Guest Post: The Single Dude’s Guide to Polygamy

PolygamyAnybody following this blog long enough clearly knows what it is about: We rate cities around the globe for their “single dude friendliness” and I unabashedly admit that I have no interest in becoming pussy whipped and chained to one girl for life. To be clear, we don’t advocate sex tourism as it contributes to exploitation, human trafficking, and you are basically guaranteed to get some type of infection. I essentially just avoid Western chicks, fear Western governments, avoid marriage, travel the world meeting down to Earth beauties and strive to maintain ongoing relationships with them all in various locales.

No doubt this is the ideal lifestyle for many dudes out there. I have enjoyed it for a long time and simply could never go back to that fairy tale of seeking out a “soul mate” that is my perfect other half. Heck, a perfect half implies only 2 people. But for you poker players out there, I’m going to reveal all my cards. I’d be bluffing if I said this lifestyle is 100% fulfilling. This might be far out there for must dudes, but…seems men also have another dimension to their makeup that desires more than just one hot body. Yes, as shocking as it is, most men also want to feel love and even have families! But it’s a catch 22… if you want a family it means you must finally be ready to hang up the badass single dude boots and learn to live with just one pussy.

What a cruel game nature plays on us dudes, programming us with strong conflicting passions: the desires for a loving long-term relationship and versus spreading our seed and the desire to be with more than one woman. But wait… what if it wasn’t nature fucking with us but rather society?? A timely stay in Dubai afforded me the opportunity to ponder the issue of marriage. You see, in addition to the exotic chicks, traveling has also challenged me to reevaluate many things I was obligated to believe in my native country. Why Dubai? Because those rich fucks are the luckiest dudes around! Not just because of their cash, but because they can have the best of both worlds – families and multiple chicks! It is socially respectable for those dudes have more than one wife; many even have foreign wives diversifying their seed into various fields! So here it boys, the SDT examination of polygamy.

“Dude, I don’t even want one wife, why the hell would I want MORE than one?” To be clear, I’m definitely not suggesting this is a lifestyle for all dudes, nor even most dudes. But knowledge is power bros, and this is some info many dudes out there might benefit from. There’s no utopia on Earth and any lifestyle has its pros and cons. Not all dudes will take the same path and that’s cool, but you sure need to know what your options are, and I sincerely doubt I would have figured out this particular option had I not done my share of travelling. So here are your options for access to pussy:

Banging whores: Whores are more expensive and illegal in most of the USA and in some other places, but they are economical and hassle free in most countries around the world. Average price is about $50 USD for quite hot, young girls. Major advantage is you can easily access chicks way hotter and younger than you might otherwise. Heck, you could even easily arrange for 2 or 3 hookers at a time. Unlimited variety in pussy and you don’t need to court them, be charming, or buy any expensive Valentine’s gifts. Sounds great right? Except that you’re basically guaranteed some sexual infection. Get your head out of your ass if you still think condoms can protect you against Herpes, Chlamydia, HPV or other serious diseases that will take years off your life. Most people simply don’t understand that those are skin contact diseases and not blood born. Unless you’re wrapping your balls in saran wrap, you are exposing yourself to many harmful diseases, even with a condom. Of course, condoms are effective for preventing HIV, pregnancy and other blood-born diseases, so I’m not advocating you stop using them. Apart from your own health, in many cases you also contribute to exploitation and human trafficking. And lastly, as exciting as it is to touch a new chick’s body for the first time, the best sex I’ve ever had was always with a girl I loved and knew loved me back. And lastly, you sure can’t have a family just banging whores.

One night stand, random hookups: Though less consistent, it’s definitely a step up from sticking your manhood into a pussy that just received 10 others that same day. At least you know the gal is probably actually attracted to you. Most of the pleasure with hooking up, however, seems to just be the game itself. Some dudes love hunting and will spend countless hours just waiting to shoot a deer. Similarly, innumerable dudes hang out in pubs and clubs all night in an attempt to snag their prey. If you have an extroverted personality and are popular with the ladies, there’s no denying the chase itself can be a hell of a thrill. Depending on your popularity with the ladies, this option also leaves room for variety in pussy, but probably not as diverse as with hookers. But often, by the time you finally succeed and claim your prize, both you and the chick are so tired and wasted, you don’t recall half of what happened. Moreover, the same major problems with banging hookers are also an issue with banging random pussy – lack of intimacy, can’t have a family, and high risk of infections. If a girl would go home with you on the same night she met you, you probably aren’t the first dude she’s done it with. People don’t realize there’s a fucking epidemic of sexual infections amongst even the general populace. Recently the CDC disclosed that 110 MILLION Americans have a STDs!

STD Infections

Now that’s a lot of tainted pussy! 110 million is probably more than half of sexually active Americans considering the US population is about 300 million; if one removes children, virgins, and faithfully monogamous individuals. WFT? Clearly the “just wear a condom” solution is bullshit. Heck, even Michael Douglas just admitted to HPV contracted from just oral sex gave him stage 4 cancer. If you want to ignore this reality thinking you’re a badass and can play roulette without ever losing, you’re just being a dumbass.

Multiple Girlfriends: This is already a huge improvement from hookers and hook-ups, and it seems to be the chosen path of most STD readers. If you pick them well, odds are significantly higher they’ll be clean, you know they love you and they’re not just drunk or interested in cash, access to clean pussy becomes relatively consistent, and the sex has the added dimension of intimacy. If she’s clean and on the pill, you could even bang without a wrap! Let’s just admit that wearing a condom sucks. Not only is it not cool having to halt the hot moment to put on the little glove, but it significantly limits nerve sensation, and it is literally a barrier between you and the girl you love. So this is a huge plus IMO.

Drawbacks are you might need to lie to them in order to maintain multiple relationships, they might lose patience waiting for a marriage proposal, and they might start feeling their mommy biological clock start to tick. If you feel your daddy biological clock tick, they might not want to have a kid without status of wife. Lastly, some religious dudes out there might eventually have qualms about this lifestyle. Not to mention many dudes might have their own families pressuring them to get married and produce some grand kids.

Monogamous Marriage: We can’t simply ignore that many dudes out there genuinely care about religion, spirituality, morality, or family pressures. This results in many dudes getting married. Sure, you can have regular condom-free, intimate sex. You can spread some seed and have kiddos. Having a family is huge for many dudes. You also have the appearance of respect in society; hence why politicians all must have their wives and kids (even Clinton).

The drawbacks are obvious. Divorce rates are 50% and you’re limited to one pussy. Heck, many dudes just are simply bored to death due to lack of motivation (see above). Enough said here.

Polygamy: Consistent, reliable access to multiple clean pussies! Clear distinction as “head of the household”. Diversify your seed into various fields. You’d have more condom-free sex than you could probably even handle. You’re never bored or lonely. The different women all have different strengths to contribute to a family. If some wives work, could even be economical as you pull resources together and save on childcare costs. In regard to respect in society and morality, well that’ll be discussed below.
The cons also abound for this situation. Could be expensive, especially if you are the only breadwinner. Any interaction with another human will at some point disappoint. Social stigmas, potential wife or sibling rivalry, and a lot more responsibility if you start popping out many kiddos.

Those Marxist Bitches: I can hear it now, “But dude, the rich and famous guys will scoop up all the hot gals and there won’t even be mediocre gals left for many dudes out there.” This Marxist bullshit is the lamest argument ever. Don’t you realize the rich, famous, or ridiculously hot dudes already have tons of chicks anyway! Just because they aren’t called “wives” doesn’t mean they aren’t already scooped up and taken off the market. All you Zerohedgers out there, you students of the Austrian school of economics, you Ron Paul libertarians, you champions of the free market… you dudes know better than anyone that big government can try to manipulate the free market, and might seem to succeed in the short-term, but ultimately the laws of nature and reality kick in and always win. The “one-chick-for-one-dude” laws are nothing more than socialist, Marxist “redistribution of pussy” and any idiot can see it doesn’t work. History teaches us over and over again, that citizens living under Communism just end up finding ways around the system or simply end up not giving a fuck because no matter how much they work, no matter how talented they are, no matter how creative they are… they’ll still end up with the same shit anyway. Same applies to relationships. Many married dudes end up not giving a fuck about self-improvement cause no matter how buff, how rich, or educated they become… they will still end up with the same old pussy for the rest of their lives.

Let’s face it dudes, pussy motivates! I venture to say pussy has been the best motivation throughout the history of mankind. The chick factor is what makes dudes get off their asses and try to become badasses in order to get more ass. They hit the gym, grow their bank accounts, learn to play cool instruments, or whatever it is they think will attract more pussy. But once you’re locked in “for life” with one aging pussy, that huge life motivation just vanishes. No wonder so many dudes let themselves go and end up becoming obese, wasting their life away in front of the tube… no fucking motivation!

Simple Solution to Gay Marriage Bickering: The entire country bickers over big government’s definition of marriage as if the government even has any authority to define a marriage. I assume you same Zerohedgers, libertarians, and champions of free markets agree that we don’t need an incompetent, overbearing government controlling every aspect of our lives. Then why the hell are so few Americans calling for the removal of big government from the marriage business? No offense to the single gay dudes out there, but why is it already legal in many states for a dude to marry another dude, but a straight alpha male dude breaks the law if he marries more than one pussy? No wonder western men are becoming feminized pussies in record numbers. Let the alpha males be alpha males. Fuck the government telling us what a marriage is and isn’t. Stories abound of rich idiots bequeathing entire estates to their pets; soon pet lovers will lobby for the right to marry their dearest creatures. It’s a fucking circus, just as it always ends up being whenever big government sticks its incompetent hands into another area of our lives. Kick the government completely out of the marriage business, and all this bickering over “gay marriage” ends; let people make their own damn legal contracts and let the religious folks continue doing their weddings in the church. That’s actually Ron Paul’s position on “Gay Marriage” and then he got attacked by the Evangelical Christians as being against the “institution of marriage”.

Unfortunately, we have the Evangelical Christian groups lobbying for more corrupt government involvement in the supposedly sacred institution of marriage. They’re out there clamoring for a Federal Marriage Act! Damn, has government become their God now? Do they go to God or government for a definition of marriage? Despite the Roman Catholic Church’s asinine ban on marriage for clergy, I must give them credit for establishing their own independent divorce process and understanding that a marriage before God isn’t simply dissolved by presenting a government divorce certificate.

What Would Jesus Do: On that note, if these same evangelicals had their way, they would put all the major biblical dudes in jail with their asinine “one-man-one-woman” constitutional amendment. That’s right, they’re out there lobbying for a law that would have imprisoned all the cool biblical dudes that had tons of pussy: David, Gideon, Solomon, Moses, father Abraham, Israel (Jacob), and many, many more! Yeah, yeah, I hear it now, “dude, that’s the Old Testament”. I don’t have time for a lengthy theological debate on whether polygamy is a sin or not. You could reference this website for more info on that, but I will depict a scenario that should show how patently ridiculous the “that’s the Old Testament” argument is. Moses, a saintly dude with two wives, was given a comprehensive Law by God with incredibly strict requirements; rigid rules that make Saudi Arabia of today seem liberal. Then many years later, while this same strict Law was still in effect, the revolutionary Jesus arrives on the scene and is like “I’m not destroying the Old Law, but I come to fulfill it. So from now on you all get to live under Grace.” That’s right, in the New Testament, Jesus arrives on the scene and essentially repeals tons of the ultra strict regulations. Jesus decides to heal on the Sabbath; Paul clearly states physical circumcision is no longer required; Peter is given a vision from God to eat “unclean” animals; Jesus becomes the ultimate sacrifice and tedious animal sacrifices are no longer needed, and God himself tears the temple veil in two… so basically, in the New Testament, Jesus repeals burdensome laws and spends a lot of his time fighting against the religious power brokers (Pharisees and Sadducees), their powerful institution, and their man-made laws.

Astonishingly, today we have Western Christians (and I emphasize Western because most African Christians are cool with polygamy) pushing a random “New-Testament-Only” marriage prohibition limiting dudes to one pussy. They arrogantly insist that the clear pattern of Jesus removing strict laws in the New Testament doesn’t apply to marriage. Under the rigid Law of Moses (when you couldn’t even wear clothes made of mixed fibers), women had the freedom to share a dude if they chose to and men had the freedom to have more than one wife if they wanted. Suddenly, this freedom magically evaporated and polygamy became prohibited despite living “under Grace,” as if Jesus’ arrival somehow created a new prohibition in this one particular area while removing prohibitions in all other areas. It makes no sense!

Let’s face it dudes, sex is kind of a big deal, it’s a huge issue. I think most dudes would agree sex is far more of an important issue than the freedom to eat shrimp or pork. Moses’ ultra strict laws permitted dudes to have as many gals as they wanted under two simple conditions: feed’em and fuck’em (Exodus 21:10). However, those dudes weren’t allowed to eat a ham sandwich. Today, supposedly Christian dudes have the freedom to eat whatever they want, but they are horrible sinners if they want more than one girl. So dudes, which of these two options seems like the more strict and rigid law to you? Option A: Exclusively eat Kosher but have access to multiple clean pussies, or Option B: Eat whatever you want, but you’re stuck with one aging pussy for life. Hmmm… Option A please! These modern-day-Pharisees create their own random human laws that are far stricter than anything God himself gave during the strictest time of the Law.

A rabbi and a priest are eating lunch together. The priest leans over and says, “Is it still true Jews can’t eat pork?”

The rabbi nods and says, “Yeah, and is it true you Catholic priests can’t have sex?”

The priest sighs and agrees.

A few minutes later, the priest whispers to the rabbi, “Have you ever eaten pork?”

The rabbi looks abashed but says, “Yes, I ate a ham sandwich once. Did you ever break your vow of celibacy?”

The priest sighs and says, “Yes, once, she was beautiful.”

The rabbi smiles and says, “Better than a ham sandwich, isn’t it?”

Martin Luther the Badass (no association with Mr. King): What makes even less sense is how Christian seminaries and leaders almost idolize the reformer Martin Luther for touting “Sola Scritura” and targeting the corruption of man-made laws passing as God’s laws. Yes, Evangelical Pastors today all have their lovely wives and children as a direct result of Luther fervently fighting for the removal of man-made prohibitions on clerical marriages. If not for Luther, these pastors would also be out there today molesting little boys like Catholic priests still do. Yet unbelievably, these same married Pastors of today ignore that their hero Luther also protested against man-made prohibitions on polygamy! Luther was a badass! He didn’t bow down to no man, stood up against massively powerful institutions and fought for men’s biblical right to pussy! Yet astonishingly, probably 98% of Christians are kept in the dark about this easily verifiable fact! Even good ol’ Wikipedia explains this:

“Periodically, Christian reform movements that have aimed at rebuilding Christian doctrine based on the Bible alone (sola scriptura) have at least temporarily accepted polygyny as a Biblical practice. For example, during the Protestant Reformation, in a document referred to simply as “Der Beichtrat” (or “The Confessional Advice” ) Martin Luther granted the Landgrave Philip of Hesse, who, for many years, had been living “constantly in a state of adultery and fornication,”[36] a dispensation to take a second wife. The double marriage was to be done in secret, however, to avoid public scandal.[37] Some fifteen years earlier, in a letter to the Saxon Chancellor Gregor Brück, Luther stated that he could not “forbid a person to marry several twives, for it does not contradict Scripture.” (“Ego sane fateor, me non posse prohibere, si quis plures velit uxores ducere, nec repugnat sacris literis.”)” There you go, even in Latin for you language buffs.

But check out this post from a member of some catholic forum:

Catholic Quote

This twisted dumbass actually uses Luther’s fight against prohibition of polygamy as evidence that Luther’s fight against Catholic celibacy was also flawed. “If Luther thought polygamy is biblical, then he must also be wrong by claiming clergy could marry.” He never ponders that perhaps both of Luther’s fights against marriage prohibitions are biblically correct. Even more illogically, after his comment defending Marxist “redistribution of pussy” and praising the Catholic restraint on priests’ freedom to enjoy pussy, he then has the audacity to quote the free market, Austrian school of economics founder Friedrich von Hayek!

Seek Truth and You Will Find It: Truth? What is truth? If the vast majority of Americans can completely ignore the laws of physics and actually believe three skyscrapers collapsed at free fall speed into their own footprint, despite over 1500 engineers and architects putting their names on the line saying the laws of nature simply won’t allow it (unless they were intentionally demolished), then it is also no surprise that the majority of Americans also could be fooled into ignoring the obvious laws of men’s nature and into believing that God condemns them for wanting more than one wife, despite the Bible being replete with godly polygamous men, and even Jesus himself chooses to describe the kingdom of heaven as a dude about to marry 10 virgins (Matthew 25)!

Can you handle the truth? Seek and you shall find it.

Fortunately, we live in a time when many dudes are finally beginning to take the red pill and realize they have been living in an era of controlled truth, an Orwellian era of social programming rooted in decades of research into mind control. Many are awakening from the Matrix and realizing that it is in fact possible for the vast majority of citizens in society to live completely oblivious to obvious truths hidden in plain sight. As long as the internet remains free and people can access ideas and information that isn’t controlled, it seems the legal and religious assault on polygamy is destined to collapse in the near future. It’s easy to see that the tide is turning. HBO’s Big Love, and TLC’s popular “Sister Wives” reality show are examples of the fascination the masses are starting to exhibit towards polygamy.

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