Single Dude Survivalism and Preparedness Discussion Group

SurvivalHere at Single Dude Headquarters we’ve been discussing the ongoing world economic collapse, ever expanding surveillance and police states and the general never ending expansion of tyrannical governments more and more every day. We’ve come to the conclusion that we need to do more to reach out to, network with and hopefully eventually befriend more like minded dudes with a similar world view. We get some interesting discussions going on in the comments from time to time but it’s not enough. For those of us who are really serious about this we’d like to start a google group email list where we can get to know one another and discuss all matters related to retaining our liberty, our health, our wealth and our happiness. Specifically though we are particularly interested in connecting with those that know farming (both animal and plant), weapons and defense, survivalism, engineering (think MacGyver style), carpentry or building and homesteading in general. The group is open to anyone, but if you know anything that lends itself to building a small, sustainable “off the grid” community we want to get to know you. We want to contingency plan for the day when we may actually need to do this even if that day never comes.

Here at SDT we’re a pretty diverse bunch but we are always looking to expand that diversity with other interesting, like-minded individuals. So join the discussion, it will be fun and rewarding learning experience for all and it just might save your ass some day. Sign up here.

Also worth mentioning is that we’re now GPG/PGP enabled (Windows users see GPG4win, Mac users see GPG Tools and *nix users see GnuPG). The combination of run away surveillance states and the realization “preppers” and survivalists are increasingly being demonized and marginalized by the government-media complex makes us feel as though the time to start protecting our privacy from prying eyes was about ten years ago – better late than never though. Encryption is a great tool to use to fight back against the prying eyes of over-reaching government agencies. The problem is that you need to create and share public keys otherwise it doesn’t work. Maybe you don’t really need this yet, however, by the time you do it’s not going to work if you have not created and exchanged keys with anyone you might like to converse with securely. Do it now, better safe than sorry. Here at SDT we like to say “He how panics first panics best” and in a similar vein we’re beginning to think that paranoia is a virtue.

Get our public key from the about us page and send us your public key when you create one. Also worth checking out is Tor and Tormail (now defunct) – those together with strong encryption is an unbeatable combination but do not allow yourself to be fooled about what so-called “anonymity” is and is not.

P.S. Bah humbug! We do not support all these shitty halmark holidays that stand for nothing more than going into deeper debt to buy more useless shit that you don’t need for yourself and your family. Take the red pill! Besides, we’re Flying Spaghetti Monsterists and do not believe in the religious aspects either!

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