India: Corruption, Poverty, and Retardation. A Backwater or the Future of the World?

MumbaiHello dudes and greetings from Mumbai, India. I have just spent my first two weeks in India and I have a lot of observations to share. While I had a good time in India, overall it is absolutely not a good single dude destination. In fact it is one of the worst countries I have ever been to for a single dude, unless you are a closeted queer like many, many Indian dudes appear to be.

First things first, I would like to say that personally speaking I like Indians. They are very friendly, outgoing and nice. A trip to the beach in India with an imported girlfriend is a good idea. It’s cheap, the food is good, it’s a beautiful vibrant and colorful country. The drugs are strong and easily procured. However, for a traveler there are some significant drawbacks before you even begin to examine the chick situation.

First if traveling to India you must budget both time and money for the visa process. I learned this the hard way the first time I tried to travel here, realizing only the week before I left that I needed a visa. Too late! I had to cancel that flight. It takes at 5-7 business days to get it, more than $150 USD, and you have to let them keep your passport while you wait. In the USA the visa process is handled by something called BLS Outsourcing. I was back in the States when I applied and had to rush off and Fedex them my passport praying that I would get it back in time for my flight back to Asia. I included a letter asking for expedited handling, since they got the job done for me in a week so I can’t complain too much about them. However, why I need a visa at all to go waste money in their poverty-stricken country country doesn’t make sense and is yet another of many examples that demonstrate how the Indian government is a plague on their people.

From the moment I first arrived at Delhi airport the retardation smacked me right in the face. If you think that United State’s TSA screening is retarded you haven’t seen anything yet. Men and women are separated for screening. After putting your bags through a scanner, they put you through a metal detector but regardless of the result they ive everyone a very thorough patdown. I don’t even think anyone monitors the actual metal detectors. Then they stamp your boarding pass and put a tag on your bag (often from a different airline) saying that you passed though security which will be checked numerous times subsequently

Hey assholes, if I’m in the airport through security already, I passed through your retarded homo-erotic security procedure. If somehow I’m Chuck Norris and managed to slip through without being checked, don’t you think I’d be able to slip someone else’s bag check tag off their backpack and get on the plane? Is it really necessary to employ five more people to recheck everything?

This security nonsense is not unique to the airports. Everywhere I went in India there were retarded security procedures, from the Hotel Intercontinental to Starbucks, there were patdowns, metal detectors, lines, and inconvenience. Maybe this is all in response to the Mumbai bombing in 2008, but if so I am sure the nationwide loss in productivity as a result of all the useless redundant security procedures does far more damage to Indian success than the terrorists could ever dream of doing.

Next: the Internet in India is disgraceful. Very few places have WiFi at all. I am sitting in Starbucks right now in a fancy district of Mumbai and it is the first coffee shop I have been in that advertised free internet in two weeks. Of course, it doesn’t actually work, but at least they’re trying, right? Most places don’t have it all, and if they do you usually have to pay for it and then it doesn’t work. You would think that a country that is trying to market itself as an internet technology hub would actually have internet, but that would be a conclusion that only a non-retard would come to. At the Delhi and Mumbai airports they have free WiFi. Great! Except, in order to get online, you must send and receive an SMS from an Indian phone number.

If you want to get an Indian SIM card, you have to go to a “gallery” of that particular company and wait in line, often for hours, fill out a bunch of paperwork, wait 48-72 hours for it to be activated, and then call and talk to a call center retard to confirm you are who you said you were. Great way to give the middle finger to international travelers who are attempting to come spend money in your backwards country! Make it impossible for them to communicate with anyone, check their email, or look up a map on their iPhone for their first three days in the country. Retards!

Ok, I need to calm down a bit. I want to make it clear that I don’t blame the Indian people for this. I like Indians. But their government is one of the most corrupt, inept and incompetent governments in the world and that is really saying something. Imagine the result if you take 1.2 billion people, most of them desperately poor , uneducated and from many many different ethnic and religions groups and then let them vote for a bunch of greedy corrupt politicians who prey of their ignorance and tribal divisions. In that case you get a lively political free-for-all characterized by the continued exploitation and impoverishment of the people and personal gain for the politicians and their leaders. Politics is big business in India.

Take for example the recent work of the retarded and evil Indian government towards the rupee and gold. Indians are known for their love of gold and have been buying and holding it for thousands of years. For many Indians their “retirement plans” are hanging around their necks. Recently however, the rupee has been crashing as foreigners have been pulling their money out and Indians have chosen to protect their wealth by buying gold in record amounts. In the two weeks I have been here, in fact, the rupee has lost 10% of its value vs the USD! In response, the Indian government raised the import tax on gold several times (now at 10%), imposed capital controls for Indians who want to send their money abroad, and even tried their own money printing experiment to try to strengthen the rupee. That’s right, they tried to print money to cause deflation. Brilliant. Now gold is at an all time high in Rupee terms and they’re trying to get their citizens to sell their gold to the banks so that they are unprotected when the fiat regime comes crashing down like it has so many times in the past. The Indian central bank is the enemy of the Indian people.

India in a way is a window looking into the future of the United States. One one side you have 1.19 billion poor, uneducated, tribalized people, mesmerized by inane Bollywood entertainment garbage (which as far as I can tell is just as bad as Hollywood trash, just with less hot chicks and and much lower budgets) with no idea of the forces at work bending them over and ass-raping them in the name of “Democracy” and “Progress”. On the other side are mega-corporations like Tata (which owns the malfunctioning Internet in this Starbucks), corrupt politicians and the super wealthy who have no problem stepping over homeless naked children on the sidewalk while wearing their multi-thousand dollar designer saris without a second thought. This gulf between the rich and poor makes India not the place stuck in the past. It’s actually a vision of the future.

I am just getting started on India and will have some more articles about the place coming out soon. I haven’t even mentioned the sexual politics of Indian society and what a bunch of closeted queers and frequent rapists they are or how India has the fewest hot chicks per capita of anywhere I’ve ever been in the world. I’m going to enjoy writing those articles.

Manuel adds:

While I have not been to India, yet, I have had the great displeasure of working with a great many Indians on a professional level and 99% of the time it’s been a very unpleasant experience. While Charlie hits the nail right on the head when he says that most Indians are friendly and outgoing that is where the positive attributes end. Most Indians are dumber than a bag of rocks. I don’t know where Indians got their extremely undeserved reputation of being smarter than average because nothing could be further from the truth. I have found the work of Indians to be of exceedingly low quality and poor value even at the rock bottom rates for which they’re willing to work. If you have a really menial task that can be solved with brute force you could hire 10 Indians to do it and probably save some money over the cost of a single employee in many western countries. However, if you have something that requires creativity, logic, problem solving and things like that you are better off avoiding Indian labor. Software development is an excellent example of a task where conventional wisdom says you can get Indians to do it cheaper – you can’t. Their work is terribly shoddy and also slow. I know of many examples where companies have wasted tens of thousands of dollars and many months of development only to scrap the whole project and start from scratch with more capable developers. Three average Indian developers cannot accomplish in one year what one average eastern European developer can accomplish in 8 weeks. Sure it looks good on paper when you look at their rates but the end results will tell you a different story. All in all Charlie’s description of India is exactly what I would expect after having worked with Indian “develoeprs”, “consultants” and “virtual personal assistants“, etc. If the task is anything but the lowest of low in importance and complexity you are far better off with an eastern European or even a Filipino. Besides the low quality of their work I’ve always found that Indians tend not be shy about being dishonest or even outright lying. I have seen examples of Indian development firms billing clients tens of man hours for about 2 competent man hours worth of work and it’s not uncommon. Such a practice cannot be explained by stupidity and incompetence alone. Buyer beware with “cheap” Indian outsourcing.

Charlie Bushmeister

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