Nha Trang, Vietnam – Da, Da, Da!

Nah Trang BeachI just got back from another killer trip to Vietnam, and for the first time I finally made it to the beach paradise of Nha Trang. Nha Trang is awesome, with great party, great food, great value, and some great single dude opportunities. Nha Trang is the epitome of Single Dude Recommended weekend getaway destinations.

Every time I take an Asian holiday these days I end up asking myself the same question: “Why did I not just go to Vietnam?” Sure, there’s nice beaches in the Philippines, but the Filipino chicks are a bore, the food is atrocious, and weed is impossible to find. Bali? Good food, but it’s more pricey, overrun with Aussie thunder thighs and drunk backpackers, weed-free (although the mushrooms are good). Singapore? Pricey and retarded. Malaysia? Retardation abounds, Muslim high drink prices and death penalty for drug trafficking. Thailand? Cool if you like hookers, Uncle Boners, good food and ladyboys grabbing your balls. Laos is good if you don’t get bored very easily.

Vietnam is in my opinion the best option for single dudes. The food is delicious and healthy, the women beautiful and classy, drugs plentiful and cheap, the value for your money is incredible, and the people are sharp as a tack, super nice, and generally honest. I have been to Saigon several times and recommend it highly. Team Single Dude has been to Mui Nei and Pho Quoc previously and we quite enjoyed it, but Nha Trang is a cut above those places.

The local airport is small and a bit far away from the town, but a 17 dollar cab ride gets you to the beach side, where a decent clean hotel can be had in abundance for the same price. Big delicious meals for $15 a head are easy to find and $10-15 hour long massages are a nice way to relax during the day. The beach is beautiful and while I heard of dirty trashy beaches on the internet I saw nothing of the sort.

Like all paradise beach places there is a lot of tourism, but Nha Trang is only serviced by domestic airlines and flights from Russia, so the vast vast majority of tourists are Russians. Many are fat ugly scowling middle aged types that are starting to become the ugly American tourists of the modern age. However, many are young party types and the clubs are all filled with Russian chicks in high heels, slutty dresses and push up bras. Charlie appreciates this immensely. I went to a big party at the local beachfront club called the Sailing Club and the population was 45% Russian, 45% Vietnamese and 10% other. It’s fun being that other, and drinking Russians are party animals, quite friendly and are not at all prudish. The Vietnamese girls are very nice and some are extremely beautiful, but they are more conservative so if you’re looking to hook up the Russians are much easier and less complicated option.

I was only there for a weekend, but I will definitely go back. In my opinion a perfect Single Dude week in Vietnam would be go to Saigon on Monday, party Tuesday night at the legendary Ladies’ night at Lush, then head to Nha Trang until the weekend and then head back to Saigon to cash in on the connections made on Tuesday. Go to it boys, you will not be disappointed. One thing I will do before I go next time is do a quick crash course in Russian as the hot Siberian farmer’s daughters don’t speak much Anglisky.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie.

I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I’ve developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There’s no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you’re not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • Andre Flb

    Do they speak french in vietnam?

    • Darren Bird

      they speak vietnamese. been there many times. have never speak french.

  • peanut

    f**k.. most laugh, I’ve had in donkeys reading the comments.. Great write Charlie.. As for the rest, what cracker. !!

  • SumLogic

    Funny, I went to Nha Trang and thought it sucked lol.

    I love vietnamese food in general, but found 4 out of 5 meals there were inedible… chicken with rib bones in it, bland fish, low quality etc. On the other hand, the food in Thailand is the best I’ve ever had in my life.

    Any activities I planned there was almost always a problem… e.g. go to the beach and you get heckled by beggars and people peddling sunglasses constantly. Went snorkeling and the gear was leaky. Rented some bikes and they were all jacked up. Hotel rooms all seemed to have something broken. I know some of that was just bad luck on my part but happened way more often than anywhere else I’ve been.

    As far as girls go, saw a few stunners but it is definitely not the place I’d recommend if that’s what you are looking for.

    And yes, fat, scowling, middle aged Russians EVERYWHERE. So many Russians most restaurants have Russian on the menus.

    Had originally planned a long stay in Vietnam, ended up moving my flight and going to Singapore and Shanghai (both of which I loved!)

    I guess just goes to show everyone’s experience if different!

  • Ben

    Totally agree with you Charlie about viet girls (not sluts, but you won’t have to long). I married a Nha Trang girl who now lives with me in aussie (many years). We go back Nha Trang as much as we can (kids and all). Nha Trang is best of both worlds, when you get bored of local scene you can go to tourists area for western scene/food.

  • aussie expat

    Your appraisal of philippines is entirely accurate, anybody that disagrees is a moron. Terrible food, thieves, liars and the women have all the depth of a kiddie pool. Reference, i lived and worked there for 3 years and will never return.

  • Shhhh don’t tell everybody!

  • All true. Just as well though if not all the single dudes end up here, polluting my opportunities. 😉

    15 USD for a meal though, really? I haven’t managed to spend that much paying for a group of four, eating everything on the menu. It’s more like one or two dollars, four or five at the Western places.

  • Great post. I am kicking myself in the ass for not traveling to any of the beaches in Vietnam. This place is on the list for next time for sure! Viet girls are so fine.

  • shadwag

    hey charlie. i enjoy your site and the alternative viewpoints. have you guys heard of philosophy of metrics by this dude that goes by jc collins? his thoughts on the dong below. i though you and your readers might find his insights worthwhile.


  • I must agree about the phillipino food, I cant eat it. I have a fillipina girlfriend and visit very regularly, at least a week every month. I tend to eat at the big malls and get American type food, ie Kenny roasters, sbarro, kfc. I do like rei rei ken which is a japenese place tho. I cant stand Jollibee or chow king
    I think the food in phillipines just doesn’t appeal to the taste buds of most non Asian foreigners. I seriously cant eat it and my gf wont even try to cook or give me any of her food.
    but yea, this article was about Vietnam, not sure why everyone is sidetracked on phillipines. You made Vietnam sound real good man, im very tempted to go check it out!

  • Avi A

    how do you get to Nha Trang from Saigon Charlie?….btw…great article mate….lol

    • Lots of cheap domestic flights, just go into any tourist office and they will hook you up.

      • Avi A

        hey charlie….could you help us with a list of some “girlfriend friendly” hotels in HCM…we are a group of 4 boys….not the ultra sleazy types…as long as they are 3-4 stars 🙂 thanks again!

  • Rob

    hey charlie, love the write up. whats the best way to get to Nha trang from saigon? and do you recommend any specific hotels in both cities?

  • Korean_Logic

    @Charlie Bushmeister, I humbly apologize like a man for being a prick and an A-Hole. I can admit when I’m wrong. It’s true the Philippines has incredibly stupid people and the worst culinary scene in Asia. I just had to defend my beautiful and wonderful Filipina ladies because they were hella mad when you were bashing their homeland. Action was called for; and I heeded. I agree with all your main points about Vietnam. My ex-girlfriend was French/Vietnamese and the best sex ever.

    The best blog ever made exposing Filipino stupidity. This guy rants like a super Hulk Typhoon on roids.

    100% Truth about Filipinos http://philippinefailblog.com/


    • No need to apologize dude. We are just freely exchanging ideas here. Don’t get me wrong, man, I love the Filipinos, they are great people. But it’s not my style for vacation.

      Checking out the blog now, it’s pretty good.

      • Korean_Logic

        The blogger is a 38 year old gay guy. I got banned for life because I expressed my honest Man Opinion of how gays should behave in public. Of course the dude went ape sh*t ballistic saying I’m a gay hater and that it was so hard for him to grow up hiding his homosexuality. All I was saying was that I just don’t like how they have gay pride parades and how they flaunt it so publicly. Plus, I don’t like the gay guys that try to convince straight dudes they are gays too. It drives me nuts. I didn’t even know the guy was gay. I know now why there’s so much anger in his anti-filipino blog. Filipinos are stupid. But being gay and b*tching about it is just well, gay.

        • I think the Phils has an extremely high level of gays in the population. I get hit on all the time there. Not sure why.

  • Another great write-up Charlie. Like the commenter above I plan to leave the US for greener pastures, and appreciate all the info you all provide.

    • Future Nomad

      Agreed, great site! Blows away all the bullshit that modern Western society tries to pull over our eyes. I’m an Aussie, but sadly my country is very much like America these days. We have a heavy emphasis is on dumb celebrity pop-culture, attention-whoring, rabid feminism, etc. Need to get out of here.

  • Future Nomad

    Hey guys, any legit dating website recommendations for Vietnamese girls prior to going over?

  • Layne

    I lived in China for 10 years teaching ESL. In China, an English teacher carries the same status as a used car salesman does here. However, it will be very easy for you to hook-up, but guaranteed she’ll be a slut and a gold digger (of which there are an inexhaustible supply now–my apologies to the one in 10,000 with a different experience). When you’re out together, every person who looks at you will think, “poor loser fool”, and at her, “complete trash”, which will help you interpret all the stares, whispering and giggles. My recommendation is to put all your efforts into learning Mandarin as fast as possible, leverage your hopefully short ESL position to make business connections and establish an income, then head to the Philippines to find loyalty, beauty, simplicity and happiness.

    • Si Knight

      What utter utter shit you speak! Teachers are held in high esteem here – have you ever heard of Confucius? Chinese women want a husband to support them, sure but which Asian country is different in this regard? Your observations aboutt chinese women really shows your ignorance and obviously you have never been to the Philippines where ever woman has 3 kids with different fathers and will lie, cheat, and scheme to hook a dumb westerner.

  • KoreanGenius

    Filipina girls speak English, more friendly, and make great girlfriends and wives. Your assessment of your Philippines trip was unfair and inaccurate. Philippines is a beautiful tropical island paradise. The food is a mixture of Oriental and Latino. Why do you keep promoting drugs? Drugs are a poison that ruin peoples’ lives. Post this if you got any guts, which I doubt you have.

    • lol. Such a hard hitting comment, I was shaking in my boots to approve it.

  • KoreanGenius666

    I’ve read your article regarding the Philippines. I don’t like how you call Filipinos dumb and how bad the food is. I find your opinion highly inaccurate and grossly exaggerated. I lived in Cebu for 3 years and I love the Filipina women – especially the mixed Mestiza ones (the most beautiful in my taste). And Filipino food is a mixture of Oriental and Latin flavors. Your glowing praise of Vietnam which is still a Communist nation and your love for drugs really disgust me. Drugs are a posion and it really does RUIN peoples’ lives. Your promotion of drugs offend me and your disparaging comments about the Philippines ticked me off. Nothing personal; just all business. Peace.

    • I don’t know that you’re that much of a genius. GMO food, Big Pharma and alcohol have ruined many more lives than weed.

      There is not a single Michelin star restaurant in the Phils. If you think the food is good there than you have very bad taste.

  • Matty

    Did you experience typhoon Haiyan out there at all?

  • Curt

    Nice write-up. I like how you guys tend to break locations down in terms of hey, this is a great place to chill/bring a girlfriend versus this is a good place to meet women. I like doing both, but you just gotta know which kind of place you’re dealing with (that bit about bringing sand to the beach and all..).

    I’ve been planning my escape from the US. Partly because of your glowing praise of Saigon and partly because of the strength of the ESL job market there, Vietnam comes near the top of my list (as does China). The only thing that has given me pause is the relative conservatism of the women. Do you have much experience chasing them? Are we talking wait-til-the-fourth-date conservative or wait-til-marriage conservative?

    • Plenty of nice friendly open Vietnamese girls, there’s just not a bunch of sluts like the American girls. You won’t have to wait till marriage, don’t worry.

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