Just In: Americans Are Such Retards That They Still Think There is a Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

The March of TyrannyAs we count down these last few days to October 17, otherwise known as debt limit day, stupidity reigns supreme in America. Everyone is wailing about the “imminent catastrophe” coming America’s way if the Congress and Obama can’t come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling again. Because, it’s obvious to Americans, apparently, that if you’re in debt, the only responsible thing to do is to borrow more money. Again.

The presstitute media has been in full force with fear-mongering story after story blaming one side or the other and accusing one side or the other (mainly the Tea Party) for putting politics ahead of the country. My Facebook feed is mirroring those articles with post after post blaming one side or the other for “endangering our prosperity” or some stupid shit like that. This time around it seems to be mainly attacks on the Republicans for this particular act of the political farce we have showing in the US.

After years of watching the two political parties do this exact same shit over and over again, it just boggles my mind that anyone with half a brain could think there there are actual good guys and bad guys in Washington. Normally intelligent people are parroting all the same stupid partisan talking points they read on the Huffington Post or Fox News and getting very angry at anyone who disagrees with their finger pointing game.

It is amazing what a bunch of dumb fucks the Americans are these days. How it is possible that people with IQs over 80 can live in the same world as you and I and still insist that there is any difference between Republicrats and Demlicans is beyond me. Believing in that tired meme today shows the same critical thinking ability of a pro wrestling fan that insists that, “dude, it’s totally real”.

Hey American retards! Yeah you, the dumbasses who re-post stupid partisan shit on Facebook, pay attention, you bunch of obese mouth breathers:

There is no fucking difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. How have you not realized this yet? What more do you need? We just had imperial Presidents from both parties and their agenda has been the same: Warmongering, illegal surveillance, massive deficit spending, money printing, corporate welfare, fraud, theft, and curtailment of personal liberties, they are EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME! After the TV cameras turn off they’re all on the same side, and they go share hookers and coke with their Wall Street campaign contributors, get rich insider trading and pocketing kickbacks. Don’t believe me? Look at the great bipartisanship we see when the issue of funding more war or spying on American citizens comes up, or when there is a proposal to limit insider trading by Congress.

Jesus H. Christ, you idiots! How can you not see this? I thought Americans had learned at least something recently when they united to force the warmongers to hold off on their plan to attack Syria. I was starting to become hopeful, and then a month later, the politicians have managed to get us all fighting each other again over this phony political drama.

It’s really worked brilliantly. No one is blaming the system anymore, they’re blaming the Tea Party, and seemingly the Republicans in general. What is no one talking about anymore? Benghazi, the US economic collapse, Detroit, Snowden and the NSA, drone bombing weddings in Pakistan, the debasement of the dollar, and the incredible criminality on Wall Street. All of those more important stories are completely forgotten.

It’s politics as usual in America. Not a single mainstream voice of reason. It’s a disgraceful display of willful ignorance, and this is one reason why America is absolutely at the low water mark of worldwide respect worldwide.

Here’s the situation we are in, you fucking retards:

America is broke.

American politics are broken and neither party is proposing any meaningful change to the unsustainable status quo.

The US government is out of control with their spying, warmongering, moral superiority and economic and military bullying.

When I am out at the bar discussing the outlook for the USA, pretty much everyone agrees with this basic assessment, including the fellow expat Americans I meet. Today I estimate the percentage of expat Americans who have woken up to these facts to be north of 50%. However, the resident Americans, when presented with these facts, always seem to respond, “Yeah, but those goddamned Republicans (Democrats)…”

I’ve written it before: there is no possibility of the USA avoiding catastrophic collapse. But not over the debt ceiling. The problem is structural. The USA has maxed out its credit cards, is spending more than it makes every single day, and has been doing so for a very long time. Even if we raise the credit card limit for the country it solves nothing. Manufacturing is dead, the people are getting stupider and lazier and fatter, the politicians are all 100% corrupt assholes, and the evil banksters and other major corporate interests are eating the country out from the inside.

Americans are intellectually lazy, entitled, clueless and arrogant. They deserve the government they have. When this collapse comes, it is going to get very ugly. Martial law, concentration camps, roving gangs of paramilitary thugs, lack of basic necessities, and war on American soil, all of this will be a reality. And those dumb fucks who let it happen will say, “We never saw this coming.”

They will deserve it all. But you don’t have to be there. There is no saving America, but you can save yourself now while it is still not too late. Get out. Buy gold, diversify risk. Get your money out of fiat ponzi assets. Learn real skills. Build social capital. And try to get as many people as you can in the lifeboat. This Titanic is going to sink and the bigger they are the harder they fall.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie. I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I've developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There's no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you're not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • iko

    Charlie, i think you’re probably the only American that I have a bit of respect (not to say that you need any of my respect or anything, but just a figure of speech) coz I’ve said this long time ago ; why are Americans so retarded esp. in their political view. Like they already knew their system is by The Elitists , no matter Left or Right they’re still getting screwed by both side, yet American sheeple still shout in this big gungho illusion to make America great again…they really fall for KKKTrump that Mexicans are to be blame , China is the enemy but all the time never talk anything about the NWO Khazar Jews Elitists running the show. They planted Killary to play the Hitler. No matter you vote for pedo-Trump or Killary you’re gonna be screwed when your gov is ALREADY being HIJACKED by Elitists. The candidates are from the same cult. Same goes for any gov that’s been hijack.

  • Tony

    As a person who has lived in many countries I can say that the two-party system is a farce and the ‘third force’ (in some countries) is just for flavour and the ‘greens party’ is a put up job to increase taxes 🙂


    Do you really think the average voters political concerns are going anywhere, short staging a rally, protest, maybe a boycott. This system is rigged. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, and yes you made some very accurate points. I still cant believe, here now, in 2015, former President Bush the dumbest, worst speaking and even worst representation to the rest of the world. He still has American Supporters that think he did everything right. People are dumb and I’m very sick of it. yayamericawere#1

    • The Jesus

      Bush? Obama makes him look like a choir boy. Get outta here, liberal fag.

  • Ronny

    Great article!

    Guess hovewer that those politicians are by a negligible margin worse than others. There are nothing with democracy and other grandiloquent stuff now – even the dumpest see it. Today (as yeserday and before, imo) Its promisings to improve basic life conditions and entertainments – “eat more, work less” style. So, they’re not destroy Freedom, Love, or Consciousness – just for some of us maybe. They promising cheap shit, what they controlling and can give much more and less, and they always cheating. In the swindle way, there are no epic evil.

  • C-ville Central

    Yo expat ‘tards. You can’t be serious. Maybe you need to live here to get it: the problem is the 1% or .01%siphon all growth and box out the rest, with connivance of Republicans and ‘centrist’ debt scold billionaires, and acquiescence of some gutless Democrats and the ravening ignoramus masses. There IS a difference, and America is not broke. Austerity fails because debt/GDP goes up (shrinking denominator duh). At zero interest rates the multiplier is way above one, so get the tea party out and fund a ton of infrastructure, while it’s cheap–C-ville Central

    • Krugman, is that you?

      Maybe you are the one who needs to get out and get a new perspective. If you are on a plane that is crashing, you may not be able to feel the altitude drop, but if you watch the plane from a safe distance the trajectory becomes obvious.

  • Shameful

    Charlie, you answered yourself at 80 iq plus. Living in this country it appears most people are apes with pants. Though the lapse of the ebt should prove instructive. Any interruption of the welfare state and the free shit army will sack towns and put the mongols to shame.

    Problem is to many are hooked into the system, and they’ll die to defend it even if it involves going full retard.

  • G. Earnhart

    Leave and go where exactly? I’m open for suggestions,…

    • Browse around the site and you’ll find some of our answers on that.

      • Spiff

        I am pretty familiar with your articles and it seems like most of it is geared towards what you would want for a vacation rather than to live. It seems like Eastern Europe and maybe parts of central or South America are acceptable places to live for the single dude, but maybe you could narrow that down a bit? How would you rate the Czech Republic versus Bulgaria for instance, in terms of a corrupt Kleptocracy on the verge of confiscating your wealth at any minute? I know you guys don’t have all the answers, of course, but any pointers are appreciated. As much as I am coming to fear the U.S. government, Eastern Europe doesn’t have the most stellar reputation.

  • Lee

    Politicians used to get your vote by promising to make your dreams come true if you voted for them. that was nonsense. then they offered to keep the nightmares away if you voted for them. that was nonsense too. BTW more single dude radio ,please.

  • Shawn

    Finally someone who sees what is really going on! Now of the rest of the brain dead population would wake up.

  • jamesmarkii

    America has officially been broke since 1933.

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