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Gold CoinsHey dudes! So if you ever take my advice, do it today. Go down to the local friendly coin shop and buy some gold or silver now. It’s easy. If you’re in America, just bring some cash (up to $9,999) and pick your favorite shiny metal to take home with you, no ID required. You can get some platinum too. Fuck it, even palladium. Physical precious metals right now are dirt cheap and investing in any of them will be wildly successful, like some great party where everyone gets laid, even your fat stupid cousin Larry.

Here is the 20-year chart for gold. This trend will continue.


Charlie’s advice for all cool smart single dudes is: it’s a great idea to change any paper or electronic money you have outside of 2 months worth of living expenses and possibly Bitcoins for physical precious metals. Now. Not tomorrow, today. Right now.

Sure, prices could keep going down for a little bit. God knows what is in the immediate future market-wise. But, all commodities are getting crushed, JGBs are going haywire and getting halted daily, and there’s a real chance for a crash in US equities very soon. Once this global financial Ponzi scheme starts to collapse, the gold price may indeed be lower, and you might get a better deal, at least for paper gold. But will there be any physical gold available at that price? Nobody knows for sure. Look, it’s better to overpay near the bottom than to risk the chance of not getting any because of shortages. If you’re an experienced buyer and have a stack, OK, use your own best judgement. If you don’t have any metals, go take out all your excess cash and run do not walk to the coin shop.

And if you still have a significant amount invested in the stock market still at this day in 2013, I say to you, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, DUDE? Are you fucking retarded? Can you not see the rampant worldwide money printing, borrowing and spending willy-nilly, and all the fraudulent Wall Street/Washington corrupt shenanigans? Do you really think this is going to end well? Have you ever known anyone who wasted a bunch of money, got into debt, borrowed more and more for years to make it worse, and then it turned out well? Ever? Look, this shit happens throughout history over and over and it always turns out the same way. “Not well.”

Look, dudes, the world financial system is going down. Everyone (other than the Euretard dictators of Europe) who takes an honest look at the current state of the world can see it. Debt: through the roof. Unemploment: skyrocketing. Growth: negative. Interest rates: zero or less. Quarterly reports: dismal. Energy, European and Asian markets: struggling for years. And of course, massive geopolitical instability with several minor hot wars and some bigger ones perhaps on deck.

Meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at 14,865.06, just a smidgen under its all-time high. Hmm, I wonder how that could be?

Here is a chart of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. This trend will continue.

Fed Balance Sheet

Please tell me you don’t have anything invested in US equities, dudes. That is a risky-looking investment. Ask yourself, if you had the cash in hand, would you buy what you have today at today’s prices? Because what you are doing by not selling is the same as deciding to buy that shit today.

Here’s the 30 year US debt trend. This trend will also continue.


Go. To. The. Coin. Shop.

What? You’re saving the cash for something else? Overpriced College tuition, no way dude, that’s a scam. A diamond ring for your mediocre entitled Western girlfriend? Please, I beg you, don’t. A new flat screen TV or iPhone 5, a new car, some overpriced drinks to hit on so-so chicks? This is not the right time for that. Buy gold. Buy silver. Buy some peace of mind. Gold has no counter party risk. You can’t print it. It has secrecy in an age of Big Brother monitoring all other financial transactions. And, there’s a huge paper market for it that is crashing and the dealers are still selling the physical for the same basic price.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, in my opinion. Buying gold right now is like stepping out from in front of an onrushing bus with two seconds to spare. Waiting till later (for those without any yet) is like trying to stop and pick up a coin in the street first.

If you don’t have a local shop, I recommend Provident Metals, or Apmex if you like more fancy service. For bulk try Tulving. If abroad email us for advice.

Also dudes, if you have bought recently or do buy soon, do me a favor and ask your coin shop guy how business has been lately and post anything interesting you learn here in the comments.

Go now. Thank me later!

Update 22-5-2012:

The Burning Platform just posted a great article and (chart) that shows the phony paper gold market vs. the real thing. Quite interesting.

Paper Gold vs. Real Gold

Paper Gold vs. Real Gold

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