Obama’s fraudulent documents – how have they maintained a total media blackout?

ObamaThis is going to be short and sweet. I continue to be dumbfounded as to how exactly it is that a total media blackout continues about Obama’s incredibly poorly forged birth certificate, his fake social security number and his equally poorly forged selective service registration. I was even more stunned to find that hasn’t been covered on Inmalafide (at least that I could find) since Inmalafide (now defunct) is about as alternative meida as you can get. Before you start with the tin foil hat wearer accusations just review the evidence that will be presented below.

Let’s start with the selective service card. That’s the simplest to deal with. Quite simply it was stamped with a post mark stamp that never existed. The stamp on Obama’s supposed selective service registration card has a two digit year (that’s misaligned by the way) while all real post office stamps have a four digit year!

The social security number is the next easiest topic to deal with. Obama’s social security is a Connecticut social security number yet he’s never lived there! How did that happen?

Now for the birth certificate. To begin with let’s just say you don’t need to be an expert in document analysis to see that this thing is a poorly assembled forgery. It’s so bad it looks like the work of a retarded child and perhaps should be included in Maddox’s latest book “I am Better Than Your Kids“. Nothing about it looks like a legitimate scan of a legitimate paper document. Besides that any idiot should be able to just look at this thing and determine that it’s fake, there are literally hundreds of inconsistencies and errors in the forgery that have been documented in great detail by legions of researchers. For that I will reference two videos that will give you the cliff notes version of some of the biggest problems with this obvious forgery:

No reasonable person can claim these documents to be real with a straight face. My question to you is how have they maintained this incredible media blackout? And also, why did The Donald run away like a scared bitch with his tail between his legs when Obama released this obvious fake instead of challenging it?

These fake documents are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questions and inconsistencies about Obama’s past, however, that’s fodder for future articles to come.

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  • SirReelMan

    Being launched from marriage back into the single life, I find your site a great guide for a single guy. Love your tips on travel and where to go. I struggle to see why birther politics is here… I can go to FIX News for that. It fits just as much as NFL Playoff highlights fits on the Food Network. Please… stick to lifestyle and travel and you will have a new fan and many. Otherwise, if you feel you must vent this side of you, start another blog and name it The Pricks Guide to Being Anti-Obama.

    • Dude, did you watch the videos? I’m no birther but this story will not go away. Manuel and I duplicated these guys results on Photoshop.

  • Lance

    I am diggin this site! Glad I finally found you!

  • jeff

    Yeah I gotta say I’m not happy with the direction of this blog.. It used to be a wealth of funny and useful knowledge about being a single dude and traveling. Now its been a soapbox for more political bs that none of us have any control over. Really?!, the birther conspiracy??? wow! A little financial post here and there are fine, but im gonna draw the line here, gotta check out. Have fun getting mad over something you cant do anything about.. I’m going to Mexico to meet hot girls.

    • It’s not a conspiracy retard, review the evidence. The fact that the US has now become an effective dictatorship with a fraudulent commander in chief and rampant election fraud is extremely relevant to single dudes and the rapidly approaching need to travel and move abroad. If you don’t want to wake up to the reality STFU and read something else.

  • Jay in DC

    Whining fuckheads here, understand or leave this place never to come here again. Race is not the issue, if you see it as such fuck off directly, and no one would be sorry for you loss. What IS an issue is the insidious poison that has been setting the West on a course of decay for at least 4 decades. It has FUCK ALL to do with Barry’s skin tone, but MUCH to do with his ideology. I will give you 90 minutes you can never get back. A film so shocking that you will feel like you just got pulled out of a pod of goo from the Matrix having never been really alive. You can accept it, or live the lie. As Morpheus said, I only offer you the truth. And as Jay in DC said, I just do NOT care if you want to realize it or not.

    Disclaimer- I, personally, do not buy into the religious God horseshit, but I understand the insidious web of links and lies, the destruction of the family unit, and the ascendancy of feminism leading to Comrade Zero getting a second term. If you do not, go get an EBT card, a ‘Bamaphone, and whatever else you desire before Russia or China imposes their ideology on us, w/o ever firing a shot. Masterful infiltration by communists, I tip my hat to them for such a plan.

  • MS

    Charlie, I’m really, really disappointed with the publication of this piece. Safe to say, this is probably my last visit here. I cannot in good conscience frequent a site that has displayed such poor judgement and associate themselves with racists like Clint. But before I go, a few points.

    (i) Birthers do not have even a single piece of credible evidence to support any of their claims. If they had any, GOP legislators in Washington would be the first to start a Congressional inquiry on the matter, and an impeachment would come within minutes of such an evidence appearing. They went after Clinton for so much less. In fact, they way they’re going after Susan Rice right now tells you I’m right.
    (ii) The birther conspiracy began in 2008 following the publication of two anonymously-written books sponsored by a right wing organization. A chain email campaign orchestrated by the WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi and Andy Martin followed soon after. The theory found a home within the bigoted segment of the population, and has been brewing under mainstream consciousness since then.
    (iii) Former Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle (a Republican no less), Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, and the island’s Registrar of Vital Statistics, Alvin Onaka, all confirmed the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate, and the copy released online came from them.
    (iv) Representatives from Factcheck.Org held the birth certificate in their own hands, and confirmed its authenticity.
    (v) It is illegal for any of the 50 states and D.C. to release the birth certificate of any Americans to the public.
    (vi) President Obama has undergone numerous vettings throughout his career, most notably by the Illinois State Legislature, Congress and prior to his ascension to the highest office of the land, by the Secret Service.
    (vii) No other American president has ever been subjected to this level of indignity. I, for one, felt that he should not have released a copy of his birth certificate.
    (viii) Finally, wrt to the ludicrous and idiotic PDF argument. I am not an expert on the subject, so why don’t you read what an expert has to say on the matter: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/29/expert-says-obamas-birth-certificate-legit/. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, then please take a visit to any Adobe office (preferably in a large city), and show them the PDF.
    (ix) The Social Security number cited above is false. President Obama’s SSN is 042-68-4425, and SSN numbers are not distributed according to states.
    (x) Wrt President Obama’s draft card, are you going to accept the word of the documented racist and corrupt Joe Arpaio, or the hundreds of journalists, government officers and Congressional aides?
    (xi) The only possible way that any of these crap is true, is if tens of thousands of Americans have been involved in a massive conspiracy for the past 51 years, involving numerous American administrations and legislators from both the GOP and Dems – all designed to usher President Obama to the White House (except Hillary of course, and Bobby Rush, who trashed Obama for the Senate seat in 2000). To what end? Who knows. Maybe someone can ask Arpaio. I’m sure it has something to do with 666, Anti Christ and Kenya Muslim Socialist.

    I repeat – these allegations do not have a single piece of credible evidence behind them. Only someone with mental problems or racists tendencies could possibly give this slander the time of day.

    I’ll return to read to the inevitable response, but that’s it. For what it’s worth, considering the nature of my work and the amount of traveling I do, this site is actually bookmarked on my browser. No more. Adios.

    • Did you watch the videos?

      Also, it seems strange that you would be so offended by one piece so much that you would boycott us based on it, yet write a long rebuttal filled with the usual talking points of the government’s position.

      I did watch the video. It is not advancing any political position, merely that the visual evidence of document alteration seems quite clear. But you immediately jump in with outsized outrage (a tell) and start throwing around ad hominem accusations of racism and right-wingerism that are irrelevant.

      Any opinion on the information actually presented in this article?

  • Jay

    Going fine thanks. have a swedish girlfriend at the moment met her in Thailand when I was training muay thai not really a problem if your a young 25yr old english guy. Plenty of backpackers round koh phangan during Full Moon party time.

    • Happy for you, but can I point out that you had to leave the West to find her, just as we suggest here repeatedly? We’re not racists here, but the cultural rot of the West affects the dating scene as much as everything else. Sure, I can get laid in the States, but many of the decent looking Western girls have a huge entitlement problem and think they deserve more than they do. London is a prime example of this.

      • Richard

        On behalf of the British, I apologize for Jay.

        On an unrelated note, on my summer hol to California I didn’t meet one American woman who fit the shallow/ entitled description. I think you overplay the stereotype.

  • Jay

    Well if you resembly that creature Manuel Pfister in apperance I wouldn’t be suprised you would both have trouble with women, the hooker variety or otherwise.
    I find it funny that western women find you and your buddy’s repulsive. Let me guess you think their fat, ugly and a feminazi and you don’t find them attractive. Well they think the same about you except your not feminazi just plain nazi.
    And your comment was pathetic, great comeback with the mom dig how original and creative! LOL
    Go read Alex Jones’s Infowars and don’t forget your tin foil hat, best be quiet or Obama the muslim may send his predator drones after you in a targeted killing!
    HAHA what a loser.
    you make me laugh thank you for the entertainment

    • How’s it working with the Western women for you in London, Chief?

    • Mister Grumpus

      (What is this fellow’s motivation, exactly? Where does this sort of thing come from?)

      • Combination of sexual frustration and extreme retardation no doubt…

  • Jay

    Bo Legend.
    The douche got owned.
    He’s just scared that his white supremacy is no more. And his right wing rhetoric is fading fast in a more liberal world, and his opinions are stuck in a stone age.
    What scares him most is no one listens to retarded tea party rednecks like him and his ilk.
    I’m 100% postive this little gimp of a creature would never go voice his opinions on the streets infront of blacks, hispanics, muslims or the asians he degenerates in his sad little blog of his. If he did I’m pretty sure he’d end up in hospital or dead. hopefully the latter.
    I guess its why he never posts a photo of himself because he’s a wimp and a coward with a big mouth and he would killed or seriously hurt.

    • I don’t really need to respond to your racist retarded diatribes, but I would like to point out that still, no discussion of the post and the evidence presented.

      A typical response from one without anything intelligent to add to a discussion is to insult the author personally. See, I can do it, too:

      I may be retarded with most women, but luckily your mom makes an exception for me, Jay.

  • craigrmeyer

    (I beg your pardon for my previous comment’s extremeishness. I’m swear I’m not going to blow up a bus or anything.)

  • Frankly, I wouldn’t care less if Obama was from Mars if he wasn’t totally selling the country into debt slavery, but this is interesting, and Clint has been begging to publish this for months, so we went for it.

  • Bo

    Dumb Redneck. You’re the typical idiot from amerika but bc I guess you traveled the world, you’re a little better. Your articles show not only your ignorance of the world but your arrogance as a US troll. Your articles on travel and escaping the corporate life only show’s that you’re a loser at home and abroad with your western mentality of supremacy.

    You’re no different from a southern inbred redneck who never left his village except you did leave the village and maintained the redneck brain cell of a Maggot. Me and my travel buddies began distancing & avoiding your type primarily because we didn’t like you in the US and we really didn’t like you abroad. As soon as we heard the accent, we bolted.

    You’re too ignorant and racist to accept reality so you and the rest of the rightwing losers dig up shit with your tinfoil cap. Can’t accept that your dumb ass and your bred are being ostracized and herded into whitetopia with your lackey non-whites, despite every opportunity to turn the US into the third world country you detest.
    No secret why you prefer east europe where racist & ignorance reminiscent of good ole amerika exist plus you’re viewed as ‘an opportunity’ for eastern girls. Everyday bastards like you return home after Nastasha drained your pockets and Boris kicked your ass.

    Donald Trump ran away like a bitch just as you’re running away like a bitch, Paul faded quick like the ‘Phillie Fade’ haircut of the 80s. Must be hard for redenecks who think they are anointed by birth to have a biracial kid of African descent best them at everything. Sorry Lil Goober, that your world is turning upside down and that your shit does stink…like your brain

    • Why the vitriol? Something strike a nerve? Lots of name-calling, not much discussion of the topic of the article.

  • Mister Grumpus

    What in the Unholy Flying Frinky-Dink is that business with the PDF having multiple LAYERS, one each for various blocks of text on the document (but not the background behind those blocks of text.)

    I may get hit with a Predator strike at any minute for writing this, but good gravy that is the most blatant evidence that it was cooked up in Photoshop that I could possibly think of.

    It’s like I think I’m buying a new Ferarri but every engine part has “Chevrolet” embossed on it.

    No wait. Rather, it’s like a birthday cake that someone says was organic and homemade, but bounces back off the floor when you drop it and smells like a basketball.

    My God.

    And you know what? It’s probably on purpose. It’s probably to humiliate thinking people, and rub our noses in the shit they leave all over our lives. It’s to humiliate us, and fool everyone else.

    (Lord Jesus, that’s it I’ve had it. Take this life and use it for something good, something pure, something You.)

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