Single Dude Travel Advisory: TSA now in Asia harassing passengers on non-US bound flights!

TSA Anal ProbeWe’re not sure how news worthy this but according to a reader tip the TSA (Transportation Security Administration, more appropriately named Tyrannical Sexual Assault Administration) is now harassing passengers in Singapore’s Changi International Airport who are on flights that aren’t even US bound!

We have been aware that since at least early 2012 the TSA has been in European airports individually interrogating and in some cases naked body scanning passengers at the gate of US bound flights. As frightening as that is, as far as we know, giving the same treatment for non-US bound flights is a new low for the TSA.

Here are the details: According to our reader, she was on a direct United Airways flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. Apparently some of the passengers were continuing on to the US, however all passengers whose final destination was not Hong Kong were required to deplane and go through security again in Hong Kong. In her own words:

“I was shocked to find employees wearing TSA uniforms in Changi Airport prior even to check in. If you’ve traveled to or from the US in the last few years you will immediately recognize the “interrogation podiums” where each passenger is individually interrogated before even being allowed to check in. After check in I noticed there were about three times more people checking my ID and boarding pass than is normal for Changi Airport. In fact it seemed like perhaps the security in the entire terminal where US based airlines fly from was higher than the other terminals at Changi. I travel to or from Changi once or twice per month so I’m pretty sensitive to any extra drones I encounter between check in and the airplane. There were literally three times the number of eyeballs on my passport and boarding card before I could board and that’s saying a lot because every airport these days has a lot redundant ID checking. The gate also had a lot more security people milling about than usual. I for one am appalled at how far the tyrannical arm of the United States Government reaches beyond their borders. After reading about the unlawful seizure of traveler’s personal effects that now takes place within 100 miles of any border, I’m left wondering if this too can be done in airports outside The United States. I can’t afford to have my work laptop confiscated by some mouth breather from the TSA, especially when I’m not even trying to travel to The United States! Travelers beware.”

If this is true this really seems like a new low for the TSA’s invasive harassment of travelers. We too wonder how long it will be before the TSA starts attempt to perform unlawful seizure of your property outside of the USA. When is some country going to have the balls to stand up to these assholes and say “Not in my airport motherfuckers!”? For sure we can’t count on some needle dicked Singaporeans to do it! In any event, safe travels to all.

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