Just one more reason to leave the west ASAP

Hand Cuffs

As if you don’t have enough to worry about with scumbag bankers and politicians trying to steal every last penny you’ve got to your to your name, the complete and total collapse of the economy, and the terrible dating pool available, now you have to worry about the ever growing prevalence of false rape accusations and their typical “guilty until proven innocent” feminist style of prosecution. Go out, get absurdly wasted, bang some fat, ugly, hairy, wildebeest like Rabecca Watson, maybe get an STD and if you’re lucky a false rape charge to go along with your shame.

Taki’s Magazine, one of the few sites with any journalistic integrity left out there, and one that openly despises political correctness as much as I do, published an excellent article about another Rachel Watson’esque wildebeest that made up a phony rape threat. The well cited article links to many, many, many false rape accusations where some poor sap ended up arrested and publicly shamed over it. Read the full article over at Taki’s Magazine.

The Crying Rape Game
by Jim Goad

Meg Lanker-Simons, who I’ll presume hyphenates her surname to prove she’s not beholden to the patriarchy, is a bespectacled female wildebeest who grazes the campus of the University of Wyoming, always on the lookout for sexual harassment but never quite able to find it… [Read More]

If that article wasn’t enough for you check out this one, debunking the phony feminist “1 in 4” rape statistic feminists everywhere love to cite.

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