Guest Post: Gay Marriage Activists in America, Give it a Rest!

gay rightsWith the gay marriage debate in full swing in America, it’s a good time to address how gay rights activists are hurting their cause through obnoxious behavior, single-issue voting patterns, and short sighted activism.

Look dudes, I could not give less of a shit about the gay marriage issue. I have gay friends and I agree with Raul’s use of the Gay Wingman. However, I’m a straight dude that has a never-ending appreciation of hot, intelligent, foreign girls and I’m not really into the fag-hag hipster liberal Liberal Arts degree dropout chicks that you meet at gay pride rallies. Therefore I have no intention of donating any money, changing my Facebook profile picture, or prancing around on a picket line on the behalf of Chuck and Larry’s right to get married. The bottom line is simple, I don’t care if you are gay or not, and that should be enough. I live my life, they live theirs. However for gaytards and their supporters, it isn’t. They expect me to join their retarded cause.

With all the bad shit happening in the world, with huge unsolved global issues including but not limited to economic collapse, water shortages, overpopulation, poison food and air and World War 3, these activists expect me to drop everything to hop on their pink bandwagon. The moral lectures, constant posting of any stupid gay rights shit on Facebook, the crocodile tears of bigotry, all of it is so obnoxious. I get it, in the face of fierce judgment and intolerance; it’s easy to feel the need to compensate. However, being gay doesn’t make you cool nor does it make you exceptional. When I express my lack of interest and mild disdain for the movement, I always get berated by some self-righteous activist on their moral high horse. Let’s address a few of their short sighted arguments:

“This is like the civil rights movement of the 1960’s”

No, no it’s not, for myriad reasons. Most obvious is that people don’t know you’re gay until you tell them; a black man doesn’t have to tell anyone he’s black because it is obvious. For your own sake, stop demeaning what the black community had to endure. I have yet to see dogs and fire hoses unleashed on a gay pride parade. Nor have I seen “no homo” signs hanging anywhere. It’s a bit of a shame really; the mental image of a bunch of scantily clad flamer boys running from loose dogs is pretty hilarious. I’m willing to bet some of them would clamber up the nearest tree and hiss like angry cats. The gay community should stick to issues more specific to their situation without trying to steal legitimacy from an unrelated movement.

“It is irresponsible for you not to care about gay marriage.”

What I would consider irresponsible behavior is targeting a company like Chick-Fil-A because of the CEO’s personal opinion. Chick-Fil-A is based on a franchise model, and is one of the few chains that has a low initial start-up investment of $80,200 that does not require individuals to amass mountains of debt. In other words, Americans could use more companies like that around. But despite that, droves of people flocked at the chance to harass and protest a food chain employing thousands of individuals operated by private business owners, who as franchisees, have nothing to do with the personal opinions of the CEO. You even have a Chicago Mayor that decided he did not want more jobs brought into his community by blocking Chick-Fil-A. No, instead Here’s an idea, why not protest Wal-Mart’s damaging policies and practices on local communities across the country? You know, where half the protestors probably got the materials for their signs? Meeting intolerance with intolerance? That doesn’t sound like a message from the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s to me. It does however seem like the general policy of the US and Israeli governments, however, which suits Rahm Emanuel quite well.

Just to be clear, this is what this whole furor is about. Here are his comments:

Moving on to more libtard whining:

“I have gay friends that feel like second class citizens because they cannot be married and have to settle for a domestic partnership [with the same rights as marriage].”

I don’t care that your gay friends are butt hurt over the term “domestic partnership.” Your friends are not my friends and I prefer to focus on what I feel are real problems. I have gay friends, and they don’t act obnoxious and pushy about your pet issue. In fact, some of them feel poorly represented by the actions of their community. I can’t speak for everyone, but the domestic partnership idea seemed like a healthy compromise that solves the issue fairly under the law. Although, anyone that feels that the law will protect their personal rights might take a minute to consider the criminal nature of the U.S. government.

While America was fixated on the Supreme Court hearing about gay marriage, Congress snuck into law a complete disregard for everyone’s health known by opponents as the “Monsanto Protection Act.” It bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of genetically modified or genetically engineered seeds, no matter what health issues may arise concerning them in the future. Anybody notice? Anyone point it out on your Facebook page? Probably not as the media was so focused on gay rights. Given the choices and campaign promises, I can only assume a majority of the gay community voted for Obama through the lens of a single issue voter.

The only things worse than single issue voters, are dumb ass flamers. I’m not talking about your friendly neighborhood male hairdresser. I’m referring to the annoying, ill-mannered dudes that run around with an “every buddy gaaay” attitude. Those guys are obnoxious jackasses. I had a strange faggot run up and start humping my leg while yipping like a dog as I was trying to chat to a cute girl recently. Apparently this was considered acceptable by our mutual friends and his homosexuality served as a “pass” for his unacceptable behavior. Gay dudes, when you see a guy acting like this, let him know he’s doing you a disservice; don’t encourage this tool, it’s not cute, or self-expression, it’s just bad manners. Many Americans, (in fact the majority) are in favor of gay rights. But that doesn’t give these homos the right to swing their dicks in people’s faces.

If you really care about equality under the law, you should care about all individuals’ rights, not just gay rights. So try and think things through, boys. Sure you want marriage? Gay marriage as a legal right would be a hilarious joke by the American judicial system on gay guys. How is a judge going to decide who to rake over the coals in a divorce between two men without a woman to hand everything to by default? I even have some envy for gay men who don’t have to deal with the travesty of American women. Now that I think of it, most American women deserve each other. Leave us straight guys out of it, we’ll find some nice foreign girls that enjoy being women.

Oh yeah, I think lesbians are hot, and I say “gay” when I don’t like something. Deal with it, Mary.

Manuel adds:

What a great article. I agree with it wholeheartedly. What I really appreciate most is that Jason pionted out what a travesty it is that this gay marriage non-issue bullshit is always stage front and center in our retarded main stream media instead of more important issues. It also immediately made me wonder if some of the gay rights movement might be deliberately encouraged or perhaps even controlled by some factions of our government as just what it is, a distraction from important issue. It’s certainly doing the job well and it’s not like governments don’t engage in distractions and trickery to further various nefarious causes. This also reminded me of Dave McGowan’s absolutely riveting serious on rock stars and celebrities, “Inside the LC”, where he theorizes that maybe some of America’s most famous actors and musicians may not be quite what they appear on the surface. In any event there were too many coincidences with what went down in Laural Canyon to chalk them up to “just coincidences”. Before you reject his theories as just too crazy, whacky, wild or far out there, do an exercise and just spot check some of his facts. With so many of the things he writes that make me say to myself “that couldn’t possibly be true” just 5 minutes on Google demonstrates as verifiable, undisputed, fact! Dave’s entire site is one hell of a red pill, be sure you’re ready to take it but if you do, don’t get cold feet, see it through. Discard everything you think you know, read everything with a totally open mind and then where you have questions or doubts go back and do your own research and see how much you can independently verify. I do believe Dave is very honest in his writing about differentiating between what is established fact, what is mere theory and what is anyone’s guess due to conflicting or ambiguous information.

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