The Rise, Fall and Rise of the Real American

american flag upside downToday, on the occasion of the 236th birthday of the United States, America has lost its way. As the average American gets fatter, stupider, and more dependent on the state to provide for them, the government gets more corrupt, more insolvent, more violent, and more totalitarian. As I see it all momentum seems to be carrying our country the wrong direction with no reversal in sight.

When people ask me where I’m from these days, I don’t really know what to say. Sure, I was born and raised in the States, but I don’t feel like today’s American anymore. I’d like to say I’m an ex-American, but even that is a challenge since our money-grubbing government makes it a total pain in the ass to not be American, by attempting to tax former citizens for years after they give up their citizenship. It even costs $450 for the privilege of going into an American embassy abroad and renouncing one’s citizenship. What is this country coming to? It’s more like some shitty cell phone company that charges you to break one of their scam contracts, the difference being that it is a choice to chose to sign up for a 2 year Verizon iPhone contract. We never had a choice being born in America and saddled with lifetimes of debt beyond even the most remote possibility of repayment by us, our children, or our children’s children.

We don’t have a choice as to how the country is run, as politics has been completely purchased by the scumbag bankers, the military industrial complex, healthcare thieves etc. who own our “elected” officials and mainstream media. It just makes me sick, and if doesn’t make you sick too you’re just not paying attention.

And what are “We the People” doing? Absolutely nothing, as we sit on the couch watching retarded TV programming while shoveling 3800 calories of processed corn down our throats and complaining about illegal immigrants taking our jobs (which Americans would be far too lazy to do anyway), treating college like some sort of birthright to a 4 year party during which we develop no marketable skills. Our industry produces nothing of value outside of weapons, airplanes, taxpayer subsidized shitty cars and the designs for gadgets or social media companies designed to satisfy our narcissistic desires which more often than not produced abroad, while half of all households wait for this month’s public assistance check to buy lottery tickets. All the while they acquire more and more debt in a never-ending desire to buy more big screen TVs, designer crap and iPads. As Joseph de Maistre said, people get the government they deserve, and right now the meaningless choice between Obama and Romney, or is it Obamney and Robama, is exactly what today’s Americans deserve.

This was not always what being an American meant. When I think of the people who built America, I think of tough, independent, principled and hardworking people. Sure, maybe the early Americans were a little rough around the edges, maybe a little uncultured, but they didn’t sit around waiting for someone else to do the dirty work for them. They were entrepreneurs, explorers, and missionaries who had a job to do, and dammit, they weren’t going to wait to fill out a bunch of paperwork or get a welfare check (personal or corporate) before they built railroads across the country, tamed the wilderness (slaughtering millions of indigenous Americans and kidnapping millions of slaves, I don’t want to sweep that under the rug), and mobilized a full national effort to industrialize to help win World War II. The immigrants who came here from all over the world, from Ireland to China followed the American Dream and added to the American can-do attitude of self-reliance and ingenuity. Now that can do attitude has turned to entitlement, defeatism, apathy and sloth as all the American Dream today is nothing but a meaningless slogan.

I define the American Dream as follows: in the past, people came to America because they knew that if they came to America and busted their ass and worked hard for a lifetime, they could have a family and a little place to call their own and each generation could expect to have a higher standard of living than the previous one. Now, the middle class is decimated, all of America’s “growth” is in fictional Ponzi scheme profits for the banksters while real median income has declined steadily since the early 70s. Those of you with children, what do you think are the chances that your kids will live better lives here than you? Slim to none, unless the magic Skittle shitting unicorn happens to come by your neighborhood and take a dump in your living room.

The more I travel the world the more I understand that the world is an extremely competitive marketplace. With almost 7 billion and counting in the world competing for finite resources, there is a limited amount of success in life to go around. America, get your fucking head out of the sand. Those little Singaporean kids absolutely kick our kids’ asses in all math tests (luckily they’re still functionally retarded). There are 1.3 billion Chinese people, and they work their asses off for way less than Americans get paid to sit around at work and fuck around on Facebook all day. People I know in academic professorships in American universities tell me that for graduate programs in computer science, engineering, math, etc the American kids are not even in the ballpark when it comes to getting admitted. To those who try to defend the US academic system by saying we have the best higher education in the world, I say, sure, that may be true, but there’s no Americans in those important graduate programs, just a bunch of Chinese and Indians etc who will take that education back home after they graduate and use the skills they learned at MIT to help their home countries defeat the USA in the worldwide scramble for resources.

I recently read Strauss and Howe’s incredibly fascinating book The Fourth Turning, and learned of their theory of the cyclical nature of human history. According to them history turns on a 80ish year cycle roughly the length of a long human life, called a saeculum. The 4 stages of the saeculum are a high period, a cultural awakening, a societal unraveling, and a crisis. Rinse and repeat, throughout history. In the current saeculum, the postwar high was the Leave it to Beaver period after World War 2, the awakening was the 60s and 70s Consciousness Revolution, and the unraveling was the culture wars from 1984 until sometime in the early 2000s. Today, perhaps catalyzed by 9-11 or the Lehman Brothers’ collapse, we have begun the fourth stage, crisis… and it’s just beginning to get under way.

What next? God knows, but in my opinion there is only one way to resolve many of today’s global issues, and that is war. Take it from me, the next 10 or 15 years are going to be a sea of global wars. It’s impossible to predict what will happen, but here are some napkin sketch possibilities:

1. USA and/or Israel will start a war in the Middle East.
2. India and Pakistan will start nuking each other.
3. China and the US will fight an economic war, followed by a proxy war in Korea or Taiwan.
4. All of Europe will go to war as a way to resolve their debt crisis, this will began when the people of Greece and other PIIGS country start hanging politicians and put in a government that won’t play ball with the banksters.
5. Resource wars in Africa over water and food.
6. Don’t forget Russia vs USA in a Cold War rematch.

These are just the first things that pop into my head. You don’t think that’s likely? Think that thousands of years of European proclivity for war have been erased by a couple decades of cooperation in the failed Eurozone debacle? Riiiight. Just a few years before every big war in history they seemed unimaginable. Be forewarned, at least the next 15 years will be an era of total global conflict.

In previous cycles America managed to survive and eventually triumph over these cyclical total war periods, in WWII, the Civil War, and the Revolutionary War. But, that was because Americans were Real Americans back then. Can you see today’s Americans pulling it all together and coming out on top in the current global chess match? Our people are stupider than just about everybody, lazier than many, more entitled than everyone except for the Western Europeans, and our useless government is completely unable to inspire any sort of collective sacrifice. The only thing we have going for us is the world’s most kick-ass military, but how exactly are we going to keep paying for it? How do we satisfy our energy needs when the rest of the world stops accepting our toilet paper IOU dollars in exchange for oil? Where is the innovation in America? Facebook? Groupon? Are we going to win a war with our iPads?

What is the single dude to do? For me the answer has been to get out. I’m no fighter, I just want to work hard and do my thing and live a simple, happy, healthy and comfortable life. So for me that is increasingly difficult to find in the USA. So I have left, for the foreseeable future.

I was talking to another American dude in Manila last summer and we were discussing how America was built by the hardworking bootstrap immigrant fleeing bad economic conditions or seeking more freedom than their home countries would allow and he said to me,

I think it’s time for Americans to be the immigrants for a while. Maybe we need that experience of striving and achieving by our own labor and hard work. Since I couldn’t do that there anymore, that’s why I left. The next generation of Real Americans, not these lazy fatasses, will not be living in America. Maybe one day we can go back and pick up the pieces and rebuild the country after the dust settles.

That dude was a Real American, making his own way, with hard work, ingenuity, intelligence, and self-reliance. I hope to be a real American also, and while I don’t like the average American these days when I meet these Real Americans who share my values I think they are the coolest people in the world. There needs to be more of them for America to have a chance.

Happy birthday, America. I miss you and I don’t recognize the “America” you have become. I hope one day you will rise again and when you do I want to come home and I will be proud to call myself a Real American.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie.

I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I’ve developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There’s no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you’re not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • Ray

    The European proclivity for war? As opposed to whom? And the military industrial complex in the US has done more to prevent civilian casualties in war than any other entity. Ever heard of carpet bombing? The “MIC” ended that for us with smart bombs. And fuck off and die, Jay in DC. Real Americans are the salt of the earth. Anyone American who renounces their citizenship is doing the rest of us a favor and will not be missed. Enjoy your third world hellholes, fools. We will be all that is left soon, and you will not be welcome back. You do not realize that your criticisms are based in the privilege you have here. Idiots.

    • Dude, you’re an idiot. Europeans have been making war with each other for thousands of years longer than the Americans.

  • Ray

    Leftist Statism is responsible for all our ills and Iran and Islamofascism are the threat in the middle east, not the US or Israel. The real Americans haven’t abandoned our nation.

  • Chinese/Asians may have a hella study work ethic meritocracy, but creativity ? U are sadly mistaken, and there are quite a few innovative tech pockets populated by many Americans, sorry you haven’t seen them, just cuz the vast majority of U.S. are stupid and lazy.. Asians have a hard cultural time with left/right brain connectivity needed for creativity. There’s some great American minds -not enough to save us i fear- but genius none the less.

    • Are “you” one of these so-called-geniuses, dude? I ask “because” judging from your comment you appear only semi-literate. One might consider that the American standard for genius has slipped a bit, apparently. Furthermore, if you believe your racist idea that billions of Asians lack some sort of creative spark that Americans magically have you obviously have not had much experience out there. Trust me, there are many many smart, creative people in Asia, and they are working on problems bigger than just making a new app or PDA to satisfy our Western narcissistic desires.

  • latif

    america will never rise never again..their debt to china alone is over 1 trillions.they counry spending each year more than they ear..all they do now is buying a lil bit of time…eventually the counry will going bankrupt

  • SweetestCondition

    Completely agree with this, and I agree with many of the assessments in this blog. I’m a single American female and I have a lot to learn. I’m ready to go overseas for a healthier lifestyle and to challenge myself in all areas of life. Expand my horizons. I’ve been so coddled all of my life that I look in the mirror and see a weak individual. Like many Americans, I’m on autopilot. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    I do have hope for America, but for now – I’m out. Write on…

  • Jeff

    This was a good read! Here’s a great article that says exactly what you guys have been preaching! The only difference is, the article says take your knowledge from abroad and bring it back to make America a better place. I say, Fuck America!

  • Anondude

    “There are 1.3 billion Chinese people, and they work their asses off for way less than Americans get paid to sit around at work and fuck around on Facebook all day” – precisely why its not the greatest idea to live in China – or India, or in Latin America or Russia or any of these shitty countries – unless you can get a job with an equivalent income there. There are cheap places to live in the U.S too like Miami and Texas – both with a ton of immigrants – who supposedly haven’t yet been condemned into the American cycle of “fatness and stupidity” lol

    Going offshore like one of the Facebook owners did and denouncing U.S citizenship is great if you can find equivalent employment elsewhere or you have a shit-ton of money saved up or you are retiring with a pension/social security – otherwise you’ve got to live somewhere and work somewhere.

    I’m with the general consensus that one is dumb to live in the first world if they can work from anywhere like an author or something like that as your money is worth more in places where people have less money.

    • Miami is cheap?

      Being able to earn money while living anywhere you want is something that is achievable but it takes some careful planning and some initial up front effort so that you can be on easy street down the road. A lot of people may already have enough money to retire abroad without realizing it – especially if they own a home they can sell. See:

      Escape the Corporate Prison
      The 15-minute Business Plan
      Ways to make money abroad
      Now is the time to move abroad
      The Entrepreneurial Spirit

      • Anondude

        Yeah, a lot of homes are being foreclosed on in many areas, and you can buy property for 1/5 of the price it was sold at. A little harder if you are not 55+ but real estate is quite affordable in many areas with no state income tax if you look and not just assume that “everything in the U.S is expensive”. Not oceanfront and not as cheap as a let’s say Costa Rica, but quite affordable in many places.

        Healthcare is also pretty cheap if you are single, young and healthy – just take a high deductible and you won’t be spending more than about 2000 a year if even.

        Of your ways suggested to make money abroad – the only reasonable ones are becoming a teacher, doing e-commerce, or being involved in an outsourcing operation. Only e-commerce is a viable option that most people are actually likely to get a job doing (assuming you have something to sell and have good margins). Getting a job with a company looking to do outsourcing, for example, requires visas and other shit and you’re at the whims of a country that doesn’t necessarily condone foreign investment. You’re better off getting a job for an American company and from there offering to head up their outsourcing division in another country.

        The reality is that If you are a professional – you’ll make about on average 5x the salary in the U.S and you can afford to live it up anyway.

        Also, where are you going to do your banking? You’re going to have to go off-shore – otherwise you’ll be subjected to taxes and possible seizure of assets.

        If you can move and ensure employment and safety, then yeah, it’s a super simple choice – you can get 5x your value in poor countries and you can exploit the cheap labor there.

        • I worked as an expat before for big companies… you get paid even more than a standard at home US salary not less if you go that route. You’re right but it isn’t that hard to find your way abroad if you’re determined. Some countries are anti-foreigner and anti-foreign investment but others are pro.

    • You don’t need a shit-ton of money saved up to live very well in some very nice places. Read the 4 hour Work Week, and more of this site.

  • Richard

    on the newspaper rack in Genéva airport today, an American paper headline read: “Reduced war spending is halting growth”.

    I think the press is to blame equally as much as the government.

  • Tom

    you hit a home run with this one – couldn’t have said it better myself: with your rant on stupidbook, the “i” everything, 2 horrendous presidential choices, people in other counties saying “f this” & hanging politicians (hell, i would like to see it eventually happen here). let’s not forget our “wonderful” judiciary. that’s what i call satan’s right hand. i’ve personally been at war with them for nearly a decade.

    i’ve been thinking of leaving the states for some time myself, since it truly isn’t the same country our framers created. my soul bleeds for those guys: jefferson, madison, washington…. great, great people. if you haven’t already, read “the 5000 year leap” by clousen.

    one thing you hinted at yourself: the real problem, when you boil it down, is that there are just too many people on the planet & everything is getting more and more competitive. but i also think you are waaaaaaaay to generous on your war theory. i don’t think we have 15 years. i think it’s more like 3-5. and it’s called armageddon…..

  • Rafael

    Stick to writing about cities and being single.

    Tax rates are historically low in the US and compared to most of the world, are extremely low. The government is insolvent in part because of this reason and the need to appease the military-industrial complex to the extent that no other social programs can be attempted without cutting the big entitlements (which all industrial nations copied because they’re a good idea).

    Don’t get me wrong, some of your points are valid and I agree with them. But as one of the Americans (my parents were immigrants) that was in a PhD program in engineering at one of the top 3 technical universities in the country/world, I can tell you that there are plenty of Americans in those programs. Not enough, I agree, but plenty still. Plus, we are stupid for forcing those foreigners to leave the US after they are educated. A simple change to immigration policy would create a path to citizenship and easy work visas for exactly the type of people we want to keep in the country to make boatloads more money then they most likely can at home.

    And Paul Krugman argues the same, war. Soldiers fight wars, but they are funded by tax dollars. You can’t have it both ways by deriding the government and then proposing a massive build-up that can only be financed by investment from the government.

    • Dude, I’m not trying to start a war here, I’m just telling you it’s inevitable. You’ll see.

      • Dylan

        ‘Did you read the article? I propose a very concrete solution, war.

        Im confused then, the above was your response to a post stating you offered no solutions. So really war is your prediction and not the solution you propose.

        • On the individual level the solution is to move. On the national and international level war is both the prediction and the “solution”. The corrupt scum that run the world will not be satisfied until there is war on a massive scale. Hopefully they’ll be wiped out and the rest of us can pick up the pieces and rebuild.


      Laughable. The U.S. may have a ” low income tax rate ” but add everything up one pays in taxes and it is probably one of the highest in the world.

    • Manuel Pfister


      You’re a tool. Paul Krugman is one of the biggest idiot assholes in the world of economics which these days has become more of a pseudoscience. Ask for a refund on your PhD. Big government and big taxes is never the answer and always the problem. I would put you in the category of getting exactly what you deserve if you think otherwise (which it seems you do). If you are an actual hardworking professional just breaking into the six figures, living in a major US city like NYC go ahead and calculate your *total* tax burden – it’s way over 50%. That’s not “low”.

      Cheers to BIGINJAPAN for further illustrating the point above.

    • M

      According to my Dutch accountant corporate rates are higher in the US than in Europe. And the IRS is the most aggressive tax collection agency on the planet.

      • Don’t forget the US is one of the very few countries that attempts to fuck it’s citizens into paying taxes even when they leave abroad and all their income and taxes come from abroad.

  • M

    Good article, Charlie. I’ve lived in Europe for work for about seven years now. I’ve always considered myself an unapologetic American because of what our country has accomplished and for the shining beacon the Untied States once meant to the rest of the world.

    I work with colleagues from many different nations, and I usually can defend American against any comments they make about her. I have always felt that as Americans we represent what was once a very noble country, but now I just don’t know if we can make that claim anymore…

    I am in the US now on vacation, and although I enjoy coming back home, I can’t help but notice the differences in this country. The first thing you notice when you get off the airplane is the average size of Americans now. We’re huge compared to our European cousins! I do chalk that up to the American lifestyle, diet and general lack of motivation. Not that I’m a Europhile, In fact, I think Europe is a who boiling caldron of other problems besides the financial crisis that has yet to bubble to the top. But at least the Europeans do get off the couch occasionally, take a walk, ride a bike, and cook some decent meals at home rather than hopping in the car and hitting the MickyD’s drive through daily.

    I also agree about the general attitude of both American women and men towards the opposite sex. While living abroad I’ve dated women from New Zealand, Ukraine, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Iran, among others. All were a delight to be with because the enjoyed making me happy, which made me want to make them happy. I even learned a lot about to be a better man when with these wonderful women (I now admit that we American guys still have a lot to learn about being gentlemen). This has all been discussed in other posts on this blog so I won’t go into more detail here.

    What is really concerning me is the general desire for American to follow the disastrous path that Europe is now on…to tax the middle class into oblivion, be content with 8+% unemployment, and to concede all basic human needs to the nanny state.

    I looked into starting a business in Europe, and although it is surprisingly easy to do as an expat, by the time you added in all the extra costs of the social welfare programs to add additional employees to your growing company the margins simply weren’t there to make any money. Why bother? I’m afraid the US is already on this slippery slope, now that it looks like we have embraced a crappy, European-style nationalized health care system that is going to suck resources, drive and energy from our once great economic engine.

    I could go on, but I’ll stop ranting. Again, great post on what is simply the erosion of what it once meant to be an American. Unfortunately, I think you might be right on some of your points. God help us.


  • matt

    You know, I really have a problem with these usually sanctimonious appeals for Americans to stop being so fat, lazy, etc. Yeah people consume too much; food, fuel, etc. And every time someone trys to do something about it; Carbon tax, elimination of subsidies for meat/dairy/whatever, it gets shot down. The forces that oppose these things generally have a short to mid term financial interest, and can engage in propaganda campaigns to quash support. Not to mention the inherent unattractiveness of the policies involving living with less in the name of such a vague abstract as long term interest and sustainability.

    But part of the problem is just human nature. Human beings are inherently short-sighted. China won praise in this article, but is facing a demographic disaster due to it’s one child policies, as well as pressure from the proletariat and reform-minded middle class, not to mention environmental disaster. Their current success, is due mostly to industry being outsourced to them, rather than some initiative of their own. The appeal of that is due largely to human rights abuses that will not be tolerated once…if… they start to organize (see foxconn for more on this).

    Also, you know what I don’t hear, solutions. Just what sounds like knee-jerk vaguely European Anti-Americanism.

    • Matt,

      First off, carbon taxes are retarded (among many other reasons because there is no such thing as man made global warming). Eliminating all subsidies is a great idea, subsidies should never have existed in the first place. Let the market decide… a real free market, not the corrupt regulatory democracy oligopoly we have today.

      As far as solutions… Charlie is giving solutions, this whole website is about solutions. It’s just not about solutions for nations, it’s about solutions for individuals. The solution for the individual is clear: vote with your feet, jump off this sinking ship we call The United States of America while some life boats are still available and go grab yourself a piece of the pie in another place with better prospects for the future while the gettin’ is still good. The US is light years past the point of no return. I fear that if you missed this obvious point on the first read you may be one of the unlucky many going down with the ship. Sorry, life’s a bitch.

    • Did you read the article? I propose a very concrete solution, war.

  • Jay in DC

    I can’t add anything more than you said. All great empires eventually fall. We had a pretty short run, 200 years. And were were really only at the top of our game for about 100 of them. I use to be up nights about it thinking of ways to “fix it” but the horse has been out of the barn for decades. Now quite frankly, I’m so disturbed watching these disgusting American fatbodies waddling around to their minivans and SUVs, I welcome it with open arms. I would love to see this place burn down to the bottom so we can rebuild from the ashes as is the way of -natural- evolution. The strongest will progress and these fucking idiots that have been allowed to breed without restraint will be just another page in the history books of a decadent empire. I am currently dating a Persian girl that serious long-term potential and I would seriously consider relocating to Azerbaijan or maybe even fucking Iran with her. I’m that done with this sinking ship full of lazy entitled slugs.

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