Nha Trang, Vietnam – Da, Da, Da!

Nah Trang BeachI just got back from another killer trip to Vietnam, and for the first time I finally made it to the beach paradise of Nha Trang. Nha Trang is awesome, with great party, great food, great value, and some great single dude opportunities. Nha Trang is the epitome of Single Dude Recommended weekend getaway destinations.

Every time I take an Asian holiday these days I end up asking myself the same question: “Why did I not just go to Vietnam?” Sure, there’s nice beaches in the Philippines, but the Filipino chicks are a bore, the food is atrocious, and weed is impossible to find. Bali? Good food, but it’s more pricey, overrun with Aussie thunder thighs and drunk backpackers, weed-free (although the mushrooms are good). Singapore? Pricey and retarded. Malaysia? Retardation abounds, Muslim high drink prices and death penalty for drug trafficking. Thailand? Cool if you like hookers, Uncle Boners, good food and ladyboys grabbing your balls. Laos is good if you don’t get bored very easily.

Vietnam is in my opinion the best option for single dudes. The food is delicious and healthy, the women beautiful and classy, drugs plentiful and cheap, the value for your money is incredible, and the people are sharp as a tack, super nice, and generally honest. I have been to Saigon several times and recommend it highly. Team Single Dude has been to Mui Nei and Pho Quoc previously and we quite enjoyed it, but Nha Trang is a cut above those places.

The local airport is small and a bit far away from the town, but a 17 dollar cab ride gets you to the beach side, where a decent clean hotel can be had in abundance for the same price. Big delicious meals for $15 a head are easy to find and $10-15 hour long massages are a nice way to relax during the day. The beach is beautiful and while I heard of dirty trashy beaches on the internet I saw nothing of the sort.

Like all paradise beach places there is a lot of tourism, but Nha Trang is only serviced by domestic airlines and flights from Russia, so the vast vast majority of tourists are Russians. Many are fat ugly scowling middle aged types that are starting to become the ugly American tourists of the modern age. However, many are young party types and the clubs are all filled with Russian chicks in high heels, slutty dresses and push up bras. Charlie appreciates this immensely. I went to a big party at the local beachfront club called the Sailing Club and the population was 45% Russian, 45% Vietnamese and 10% other. It’s fun being that other, and drinking Russians are party animals, quite friendly and are not at all prudish. The Vietnamese girls are very nice and some are extremely beautiful, but they are more conservative so if you’re looking to hook up the Russians are much easier and less complicated option.

I was only there for a weekend, but I will definitely go back. In my opinion a perfect Single Dude week in Vietnam would be go to Saigon on Monday, party Tuesday night at the legendary Ladies’ night at Lush, then head to Nha Trang until the weekend and then head back to Saigon to cash in on the connections made on Tuesday. Go to it boys, you will not be disappointed. One thing I will do before I go next time is do a quick crash course in Russian as the hot Siberian farmer’s daughters don’t speak much Anglisky.

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