India: Corruption, Poverty, and Retardation. A Backwater or the Future of the World?

MumbaiHello dudes and greetings from Mumbai, India. I have just spent my first two weeks in India and I have a lot of observations to share. While I had a good time in India, overall it is absolutely not a good single dude destination. In fact it is one of the worst countries I have ever been to for a single dude, unless you are a closeted queer like many, many Indian dudes appear to be.

First things first, I would like to say that personally speaking I like Indians. They are very friendly, outgoing and nice. A trip to the beach in India with an imported girlfriend is a good idea. It’s cheap, the food is good, it’s a beautiful vibrant and colorful country. The drugs are strong and easily procured. However, for a traveler there are some significant drawbacks before you even begin to examine the chick situation.

First if traveling to India you must budget both time and money for the visa process. I learned this the hard way the first time I tried to travel here, realizing only the week before I left that I needed a visa. Too late! I had to cancel that flight. It takes at 5-7 business days to get it, more than $150 USD, and you have to let them keep your passport while you wait. In the USA the visa process is handled by something called BLS Outsourcing. I was back in the States when I applied and had to rush off and Fedex them my passport praying that I would get it back in time for my flight back to Asia. I included a letter asking for expedited handling, since they got the job done for me in a week so I can’t complain too much about them. However, why I need a visa at all to go waste money in their poverty-stricken country country doesn’t make sense and is yet another of many examples that demonstrate how the Indian government is a plague on their people.

From the moment I first arrived at Delhi airport the retardation smacked me right in the face. If you think that United State’s TSA screening is retarded you haven’t seen anything yet. Men and women are separated for screening. After putting your bags through a scanner, they put you through a metal detector but regardless of the result they ive everyone a very thorough patdown. I don’t even think anyone monitors the actual metal detectors. Then they stamp your boarding pass and put a tag on your bag (often from a different airline) saying that you passed though security which will be checked numerous times subsequently

Hey assholes, if I’m in the airport through security already, I passed through your retarded homo-erotic security procedure. If somehow I’m Chuck Norris and managed to slip through without being checked, don’t you think I’d be able to slip someone else’s bag check tag off their backpack and get on the plane? Is it really necessary to employ five more people to recheck everything?

This security nonsense is not unique to the airports. Everywhere I went in India there were retarded security procedures, from the Hotel Intercontinental to Starbucks, there were patdowns, metal detectors, lines, and inconvenience. Maybe this is all in response to the Mumbai bombing in 2008, but if so I am sure the nationwide loss in productivity as a result of all the useless redundant security procedures does far more damage to Indian success than the terrorists could ever dream of doing.

Next: the Internet in India is disgraceful. Very few places have WiFi at all. I am sitting in Starbucks right now in a fancy district of Mumbai and it is the first coffee shop I have been in that advertised free internet in two weeks. Of course, it doesn’t actually work, but at least they’re trying, right? Most places don’t have it all, and if they do you usually have to pay for it and then it doesn’t work. You would think that a country that is trying to market itself as an internet technology hub would actually have internet, but that would be a conclusion that only a non-retard would come to. At the Delhi and Mumbai airports they have free WiFi. Great! Except, in order to get online, you must send and receive an SMS from an Indian phone number.

If you want to get an Indian SIM card, you have to go to a “gallery” of that particular company and wait in line, often for hours, fill out a bunch of paperwork, wait 48-72 hours for it to be activated, and then call and talk to a call center retard to confirm you are who you said you were. Great way to give the middle finger to international travelers who are attempting to come spend money in your backwards country! Make it impossible for them to communicate with anyone, check their email, or look up a map on their iPhone for their first three days in the country. Retards!

Ok, I need to calm down a bit. I want to make it clear that I don’t blame the Indian people for this. I like Indians. But their government is one of the most corrupt, inept and incompetent governments in the world and that is really saying something. Imagine the result if you take 1.2 billion people, most of them desperately poor , uneducated and from many many different ethnic and religions groups and then let them vote for a bunch of greedy corrupt politicians who prey of their ignorance and tribal divisions. In that case you get a lively political free-for-all characterized by the continued exploitation and impoverishment of the people and personal gain for the politicians and their leaders. Politics is big business in India.

Take for example the recent work of the retarded and evil Indian government towards the rupee and gold. Indians are known for their love of gold and have been buying and holding it for thousands of years. For many Indians their “retirement plans” are hanging around their necks. Recently however, the rupee has been crashing as foreigners have been pulling their money out and Indians have chosen to protect their wealth by buying gold in record amounts. In the two weeks I have been here, in fact, the rupee has lost 10% of its value vs the USD! In response, the Indian government raised the import tax on gold several times (now at 10%), imposed capital controls for Indians who want to send their money abroad, and even tried their own money printing experiment to try to strengthen the rupee. That’s right, they tried to print money to cause deflation. Brilliant. Now gold is at an all time high in Rupee terms and they’re trying to get their citizens to sell their gold to the banks so that they are unprotected when the fiat regime comes crashing down like it has so many times in the past. The Indian central bank is the enemy of the Indian people.

India in a way is a window looking into the future of the United States. One one side you have 1.19 billion poor, uneducated, tribalized people, mesmerized by inane Bollywood entertainment garbage (which as far as I can tell is just as bad as Hollywood trash, just with less hot chicks and and much lower budgets) with no idea of the forces at work bending them over and ass-raping them in the name of “Democracy” and “Progress”. On the other side are mega-corporations like Tata (which owns the malfunctioning Internet in this Starbucks), corrupt politicians and the super wealthy who have no problem stepping over homeless naked children on the sidewalk while wearing their multi-thousand dollar designer saris without a second thought. This gulf between the rich and poor makes India not the place stuck in the past. It’s actually a vision of the future.

I am just getting started on India and will have some more articles about the place coming out soon. I haven’t even mentioned the sexual politics of Indian society and what a bunch of closeted queers and frequent rapists they are or how India has the fewest hot chicks per capita of anywhere I’ve ever been in the world. I’m going to enjoy writing those articles.

Manuel adds:

While I have not been to India, yet, I have had the great displeasure of working with a great many Indians on a professional level and 99% of the time it’s been a very unpleasant experience. While Charlie hits the nail right on the head when he says that most Indians are friendly and outgoing that is where the positive attributes end. Most Indians are dumber than a bag of rocks. I don’t know where Indians got their extremely undeserved reputation of being smarter than average because nothing could be further from the truth. I have found the work of Indians to be of exceedingly low quality and poor value even at the rock bottom rates for which they’re willing to work. If you have a really menial task that can be solved with brute force you could hire 10 Indians to do it and probably save some money over the cost of a single employee in many western countries. However, if you have something that requires creativity, logic, problem solving and things like that you are better off avoiding Indian labor. Software development is an excellent example of a task where conventional wisdom says you can get Indians to do it cheaper – you can’t. Their work is terribly shoddy and also slow. I know of many examples where companies have wasted tens of thousands of dollars and many months of development only to scrap the whole project and start from scratch with more capable developers. Three average Indian developers cannot accomplish in one year what one average eastern European developer can accomplish in 8 weeks. Sure it looks good on paper when you look at their rates but the end results will tell you a different story. All in all Charlie’s description of India is exactly what I would expect after having worked with Indian “develoeprs”, “consultants” and “virtual personal assistants“, etc. If the task is anything but the lowest of low in importance and complexity you are far better off with an eastern European or even a Filipino. Besides the low quality of their work I’ve always found that Indians tend not be shy about being dishonest or even outright lying. I have seen examples of Indian development firms billing clients tens of man hours for about 2 competent man hours worth of work and it’s not uncommon. Such a practice cannot be explained by stupidity and incompetence alone. Buyer beware with “cheap” Indian outsourcing.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie. I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I've developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There's no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you're not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • Lindsey Dicampo

    Disgusting yank we have seen your backward bigoted country for what it is you hateful Jew looking monster ..I’m sure you love to lick the ass of trump as well as Rothschild you’re nothing !!you look ugly as f so you are bitter ..just a bitter uneducated backwards yank that can’t open up his mind because he’s been conditioned by yankakand to think in the hateful twisted way that he does the world us laughing at you right now ..

  • Pradeep Kumar

    I think its the retardation in everyday life that makes India a hell place to live. People are least concerned about making society a better place to live. These motherfuckers would drive like hell. Cities are dirty beyond imagination. Government offices and employees are examples of retardation at its best.

  • vishal singh

    Oh Charlie ..You are as ignorant as any American (I think i have got that right based on your attitude and crass language) and i pity you.
    Let me tell you i deal with your type on daily basis and it would be miracle for us here sitting at offshore if i can find get your type to work around a simple excel sheet without making a single mistake.

    I read through your article and I only see you as a desperate loner who is trying score chick , even though you claim to have a girlfriend. BIGOT!

    So you went to India – Goa in an off season where you encountered queers on daily basis. Hahaha… even with all your dollar exchange rate advantage you end up in one of the cheapest place in India that to in a offseason. You deserve all the queer attention man…I can bet my top dollar that you cannot even afford a week hotel rent and would probably living in a shack.

    You talk about internet speed. Currently I am sitting in my home with 20 mbps unlimited connection which cost $10 dollar a month. Try getting that rate in your developed country

    Getting sim card in India is made difficult on purpose and it is not a governance issue. It is more of security and terrorism issue But you will not understand that, as your country is the one who is expert in sponsoring and creating terrorism and not solving it. So do not cry about patting down in malls and theaters because it is your legacy and we are just suffering cause of your country creating Taliban and ISIS for your own ulterior motive

    Also if you think we are poor and still you find us happy and content then something is wrong with you , as I find you in all your blog to be frustated, womanizer and sad who is desperately trying to score a chick but cannot with your shitty attitude and obviously an ugly face (by the way I am part of that 1.19 billion and i can bet my net asset would be worth more then your three generation put together and I am only 32 and I earned this by working in IT industry and taking away all your job which you incompetent fool cannot handle)

    India is where the world will turn this decade and even if we have some poor people left in the country they will still be more happy and content then you . It is just 60 year back we got our independence and we are already a 3 trillion economy. Your country has a advantage of 300 year over us but i can bet it will be only more 10 years when we will be owning your country left , right and centre

    I still cannot get over the fact that you are being such a prude and snob and still can only afford a proper vacation for yourself . Going to Goa in an off season is just laughable

  • SF86

    You require a visa for India because every country in the world requires a visa for Indians, and treat us with extreme racism, indignity, and humiliation when we apply for one. I was born in India, grew up in 6 different countries around the world. I am Ivy League educated and of a good financial standing, yet I am treated like trash when I want to visit Europe or another Western country — the US is pretty great about visas. Other than that, I agree with everything you said in your piece. India is actually the worst place on earth to live, and I’ve spent extended periods of time in places that are far poorer and far more underdeveloped, yet the retardation and sexual repression is no where near India levels.

  • ART214

    you talk about retarded security procedures everywhere you go….ummm you do realize that the threat of terrorism is ever present in India, or are you that retarded that you do not know this? You realize that these security procedures are for YOUR own safety and protection? I was India in December and yes pretty much everywhere you go (malls, museums, etc.) you must go through a security patdown but I think that is a good thing because they are eliminating possible threats. You have to realize India has had terrorist attacks in past, not only the Mumbai bombings but others as well. They have to be vigilante, plain and simple

    • Much like the TSA in the US, these morons could not catch a cold. Don’t delude yourself.

      • ART214

        I don’t give a damn who they catch, the fact is they are a country on high alert and they must have security. Have the Americans authorities, with all there high tech state of the art security measures, been able to stop every single terrorists threat? No! Does that mean they should just give up altogether and stop screening people? Use your brain and think about it.

  • Tony

    Exactly! India is where the rest of the world is heading! I live in North America and I am shaking my head, even as I write this, in disbelief! The world is indeed an oligarchy!


    they are retards since childhood. I planted kadam tree,, very young and beautiful tree at my gate IN NEW DELHI and what do you think…..ha…the retards Indian teenagers and 5 year old kids were pulling the tree and abusing it daily, then my child complained to me, I went and complaint to their parents. Today my poor tree is hardly alive and I JUST HATE RETARD INDIANS! Animals and idiots. No one in my land, which is Russia, will pull and torture the young innocent tree as they did. Horrible nation, horrible mind-set, RETARDS….

  • Sameer Hafiz

    Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I should also point out that TATA owns not just the internet at Starbucks, but Starbucks itself (in this country). and also the electricity company (TATA Power) that Starbucks uses, the telephones and cell phones in use there (TATA Telecom), the salt Starbucks uses (TATA Salt), the steel used for construction of these outlets (TATA Steel) and quite possibly the cars that their employees use (TATA Motors) and the hotels (the Taj chain) that Starbucks international staff stay at. And they call Russia an oligarchy???

  • BiJake

    I used to work for a large Indian-owned company in the US… sure, most of the low-level staff Indians were very nice but upper-level management (as well as the Indian owners) were assholes. They intentionally misrepresented and made fraudulent claims on certain forms filed with the Department of Labor and other U.S. government agencies to undercut the U.S. workforce and give other Indians (who were finishing up their studies at U.S. universities) an unfair advantage by securing a job upon graduation. The salaries paid to their own countrymen was much less than what other companies would pay for the same position (so basically, they were taking advantage of their own). I heard that Jewish and Indian-owned companies are the worse to work for due to the disrespectful and slave-like way they treat their non-Indian and non-Jewish employees and the way they try to operate above the law.

  • Marc Lee

    I completely agree with this article, again, unfortunately. Having worked as a management consultant and in many many outsourced projects – I can tell you that most Indian IT (information technology, computers) professionals are as thick as you get. The entire outsourcing to India phenomenon is obviously ONLY based on the bottom dollar. The higher powers are completely ignorant to how things actually work in India. You usually have one or two good IT professionals who are acting on behalf of 30 useless ones. The good ones do all the work, while the 30 just look on – the client is ofcourse charged for all 32 people. And the two ofcourse can’t handle the pressure of the entire project .. so they eventually quit for higher pay in another company.

    Then there is the famous Indian outsourcing “yes we understand” which really means “we have no idea what you are talking about but we dont wwant to look stupid so we will say yes”. After a lot of pain, we learnt that we have to explain everything twice to them, and then like you would with little kids ask them to explain it back to us. Then pray a lot.

    Creativity, thinking out of the box, understanding of how business uses IT … forget it. you will never get that out of the indians…

    So in the end the oursourcing arrangement is not saving money, it is not innovative, and companies that are not doing it are actually getting a competitive advantage over companies that are… and also saving more (or making more money) in the long run. While keeping all the knoweldge and control in-house.

    Its good to see that now the big corporations are seeing this and starting to cancel their outsourcing contracts.

    I also agree on your comment re: Eastern Europeans can do in 8 weeks what will take indians a year, or more. EE are very smart and talented.

  • Regarding Outsourcing …Its true as well…..I now believe it was a smart brainwashing PSY-OP propaganda from elites in in the early 90’s for people in the west to accept Indian call centers, software works so that they could earn billions etc by cheap pay and they did and are making billions more every year…

    I’m in software Industry for 12 years and still can’t figure out..who in the right mind would outsource work to India…ya..only the brainwashed main stream sheep would…..I have to be honest….where is the level of education to support creative, innovative software work..till date…no Indian company has produced a single world class software….compared to even eastern europe which has many…

    Philippines was just not known as India due to its size & cultural background etc but if anyone who goes to both countries will know the difference…No wonder..Philippines over took India as the number 1 call center destination in the world.

    While India was the center of outsourcing there was many news stories on compromised data but in Philippines not even one major news story of an employee stealing the data from companies.

    Trust me as an Indian having been in the software industry or rather another human being….Go to Philippines to get your work done on customer services…Go to Eastern Europe to get your work done on software…Period.

  • Wow….All your articles on India are Spot On….What I liked was your line….India is what the Future America will look like…..Amazing ……I see a lot of thing that is happening to America which was done in India to bring it where it is today…..

    Being an Indian…I find it scary and sad that 99% of us do not know the PTB who are pulling our strings behind the curtain…Central Bank Controlled by the Rothschilds is the Number 1 enemy of India….Its currency manipulation has made India go backwards 100s of years already….All our Education was designed by the PTB to keep Indians dumb…There is absolutely nothing Indians can learn while in school or college on how really the world works…Its basically a slave factory…21 Years gone to the dust…Then Parents force you to get married…then society wants you to have kids and then you slave no matter how hard to support the family aka the control structure for next generation.

    90% of Indians are dead in Soul by the time they reach 30…The PTB have well and truly entrenched them in the Matrix

    We Indians are basically digging our own grave, same is true for most world who follow the lame stream collective society…..Thank You again for the wonderful, open minded article….

  • captpanky

    This is so true ! Please excuse me fellow Indians for this, but it sucks to be frisked at each and every insignificant entry point here in India. If only the Government and the authorities were competent enough to take care and rely of their intelligence , all these pesky operations could had been avoided. I used to think about USA as a country of some arrogant bastards, but when i first went to the us for the first time few months back, i had to bite my words back. In fact I liked my visit in the US, much much better than Europe ! Acomodating people, and would help you if needed ( Avoid NYC, Chicago, as they are the super busy cities ) But over all I loved the experience. Coming back to India, I dont know what the authorities are trying to do here, Instead of capturing the baddies, they have just found an easy solution, Keep the general public entrapped and let the baddies roam free. Corruption and humiliation is a part of Indian experience now. Every day is a fight with the authorities. I hope to see some changes while am alive. But any ways, India does has a lot to offer ( with a bit of hurdles ).

    PS : About the Indian work force – Due to the super competition in here, traits do reflect over seas and most of the guys who go work abroad ( Specially the ONSITE software dudes ) belong to a particular region where they have strong syndicate to move them ahead the line, so US is getting most of the crap work force.

  • Geoff

    I’m loving this website. The sarcasm and choice of words gets boring after a while, but very well-written articles nonetheless.

    Just to add on the airport security in India, I have a difficult time clearing immigration (with an Indian passport) if I don’t land in my home town when coming back from abroad. There was this time when I had to land at Bangalore airport, and the retard (OK I admit, this word is catchy) asked me why I did not land at Delhi (my home town/city). I mean, WHAT THE DICKENS! It is a free country and I can land wherever the fuck I want. Then he went on and wasted 15 fucking minutes of my life asking some ridiculous questions about my work, salary (yes!!), etc etc. Same thing at Kolkata airport. Is it retarded, or is it retarded?

  • Manstead

    The best kind of media coverage India can get is from foreign born people of Indian origin. They do not understand the country but deem it absolutely essential to comment on it with all their biases. Many of their parents educated at too universities in India and then emigrated to the west Tgya stealing the nation of any return on tax payer funded education. How do these people abd their children become thankless is a mystery to me. It is probably what the west does to one. Who am I to judge any whore mongers who have contributed to the above story.

    • kEiThZ

      It’s easy. Once you leave India, you understand. The problem isn’t poverty or over-population like Indians routinely cite. It’s a culture of corruption, greed and laziness that holds Indians back.

  • The Retard

    Why do you Retards use the word Retard so much? It is smoking gun evidence that you suffer from some sort of retardation. Seriously, I like your reports but what is your obsession with this word? Its in the title and virtually every paragraph. Perhaps you can hit the dictionary and try to find another word to use on occasion.

    • You mean a thesaurus, Einstein?

      • Manstead

        Dude a thesaurus is a type of dictionary. And right reference here would be to compare him to Shakespeare who was a linguist and not Einstein who was a scientist.

        So dude stop mucking around and maligning the rest of the work when there is som much wring with your freaking country and countrymen

        • No it’s not. A dictionary provides the definitions of words, a thesaurus provides synonyms of words.

          • Manstead

            I won’t argue with a philistine but in the genetic sense of the term a Thesaurus IS a Dictionary.

          • Using big words doesn’t make you [appear] any less retarded.

  • Eddy

    Hey guys,

    I agree to some extent on what he is saying. I am not sure if you are lucky that you are not living in India or unlucky that you are not in born in India. As a person who emigrated to america I take every day of my life as a gift to make myself better and the world along with me. Every country is the same. There are really bad things and good things. Looks like you just had a bad experience. We are 1.3 billion people with 95% of them in poverty cramped up in a state that would be equal to Texas, Alaska and California. We are still trying to live with it. Crime is not as high compared to solitary incredibly huge house which wastes electricity, money, gas, food what not. I would feel better that some day americans have to downsize and they would have issues with it. I would like to see how americans fare when faced with a stiff competition and be ruled by corrupt politicians. You have it all easy. Jobs are taken care, 401k is taken care, medicare/Healthcare is taken care, social security is taken care. I would love to switch the reserve currency of the world to Rupee and see how we fare. Its all about the money. I live like you guys do with few exceptions in NY. I work hard and my work is actually better lot of my American Counterparts. I speak better english than lot of other nationalities. I pay taxes and work in IT field if not that I work at a gas station. The point is we work and contribute to the society. There are lot of Indians in America. Do they behave the same. No. Will they behave like other Indians if they were to live in India? Yes. So yeah for a single guy India is either a heaven or prison. I look at it more in a spiritual learning than sexual desires which contribute to a prolonged maturity. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. But I disagree. We are changing. Eve teasing is almost at the end of its eradication chapter. Rapes are illegal. Taxation is growing. So give it a chance and we shall show we are–

  • sanjay

    >I like Indians. But their government is one of the most corrupt, inept and incompetent governments in the world and that is really saying something. Imagine the result if you take 1.2 billion people, most of them desperately poor , uneducated and from many many different ethnic and religions groups and then let them vote for a bunch of greedy corrupt politicians who prey of their ignorance and tribal divisions. In that case you get a lively political free-for-all characterized by the continued exploitation and impoverishment of the people and personal gain for the politicians and their leaders. Politics is big business in India.

    speaking as a brit born to indian parents, you are 100% spot on.

    • Manstead

      Ah Sanjay what would we do without British borne like you. People like you are never accepted in the UK are always at the butt of all jokes and malign their origins. God bless you people.

  • Rajjo

    I read the above with interest and intrigue. To generalise any country and damn it based on visits to a few cities for a few days is impressive. I am Indian by origin, have worked in South East Asia, mainland Europe, Britain and the US. If I had to pas judgement I can very easily say that the Americans (irrespective of their origin) are greedy, no sense of perspective and looking at the big picture and yes give a new meaning to the word fat. One has to just step out of New York to understand how stupid they are. The Brits are way to lazy and just want to make money without making an effort, the less said about the Germans, French, Italians, Greek etc the better.
    Now I generalise based on the majority of people I come across of course there are smart and intelligent people in every country and that is the exception not the norm. For example most US presidents have been stupid but most American businessmen are not. Ofcourse the greedy
    American bankers who brought the world to a halt are neither stupid nor unintelligent. They prescribe to all the sins that any book can come up with.
    Chill guys and keep your opinions to yourselves cause you know what they say about opinions….

    • So do you disagree with my assessment or not?

      • Manstead

        If you are unable to comprehend and analyse what I write you prove that you are a bigot. Need I say any more

        • So I’m a bigot if I can’t understand: “there is som much wring”?

          • Manstead

            There you go again. All traits of a bigot. I rest my case and can’t stop laughing.

          • Don’t argue with retards, it’s a waste of time.

          • Manstead

            Thanks for the advice Herr Pfister

  • Amir timur

    Dudes I need some serious advice from you guys. You are the only ones the wisdom that would give me the confidence of asking this sort of question to.
    I am 32 live in India and hate it. I am indian but my sentiments are the same as yours, which goes to show that in matters of taste, culture and philosophy it is a healthy physiology that counts more than anything else. Indians can be summarized by the word ‘degenerate’ and it begins with the body and ends with culture and mind.
    I ran an engineering business for 7 years and shut it having had enough of the mindfuck of doing business in India.
    My wife is beautiful and loving but she is of ‘average’ indian intelligence, you know what that means…
    I am talented (99.9% on all tests) have studied physics in the US. I hated the US too for reasons that you write about well enough. I want to move to a better place but the west doesnt suit me and neither does india. I have a 790 on the GMAT and could get an MBA from a good college but find that the MBA is the centre of all global retardation. However I am willing to do it for lack of any decent choice.
    Its difficult for a person like me to up and emigrate to eastern europe or eastern asia, as the question of what I would do arises.
    I have thought about Nepal/burma/bhutan as these are culturally close and nice places to live, but I am ambitious and don’t know if my ambition would be satisfied there.
    I am looking at canada because of the hugenatural resource sector and the lesser retardation that the US but am not very keen on it. I ask you
    What options can I consider? What should I do?
    What does a single guy who emigrates to a paradise ‘do’ in terms of career.
    How is Africa? Heard of good business opportunities there…

    • Hong Kong.

      Or email me or Manuel for some more personal attention.

    • Max

      lol… well said

    • Never been to Africa so can’t say but from what I hear DANGEROUS. Have you considered South East Asia? It’s full of cheap Island paradises like Bali, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. We have wrote about all of those places here. If the big city is your thing then definitely Hong Kong. Don’t waste your time or money on an MBA, educate yourself.

      • Raymond Rosario

        Hey Manuel,
        I was reading through the comments and I couldn’t help but notice you stating “Don’t waste you time or money on an MBA, educate yourself”. I’m curious why you strongly discourage getting an MBA.

        I’m currently a college student doing an undergrad in Computer Science. I plan to graduate at 2015. I’ve been advised by various people (friends of parents, older classmates) on doing an MBA. What exactly is wrong with doing an MBA and what would you recommend? Also, just out of curiosity, what do you guys do for a living and what advise would you personally give to a 20 year old undergrad?

        • Raymond, I would email Manuel directly on this one.

        • In short, it’s a lot of money, it takes time and it’s nothing but a bunch of bullshit like basically all colleges and universities these days. It’s just a bunch of liberal bullshit and pseudoscience like Keynesian economics. One way to look at it objectively though is a discounted cash flow model. Think about what you can earn now and then add reasonable raises into the assumptions. Let’s say you start off at $35K per year, then $37.5K, then $40K and so on. If you do an MBA your first one or two years are probably -$50K – -$100K. Plug this into your model and see how much you would have to make on a discounted cash flow basis just to break even. We believe in the concept of working for yourself and also earning where it’s expensive and spending where it’s cheap. Location independence is a key part of that. IMO, today’s bullshit higher education is not worth even a fraction of the price of admission.

          • Raymond Rosario

            OK, so rather than pursue higher education, what would you do to ensure a stable, high-class lifestyle?

    • Manstead

      Are you really going to base your career on advice from these good for nothing guys who roam the world for a cheap shag? You crack me up mate.

  • NGPM

    The stereotype about intelligent Indians comes from the fact that Indian expatriates to the U.S. and U.K. tend to be from the elite classes. The AVERAGE I.Q. in India, however, tends to hover around 82. But to understand this mystery, consider that in a country of 1.2 billion, even if only 2 percent are highly intelligent, that still makes 24 million, and even if only 2 million of them emigrate, that 2 million can grow to a 10+ million (very smart!) diaspora in just a couple generations, especially given the universal upper class obsession with the three Ps: patrimony, progeniture, and perpetuation.

    • Manstead

      Interesting comment but without adequate context and facts. The population if expats you talk about are the ones who have emigrated in the past 40 years. The ones who emigrated in the time before that were either cheap labor for the European colonists or just very poor people who wanted to make a living. Those people still have struggled in the country of their choice and made a better than average living for themselves and their families. It is not only IQ that makes one successful it is a lot of application and determination that has to add up.The three Ps are revered by almost all Indians unanimously and that shows their class when mixed with the very stupid and average lot of Americans and Europeans that you all talk about.

      • The average Indian is way stupider than the average American or European. Who are you kidding?

        • Manstead

          Right and you are the one who has been called upon to pass judgement on the entire global population because……?

          • Reporting observations is not exactly “passing judgement on the entire global population” but your reading comprehension seems to be exceedingly low so I’ll just say “Because I can”.

          • sai kiran sharma

            I wonder how Average americans are electing Trump this year. Their choice clearly indicated their levels of intelligence.

    • I share your theory on that. I have also heard that it’s very expensive to get out of India, that there is some kind of an exit tax and this further skews immigration to the elite classes. Do you know is this true?

      For sure though many countries like India and China have skewed results on academic and intelligence tests because those that take those tests are not random samples of the population at large.

      • Manstead

        Again a comment without any knowledge or context. One could not expect more from people who scout the world for easy women.

        • Just give up, dude.

          • AmericanBasher

            Manstead!! u r superb..i liked all ur replies…charlie u n ur crap frnd r real big looosers! First read history properly about the whole world and civilisations and then think what u r speakin…otherwise next time u come to india..giv me a buzz n i will drop by n give u free lessons abt many things indian for free.

      • sai kiran sharma

        Any Indian who fights competition in an exam where 10,00,000 kids fight each other for 6000 vacancies would obviously be among highly intelligent kids globally. I dont think any of you know that India is like mother nature, its all about survival of the fittest.

  • Richard

    While I agree with Max as a whole, I only have one anecdote which cements the opposing view.

    I am doing a research masters now, and did my undergaduate dissertation with an Indian postdoc (from Punjab region). From my experience with him (seconded by other scientists in the lab) is that he had a shockingly low scientific common sense, and indeed is alleged to have fabricated a lot of the results. Not only that but he is currently disputing the authorship of a paper from another of my labmates (phd student), claiming he did work that he clearly didn’t do.

  • Lover not Fighter

    Hi. I was impressed with this article. However, I thought it was too short. I am looking forward to learning more about India. Hopefully, we will not have to wait too long.

    I would also like to hear more about what makes our author think a lot of Indian men have homosexual tendencies? Also, some acquaintances of ours who stayed in India said that the only way to avoid food poisoning there was to only eat out in Western food shops.

    I am also a software engineer and I agree wholeheartedly with Max how Indians not only excel in sofware programming, but who also far surpass us in the West when it comes to this trade – just as the Russians do.

    In fact, did you know that India has one of the highest traffic fatalities in the world? The accident rate is nothing short of mind- boggling, staggering.

  • Max

    Damn I feel like punching a wall after reading this. I’m an Indian staying in Korea for 5 yrs now, and I hate to admit what Charlie has mentioned about India is absolutely right. However, I don’t agree with Manuel where he says Indians suck at work which requires logic, creativity n all. Dude, your comments just do not make any sense. I am a molecular biologist and I’ve worked closely with French, Swiss, American and a few other European scientists besides Koreans and Indians, and I can proudly say that Indians rock when it comes to creativity, logic and anything that’s related to science.
    Cheers !!

    • Max, where were you educated?

      • Max

        In India, South Korea (PhD) and visited Europe and USA during PhD. Why?

        • I know many extremely smart Indians, but they have all been educated overseas and I think that may be the difference.

          • Max

            Lol… that would again be a puerile remark to make. People who are educated in India are dumb and those educated abroad are smart. haha.. How about those buffoons who were calling your Miss America an Arab, Al Qaida terrorist and all? I guess they were all educated in the US ironically with no knowledge of basic geography and world culture.
            Come on dude, I thought you were better than that.

          • I’m just reporting on my personal experience, man, no reason to get offended. Sure, Americans are dumb as shit, you’ll see I say that all the time if you check out the blog.

            Somehow, however the higher education system in the west still gets good results. In Asia most of the really sharp people you meet have some Western education, especially in Singapore and Hong Kong. I think to say that about India would not be too much of a stretch.

  • Why don`t you come to Brazil, i`d like to know your point of view about my country. It looks a lot like India

  • Mister Grumpus

    My second-favorite Indian anecdote:

    Some English ladies with their Indian hosts observed a group of poor women sweeping the streets with leaf-bare bush branches and too-small dustpans.

    One of the Englishwomen pointed out that with a proper push-broom, dustpan and wheeled dustbin, just one of these women could do far better and faster work then the entire group could with the tools they actually had.

    “Oh, but that is not their job” replied the Indian.

    “What, isn’t their job to sweep the street?”

    “No. Their job is to be degraded AS they sweep the street.”

  • Helping Tasks

    India is sort of a mix of all. But from the looks of things, when India manages to settle the corruption etc, it will be a forward moving country. I think that that is something that everyone can agree on.

  • Rud

    I dont know if its just that region but i couldnt agrer more with you “closeted queers” statemeny. I work in Pakistan and those miscreants have the same homo erotic desires it seems

  • Josh X

    Hey guys, I couldn’t agree with you more on what both of you wrote on this post. Well, actually, I do a little. I’m saying this as an Indian (well, an American-born one). The main problem in India is the people themselves. I know Charlie kept on saying “personally speaking I like Indians. They are very friendly, outgoing and nice.”. That may be true for a small minority of Indians, particularly the “creamy layer” of highly educated professionals living in Western countries. However, the majority of people in India tend to be rude, brutish, and ignorant, yet retaining an uppity attitude when boasting on the “moral superiority” of Indian culture. They have no sense of civic duty which is VERY IMPORTANT for a country to function…ESPECIALLY a multicultural nation! Also, I’m very surpaised Charlie didn’t mention anything about ” eve-teasing”. I’m not necessaily saying that India has a rape culture but sexual harassment is too prevalent. My cousin there has to take the bus from her .college to her village and she constantly gets touched by perverted men pretending to “fall”.

  • Proudly Unaffiliated

    More excellence from the dudes! Truth is rare so thank you for providing a service for all mankind.

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