, just as this video describes.

  • Jason Row

    Really happy to see StormCloudsGathering has made it here, that’s a must watch site for any “Merican”

  • ReelSolution

    Comments are pretty funny. Cool site and cool video

  • james

    Great Video!!! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the great work!

    BTW…Cheers from Antigua, Guatemala!

  • Biff Halston

    The guys on this site are absolute bozos. Have you seen what they look like? Fat, ugly, betas trying to come off as players.

    It would be one thing to get salient travel advice from below-average looking men, but the extra commentary is not wanted. We don’t need nor do we want that from this site so cut it out!

    I speak for not only me when I say that if I keep seeing the demeaning commentary here, I’ll delete this site from my favorites.

    • Which site are you talking about? Ours? You think we use our real pictures? But yet our site is on your favorites list even though we are bozos?

    • Jason Row

      Is your name seriously Biff ?! Anyway, a major part of this site is really to showcase places you can go meet amazing women without being a “player.” Another part is to enlighten viewers to the benefits of traveling and living abroad. Videos like this serve as a means to educate citizens while passively offering incentive to leave the U.S.

  • JD

    Everybody knows the Jew banks run it all. Dr. Henry Makow
    explains it all well especially how the Rockefellers created feminism to screw everybody to build a N(J)ew World Order.

  • Richard

    I think your blog should focus more on single dude travel advice & stories, and less on naysaying.

    • Noted, dude, but we’ll report on whatever the fuck we feel like.

      • justin

        wow… that comment probably just lost you 20% of your readers.

        grow up

        • Oh no! I will monitor the analytics closely to see the drop off. You think it will be only 20% or more? Do you think it’s to late to retract my comment to avoid total collapse of the blog readership?

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