Vote Gary Johnson or nobody at all

Gary Johnson or Nobody for President 2012It feels good to be permanently out of the States and perhaps at no point does it feel better than during election season. Nevertheless, we still can’t let the election pass without commenting on it. Here in Asia I can remain blissfully ignorant of whenever garbage the American mainstream media is forcing down the throats of Americans still living in America and for the most part I managed to successfully avoid wasting any of my brain cells bothering to give a shit about which retarded senator from which state with an obesity rate of a 30%+ said what about whose baby gets to get aborted after rape. Because you know, these are the questions that America really needs to be focusing on right right now.

That’s all politics are in America, a distraction from the real issues. This is the bad guys’ strategy, to make us think that we have a choice in who runs the country. They give us two handpicked options to choose between who both work for the same people and have the same agenda. A two party dictatorship is a much better idea than a one party dictatorship, and that is what we have in America. This ‘election” is just a little dog and pony show that they put on for us so that they may effectively channel and control our political energy. This presidential election is a farce and has been one from beginning to end and quite possibly could continue after election day.

I do have a gambler’s curiosity about the upcoming election and I wonder what going to happen. I generally believe in the ability of InTrade to predict the winner of a presidential election better than polls. While Obama has a much smaller lead in Nationwide polls, he currently enjoys a 64% chance on in trade which is a basic lock. So it appears that the powers that be have chosen Obama. However, last week when the Dow dropped a couple hundred points, so did Obama’s chance on Intrade by 10%.

Are you going to vote? Well if you do I really hope you don’t vote for Obama and I really hope you don’t vote for Romney either. But this does not mean that we at Single Dude Travel are political atheists. We do have an endorsement.

Before we get to this, I want to address something that people say a lot when I suggest to them that they should consider voting for a third party candidate. This shit drives me nuts.

” I don’t want to waste my vote so I’m going to vote for the guy that’s not as bad as the other guy.”

Newsflash to you dude, you suck. This kind of thinking is there reason why America is in such deep shit right now. Our political leaders have been getting shittier and shittier for years and years and Americans have been too lazy to hold them accountable, or even to actually expect half way decent governments from these so called “leaders”.

Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is repugnant, intellectually lazy, stupid and morally decrepit. The whole point of democracy and voting in the first place is to demand a candidate you believe in. If anything is wasting a vote it’s voting for someone you term as “the lesser of two evils”. How about a new rule: “Don’t vote for evil, dumbasses!”

So let’s get to our endorsement: No honest, intelligent, sane person can say with a straight face that Gary Johnson doesn’t make more sense than the two clowns Obama and Romney given the current situation in the US. Sure there are lots of things people might like to have but the US is completely, utterly, hopelessly bankrupt. There is quite simply no more money to be spent on welfare handouts, corporate bailouts or needless wars of agression. Even if you have some retarded argument to support these things – quite simply, the US has no more money to pay for it!

The March of Tyranny

Manuel adds:

I also support those that want to boycott the election entirely and the “Nobody for President” campaign. I support boycotting the election for a few reasons. One, I don’t honestly believe that Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or anybody can save us now, the US is past the point of no return. Two, I honestly fear that voting Independent may help get you listed in some Big Brother databases you’d rather not be in, after all if just having a Ron Paul bumper sticker can get you labeled a potential domestic terrorist, imagine what actually voting for him (or someone else outside the corrupt circle of the two ruling parties) would do? Especially after our lords and masters have already clearly indicated to us that we are only allowed to choose Romney or Obama, or as we call them, Robamney. So I say, vote Gary Johnson or nobody at all. In part I say that facetiously, but in reality, if a large block of Americans actually did boycott the election entirely, it might have as positive an impact as electing Johnson in kick starting some real change. In closing: There is one week left until the fraudulent scam known as the US Presidential Election. Don’t support the American Scamacrocy by continuing to support the phony, false dichotomy, two party [dictatorship] system in the US.

Charlie Bushmeister

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