Hey Assholes! Quit Arguing About Politics on Facebook!

We have written here often about the mainstream media in America and how unwatchable mainstream “news” programs are. From stupid stories about missing drunk American chicks and 8-year old beauty queens to “11 Sexy Girls with Star Wars tattoos” to faithfully trumpeting whatever economic lies the powers that be want to be today’s truth, the mainstream media has become irrelevant to anyone who is actually interested in the truth about things that actually matter in the world.

The worst show in all the mainstream news media is the political talk show that everyone has now, with one talking head for Team Blue on one side and one talking head for Team Red on the other, shouting over each other about how their team’s economic plan will save us and the other will guide us to certain ruin. The thing is, both of the ruling parties’ economic plans are the same and go something like this:

1. Steal money from Americans and America by taxation, borrowing, and money printing.

2. Give it to the rich guys who pay for all these politicians.

3. Blame the other party if anyone notices, or just lie outright about what happened.

4. Hookers and coke to celebrate a job well done.

In America, the political system here exists in order to give us the illusion that we have some choice in how we get screwed, but really the only choice we have is whether we bend over and take a red or blue dildo up the ass. I refer you to Ben Garrison’s cartoon on the subject:

March of Tyranny

Which dude are you?

These political talking head shows are disgraceful. No one ever has any flexibility in their ideas, the whole world is black and white, everyone is shouting, no one is listening, everyone is lying, and the result is a political system that is completely broken and without any accountability to facts or the actual good of America. It’s a disgrace.

I loved it when Jon Stewart came on Crossfire in 2004 and told these guys exactly this. Look at how he tells them exactly how they are fucking us over.

Stewart is right: the mainstream media is hurting America. No one is telling the truth, questioning those in power or focusing the public’s attention on what really matters in America. It’s just a bunch of paid for shills parroting the lies provided by their bosses. You know your society is in deep shit when the best mainstream political reporter around is a comedian.

And now, in 2012, with just 2 months until the Presidential election, the evils of the MSM have now percolated down to the regular people. Every time I log onto Facebook these days, I see post after post by my friends “commenting” on the upcoming election, bitching about whichever team’s candidate is trying to destroy America and must be stopped at all cost and how their candidate is the only hope.

The vast majority of these comments do nothing but highlight the ignorance, gullibility, and small-mindness of Americans and confirm my opinion that the USA is completely and utterly fucked. Furthermore, the tone of this “dialogue” is rude, petty, and thoughtless. These retards have adopted the tone of the talking heads on CNN and Fox News and write nasty things that the vast majority of them would never have to balls to say to someone’s face.

Assholes: quit arguing about politics on Facebook. There is no goddamned difference between your candidate and the other guy, and by parroting whichever blue team or red team propaganda you have been fed today and then defending it online you just prove that you don’t know shit about what’s really going on in the world. You are proof that America is getting stupider by the minute. Just fuck off and go back to playing Farmville and watching Dancing with the Stars, have another Big Mac and quit advertising what a moron you are.

My favorite kind of Facebook political retardation is when people post charts about the economy that have been 100% fabricated and treat them like this is reality conveyed in a simple graph that will convince everyone. Here’s one that was making the rounds recently:

If you believe this, I have some farmland to sell you in Texas.

When one of my retarded friends posted this on Facebook, it provoked dozens of comments arguing pro and anti Obama, blame Bush, “USA, USA, USA” etc., and nary a comment about how we routinely are getting fucked over by every President who sits in the Oval Office and signs away the future of this country. Here’s a more accurate chart:

Actually, this chart is inaccurate; the small circle is far too large, but you get the idea.

God damn, you retarded assholes, shut the fuck up. You’re wasting everyone’s time and making a fool of yourself in the process. In doing this, you are now part of the problem as you’re are playing right into the hands of the bad guys. If they can keep us arguing with each other, that keeps everyone from noticing the ongoing ass raping of America with something looking like this building in Barcelona:

torre agbar

Bend over!

And if you still insist on commenting on Facebook, where you will change absolutely no one’s mind, educate yourself. Learn about what is really going on, starting with www.zerohedge.com, www.shadowstats.com and others that actually tell the truth. Just be quiet and listen for a while until you get it. Until then:

I would like to leave you with the following short article from Zero Hedge as food for thought:

Government Promises Jobs… Delivers Pain

Government leaders talk about creating jobs … but their actions just hurt the average American.

Mr. Self-Sufficient Job Creator Mittens Romney’s Bain Capital destroyed jobs left and right.

Romney launched Bain Capital with money from the leaders of El Salvador’s death squads.

And a federal bailout saved Bain from ruin.

But surely Mr. Liberal Help-the-Little-Guy Barack Obummer is fighting for the worker?

Unfortunately not … Obama thinks that unemployment is a good thing, because it shows that the economy is productive.

Despite the partisan rhetoric, Obama and Romney both support policies which help the ultra-rich – and politicos in D.C. – at the expense of everyone else.

They both support terrible government policies, the off-shoring of American jobsnever-ending bailouts and ruthless behavior by the big banks … and so we will continue to have Depression-level unemployment under either a second Obama term or a president Romney.


In case we weren’t clear about how unhelpful government policies are in relation to job creation, let us give some example:

  • The government has intentionally squashed lending by the big banks in an idiotic attempt to give the banks never-ending bailouts, without causing runaway inflation.  (And see this)
  • The government is doing everything else wrong. See this and this

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