CNN flushes scientific research down the memory hole to appease feminists and liberals

FeministsJust when I think I’ve seen it all, CNN censors it’s own article, written by a woman, about a scientific study done by women, to appease whiny liberals and feminists that didn’t like the results. Basically the study was predicated on what we all know to be scientific fact, namely that women have hormonal levels that go up and down throughout the course of their monthly cycles which can and do sometimes cause mood swings, erratic emotions and at times, irrational behavior. Given that background, the study sought to examine whether or not said hormonal cycles might effect female voting patterns. Nothing controversial here and regarding the study hypothesis that women’s hormonal balance might affect their voting habits, I would say: “Well yea, maybe, who knows, who cares?”, after all, statistically, these deviations should cancel each other out if they exist (and it’s probably reasonable to assume they do). Nevertheless, this was scientific research, done by women and it is to be published in a peer reviewed journal. How is this “offensive”? Truths, facts, science and research are now “offensive” and should be censored if people find them “offensive”? Is that what today’s ultra liberal, politically correct society in the West has come to? It’s no wonder emerging economies are eating us alive.

You can see where the article used to appear on CNN here. Look quick though, official Ingsoc policy dictates that this apology too should be wiped from the history books shortly. Luckily, for the time being, the comments are still there which are a down right goldmine of hilarity. My favorite comment is this one (emphasis added by me):

CAS – You bring up a valid point. Ms Landau may have offered a well-researched, provocative viewpoint in her article. She is employed to search out and bring forth stories for the greater public to latch onto or call into question. While she certainly has every right to publish this article, she is also perpetuating the same conversation around women that has existed for hundreds of years. We still think that women are ruled by their emotions. I can tell you whether I’m ovulating, not-ovulating, on my period, or straight out devoid of any reproductive system – my beliefs and my opinions are not ruled alone by my hormones, emotions, or “feelings.” Of course there’s a correlation, of course. But you would never see an article about male hormones and male voting patterns. “Men are rational, logical thinkers. They are not ruled by their emotions or hormones.” What we need to see from intelligent journalists like Ms. Landau (and yourself from what I read) is a change in the conversation surrounding women and of what we are capable in the public, social, and political spheres. Science and facts are not absolute truths and should be challenged. In fact, scientific facts and arguments are guided by the “hormones” of the very researchers providing us with this information. The conversation needs to change, and I do believe journalists, news outlets, and governments should be called out and challenged for perpetuating mindless stereotypes and biased material. This view of women, as chosen by the few, needs to be challenged by the many.

October 25, 2012 at 12:02

Just when you think you’ve seen the most retarded feminist / liberal statement ever written, somebody comes out with “Science and facts are not absolute truths and should be challenged”. My low opinion of Western culture and Western politics is no secret, but really, this leaves me speechless. “Facts are not absolute truths” – is that anything like “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength”? It sure sounds like it! I’ll now be going back to my regularly scheduled worship of His Noodly Appendage.

P.S. Just for shits and giggles I archived the original article and all the comments here.

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