A dire warning to Mom and Dad

US Flag BurningThese days it seems like nearly every single day there is something in the news that makes me grow more and more terrified of the fate that may befall my friends and family back home in the Great American Scamocracy. The US is clearly long overdue for an appointment with reality and seems to be an empire that’s nearing its expiration date, both in general and in its Ponzi fiat currency scam. I saw this coming years ago and left the USA for greener pastures, and I regularly try to convince my friends and family still living there to get the fuck out. This isn’t the time for useless activism, “getting out the vote”, “fighting the power”, or some other dangerous and exhausting battle. Instead it’s time to go live the good life in a place that costs a fraction of what it does the US and let the unprepared sheeple battle it out for the scraps after the inevitable collapse.

I feel as though my pleas fall on deaf ears most of the time but every now and again somebody around me wakes up and this trend seems to be accelerating. If you have friends or family left in the States that you care about I think it’s about time you start sending monthly or quarterly updates similar to the one I sent my parents below. You may be wasting your breath but just maybe you’ll save someone’s ass that you care about.

Dear Mom and Dad,

It’s that time again when I am going to beg you to retire abroad now, not next year, not next month, now! I know you’ve already done a lot of the things you should be doing, like buying gold and stocking emergency supplies but maybe it’s time to take the next step. These are serious and difficult times and it’s much better to leave a little too early than even 24 hours too late.

One of the most important things I feel like everybody needs to understand is the basic breakdown of the US population these days. When I say breakdown of the population I’m not talking about racial or ethnic groups or even age groups. I’m talking about their awareness and raw mental capabilities. Look around you, without a doubt it is a reasonable estimation to say the US population is made up of three groups:

1.) Useless idiots with no critical thinking skills who will never understand what’s coming: ~75%. The people in this group are completely useless. It is not worth anyone’s effort to bother with them at all whatsoever.

2.) Otherwise intelligent and capable people that are completely out of touch with reality: ~15-20%. They are brainwashed, in a trace or willfully ignorant of reality. Too much TV and the US non-news MSM turns brains to mush and it is very effective at doing this.

3.) People that are actually aware of what is going on in the USA and fully understand all the implications of it especially in the context of history: ~5-10%. This number may be growing slightly but it will never comprise a majority of the population and I don’t think it ever can because people are just too stupid and government indoctrination will always be too effective.

One thing I’ve noticed while living abroad, is that among the expats I meet these days, the percentage of them who are type 3s is well north of 50%. I think this is interesting and indicative of the fact that those who aware of what’s really going on are rapidly coming to the conclusion that remaining a US resident is likely going to be a very bad decision in the near future.

Here is a very incomplete list of the things I’ve observed that indicate economic collapse, civil unrest, civil war and the collapse of an empire are in the cards and probably in the near future:

1.) US debt to GDP ratio > 100%. Real debt (as opposed to the “official public debt”) is more than $222 trillion or north of 1,300% of GDP.

2.) Historic levels of income inequality. I am not for “equality” per se but but what we have now is essentially a farcical display of organized crime. There is really no line drawn between big government and big business, and it’s all just organized crime. I believe in survival of the fittest as long as everyone plays by the rules but you are currently being ruled by the un-fittest who are just robbing you blind.

3.) Skyrocketing civilian gun purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I think an well armed citizenry is one of the greatest assets a country can have but this sudden surge in purchases shows that people are preparing for something bad.

4.) Skyrocketing government stockpiling of guns and ammunition, especially for domestic use.

5.) Unconstitutional spying is reaching epic proportions and the US is hair’s breadth away from becoming a totalitarian surveillance state if it isn’t there already. And don’t forget the infamous Utah Data Center scheduled to go online this year.

5.) More and more violations of basic human rights from unlawful search and seizure, to unlawful imprisonment and even execution of US citizens without due process.

6.) Corruption of the food supply for profits.

7.) Corruption of the medical system for profits.

8.) Moves by foreign countries to abandon the US Dollar as the world reserve currency. There are too many examples to list.

9.) Martial law has already occurred in a US city.

10.) 3 out of 10 American Citizens openly stating “Yes an armed revolution in the near future may be needed“.

11.) FEMA camps, internment camps, concentration camps or whatever you want to call them are a reality already, they’re just waiting for some new tenants and I don’t think you want to be one of them.

12.) Repeated attempts to disarm the citizenry through propaganda, nonsense, political trickery and even false flagsthis frequently leads to genocide and mass slaughter of the citizenry. Lest you think I’m being overly dramatic consider an incomplete list of genocides that followed gun control measures just in the last 100 years:

Ottoman Turkey ~1915 – Armenians > 1 million killed

-Soviet Union ~1929- Anti-communists > 10 million

-Nazi Germany ~1933 – Many targets – > 10 million

-China Throughout the 20th Century – Anti Communists, Rural Populations, Pro-Reform Groups – > 20 million

Guatemala ~1960 – Mayan Indians – > 100,000

Rwanda 1994 – Tutsi population – > 500,000

Cambodia ~1975-79 – Many targets – > 1 million

Do you really need to see more? Because if you do, there is always Google and there are plenty more examples! Consider also how much more likely you are to be murdered by a government representative than a random citizen gun owner minding his or her own business.

13.) While they keep you distracted with trivial non-issues like gay marriage, they are trying to sneak through a mandate for electronic national ID cards with a biometric database of virtually all US adults.

If you live in the US more than half of your neighbors and coworkers are complete morons. There is no point trying to have an intelligent conversion with any of them. It is time to to unite with people that are awake and plan your escape from the US. It is rapidly becoming a survival issue to recognize this. Consider that if even a liberal rag like the LA Times is reporting that gun ownership is up while crime is down, there is absolutely no, zip zero dispute to be had on this issue. I categorize gun control advocates into one or more of the following three categories:

1.) Idiot sheeple who will be crushed by the oncoming totalitarian state, borderline retarded or completely retarded.

2.) Willfully ignorant hypocritical liberal pseudo-intellectuals.

3.) The bad guys who plan to take advantage of the collapse.

The 3 Types of Gun Control Advocates

The 3 Types of Gun Control Advocates: The stupid, the ignorant and the evil.

There is absolutely no middle ground on this issue and recognizing that this is a fundamental truth is of critical importance. Add to the fact that while overall crime has been decreasing while overall gun ownership has been going up that cities like Chicago, Washington DC and Detroit that already have very strict gun control are incredibly violent and dangerous shit holes and you have an entire crate of nails to pound into a coffin that was already welded shut. Individuals are imperfect but governments are always worse than individuals whether you’re talking about efficiency, competence, transparency, abuse of human rights or abuse of deadly weapons. Read this again if you’re not on board with that.

I intend to keep pointing out the issues that I feel bring things one step closer to collapse for a reason and until a goal is met. The reason is I think the time has come that you need to be prepared to leave the country at a moment’s notice. And the goal I’m waiting to accomplish is to receive an email from you saying that you’re leaving for good. The US is a disaster waiting to happen and it’s not a battle worth fighting. The country has already been lost to the organized criminal elites, liberal idiots and the parasite class. The good news is that there are many beautiful countries that are very cheap and far removed from the US with governments that are too weak and poor to wreak any of this kind of havoc on their citizenry and residents even if they wanted to.

Really to deny or even try to debate any of what I’ve stated above, not just the gun control issue, is this:

La La La

Love you both.

Gun Control

UPDATE: Here is an even more complete list of reasons to get your ass out of the US ASAP! The Dollar Vigilante: Why I’m Leaving

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  • sophia

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  • J-F

    I think you guys should stop using ‘US’ all the time to explain to state of madness we are in. I understand “Americans” think USA is the center of the world but the fact is the same shit system and manipulated “culture” applies to most of the Western world. What’s going in the USA is pretty very similar to Canada and most of Europe. Perhaps you guys should start using ‘The Western world’ instead of just USA to describe the current insanity and coming chaos. It would make it easier for many of us to show to friends & family to explain how truly fucked we are. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • You’re pretty much right however I think it’s pretty clear the US is the epicenter of today’s evil empire in many ways. It’s got the ponzi world reserve currency for example. But you’re right this a world wide evil. However our underlying message is that in many other countries it does not affect you as frequently or as severely.

    • Yes, that is true, the whole West is in the same boat.

  • zzzzz

    oh and violent crime is going down in “civilised” countries whether or not they have guns. it’s a product of education, not guns. And improving living standards due to technology. not wealth inequality.
    I think you are pretty shoddy in the level of research you do for this website.

    but I wish you good luck in your travels. remember lock your assets up in us$ denominations. under American rule of law. You will fair better in the long run, and your society rather than your individualism will benefit. at the very least bury your gold in your parents back yard. it well be 100 percent safer surrounded by a country of over entitled pricks than surrounded by your new gook brethren’s pussy that you surround yourself with.

    Vietnam man…..me love you long time. I hope your gap year is going well.

    • J-F

      Oh brother you haven’t seen the dark side of “civilised” countries…Just a short time in custody in solitary confinement would be enough to make you understand.

      Now before you tell me “But I’m haven’t done anything wrong. I’m a law-abiding citizen!”… Really? Are you sure you NEVER committed a potentially ILLEGAL act? There are many laws my friend. And I don’t think you are one of the well-connected super-wealthy elite. This means you are nobody in the eyes of the our dear God-like “governments”. When you try to yell and explain to former-school-bullies-turned-correctional-officers that you haven’t hurt or damaged anything and are not a danger to society and that it all doesn’t make sense.. but all you get back is an evil smile… or a beating for “resisting”… then you will understand.

      Moral of the story: governments are inherently evil. I learned awhile ago that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy the treatment the low-bottom of society or mentally-ill is constantly given for petty (and mostly non-violent and often victimless) crimes committed often just to SURVIVE or out of mere ignorance of the many laws out there. There are so many damn laws that everyone at some point in time qualifies as an outlaw. In the meantime the true sociopathic uber-wealthy top 0.01% power-criminals are running the world and laughing on their way to the bank. And yet despite my hatred for those at the top pulling strings in the shadows. I could never give them even a tiny fraction of the suffering they are causing… I quick death is much more honorable and reasonable.

      Anyway don’t take my rant personally.. But it is naive to think our fantastic government-provided public “education” deserves credit for lowering violent crime in the common populace. Cheap accessible technology, information, means of communication, and.. porn, and cheap drugs… definitely deserve credit however. But please do not kid yourself, violence is still alive and well, except it is committed by a large margin by our own beloved governments behind closed doors.

      Also, I’m not sure if the second paragraph is sarcasm or not… but please… Lock you assets in US$ denominations? American “rule of law”? Fair better? LOL You are one good comedian.Typical outsider with a warped, washed, fairy-tale perception of the realities of the Western world.

      You know what the “developed world” is actually well developed at? SELECTIVE enforcement of REDUNDANT laws.

      • Well said. I could agree more except for the fate of the “elites” – a decade of brutal torture for them would not be near enough. Also civilian law abiding citizen gun ownership and concealed carry desire the most credit for decreases in crime. An armed society is a polite society.

  • A Fan

    I especially liked “you exasperate a problem you’re discussed with by advocating those who put us in this situation.”

    Can you imagine what it is like trying to teach English these days? How distracting and difficult it is to wade through this gibberish in order to follow his reasoning, such as it is. I suspect that this one couldn’t find his own ass with both hands and a flashlight… yet he thinks he’s an insightful social critic..

  • Bo

    Well still no argument of relevance here but till the next story, chao. Oh by the way Pope, cute video of your grandpa returning from South America. I’m sure you will find a nice sterile Aryan master nation filled with gold, guns and a few gooks as servants.

  • Bo

    Thk for grammar lessons. I just luv to see what stew is spewed by the gents when their panties get in a bunch. I’m gonna assume that most of you guys are soft and non aggressive face to face

    • The Chief

      Way to be an internet toughguy! That’s the best way to get your point across. When your long winded BS argument completely breaks down in the face of simple reason, just infer that you’re bigger and tougher, and that you’d beat them up in a fist fight. Just act tough and bully your way to victory when you don’t get your way. Wonder where you learned that strategy from…


      Ah, who are we kidding? If I met you face to face, I’d probably fuck you up.

  • Bo

    I expected no enlightenment in responses. As I stated, guys like you are just Americans Abroad not foreign adventurers who actually become part of a world that’s not only leaving the US behind but Europe also. Running away to another country without leaving the mentality behind only have you traveling in a spinning wheel. You are going to tire out your welcome everywhere you go, gold or no gold. I’m always disappointed when my critics can’t address my topic and slam me at the same time. Must be lack of intelligence outside of the bubble you live. Hate me bc I’m liberal, so fuking what, that only goes to show that you’re not worldly, just a bunch of ignorant right wingers so opposed to real talk other than the sh*t coming out of your mouth so you stick to the script of being intellectually lazy.
    In my business I send people abroad and a good percentage have or plans to stay abroad because I give the straight scoop and don’t demean the country.
    In my travels abroad via the military I’ve seen guys like you with the shitty US attitude and started to go out on my own and leave from the areas we were to get to know the people. Africa, Egypt, Israel, Europe, Caribbean. Now I do business in Asia, Brazil, Latin Carib. My advise; take it or leave “enjoy yourself and the people you meet” bc your are no better. Except it

    • You are so stunningly stupid you can’t even identify the difference between libertarian, liberal, right wing, conservative, etc. You are a complete waste of space.

      • Bo

        Oh I know the difference because there isn’t any. But enlighten me what the difference is so I won’t be so ‘stunningly stupid’, Every time I get on sites like this and make comments, all the responses are like a bunch of screaming bitches calling me names. You never gonna hurt me with this crap but you may change my mind with an intelligent debate and you can use bad words if it makes you feel good. You guys need to get off the macho crap because that only attract idiots who won’t or can’t debate you. Your response are indicative of not having any answers, so you default to the playground name calling. If demeaning people gets you off then you’re just a cunt hair away from being a dumb hick still screaming “the south will rise again” so he can be sadistic toward defenseless slaves, the lil lady and only contribute to himself being screwed by guys like you.

        I love intelligent women, sunsets, a good drink, a smooth sticky smoke and helping someone out even if I didn’t know your ass at no cost. Single Dude talks as if the women & men from other countries have flawed characters because they’re not screwing over people and a course because he’s the smartest SOB in the room. So screw all the bimbos you want, see everyone as dumb and flawed.

        I live in a condo and don’t pay a dime, no debt and I eat well, I don’t have all the bells & whistles by choice. Most of my days are determined by me but I’m still living a global life of leisure. I realized that living a flexible life allows me to be open to sensible info. I don’t wear titles or suck up to organization, religions, clubs nor do I think because some bastard born of riches is to be flaunted over as he/she think is their due. Libertarians want to fuck over people without being acknowledged, conservatives don’t give a fuk, right wingers just live off of hate and don’t know why and yes liberals are flawed mainly bc they believe there is some good in people; I can smell an AH miles away and would still drink with. I love seeing Americans abroad getting screwed thinking that lil foreign girl is dumb & his sh*t don’t stink. A lot of you guys don’t seem like you can enjoy life unless you’re making someone miserable. Single Dude’s mom will never leave the US just like 98% of population not bc she’s scared but maybe bc she seen what her little baby has become.

        • You are so stunningly stupid you can’t even identify the difference between libertarian, liberal, right wing, conservative, etc.

          Oh I know the difference because there isn’t any. But enlighten me what the difference is so I won’t be so ‘stunningly stupid’.

          Just wanted to highlight this so other readers will not waste their time listening to you. Carry on embarrassing yourself now. We really love it when an article calls someone out for being incredibly stupid and then they prove us right beyond any shadow of a doubt by leaving novel length comments putting their idiocy on display for all. For more on that see: Guest Post: i dun unerstan u lah!: An exposé of Singapore and Singaporean retardation. Feel free to keep posting but you’re done, next!

  • yep, that guy will get his ass handed to him when the shtf. He’ll be calling 911 as his ghetto pets bang on the front door and crawl in through the basement. Nobody is going to answer Bo Bo. No justice no piece beotch. How many times did he use racist in that rambling liberal rant? He’s not anti-racist, he’s just anti-white. Their solution is always the same, get rid of all these evil white people and we’ll suddenly experience nirvana. Amazing isn’t it, America of 100 years ago, 50 years ago was universally recognized as the top of the top and how these anti-white dickbags want to destroy every single thing about that America. Their plans always involve the genocide of white people. When I expat out of US to Europe, I’ll be warning them of the fruits of diversity, though I’m sure they’re finding out on their own. How’s that rape crisis thing going Sweden?

    • Bo

      Nice rant Pope Frankie, hopefully for you Euro don’t hear about your pope yearning for little boys. “Genocide of white people”, where are you going, Germany of the 1920’s. I’m anti-white, no I’m anti people like you. As a matter of fact my thinking started in Europe, where I met people not afraid to think. You hit on a subject that I think is paramount to a lot of the thinking here, too many none Europeans invading the country for your taste. Glad you counter my racism with you rants of ghetto pets and fears of a dark nation.

      Believe me you won’t run away from your fears in Europe. Most Europeans I met always were perplex at the ‘racist, backwards americans’ but good luck bc a lot who are able leave as their countries are failing by lining up with this country. Try East Europe, there’s still a chance nirvana for you but don’t go too far east bc there still is animosity for the bombs dropped on them and being dismissed as their people were being slaughtered in the 90s ala Nazi style.

      • Liberals are lost. They need a new leader to continue spearheading diversity into every white country and only white countries. Could their new leader be this guy?


        • I am looking forward to liberals finally getting what they have coming to them in the great collapse. I don’t bother to engage in debate with liberals. I consider them to be parasites and pests, I view them about the same way as I would view a cockroach or termite infestation in my home.

  • bo

    As usual your newsletters premise is correct in your assessment of where the US is heading. Your bias as to how that is happening is subject of debate. Using inflammatory scare tactics and flawed statistics is right out the handbook of US rightwing zealots too uninformed so they look for government idiots to fill their brains with nonsense. I take you has a somewhat paranoid conservative rightwing libertarian with the typical solutions to solvable problems.

    1) Buy Gold
    2) Obama is taking your guns
    3) Liberals brainwash you as you walk into the gas chamber

    A lot of your travels include countries that continue totalitarian measures with little humanitarian/democratic approach to a better society. You’re taking advantage of the still perceived ideal of “Americans (white) better, us bad”. Your American arrogance is not hidden as you travail the world with sexual conquest being paramount to actually being a global thinker without prejudice . I currently, live in Las Vegas with little to no contact with neighbors because Vegas optimize your 75% idiot chart of citizens who have no clue in both the historical or global context. US is still fighting cold war battles of 50-60 years; Cuba, N. Korea, only nation backing Israel, continuous war based around oil, invading countries with no military, just poor simple farmers.

    Instead of pointing out the growing gun purchases as a form of paranoid, racist, 2nd amendment idiots whose 1st amendments are greatly being shredded. So you’re fine with these 75% idiots with guns who couldn’t pass a simple background check. According to you, great societies allow idiots to purchase firearms unfettered with the delusion that they are going to prevent the largest military and police force from being “What?”, more powerful than they are. Those statistic claiming 100,000+ crimes prevented are erroneous. Though I’m all for defending yourself and terminating criminals, these gun buyers are primarily southern small town, small brain with no characteristics of a major city. A large number of deaths via guns are self inflicted through suicides and accidents

    “Suicides accounted for 55 percent of the nation’s nearly 31,000 firearm deaths in 2005, the most recent year for which statistics are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    These stats are in the double digits in red states with lax laws on guns. These countries you visit has nothing close to gun laws in the US.

    This pass election seen unprecedented laws in red states to prevent selected groups, (Blacks, Browns, Yellows) from voting cheered on by the 2nd amendment lovers. Since Reagan, Conservatives have created this criminal organization between government and corporations who has thwarted the so called American dream with mob styled credit cards, colleges loans suppressing our most educated to settle for fast food jobs while connected, idiots are with no education of substance prospering at the government trough. So with income being lower at anytime in US history, we look to schemes like purchasing gold, 401K’s replacing pensions that are at the desecration of financial crooks, our healthcare being on par with third world countries, the ‘supreme court’ like god now in the business of deciding that corporations are humans with better benefits.

    This is what I don’t understand about people like you; you exasperate a problem you’re discussed with by advocating those who put us in this situation. A course all of this was done in the era of Obama, right? because a hardworking, uneducated, god-fearing, conservative red neck would never destroy amerika. This can only be done by a foreign Muslim nigger who came from nothing to reach the highest position in the US (I think that used to be called the American Way). So now these people want our country ran by a rich daddy’s boy who wants no financial obligation to the country he wants to lead; who like most of the current right wingers of the Vietnam era ran from the job of defending our country while voting for perpetual wars. But they vote for these vultures who have nothing in common with simple Americans, who took no steps to prepare themselves in this highly technical world. Respect for the US is diminishing. I first started traveling in the 70’s, and it became evident that US prestige was losing ground but delusional US either didn’t see this coming or just didn’t give a dam.

    In California like most states, Asians would dominate the major universities. Unlike poor conservatives, the world believes that liberal US universities are still the best in the world and liberals are better at making changes for a better society. This is also the belief of blue blood conservatives like Bush, Romney etc al, who choose these universities while spewing hate of the east coast liberal establishment to the sheeple. It’s obvious I’m liberal and the major issue I have with them is that they believe there is some degree of moral principles in conservatives though they promote racist, sexist, divisive class ideals. Chicago with 500+ murders is nothing in comparison to the 70s where NY was recording 2000+, Chicago 1000+, Detroit, DC, St. Louis, the murder numbers were horrendous. The fact that NY numbers are lower than Chicago whose number are down along with income, education, healthcare goes to show despite the efforts of psychotic political whores, corporate pimps, blue bloods and rednecks. You are just as distracted as others with issues of gay marriage, tramping on women’s rights and the Presidents birth certificate. I would think you would love this by taking advantage of the 75% idiots.

    “there are many beautiful countries that are very cheap and far removed from the US with governments that are too weak and poor to wreak any of this kind of havoc even if they wanted to”.

    Really!!! You seriously believe that this is some kind of nirvana, an inefficient and weak government. This is the clear definition of a failed state that will fall into murderous chaos and no number of guns is going to prevent genocides as you listed above. How about thinking how you can make a better world abroad other than how much pussy you can get from third world women. From reading your articles, you are like the few amerikans I meet abroad; self-centered with nothing to offer other than US dollars and a US pompous attitude. You are no different from the 75% idiots of the US, you just apply this abroad. I’m not clear as to why you don’t see the obvious hypocrisy in your messages.

    “Historic levels of income inequality. I am not for equality per se but but what we have now is essentially a farcical display of organized crime.”

    Not for equality, so you want to live in a world of no equality well come back to amerika and live in this paradise of inequality. Ironic how you state that US is heading towards economical inequality but I guess you’re satisfied as long as you’re part of the 1%. Lets bring back slavery, lets further the genocide of native American, lets take away the vote of women, lets get rid of the basic protections of the average American, lets sic our police force on poor people with no voice. Unfortunately, you have a sophomoric mentality. Your attitude is fuck everyone else, this is all about me just like the 75% idiots you claim to despise.

    • Hey man, I voted for Obama in 08. I even donated. But I woke up in between now and then.

      The fact that you can apparently see what’s going in in the USA and still try to fit it all in in your tired old liberal/conservative meme shows that you are in Category 2, the willfully ignorant.

      Look out for what’s coming or you will get squashed like a bug on the windshield of tyranny that’s headed right for you.

      • No way, he’s definitely an member of the idiot class.

      • The Chief

        It can’t be, Charlie. How could you have drank so much of the Obama kool-aid in ’08 and survived?!?!

    • You’re just a babbling liberal moron. You are most definitely part of the problem and not the solution. The only thing good thing about this collapse is that hopefully it’s going to provide people like you with exactly what you deserve. I tried really hard to make it through you rambling incoherent nonsense until I got to:

      This pass [sic] election seen [sic] unprecedented laws in red states to prevent selected groups, (Blacks, Browns, Yellows) from voting cheered on by the 2nd amendment lovers.

      That was the last straw. You are apparently so stupid that you equate trying to make sure someone is actually a citizen and eligible to vote with being racist? Wow you are really the prototypical liberal piece of human refuse that just epitomizes everything that’s wrong western society these days. (Yea and by the way, “epitomizes” is the word you were looking for, not “optimizes” you marginally literate dumb fuck!)

      • zzzzz

        bo makes a lot of sense.

        if there really is a collapse, it will be better to be with people off your own colour and culture. You mention s few great dictatorships etc. And you really think it’s the government that does the killing and controlling. No brother they just give permission to the “75 percent idiots” to let it all out. the Same bile will come to you too. better to be a rich man in hobos clothes than a hobo in a rich man’s clothes.
        I think you need to look at south Africa, before you encourage people to be in a small minority in foreign lands. Or rwanda, iraq anywhere really.
        however for a more likely example, look at “expats” in Spain. Who are having to leave.
        your not doing anything new or innovative despite feeling that way. like bo selecta said, your not Marco polo, your an American abroad, and if the ship goes down, you will be number one target.
        I hope you can defend what you got. And if you can’t do it without a gun a foreign jail cell awaits.
        You are living on borrowed time, and at least your mum and dad know where friends and family are.

        • You are extremely wrong and a victim of normalcy bias. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

          • zzzzzzzz

            normalcy bias lol…..your a monkey using sign language mate.
            next i’ll be talking about chaos theory and black swan events. who runs this planet mate, not a few illuminati banksters, but a seething mass of individual desires and passions collected up together. look at the normalcy, if you follow the crowd you will attain the wisdom of the crowd. if you were a rolling stone i would say fine be an exile on main street. but you are not.
            i am looking at what happens. you are zooming right out, and clinging on to gold, and the fact that things look better for you in another country. which they may….

            anyway you guys are wind up merchants so i shall go, it entertained me for a bit your site, but well good luck dudes. don’t forget to book your ticket back to the USA, when your current country falls into economic parity with the states. and/or the countries authorities begin to legislate to take exception to you.

            good luck.

          • Sorry my mistake you’re just an idiot.

          • The Jesus

            Hahaha. Yea I’m sure these loveable little scamps will find solace in helping my mother cross the street and carry home her groceries when their EBT cards stop working.

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