The Single Dude’s Guide to Saigon, Vietnam

SaigonI love Saigon.

Known only officially as Ho Chi Minh City, but informally to everyone still as Saigon, the main city of Vietnam is a fantastic place. It passes Charlie’s Single Dude Evaluation with flying colors. Great food, people, party and value make Saigon one of my top 5 cities in the world.

So many things are great about Saigon that it’s hard to decide where to start. To pick a first among equals, let’s start with the food. In my opinion, when you consider the good value, great taste, and health, Vietnamese food is the best food I’ve found on Planet Earth. They have great spicy salads, soups, seafood, fried rice in a pineapple, fresh spring rolls, you name it, it’s all amazingly good and fresh. If you want something else, every menu in the tourist areas is 30 pages long and filled with every type of cuisine you could possibly desire- Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, you name it. The Vietnamese take pride in their ability to cook everything, and even a Vietnamese burrito is totally decent. It’s a good rule of thumb to never eat Mexican outside of North America but Vietnam is an exception. Vietnam was previously a French colony so it’s the only Asian country where bread and cheese is commonplace. The apex of drunk food is the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich which is delicious crispy French bread with meat inside, like a regular French sandwich, but with the Vietnamese twist of spicy vegetables. All for only $0.75 in the heart of tourist Saigon nightlife.

This brings me to another great thing about Vietnam. It’s an incredible value. Manuel and I would take our girlfriends out to dinner in the heart of tourist Saigon. We would order like kings, appetizers, salads, entrees, surprisingly drinkable bottles of Vietnamese Da Lat wine, never spending more than $50 for a double date dinner. Hotels are as cheap and easy to find for as little as $10. Drinks are a dollar or two at most places. Taxis will take you somewhere for $1. Massages, clothes, consumer goods and almost everything else is very very affordable.

Another great thing about Vietnam is the drug situation. Everybody in Pham Ngu Lao that tries to sell you something has 2 items for sale. It goes like this:

“Motorbike ride? Motorbike? No want? Marijuana?”

“Books, you buy books? No? Marijuana???”

“Sex? Want take me home? No? Marijuana????”

“Marijuana? Want Marijuana?? Nooooooooo??? Cocaine????”

I challenge any loyal Single Dude Travelers out there to walk down one block of De Tham street and not get offered drugs at least once. It’s basically impossible. And you can smoke anywhere you want, on the street, at the cafe (outside), anywhere you want. The cops don’t care. Just be careful crossing the street, Saigon streets are jam packed with motorbikes and crossing the street high can be dangerous.

Vietnamese people are great too. Loving good food and being cool with drugs is a great start. Vietnamese people are cool, classy and smart as a whip. There’s a reason that the Viet Cong whupped America’s ass, and that is that the Vietnamese people are very smart, practical, and effective. Although English is not spoken at a very high level there, people still understand what is actually going on and the issues involved much better than in supposedly more developed places like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The retardation problem of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines is not a problem in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese girls are fabulous. Smart, with interesting personalities and actual intellectual interests, the Vietnamese girls were a revelation to us after months of dealing with retarded boring Singaporeans and Filipinas. They are also widely considered to be the most beautiful in Southeast Asia, and I can not disagree. I also really prefer uptown, educated, classy girls and the Vietnamese girls are all that and more. As a more conservative culture, the Vietnamese have less of a prostitution problem and typically the hookers are more easily identified as working girls. Beware, that the fancy bars do indeed have lots of hookers, so use common sense when you meet a hot chick at a bar by herself at 2 AM.

Two warnings: First, there is one big problem with the hotels in Vietnam, that is that technically speaking Vietnamese girls are not supposed to be in hotels with foreigners and some of the more traditional hotels will not let you in if you show up with a Vietnamese girl, especially late at night. I and many others have had to check in to brand new hotels late at night because we had a girl with us. Make sure your hotel is on the same page as you before you pay. Be sure to have an explicit understanding that your “girlfriend” will be welcome when she “arrives later”. Second, you do need a visa before you go so check it out online before you travel. There are plenty of brokers online for a visa on arrival and the total cost should $20 from the broker and $45 when you arrive. Once you arrive, grab a taxi- Vinasun is the best non-rip off taxi company and go to the main tourist area, called Pham Ngu Lao. There on all the side streets you can get a cheap hotel for $8-$10 per night for something basic or a nicer one for $20-$30 and then get to work.

Some hotspots:

Lush Bar Saigon has a Ladies Night that is absolutely legendary on Tuesday nights. This is my favorite place to meet women in this part of the world.

Sax N Art Jazz Club
is a nice classy place with live jazz music every night and is an excellent place to take a girl on a date. It is quite expensive for Saigon standards, with $5+ drinks and a $4 cover charge.

Blanchys is a good place to find uptown Vietnamese girls who like Western guys, but is also upscale.

Go2 Bar is the last call option and right smack in the middle of the backpacker zone. Go2 is not single dude recommended due to its egregious price gouging but it’s the best show in town after 3 AM, so just get liquored up or stoned ahead of time, pay cover and don’t drink to0 much. They will charge you $5 even for a coke in there, however.

Another must while you are in Vietnam is a visit to a tailor. The Vietnamese will whip you up a wardrobe made to measure in a few days that will fit you perfectly in whatever style you dictate. Remember Jacques’ number 1 rule of fashion: Your clothes must fit. There is no comparison between a made-to-measure suit and one you buy off the rack one in terms of fit. In Saigon you don’t even need to shop around to find a tailor to make you a suit for $50-$75 with the typical Vietnamese pride in a job well done. If you’re shopping for a new wardrobe the savings in Vietnam will pay for entire trip there perhaps even with something left over to spare.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie.

I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I’ve developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There’s no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you’re not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • Great article, thanks for the tips! A place of breathtaking natural beauty and unique heritage, Vietnam is a fascinating place to visit. However, there is also quite a number of crooks who target tourists in the country.

    Do be wary of the cyclo scam, overcharging merchants, street vendors, unscrupulous tour companies, rogue restaurants, place is closed, karaoke scam, massage scam, motorbike rental scam, rogue taxi drivers, trading on popular names, fake hotels and many more!

  • Think4OnceNurLife

    Avoid Apocalypse Now at all costs, especially if you are American, British, or Australian. It is trouble. In particular, there is one Indian guy and his crew that go there every weekend and cause major trouble. The guy’s daddy must be some mafia guy in Vietnam or something because the bouncers won’t do anything when he starts fights or tries to drug white women. We lost a friend one night and he tried to convince us that his crew had kidnapped her and that the only way we could get her back is if another girl in our group would let him do what he wanted with her. Turned out that it wasn’t true but he was picking fights and had us worried for over 2 hours. We found our friend later safe and sound. The guy picked fights with a Korean group and particularly like to challenge whites. Be careful, a lot of sinister sh–t goes on at that bar. That’s only one example. The rooftop bars are much better bc they are associated with a hotel that doesn’t want to lose business bc of idiots like that.

  • Aristotle111

    Sincerely tell me this is not true.

  • Michael Do

    you are trash

  • john

    Typically nonsensical racist and stereotyped guide from a white trash. Read one and you read them all. Experience? Yeah right. Any idiot who’s watched the dumb hangover movie can write a better guide… Best place is where ever you score drugs and chicks successfully i bet. You forgot to add Brunei or Indonesia on your shit list because you wankers come to asia to do all the depraved shit you either can’t do legally or can’t afford to do back in your red neck country. Crawl back to the hole you came from.. drink more moonshine and continue the inbreeding you retard.

  • jimihendrix

    Hi thanks a lot Charlie, read great things about Vietnam. I saw a lot of websites for brokers offering VIsas on Arrival, is it advisable to utilize the brokers service or I can foregoe that by paying in advance at the local embassy here?

  • Duy

    I am a Vietnamese living in HCM. thieves, robbers everywhere and goverment officers are big robbers to me. I think the South and the North were like South and North Korean now. Communists are liars. They teach children wrong history, they make people love Ho Chi Minh live North Korean love Kim Yong il

  • Ronnie Ratliff

    Dumb ass, I was in Nam 69-70 and have been helping other vets go back to Vietnam for 16 years you sniffling cunt. My wife is Viet also dumb ass and you have no clue what your talking about you dribbling snot. I will be in Nam next week with 25 vets. Come talk to me then you little on line Rambo cunt and Im very sure you wont be calling me names then you coward.

  • AJ Burns

    Someone needs a history lesson. The Viet Cong did not “kick America’s ass.” We suffered about 60,000 deaths compared to nearly 2 million Communist deaths. There was a peace agreement that established two new nations. We went home and the North invaded the South again. The clips mis-used on television of Americans and Westerners fleeing Saigon is not our military. Those were civilians living in South Vietnam at the time, mostly journalists covering what was solely a Civil War at that point. It’s unfortunate you had to try to say something snarky about a war you clearly you know little to nothing about because other than that, it seems like you have some useful information.

  • farkennel

    How the fuck the Vietnamese government lets yankees into their country after what they did is beyond me.

    • liam o’brien

      You are forgetting the Europeans too. French were first.

      • farkennel

        True enough.Not the point.The Yankees did the level of damage that can never be compared to the other invaders.

        • misanthropytoday

          Are you not aware that the Yankees fought alongside half of the nation against the communist north?

          • farkennel

            What your saying is that Vietnam was invaded by the Vietnamese?

          • Eric Liu

            I think the term you’re looking for is civil war

          • farkennel

            No.A puppet government installed by the U.S. does not make it a civil war.

    • Pat Hixon

      Because they want to do any sizeable transactions in US GREENBACK DOLLAHS…. the VN Dong isnt worth the paper its written on, literaly!

  • Ted James

    While you make a lot of good points, I don’t think there’s much “class” in Saigon. I found more class when I lived in Hangzhou, China. Also, at least there I wasn’t ripped off as much as I was when I lived in Nam and Thailand.. Everything in your blog was spot on, but if you want class in Asia, go to Japan or HK (or a few other places). But, good article!

  • arse

    you sound like a proper dick

  • I have to disagree with some of the views on the folk of Da Nang. I found them very polite and friendly. I was surprised to read some of the harsh critiques bug I suppose every one has their own story.

  • JohnMartin

    I spent a few weeks traveling in Vietnam and then went back to Thailand where I’ve been many times. To me it was noticeable as soon as I got back that there were more beautiful women in Thailand than in Vietnam. I had a nice time there in Vietnam but the fact that they eat dogs and cats there really got to me as I saw it everywhere. Whole deep fried dogs hanging from hooks in the markets, whole dogs chopped up on a butcher block, cages full of fat, playful puppies stacked up in the meat markets and cages full of cats too. Pretty disgusting to see for a Westerner.

    Half of the 55,000 U.S. Casualties were from FRIENDLY FIRE! I’ve seen plenty of well done documentaries on the Vietnam War and most Americans have no clue about what was going on there. There was a tremendous amount of corruption throughout the many different governments that came and went in South Vietnam. Much of the aid we sent was stolen by crime syndicates tied to the government and went straight onto the black market. 30% of the South Vietnamese were working together with the North and the most people in the South didn’t feel any sort of solidarity with their government. Vietnamese helicopter pilots demanded bribes from their wounded countrymen or they refused to airlift them out. They would just take off without them. At one point just before an impending battle with the North the South Vietnamese soldiers stripped naked and left their clothes and even their boots right there on the ground and ran away! They weren’t even willing to fight for their own freedom so why in the world were we over there fighting For them?

  • Henry

    Don’t know what all the big deal about Saigon is. I live in Da Nang now and it’s awesome. Saigon is too crowded, polluted and it’s nothing but a big city with nightlife, that’s it. There’s nothing traditional or interesting to see there (except for Tet holiday perhaps).

    • Ronnie Ratliff

      I like Da Nang also but wonder when you call it awesome…I come there usually once or twice a year and spend maybe 2 weeks in Da Nang to be with friends but I haven’t really enjoyed Da Nang so much. Ive noticed the people are less friendly and often downright rude to travelers. I usually stay near the beach but last time I was there stayed in a hotel close to downtown and payed more but after two weeks of rude treatment I couldn’t wait to get back down south. Saigon is friendly as is Vung Tau, and Nha Trang. I see all the five star resorts, million dollar golf club and big beautiful restaurants in Da Nang usually empty of guest and when you do go like to a restaurant often your the only customer with 6 or 7 employees standing there looking at you while you eat. There is a Chinese restaurant I went to last time and ordered Orange Chicken and veg’s for me and 6 guest. They made it all out of the fat tails of chickens. We couldn’t eat the nasty stuff and left angry. Maybe you can help me out next march when I come there. I love Hoi an . But even Hoi an has a problem with people on motorbikes running you down if your not watching all the time.

      • Henry

        Guess it’s just been a bad experience for you. I’ve been teaching English here since May when I came from Ho Chi Minh City where I stayed for 1 month doing my CELTA. Gotta say I was relieved to leave the traffic and all the dirty surroundings in Saigon when I came here. I lived in Hue last year where I worked too and I’m quite happy here with my Vietnamese wife (she’s from Saigon, by the way).

        I haven’t found a lot of rude people here in DN. Not even in the North were they’re reputed for that. They’re less friendly than Hue, yes, but when you get to know them they can be really nice. I’ve got a lot of good friends originally from here. It’s weird that you mention about the restaurants: food here is awesome, especially Bun Dau 180 @ 180 Trung Nu Vuong Street where they sell awesome bun dau mam tom (typical Northern Vietnamese food based on fresh noodles, lettuce, basil, pork skin and fried tofu served with a dipping shrimp paste) and grilled goodies. Staff staring at us while we eat has rarely happened as most restaurants are usually crowded.

        Haven’t been to Hoi An too often but the few times it’s been nice. Chicken is not all fat tails if you know where to go. There’s a place called Nhop Nhep on -I think- 343 Phan Chau Trinh street where they sell awesome barbecues, including delicious wings. It’s a quite popular place.

        What I love from the city here is how clean it is (generally speaking), how close to the beach it is, its architecture, its food and the places to go around like Lotte Mart. Perhaps it’s not the same kind of fun for you but it is for me.

        • Ron

          Thanks Henry. I will check out those places next time. I probably know some people in Da Nang that you know. I love Vietnam and always willing to any new experience there. I also like Hue. Its amazing and fascinating as heck. I regret the bullet holes in the Citidale. Sad part of our history. I plan to be in Da Nang in March. Hope I run into you and you will show me the better places.

        • roby


          When you did your CELTA how was that process? Did you know vietnamese first? How much did you make while teaching?

        • Ronnie Ratliff

          Are you still in Da Nang ? I will be there next week with 25 other veterans. Id like to talk with you as My son is interested in teaching English there also.

  • Ronnie Ratliff

    I love Vietnam and love to travel in Vietnam. Im a Vietnam vet that has been helping other vets or their family members go to visit Vietnam. I served there in 1969-71 in the DaNang area on the rivers. I hated the war and loved the people of Vietnam. If truth be known America was wrong to have ever been in that war. Most Americans have no idea that our government had made a deal with Ho Chi Minh when we were fighting against Japan. Vietnamese fought WITH Americans against Japan through out SE Asia and with the promise that after the war with Japan USA would help Vietnam keep the French out. At the end of the war with Japan Vietnamese leaders flew the American Flag beside the Vietnamese flag for a ceremony to welcome American Dignitaries , generals, Admirals etc and Ho Chi Minh had written a constitution for Vietnam that was a close match for the American constitution. Im sorry to say though that USA didn’t keep our promise when France declared that they would take back their former colony of Vietnam. Our Government felt that the relationship with France was more important and so Vietnam was forced to seek weapons from China and Russia to fight the French. I believe this is what pushed them to turn to communism . After Vietnam beat France badly , France goaded USA into the fight. USA having problems with Russian missiles in Cuba and seeing many countries fall to communism was worried about the spread of communism. But Vietnam was not trying to take over other countries. They only wanted to rule their own country just as USA had fought against England for our Freedom. Our Government knew this but our people didn’t. That’s why our government never sent enough troops to fight a war and didn’t send the air power to bomb the north into submission, but tried only to POLICE the southern Vietnam. It was ignorant and it was wrong. My group lost over 5,000 men and in all we lost almost 60,000 and Vietnam lost much more. I went back in 1999 and stayed 2 years. I learned a lot of the language and read their impressive history. I enjoyed helping at several places I found that other vets and missionaries were trying to do good things for Vietnam. I married a fine Vietnamese lady and have never regretted it for a min. I found a peace that the VA and all their drugs couldn’t give me and enjoy helping other Vets that are looking to make peace with the past. I don’t charge vets for helping and usually can get them many discounts on the travel and can help them with clean,cheap rooms and good drivers.The People of Exotissimo Tours have been of great help many times. If your looking for nice beaches, Nha Trang, or Vung tau are my favorites. DaNang has nice beaches but not so receptive to travelers . Most People that go to DaNang enjoy going over to the wonderful small city of Hoi an. Its much more in tune with travelers. My favorite Hotel in Vung tau is the Grand. Its a bit pricey but it makes a great place to relax and get caught up on rest and nice swimming pools and massage. There are plenty of cheap rooms there esp on week days because Vietnamese also like Vung tau for week end getaways. In Saigon a nice place to stay in the backpacker dist is the Great Dragon hotel on Pham Nhu Lao st. Its not the Grand but neither is the price and its on the corner of a lot of fun. If your coming to Vietnam looking for hookers, you should probably go to Thailand instead. There are some in Nam but its not so freely as Thailand and if a cop catches a girl in your room after 8pm its a $500. fine and your photo and hers in the newspaper. If you cant pay its jail. Oh they don’t feed you in jail there. If someone doesn’t bring you food, your in a bad situation. Don’t believe the BS about drugs being so freely done in Nam either. Depends on where your at and remember, if its cocane or heroin you can get the death penalty or life. Many smoke weed in Saigon and the police turn a blind eye USUALLY but not always. Ive seen people sent out of the country over some infractions. My advice is to see Vietnam as the amazing place it is and be friendly and kind to the people who have had enough to deal with and are so proudly raising themselves up after being pushed down so long. My opinion is there is no where more beautiful and with so rich history to see and feel. Check out Hue and see the some very cool sites like the Citadale or go scuba diving in Nha Trang. If you relax and take in the beauty and culture that is Vietnam. You don’t need to get high to enjoy it. Anh Yeu Vietnam.

    • Charles

      Ronnie, i really appreciate your view on Vietnam and it must have been terrible to experience the war.

      However, i have to disagree on the way you depict Vietnam’s history while forgetting the essential role the US played in that region way before the Vietnam War.

      Bare in mind that during World War II, the US had supported the Viet Minh in resistance against the Japanese in the exact same way as under the Reagan administration with the Afghan mujahideen also better known today as Taliban, against the Russians.

      As the US stopped their support, the Viet Minh had no choice but to turn to Russia and China for help.

      France had never goaded USA into the fight and moreover, the US only sent military advisors but not a single soldier fought along with the French – keep in mind that this was no longer about just Vietnam but pushing back Russia and China expansion.

      French Minister, Pierre Mendès-France, chose to negotiate an end to France’s seven years of war in Vietnam. At Geneva Switzerland, in July 1954.

      US strategists, John Foster Dulles among them, believed that nothing could be gained from the agreements at Geneva.

      Ten years later, in 1964, the US Congress voted the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and started the war against the Viet Cong – The French were long gone and did not take part of this war as per the Geneva treaty.

      This is a really sad story but we should focus today on the region beauty and on making sure not to repeat history’s mistakes.

      Congratulations on your new life in amazing Vietnam.

      • Ronnie Ratliff

        Read –> Where the Domino fell — Its written by people who know much more than I do and obviously a bit more than you do. I served in the war but was 18-19 at the time and was just doing my patriotic duty with little knowledge of the war or reasons for it. Ive studied the war for years to try to understand why I lost so many friends for what seemed like Nothing in the end. These were just the answers I got from years of research to understand better and help other Vietnam vets. Ive been taking other Vets back on tours to Nam since 1999 and never charge for my help. Im taking a group back for my last tour next week. We will be in Saigon, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Tri, Hoi an, Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa, Vung Tau , Can Tho and back to Saigon to depart. Im not saying I have all the facts about Nam but from everything I have learned in year since I came home from the war in June 1970 , that was just a short version of what Ive learned . Also using Vietnam History books like (Vietnam a Long History) and talking with People in Washington DC that were in on the planning of the war. Maybe no one has a 100% right picture.

    • Pradip Kumar Shome

      You have told the history perfectly and not biased like others!

  • hoang ngua

    i am a boy of 32 living in Ho Chi Minh City.
    I worked in Japan and Korea for 7 years.
    Now i’m retired and have lot of free time.

    I don’t have car, bike only but i can take you free.

    • jimihendrix

      Hi I might need a local friend, how can I contact you?

  • anonymous

    Sad and sorry fuckwits, all of you.
    You are the ones that have completely fucked up Vietnam.
    I first came here before most of you kids were born, there were no drugs, there was minimal crime, prostitution existed but you had to look for it. That was in 1989, before there was a single guest house on Pham Ngu Lao or De Tham.
    I now call this county home and my remote location is now slowly being invaded by you low life punks wanting me to point out where to buy drugs. Hey fuckwit, this is rural Vietnam where the pestilential back packer smoking his doobie and staggering around drunk in the street is gonna get him locked up.
    What the fuck is wrong with you ? Do that shit at home, you have never seen the inside of a Vnese jail ?
    Fuck all of you, go back home and fuck your own countries up.
    I fucking hate all of you, come into my business and want a discount ?
    How about just get the fuck out of my place.
    Get the fuck out of my country.
    Your whole generation is a pile of lazy self absorbed losers, If i am lucky I will be long dead before you idiots have any influence in the world.
    One moron…Vietnam is the only country with bread and coffee ?…you shit head..Laos was a part of French Indochina and after a year of travel in Burma and Thailand, I was thrilled to get to Laos and have bread and coffee.
    Back in the day, we had real opium dens…..
    Ah fuck all of you know nothing idiots.
    Wasting my time here. Need to kick a few more of you cheap punks out of my place and ring up the local cops when you come to me looking for drugs..I will send you right into the arms of he local cops…It is gonna cost you. I will make sure of it.

    • You seem like a real asshole.

      • Sridhar (India)

        Charlie ! Great stuff man! I went to Thailand last month in September ! Amazing nightlife in Bangkok and Pattaya ! Is Saigon comparable to both these cities ?? Have you been to Thailand as well ?

        By the way, this anonymous frustrated fuc**r seems like has recently learned English from some local coaching in rural Vietnam and really wants to show the world his talent in grumbling ! Lol !

      • Sanders Druckage


      • P.

        Yeah! A sad and miserable old twat. He won’t even share his ‘Vietnam’. Loser.

    • Rupert

      But how do you really feel?

    • Brian Answeeney

      Sooooo you couldn’t make it in the real world because you are a sociopathic POS and you are threatened because you can hide behind a cultural veil? Are you afraid that we will see right through you for what you really are? Stay over there fuckwad…

  • Agree! Good article! I’ve done up China, Thailand, and Philippines (or they’ve done me up!) now taking the rock ‘n’ roll to the girls in Saigon! (Funny how most of us on this blog are looking for life, sex, and a good time, and others are more interested in who won the war!) Regardless, good wishes to all in your quest for dreams!

  • Ben

    Vietam is not easy as Thailand to get what you want. So it is really for some special backpackers with animals in them to enjoy. I found Thailand too commercial and overpriced. Vietman is not as commercial and whorelike as Thailand and that’s why I begin to like it now.

  • georgevarner

    You need to actually read a book about the war instead of spouting your pre-coceived smart-ass comments. The combat portion of the war was turned over to the South Vietnamese in 1973 after signing agreement with North Vietnam.. “The US scurrying out of Saigon” footage was in 1975 when the US evacuated many Vietnamese along with it’s embassy personnel. You’re welcome.

  • Ron R

    Hello all, First time leaving a message. I have been to the Philippines a few times. Found plenty of girls that wanted to be my girlfriend on It was perfect. No money just take them out. I want to go somewhere different. Thinking Vietnam or Cambodia. I read that local girls can’t go to hotel room with foreigners??? Is that true and which is more like the Philippines as far as woman, Vietnam or Cambodia.

  • tommyfromaus

    yes the viet cong beat up now we are beating there pussys in again 😉

  • Stareke

    Hello dudes. I think it was fate that brought ur site to my attention. I was bout to jet to boracay soon and i always had a feeling it was too late and i knew enough pinoys to get the hint. Your post on boracay is spot on, so im in the process of shiftin my sights to saigon. Really need tips though, coz im startin from scratch… Thanks..

  • psiburr

    Hi all, i’m a 36 year old male Brit travelling to Ho Chi Minh next week for the first time after being cooped up in a compound working in Saudi. Time for escape ! I usually travel alone and easily find myself surrounded with good people but I’ll only be there for a couple of weeks and whilst I’ve found some great tips from this site so far it would be cool to hook up once or twice with a like minded wingman who knows his way around. Let me know if anyone out there is interested or just has some more tips on partying in vietnam.
    Great website by the way!

    • Seth

      Mate, when will you go there? I am planning to go there August 7-9th. Good old boys club to go hunting would be great!

  • Skins

    I have always been intrigued by Vietnam. I still want to see more of the country but I was a bit let down by Saigon.

    To me it was one big Chiang Mai… Somewhat boring, polluted sprawling city with a quiet nightlife. Just replace the mountain scenery and beautiful temples with drug dealers and thieves on every corner. The girls are cute but where are they??! Covered up head to toe hiding from the sun. You won’t see an inch of skin during the day.

    Still had fun but I’m happy to be back in Bangkok.

    Anyways, good post! Lush bar is fantastic.

  • James the man

    Any idea if the Park Hyatt is cook with bringing guests?
    I’m getting an executive suite there so I definitely need party guests.

    • Ryan

      Doubtful, better off with a locally operated 3*

  • ianW44

    dude clearly slanted review… but good you take the time to post anyways …. cheers!

  • Dude

    The Viet Cong didn’t beat us, you idiot!

    • Justme

      You obviously missed all the footage of the US scurrying out of Saigon like a pack of rats then…

      • imglenn

        Yes did watch the footage. We helped thousands of South Vietnam people, Flee prior to their demise. The US was out of there two years prior to the South’s loss to the North.

    • Nathan Pham

      Well, technically we didn’t win if you look at the total body count. But one should keep in mind that a lot of our deaths were the North Vietnamese vs the South, and civilians. Also, when you get to drop Napalms(equaling to 20 Hiroshima),
      and chemical weapons like Agent Orange(20,000,000 gallons), and we only get to use guns, you had better win(the Chinese, for example, lost 20,000,000, including military and civilians, in WW2, and they only had to fight Japan, who was not nearly as advanced as the U.S in technology).
      That didn’t stop a Western journalist from touting that we erected the most effective anti-aircraft defense in history. In fact, our history is full of military geniuses. Google top-10 military generals and you’ll see 3 Vietnamese voted in the top-10(I recommend reading about General Tran Hung Dao, dude was super brilliant and some of his quotes from his Proclamation to the Soldiers were like they were taken from the movie A Few Good Men. He is called, appropriately in our country as, the Living God).

      However, this doesn’t even come close to telling how badass we are. Did you know that we were the only country to have beaten the Mongolians, at a time, when they conquered all of China, all of Eastern Europe, conquered part of Russia, would have conquered Japan if it weren’t for divine intervention, and would have conquered Western Europe, if it weren’t for Genghis Khan’s very timely death?

      We fought the Khmer Empire, the Mongolian Empire, the Chinese Empire, the French Empire, and the U.S Empire, and defeated all of them(well okay, maybe not the U.S, but if you were to look at the difference in deaths
      of just the Viet Congs vs the U.S, taking into the difference in technology, you’d have to say it was a draw).

      Finally, let’s get to the women. Not only did we fight the world and won, you could make a case that we have more beautiful women than the rest of the world combined! If you don’t believe me, visit a site called eastbound88.

      • John

        Nathan Pham – agree 1000%

  • John

    So for us 1st timers to saigon where is the best hotel right in the.middle of bar girl central ? In Thailand you have Walking street and in philippines you have burgos street

  • KEV

    Hey great info!!! Im going to HCMC with 3 friends in April 2014, how is the mdma? Is molly available or are they all pressed tabs?

    • Ashley

      were you able to find any mdma? Im going there in about a week

  • Don

    Great material here. What are the best beaches to goto in vietnam?

  • Pattaya

    Can somebody recomend a cheap hotel that has “girlfriend friendly” sign? I’m coming to Saigon from Thailand shortly, and would love to know where to stay 😀

    • Ron R

      did you find a hotel and what about the girl not allowed to go to foreigners rooms.

  • Dave S.

    Well Im sold. I used to live in Ukraine where you can pull ass on a city bus or mcdonalds, I think the ratio of hot chicks in eastern Europe is out of control, that’s why you see 10’s with guys that are 4s or 5s, a far cry from the retardation of western Europe. But now im moving to Guangzhou, China. I read your review of that city, I hope its not as bad as you say, but you have convinced me to change my first getaway from Bangkok to Saigon once I get settled.

  • Tama

    funniest thing dude you wup usa ass and your still poor cause your people government treat you like slaves and dont give a rats ass about you. Wheres your social welfare. Free health care for babys. Well look forward to your reply!

    • Justin

      Where is the Social Welfare in the USA? Healthcare like everything else there is for those that pay. Universal Healthcare exists only in truly free countries like Australia. Take the small criticism and learn from it huh!

      • You are one incredibly stupid fuck. Having all the bottom feeders rob producers of half their wealth is the opposite of “free”. Thankfully many people like you will probably perish in the coming collapse brought on by the Free Shit Armies of the world and socialist/communist scum in governments. It’s about time.

  • Danny Alberts

    love your work fellas, going on a boys trip over to vietnam/cambodia/laos in 2 weeks and have been searching the internet for tips and insights that will be of actual worth to us (aged 19-23). Every site is the same old shit about temples and the likes but nothing about clubs drugs and girls.. Any other heads up would be wicked, cheers!

  • Nathan Pham

    Bro, we don’t just have the most beautiful women in South East Asia, we have the most beautiful women in the world!

    Check out our “200” most beautiful women:

  • Grantly

    Dude or is it Dick? Difference is what is’t all about… if places are the same as where you come from why would you go anywhere!! It’s people like you who make odius comments compared to “back home” and want and expect to see a McDonalds and a Starbucks are fuking tourist destinations worldwide…

  • game

    The cigarette sellers on the street sell Thai, Viet and Canadian weed which means strong kush, also coke and mdma. Weed is NOT legal in Vietnam in fact they have the death penalty for trafficking so don’t be moving tons of weed, and don’t blatantly smoke it on the streets as cops may decide to shake you down for bribes. Also, every girl in Vietnam will sleep with you if the price is right. Even actresses, police women, students, married women , anybody it’s well known they don’t have the same hangups on prostitution as the west. Or you can just go to bars and meet local single girls.

    I find it hilarious you couldn’t find drugs in the Philippines it is swimming in coke and mdma in fact that is where the Viet gangsters get their stuff from. Direct shipments from Colombia to Phil and they don’t add adulterants it’s almost pure coke. Police are so corrupt nobody is ever jailed for drugs in Phil unless you can’t pay a bribe, which you should be able to if moving cargoships of drugs. Weed in Phil is also everywhere just not in your face advertised you have to know somebody. All the gangster crews where I live in Canada set up shop in Phil to become pablo escobars and nobody snitches unlike Thailand where everybody snitches you out

    • Captain-chronic

      Hey mate , im new to saigon n i was wonderin if u could link me with a good kush guy? it would be mad blessed if u could . i used to re-up from this man around D1 but he usualy never shows up n gives bare shit counts. so yeye i can email u or smtn. thanks

  • Morten

    Any recommendations in terms of a good tailor? The places I’ve been are charging usd 150+ for a suit (cheapest low quality I could find).

  • Hi there! A newly single guy out of Seattle who just came about a bit of cheese and looking to blow off some steam and take a ten day trip overseas. Now the bad news, I have no wing man! So this trip must at a location where people aren’t creeped out by a cheerful but single guy. Any recommendations? Looking to party and have a good time!

    • Vietnam and China aren’t bad for that and you can’t go wrong with Eastern Eruope either.

      • Manuel, Mind being a bit more specific? I read all the articles and Antigua, Guatemala sounds awesome. Would you recommend going there by myself?

        • I don’t know about those places haven’t been there. If I remember correctly Antigua was not really recommended. Guatemala sounds nice if you like to do drugs but otherwise I think there are better options.

        • roby

          Dude how was your trip? did you even go anywhere?

  • Jo

    Know of any 420 friend cafe/bars that allow open smoking heading to vietnam next year

    • I don’t think it’s really the best idea to smoke inside a bar but why do you need to? The weather is always nice. All you have to do is step outside just like you would for a regular smoke in a city that bans smoking indoors…

  • Doc

    One thing on the tailor bit – take your own thread. I kid you not, for some reason the thread they use there sucks rocks and your suit will start to fall apart in about 6 months. So take thread and give it to the tailor and tell him to use it. The fabric is excellent, but like I said the thread sucks rocks… You will get a high-class wardrobe on the cheap… I noticed a similar trend in Korea, but Vietnam was worse so do yourself a favor and take a lot of thread in whatever colors you want your suits made out of.

  • soul survivor

    I recently enjoyed a stay in another part of Vietnam – Hanoi – and although it is a different kind of vibe and more “conservative” in character, I can concur with the broad conclusions you reached(not the drugs however!).

    Nammies are indeed smart, friendly, and above all, Victor Charlies hustles! The streets are full of the good ol scent of money bein earned – stuff traded, produced, hawked, you name it, all of which spirit is long departed from the wacked out western world – and it’s eastern extensions.

    Which brings us to the point of this article, in relation to other less happy experiences of the author in the same part of the world. Interesting, a’int it>

    after having their country bombed and defoliated to hell n back, two whole generations decimated by brutal warfare, and with little in the way of natural resources of the type their neighbors enjoy, the Vietnam I witnessed is building itself up by the bootstraps. Grinding poverty compared to Malaysia and Singapore, up definitely on the rise – the right way. No bitter memories, not closure to the outside world, or religious monomanias, these mofos took on the Yanks, and then the Chinks in turn, and came out at least even.

    While I haven’t been to Singapore, I can attest to the truth of many of the apparent ‘slanders’ slung here at Malaysia – where the result of too much ‘opportunity enhancement’ for the majority race by the State seems to have led to a culture of sloth, entitlement, and prejudice. Almost all the manual work is done is done by foreigners now – the Malays think themselves above it. I talked to third generation “Malaysian” citizens who still feel themselves treated as outsiders there, even though(er, perhaps because>!???)they are rich by local standards.

    Vietnam is a gem, although I did find the chics to be not as smart, well dressed, or hot as the Chinese babes encountered on the next leg of my eastern adventure. Hope to go back and do some motorcycle riding in the interior some time.

    • Thanks dude, good thoughts.

    • Kyle Stamper

      Let’s Hear about you next leg and the hot Chinese girls you speak of!

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