Something is rotten with all these mass shootings

James HolmesPutting aside the debate of weather or not one or more of these events is a “false flag” or not, which, by the way, I think there is overwhelming evidence for as detailed over at American Everyman in at least two of the cases. What’s really disturbing about the four “random” shootings in the USA in the past four weeks and some odd days is that there appears to be an underlying narrative here in the reporting and it’s scary. I would say that the dominant social theme being promoted here is that the new terrorist is domestic and he’s probably white and he’s male. It could be anyone of you therefore we can’t allow any of you to have guns anymore.

Let’s start by reviewing the shootings that have occurred in the last few weeks:

1.) The Aurora Massacre – The suspect is a young white honor student no particular political persuasion. The media says he did it because he was crazy.

2.) The Sikh Massacre – The suspect is a middle aged white power extremist who the media has and will link to “right wing extremist” or “conservative”. The media says he did it because he was racist.

3.) The Family Research Council Shooting – The suspect is a middle aged white male who volunteered at left wing organizations. The media says he did it because he was a left wing extremist.

4.) The Empire State Building Shooting – The suspect is an older white male disgruntled ex employee. Obviously, we are supposed to conclude that he did it due to every day problems we all face but couldn’t handle them appropriately.

There you have it, the new terrorist is just like you and me and just watching the evening news this summer proves it. It can happen anywhere, rural or city. In a place with liberal (Colorado) or strict gun laws (NYC). It can be anyone, any typical average American young or old that is. It can be for any reason or no reason at all. The shooter can be extremely political from either side of the aisle or completely apolitical.

What do you think?

The first two shootings are sensational. The third, while tragic is probably no more news worthy than other violent crime that we haven’t heard about in a country the size of the US with its many violent cities. Connect the dots. This is about disarming a citizenry that’s just starting to wake up to what’s really going on.

If you really read carefully into the actual facts of the story, there is no way Holmes acted alone if he even did anything at all. Consider the following:

That’s a very incomplete list of alarming inconsistencies in the official narrative of this case not the least of which is, where is all the security camera footage from the movie theater? They don’t seem to have a problem releasing it for the Empire State Building Incident! Similarly, some witnesses at the Sikh shooting reported more than one shooter wearing distinctly different clothing which was brushed aside in the official story as “they probably saw him from a different angle”. Or what about the fact that family members of this supposed racist said he wasn’t racist at all while yet other information indicates he may have been involved with white supremacy groups while on an undercover assignment?

The first two stories are laughable in regards to the official narrative. The third incident I have not yet investigated myself, maybe it will turn out to be an honestly reported incident. It’s too soon to know much about the Empire State Building shooting. I must say, it would almost be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that we’re dealing with severely wounded people that the New York City Police were responsible for most or all of the nine wounded while Michael “Gun Control” Bloomberg has been screaming loudly about the need for further desecration of regular citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights. Maybe these second two incidents were just “lucky” timing for the “agenda” or maybe they too won’t add up.

Take this against the backdrop of Eric Holder’s gun running to Mexico to create a pretext for gun control – this is known fact now – and you’ve got something very very frightening. They want it to be such that only the bad guys have guns and the government is the great protector of everyone and everything.

Remember false flags are not conspiracy theory but historical fact. Both planned and rejected as well as actually executed. Read up on Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin incident among others if you dont believe it! The conspiracy theorists of yesterday are now sane and the average American idiot is insane.

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