Wake Up, American Black People, Obama is Not On Your Side

Black Dude BurgerI just got back home to Asia from what I think will be my last trip to the States for quite some time Things have definitely not gotten better in America since I was last there and quite possibly have gotten significantly worse. I was only there for two weeks but during my short trip I saw a lot of things that further reinforced my conclusion to that my once proud native land is 100% fucked.

Almost at the same moment of my arrival came the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. I thankfully had managed to avoid hearing much about it over the last year, as no one else in the world gives even half a shit about this most recent American circus trial, but from the moment my airplane touched down I was bombarded with nonstop bitching about the verdict, liberal hand wringing about the “racism” oozing out of every pore of American society, and seemingly every black person in the country being totally convinced that the verdict was a example of how America is just one big Ku Klux Klan rally and that racism is the cause of all their problems.

OK, I know this has been discussed to death already but let me put in my two cents on the subject of of racism and black society in America.

I’m not going to deny that being born a typical black person in America is a tough position to find oneself in. A typical urban young black man has to deal with crime infested neighborhoods, absentee fathers, shitty schools, profiling by the police, violent drug gangs, opportunist scumbag “leaders” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, poor job prospects, a culture of helpless victimhood and expectations from the rest of society that they are up to no good. I’m sure I forgot some other obvious examples of the impossible set of hurdles that life presents the average American black dude.

However, the way with which American “leadership” in government, the media, and PC society attempts to deal with with these issues is basically the worst possible way imaginable and actually exacerbates these issues. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and trying to actually acknowledge and attack the root causes of the problems that plague black people, America just blames the evil boogeyman responsible for everything: RACISM.

Black people are far worse off than they were 4 1/2 years ago when their lord and savior Obama took office. Food stamp recipients are way up by more than 62%. Unemployment and wages for all Americans are down, especially on the lower end where most working black people tend to be. Crime is up in many of the inner cities where many black people live. All Americans are generally worse off, unless you happen to be in the top 1% that has benefited from the trillions of dollars worth of wealth stolen from average Americans (and their children and unborn grandchildren) via the printing press. For those keeping score at home, that’s 9 trillion that this Administration has given the the asshole super villains at the big banks who have successfully pulled off a complete coup d’etat of the entire government as well as the mainstream media. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and their ilk are winning and everyone else is losing, whether they are white, black, Asian, Latino, Indian, Middle Eastern or Martian.

Yet, no matter how much Obama fucks up the country, black people still give him a free pass. Why? Because he is black.

That, folks, is racism.

Earth to black people: Obama isn’t on your side. He isn’t working for you, he’s working for the elite super rich owners of America. The military-industrial complex, the health-industrial complex, the bankers, the agribusiness industry, those are Obama’s bosses. Just because he looks more like you than the other assholes who have been President before him does not mean that he is any less of a an elitist super villain than Bush. Until you get behind someone other than corrupt opportunist politicians part of the status quo who are just using you and your racist voting patterns to enrich themselves and their cronies, you will never find your lot improve.

You know who would have helped black people the most of all people who ran for President? Ron Paul (or Gary Johnson). That’s right, that old cracker from Texas would have done more good for the actual lot of black people in America than all these corrupt opportunists like Obama, Sharpton, Jackon, Kilpatrick, Barry, etc. Why? Because Ron Paul is 100% against the the number one problem for black people, which is the ridiculous, expensive, and destructive war on drugs.

If he had been elected, Ron Paul would have pardoned every nonviolent drug offender in America’s prison system and decriminalized drugs. Legal drugs means no more violent drug gangs, which have been on the forefront of the destruction of black communities. He would also have put to an end the corrupt institutionalized cartels that are running America and sucking such a huge percentage of America’s resources away from productive economic development. Take the huge amount of America’s productive capacity wasted in fraud and graft and put it to productive capitalist (as opposed to the current fascist) use means more jobs for everybody, and with it, actual improvement in the lives of regular black folks.

But that’s not what the cries were for after the Zimmerman verdict. Instead of “justice”, black folks, who judged the merits of the case on the skin color of the two men involved, wanted a lynching. But punishing Zimmerman would help no one, while on the other hand filling up nooses on Wall Street for a while would actually improve everyone’s position.

Here’s a very un-PC opinion I have: Like all big government initiatives, the forced desegregation of America by the government in the 60s by Lyndon Johnson and Co. did tremendous harm to black society in America, and a free market solution would have much better for the lot of black people in the long run.

Here’s why: during segregation, black folks were forced to live in black neighborhoods, patronize black businesses, attend black schools, etc. As a result there was great progress for black people as black businesses were protected, and black culture thrived as middle class blacks lived in black imposed middle class values on their neighborhoods, and their kids raised the bar at the black schools. As a result there was a great flowering of black culture like the Harlem Renaissance and black America produced some great leaders and thinkers like Martin Luther King and Dubois instead today’s opportunist charlatans like Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson.

But black progress was still a fledgling movement and segregation protected budding black business and culture. Then desegregation was forced on America too soon and the black businesses were not ready to compete with Wal-Mart and the well off middle class blacks moved to the suburbs leaving the urban centers leaderless. Then came the war on drugs and look at what we have now. Crime infested urban shit holes, the destruction of black families and businesses, and a culture of violence, thuggery, victim hood, and welfare. Great job, everybody.

Now imagine the market solution. No forced integration, a continuing strengthening of blacks economically, intellectually and morally. Pretty soon, if you’re that racist lunch counter owner and you keep turning away black people you lose a bunch of money and end up going out of business. Good black businesses would start having white customers. Black communities would be strong economically and culturally. The market would have solved racism in America. Look at the Selma bus boycott, which was a perfect example of a free market solution. The free market and no war on drugs could have kept the cities together and we wouldn’t have these urban hellholes like Detroit run in to the ground by corrupt black opportunists who know they’re guaranteed the black vote no matter how badly they run things and no matter how much they steal from the public.

But America missed its chance. After a few generations of liberal policies, black people are so much worse off that it may be impossible to recover. Nowadays black culture is all about victimhood, glorification of thuggery and violence, handouts, opportunist “leaders” and the very same kind of racism they blame for their entire current state of affairs. Speaking a dissenting view that places even a small share of blame on black society is unacceptable in polite society today, even if the dissenter is black himself. Look at what happened to Bill Cosby when he spoke out on this issue a few years back. He was labeled a senile old Uncle Tom and immediately ostracized. The only prominent black person I can think of who has gotten away with speaking the truth on this matter is Chris Rock, who said it seventeen years ago in this “funny because it’s true” clip.

If America is so inherently racist, why are other non-white people coming to America in droves and managing to succeed? Asians, Indians, Mexicans, even some non-American born blacks, all are on their way up. They aren’t complaining about racism, they are too busy working their way as best way they can up the increasingly narrow American economic ladder.

So call me a racist if you like but let the record show that I voted for Obama in ’08, and even donated money to his campaign. What can I say, I was fooled. But I figured it out. This “racism” is just another tool of the elite to keep everyone else divided and fighting each else so they don’t rise up against the true enemy. I figured it out. Will you, Black America?

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Let the record show that I warned both Charlie and Raul that Obama was a woefully underqualified, scumbag piece of shit that would be even worse than Bush. Now that he increased the debt by way over 50% in a single term, signed fascist treasonous executive orders like the NDAA and murdered untold children with drones (even American citizens), I would like to take this brief moment to say “I told you so.”

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