Obama’s fraudulent documents – how have they maintained a total media blackout?

ObamaThis is going to be short and sweet. I continue to be dumbfounded as to how exactly it is that a total media blackout continues about Obama’s incredibly poorly forged birth certificate, his fake social security number and his equally poorly forged selective service registration. I was even more stunned to find that hasn’t been covered on Inmalafide (at least that I could find) since Inmalafide (now defunct) is about as alternative meida as you can get. Before you start with the tin foil hat wearer accusations just review the evidence that will be presented below.

Let’s start with the selective service card. That’s the simplest to deal with. Quite simply it was stamped with a post mark stamp that never existed. The stamp on Obama’s supposed selective service registration card has a two digit year (that’s misaligned by the way) while all real post office stamps have a four digit year!

The social security number is the next easiest topic to deal with. Obama’s social security is a Connecticut social security number yet he’s never lived there! How did that happen?

Now for the birth certificate. To begin with let’s just say you don’t need to be an expert in document analysis to see that this thing is a poorly assembled forgery. It’s so bad it looks like the work of a retarded child and perhaps should be included in Maddox’s latest book “I am Better Than Your Kids“. Nothing about it looks like a legitimate scan of a legitimate paper document. Besides that any idiot should be able to just look at this thing and determine that it’s fake, there are literally hundreds of inconsistencies and errors in the forgery that have been documented in great detail by legions of researchers. For that I will reference two videos that will give you the cliff notes version of some of the biggest problems with this obvious forgery:

No reasonable person can claim these documents to be real with a straight face. My question to you is how have they maintained this incredible media blackout? And also, why did The Donald run away like a scared bitch with his tail between his legs when Obama released this obvious fake instead of challenging it?

These fake documents are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questions and inconsistencies about Obama’s past, however, that’s fodder for future articles to come.

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