The Single Dude’s Guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos AiresI went down last December to the Southern Cone of South America, and after a very dull time in Uruguay, I headed over to Argentina to visit Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America.” While I had a pleasant time there, I am sorry to report that Buenos Aires is not Single Dude recommended.

To give credit where credit is due, I first have to say that Buenos Aires is a city that well deserves its name. There is something in the air there. It feels good there, slightly breezy with a nice chill vibe. It’s a thoroughly nice town and I enjoyed spending a week there. That being said, I don’t plan on returning unless I’m going for a business opportunity. Buenos Aires has some significant drawbacks for the single dude traveler.

First of all, Buenos Aires is not a great value for the single dude wallet. While not ridiculously expensive like a town like Singapore, it’s pricey compared to similar destinations worldwide. The economists have a measurement of economic exuberance of different countries in the world, and the country with the most optimism/speculation/inflation these days is Argentina. As a result, things in Buenos Aires cost much more than they should. Crappy hotels are $30 (120 pesos) at the absolute minimum and it’s easy to spend three times as much for a mid level place. Getting around anywhere in a cab will be at least ten bucks. And a beer with a personal pizza will set you back $15 every time. In a decent bar drinks will be $4 (16 pesos) minimum.

It’s not exorbitant but it’s a far cry from Vietnam or Mexico where $10 will get you a room or a great meal and $2 a drink at a nice bar, so in my opinion there should be a real good reason to spend three times as much on everything and fly all the way to the Southern Hemisphere for a visit.

Let’s see what else there is to consider:

Food: If you’re a foodie, Buenos Aires is absolutely the wrong place for you. The food is overpriced and universally bland. They just don’t put flavor in their food there – no spices, herbs, pepper, nothing. And every menu in every restaurant is pretty much the same, with three pages of unseasoned steaks, bland over cheesed pizzas and salads that taste like packing material. Dining is definitely not cheap, and dinner for two with wine will run you $50 while providing a completely bland experience that will leave no culinary impression. The only way I could eat there was to bring my own hot sauce with me to the restaurants. There isn’t any variety in types of cuisine either. It’s not like any other mega-city I’ve been to where you can get delicious ethnic food from all over the world. Buenos Aires is an extremely homogeneous culture and I didn’t see a single Thai or Mexican or Ethiopian restaurant as you would find on every block in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. For such a major city, BA has a shockingly bad food scene. This alone is a dealbreaker for me. The wine is good though and competitively priced, so that’s a mitigating factor.

Women: Before I went to Argentina I was under the impression from the Porteñas had met in Miami and other places that Buenos Aires was going to be a paradise of gorgeous sexy women. Wrong! Ok, sure, there’s a lot of nice looking chicks in Buenos Aires, to be sure, with lots of positive qualities, but somehow it doesn’t add up to everything one would hope for. They have plenty of the right raw materials; they’re tall, lean girls of Italian ancestry, they are very nice, so nice that I had a total of zero chicks shoot me down in a week, but while nice and friendly and pretty they just aren’t sexy. They don’t dress up that much, and while they usually look nice, they hardly ever look hot (no sexy clothes, no heels, no makeup). If you walk down the main pedestrian drag downtown, Avenida Florida, you will see hundreds of decent looking girls, but hardly ever will you see one that just knocks your socks off. Compare this to Bulgaria, where while having coffee on Vitoshka Street any random afternoon of the week you will see an outrageously hots chick every couple of minutes guaranteed. I think I saw fewer than 5 of those girls in a week in Buenos Aires.

Another significant concern for the Single Dude Traveler to Buenos Aires is the language issue. This is not Central America or Mexico where people are heavily exposed to American culture and are obliged to learn English if they are well educated. In Argentina the level of English is surprisingly low. University students or graduates may have taken English in school but they must not have paid much attention because many seem to have extremely low level English. You must speak Spanish there.

And the Argentinian girls love to talk. If you want to make it work with an Argentinian girl be prepared to have long conversations about important topics in Spanish before anything happens. The Argentinians don’t really party; since they can’t afford more than a couple drinks on regular Argentinian salaries they usually sit at tables with their friends nursing a couple drinks and don’t really get wild or loose. Thus my standard antidote at the bar for the language barrier of buying cheap shots followed by a trip to the dance floor doesn’t really work in Argentina.

The Argentinians also speak Spanish very quickly with a very different accent than standard Latino Spanish, so good luck understanding them if there’s any loud music or other background noise. The Argentinos also have very limited experience with non-Spanish speakers other than Brazilians so they have no ability to remember to slow down when they talk. This communication issue significantly raises the degree of difficulty of Buenos Aires.

I think what it really came down to was that some women are cute and some are sexy, and there’s a big difference, and for me Buenos Aires doesn’t have sexy. You know how some women just have that vibe that draws you and other guys to them? The Porteñas don’t have that vibe. Compare them in this way to their next door neighbors in Brazil and the difference is night and day.

Drugs: The drug situation is fine, just like in Uruguay, just don’t be too obvious. Ask the guys selling trinkets at the corner of Avenida de Mayo and Florida (discretely) and they will hook you up. Smoking is OK in semi-public, and all my Argentinian girlfriends were hippieish and would usually join me for a puff. If a cop bothers you I’d recommend a bribe, maybe 50 or 100 pesos.

Music: There’s a decent music scene in Buenos Aires, and while it’s not everywhere, if you look around on the internet and ask around (especially to musicians) you should be able to find some stuff. The jazz scene in particular is strong, and Buenos Aires is the only place I’ve seen where all the dudes in a band give each other kisses on the cheek at the end of a show.

A good idea for meeting chicks in Buenos Aires is to go to one of the tango school/restaurants called milongas. For one admission price, you can take several different dance classes, learn the basic steps and dance all night. There’s always tourists there so you have a better chance of meeting some English speakers or Brazilian girls.

Interestingly, while the Argentinos are not big partiers, they do have the distinction of starting the party later than any other place I’ve ever been. In Eastern Europe, things start late also, like 12 or 1, but they party once they go out. In Argentina you have to wait till 2 until the “party” starts. One of the major drawbacks to this is it means that if you meet a chick you like and want to bring her home you’ll have to wait until at least 6 AM to even get started, and you’ll have to survive until then sitting around some table talking philosophy in Spanish with a girl who is barely drinking. Like those prospects, boys? Maybe I’m just getting old but at that point I’d often just rather go to bed unless I was making headway with a super sexy girl who was obviously ready to get down. Good luck finding that situation in Buenos Aires.

The Argentinians have a reputation elsewhere in South America as being arrogant or standoffish, and while I understand why they have that reputation I think it’s undeserved. Rather, I think they’re just a little shy and a little bit serious. There is a tinge on melancholy in the national spirit for some reason, and there’s no better example of this than in the national dance, tango.

Manuel comment: You would have some melancholy in your national spirit too if your currency collapsed as often as theirs does!

Whenever I’ve ever been to a tango night anywhere in the world I’ve always had the impression that I was at some sort of cult meeting. They are so serious about it that there is no fun involved. Nobody chit-chats in between songs, no one is laughing or joking around, and for me, a regular boisterous Yankee, it’s downright weird. This is the Argentine seriousness that makes them seem standoffish.

So, Buenos Aires, while a nice town with some soul, is not Single Dude recommended. It might be a nice place to take a chick on vacation if you have some extra cash to blow. If you find yourself there on business I have a couple recommendations:

San Telmo is a cool funky neighborhood just south of the main tourist area, and my favorite part of Buenos Aires. It reminds me of San Francisco a bit, with little funky shops and bars and a super lively Sunday afternoon when they close down the main drag and have big craft street fair.

Puerta Madero is the place to go cougaring, which is just east of San Telmo and the place where the rich dudes can be seen with their trophy wives as well. This is El Matador’s favorite neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

Palermo is the regular upper class neighborhood where the best bars and clubs are to be found. It’s a huge neighborhood with a lot of different sub-districts, so ask around as to where things are happening the most. The most go-to place especially on off nights is Plaza Serrano, where there will be always be at least a little bit going on, and is pretty much your only choice on off nights.

Anyways guys, sorry for the disappointing news. I actually had a pretty good time but it was because I lucked into an unusual situation which I am sure did not reflect the norm there. Simply speaking, you need to be too good and spend more money than is necessary to make it happen in Buenos Aires than many, many other cooler locations. If you’re looking for a vacation in Latin America I suggest you go to Mexico, where it’s much cheaper and the food is light years better, or to Colombia where the chicks are light years sexier, and give Argentina a pass.

UPDATE 26-01-2014: The official exchange rate is now 8 pesos to the dollar and you can get as much as 12 on the “blue market” (read: black market). Buenos Aires is now considerably cheaper than at the time of writing. Drinks can easily be had for $2-$2.50 USD.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie.

I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I’ve developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There’s no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you’re not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • Michael

    Sexist?! Haha, you realize this is a blog for dudes and stuff we care about, right? Men like sexy women, women like attractive men. Keep going to trendy clubs in sweatpants and see how it works out for you, in the name of “equality.”

  • anargieinusa

    To each his own, but I think you are wrong about Buenos Aires. On a trip I took there with my boss and a larger group, one of the women in the group said, ‘Is it required that all of the women be beautiful here?’, to which the boss (a veteran of many cities all over the world) replied, ‘Yes, that is immediately obvious’, and we hadn’t even left the airport yet!
    Expensive? It could be, depending on the exchange/ratio at the time, which varies wildly. Now, if you think that $50 for a dinner for two with wine is expensive, I think you need to go out in DC, NY, Miami or most US big cities.
    If you can’t score, is because your game is not suited for this city. Being local, I never had problems.
    As for the food, dude, you need to be more flexible. Maybe all that hot sauce has burnt your taste buds. There are plenty of good restaurants in Buenos Aires, sushi places and ethnic cuisine. It seems to me you haven’t explored enough. Food can taste bland to american palates, but we’d rather taste the actual meat, fish or veggies than the seasonings. There are lots of places to eat good paella and Spanish cuisine. I find it funny that many people rave about Italian cuisine and then complain about the pasta in BA which is often home made.

    Finally, lots of people speak decent english. So, if as single dude, you expect to eat and live dirt cheap, and have the girls throw themselves at you, then BA is not the place for you, but if you are a little more refined, or simply just more open minded, then you’ll have a blast.

    My 0.02

    • Diego

      Locals have no difficulty scoring? WTF? Argentine men have it just as bad as any foreigner.. Most of them complain about the local women being stuck up and difficult and remark on how women from other countries (US, Brazil, etc) are much nicer and approachable.. Where do you think the “histerica” reputation comes from? You can’t be serious dude.. I just think hearing the truth hurt your feelings.. On another note, I don’t know where you get the crazy idea that American big cities are expensive compared to Argentina.. Contrary to your ridiculous claim, almost everything in the US is much cheaper than in Argentina.. Cars, houses, electronics, clothes and even food!! And all that considering Argentine salaries are much lower!! Why do you think so many Argentines travel to Miami to do their shopping? You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.. Typical reaction from an Argentine in denial of his country’s shortcomings..

  • sander

    Do you think this guy is a sociopath?

    • Diego

      No, but I think you’re in denial though..

  • Rafi Bhat

    Well I am totally disagreed with you. It’s been just two weeks I found city amazing, people are so friendly and women are so beautiful and men are even better looking. I think first of all you just went to BA to explore sex, and called a women chick is appeared how cheap you been in education.. And yes it’s not your mistake as you mentioned you feel old so forget any girl would have gone on you.. Make sure next time you won’t put shit about any country. I would rather suggest you to go to Pattaya .. Good luck

    • Diego

      Two weeks in a place are not enough to draw conclusions about it.. Argentina women may be beautiful but they are also standoffish and conservative.. There’s a reason they have a reputation for being difficult..

  • joe

    Check Zamalek in Cairo looks like BA , fucking dirty cheap rip off Egyptian no food no culture they cheat u they don’t like any tourists ,they just plan to get ur money plus fucked up islam is there ,,,,i hate Egyptins ,,,,

  • joe

    So BA looks like zamalek island in Cairo , so i u travel to cairo what would say ,dirty ugly heap ppl

  • Jonathan Cohen

    New in town, a woman asked a local resident about the city folks. The man responded with a question, “how are the people in your town?” The woman replied, “they are terrible –self centered, negative, not very friendly.” The man answered, “I’m afraid the people in this city are very much like the ones in your town.” Later, another woman also new in town, asked the same man the same question. And once again, the man responded, “how are the people in your town?” But this woman replied, “they are wonderful — generous, positive, and very friendly.” The man smiled and replied, “you’re in luck . . . the people in this city are just like the people in your town.”

  • Kanwal Chadha

    I agree, food and clothes are too costly. Not much variety in food, no variety in fish. I am from India, staying in Palermo….you can’t find a hotel or restaurant in India without much customers in India, as you find here in BA. In the peak hours and even on week-ends you would find some restaurant empty. But, city is quite beautiful. You won’t find any traffic jam in BA like you witness in any Asian city. A ladies top, or other clothes, which they sell from 100 to 300 pesos is available for 1/4th of price in India same design same cloth.
    Still I am enjoying in the city…..visited almost every place in BA. Most of the time we had food at home.
    For me its a beautiful city….thanks

  • Chris

    Agree! Right on. been here for three days and very disappointed. Although nice people and friendly there is not much to do here. Food is not good and taste less, no spices what so ever and over priced. Rented a car at BA airport gave me a basic extra compact for 1500 US $. Hotels are so expensive staying at a 3 star hotel for $ 270 a night. It is a robbery you would think with the economy been in tank they cut prices or keep it low to get folks here but go figure. i I am here on business and paid by company. I had such a high regard for the country but very disappointed and agree with the report. Out side of capital BA is for sure a 3rd world country. Counting my days to next friday so i can fly out of here.

    • Ana

      I am argentino,and everything is expensive for us true, i am agree

  • Stephan

    that is bullshit, this is one of the most beautifull cities I’ve ever been to!

  • Real Woman

    I am a woman who has been to both Buenos Aires and Montevideo and has mixed feelings about your comments. My husband cheated on me in China with a number of women, so I find this blog a bit offensive. Yes, many of your comments might be “right on” when it comes to descriptions, but your relating to women solely on the basis of them being easily fucked is pretty sad. My husband has really shaken my view of men when it comes to believing they have any sense of values. This is something you might want to consider discovering. Placing the greatest value on the height of the heel; the color of the lipstick; and the readiness to jump into bed with a total stranger seems a bit off the mark. FYI, I happen to have all the appearance boxes checked, but it doesn’t matter. It seems more about control and thinking one is a big swinging dick with this type of man than actually caring about another human being (even if they are hot). Notice that Kate Upton’s man cheated on her. Just wanting to maintain control at all cost is a small man’s game.

    • Your reading comprehension isn’t very good. Also nobody here is married.

    • Charlie Wilson

      I am in BA now and will happily have sex with you to help get you over your cheating husband. I am gentle, good looking and financially well off.

    • fly

      Wow you are dumb. The name of this site is called the SINGLE dudes travel!!! Not married dudes!! Smh

  • Pitou

    Im in buenos aires now and i agree with the post.. Girls are very cute (Not sexy), but no way to hook up with them and there is a long line of agressive argentinian guys before you can even talk to one girl.. I’ll pass and try peru 🙂

  • David Stevens

    Mr Bushmeister should probably stay in the safety of the US. Strange to relate, Argentina is a country with its own language and culture … NOT “Americanized” [thank God!]. Try learning the language, and look for more than drugs and sex would be a good beginning … too late, obviously, for Mr Bushmeister. I hope I do not run into HIM on my travels … I usually learn the local lingo just so that I CAN avoid people of this stamp.. Don’t go to London, Mr Bushmeister [ where I used to live] … you’ll hate it … we have our own language and our own culture, would you believe, and we get on very well without the USA!!

    • Mar

      that’s right David! I agree with you.

    • Wolfgang

      David evidently prefers to play the skin flute, of other men, whenever possible. Please Mr. Bushmeister, pay him no heed. You have been very candid about your focus, which is refreshing. David dislikes America, probably a jealousy thing pervading, unbeknownst to him, all of his thinking. I am from London and know BA well. Your analysis is spot on. Part of it may be that while, thankfully the younger people have given up religion the girls still hold on to ideas of what good Catholic girls should be like. So, they are willing to put up with macho Argentine men and forgo good, healthy robust sex resulting in delicious orgasm. They talk incessantly because they don’t cum enough, like most Spanish girls. The more equal the playing field, like Sweden for instance, results in a satisfied woman, sexually, who can actually shut her mouth. BA in many respects is remarkably parochial for a world class city, and singular as well. The lack of Blacks and Indian blood allows them to feel superior to all of their South American counterparts, but does little for booty enhancement and female pleasure. Also, their economy is in shambles; that is bound to mess with anyone’s psyche. It is a city of Spanish, Italian and Jewish immigrants, who have created a thing of beauty and run it into the ground. Melancholy and over-reflection and analysis seem the norm for many of them. Pity….

  • Maybe I missed it but, how long were you there? Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to a place. Saigon and Chiang Mai are two great examples. I was bored but after a while I got dialed in and got into the swing of things. I will be visiting South America soon and Argentina is on the itinerary. I hope it’s worth it! Thanks for the article.

  • Bob

    Hi guys,okay,here it goes from my perspective.

    I am half Latino and half American(born in the Caribbean and raised in NY City),hence my perception of the city and country should provide(I hope) a less one sided”american” view and give a little of the Latino criteria in.

    Been here for 4 weeks now and intend to spend another 4 to 6. As to women being all stuck up and aloof when wanting to chat to them,has it ever occur to anyone that it is because you are a gringo and you do not speak their language other than them being up tight women?Americans have this arrogant mentality where “we” feel entitled and at the same time we prentend everyone should speak our english and/or addapt to our codes of conduct and culture. Argentinian Philosophy, great ! Go and do some homework and learn a bit. Surely,you love all latinos to know all about “American” culture and values,so why the hell don’t you learn some of from our end?

    Having said that,I have read tons of post where on the contrary,they say that women tend to go rather forward easier than any american(hidden puritanism still on their brains) girl. Now,as a Spanish speaking person,I have yet not found one of the kind of women you guys are talking about here,but on the contrary I have found people to be very but very kind and women to be quite open and in a wiling to go mode,very acomodating I shall say.

    It has not been hard for me to hook up and(I am not a blue eyes blonde male,saying this cause someone in one on these post said,this phenotype was the “de facto”preference for Argentinian women,read more like wishful thinking of untaned skin complexion ) cannot just relate to the sort of description made by you guys.

    Anyway, I guess you all need to go and get some Spanish lessons before coming here ,try to move your hips with a little of latino swing and maybe your luck will change.

    Food definately sucks! Greasy and tasteless; could not agree more. And groceries is a robbery! Everything is three times the price than anywhere else and the quallity is cheap.

    Clothing is expensive and I agree with what someone here said,copy cats(bad ones by the way)of outdated European fashion. Colombian clothing is far superior.

    As for the price of other things in general in this city,could not agree more,expensive like hell for what it is!

    Guess all of this has to do with their financial crisis( meaning the poor quality of products and services and the very high price attached to them).

    Dental care here must be very expensive,as lots of preety girls have bad teeth. But so ii is in the UK and they have to money for it. Go figure, a cultural issue maybe?

    True they don’t dress that classy,but eastern european women to compare with ??? Those dress really cheap in Prague and beyond and to add insult to injury,they are not too used of showering and keeping clean as Latinos do ( an Americans). I lived in Prague for a full year and could not handle the stench of those women,up to the point where I dated only expats.

    In Buenos Aires they may not dress as in New York or Chicago or London or elsewhere in the industrialized world,but the are surely very tidy women. I rather regular dressing code with a sweet smelling frangance exuding form their skin and natural beauty to go with it and a sincere smile and a lot of making up before sex than a little more fashion oriented woman smelling like rotten fish- regardless of how beautiful they may seem to the naked eye.

    Reading some of the comments of this thread,it comes to no surprise and it is rather self explanatory why”Americans”are despise,laugh at and eventualy taken advantage of in so many parts of the world. American are way too arrogant and prentend the entire plante to fit in their worldview.

    If you want to truly have a taste of Buenos Aires or anywhere else in Latin America for that matter, dig deep into it’s history,learn a bit of the language, and try to undertand its culture. Then and only then, you may be able to enjoy and surely you will be appreciated by the local gals.

    • Diego

      I’m Argentine myself and find his assessment of the local women pretty accurate.. There’s a reason they have a reputation for being “histericas”.. You’re crazy if you think they are more friendly or open than American women. One night stands in Argentina are mostly unheard of and the women really are reserved. They don’t even like being approached by strangers and many only date within their circle of friends. You have to put up with a lot of mind games if you want to get them in bed. Even the local men complain about how difficult it is to hook up with them.. So you either haven’t been here or are just one nationalistic Argentine who can’t take any criticism of his country.. I call bullshit on your story..

  • Jacob

    I’m single European 59 and live in Bali normaly and have seen most of the world. I have been in BA for 3 weeks now after a disappointing Uruguay, and I have to agree with this article. I rent an apartment in Palermo for $800 a month. Lovely parks but ridicules attitude of people here, so lonely and and full of medications (as my doctor explained) so DOGS ! is priority one. Apart from dogs, – cars have a very high priority trying to kill you as you want to cross over a street.

    Living in Asia I’m used to meet happy smiles everywhere so just gave up having social contacts or a nice girl here. I rather hold my sexual needs than paying a prostitute 1000peso for 2 hours. Tango is the answer you get from most people, how to connect to locals. Food quality is very low and the beloved Pizza just thick bread full of cheese is killing you. Stakes can not be compared with those in Uruguay as the breed their cows naturally and no antibiotics as here.

    I feel sad for this wonderful country and will give it a chance by visiting places like Salta, Cordoba and Mendoza.


  • Paul

    From south africa. White married dude. 38. 5th time here. Food shit. Everything way over priced for a third world country. Industrial sector a joke. I think too much human rights has damaged this and many more country’s beyond repair.Very hot chicks but either dog face or stuck up. Dont know why. If I was in there position I would learn english quick to find a man that can give them a better life.

    Dont think I will be back soon. Economy crash and burn.
    Pity I hope they get a wake up soon.

    • For someone that comes form one of the most dangerous shit holes on planet earth you’ve got some major cajones to call Buenos Aires third world. Incredible!

      • Bob

        Lol! Could not agree more.

  • Kerouac

    I had the exact opposite experience. Besides Brazil which is like, the best destination on earth for girls, Argentina was a close second. The thing is Argentine men are extremely aggressive so girls typically don’t approach you but they will stare at you if interested indicating you should go over there because they won’t come to you. Not speaking Spanish doesn’t matter in a nightclub because if you buy them some drinks you will be making out with them in no time and then out of there back to your place.

    I did laugh when I read the Spanish philosophy part in the review, that’s true but I actually liked to talk to these girls about that it was completely refreshing after nailing an endless train of bleach bottle blondes in my home country that were dumb as bricks.

    The foreigners I talked to there usually ‘rent’ their girlfriends upon arrival. They find an escort, or girl on a dating site and offer them money as a ready made girlfriend for their entire stay, sometimes monthly. You get a 10/10 supermodel looking girl who will make you food, have sex with you 2x a day, take you out to off the track cafes to see bands and basically be your wife if the price is right. I probably would’ve done this if I had known about it but the girl I hooked up with at the bar was pretty awesome.

    Nothing like Brazil though where almost every girl is a 9 or 10 and literally jumps you in nightclubs and asks you to take them home.

  • G.B.

    You clearly are too American to appreciate Argentine meat. Your food culture is based on cheap tasteless hormone-stuffed meat which you obviously have to plaster with sauces to give it a tiny hint of flavour. Not that you can’t have some properly good steak (which is expensive), but the average meat Americans eat at restaurants or buy at supermarket is just a rubbery lump.
    Then you get simply too used to the overpowering taste of your ketchup or whatever you drown your steaks with to appreciate the pure taste of meat.
    Argentine steak is tender and naturally greasy. It is the best meat in the world. It doesn’t need any seasoning, save for some coarsely-ground black pepper.
    You are right about the scarcity of food option, though.

    Oh, and before you label me as an Argentine nationalist, I am 100% Italian, but have lived in the U.S.


    • I agree. But how about a little salt? Or hot pepper? I had to carry my own Tabasco around there.

  • QueBellissima

    I can’t disagree more with every, single thing you wrote (ok, except about the clothes). I am an American who travels extensively. I have been to Buenos Aires 9 times and am returning for my 10th time in 1 month – to stay. It is a bit pathetic this is considered a travel site yet you obviously do no research before nor ask locals for suggestions while you are there. If you would have gone the extra step, you would’ve found wonderful cuisine, beautiful girls and decent prices for food and drink. I can only laugh out loud at your critical post considering you were only there for one week. Why should you consider yourself credible? Unbelievable. Let me know if you ever go back because I love proving people wrong – especially those who are so quick to judge.

    • John

      Absolutely. I have been to Buenos Aires 7 times and this is a fantastic city.

  • Ana

    I am girl from argentina and i think evrything you. Mention it is true

    • Jim

      I would like you to show me around around the 4th of December to the 7th if you dont mind Ana

  • RC

    I lived in BA for 3 months last year and have to agree mostly with this article.
    Sure many women there have amazing bodies… but few have faces to match unfortunately.
    Agree that fluent Spanish is necessary to have any hope of meeting local women there.. and they love to talk for hours about stuff you probably won’t give a fuck about.
    They are also famous for kissing sessions that last for HOURS…. instead of the normal kissing then off to bed most of us are accustomed to, they seem to enjoy just endlessly kissing you, and even then it might go no further.
    Too much hassle for what it’s worth.
    I took a beautiful Argentine girl (who actually spoke fluent English even… she was an English teacher) out for a few dates and it was a total waste of time. She acted like a bossy Latin chick most of the time and even had the gaul to bring me one of the most expensive restaurants in Puerto Madero for dinner… over $100 for a shitty plate of Picada and a few drinks.. I’m serious.
    Oh, and of course she stuck me with the bill too.

    The strategy that worked for me (twice) was to look at website called BA Expats… there are women on there looking for other expats to go out and have a drink with etc.
    No, they are not local girls but at that point I was more than happy to just go talk to a normal girl who could speak English.
    I ended up hooking up with a Brazilian girl and a girl from New Zealand that way 🙂
    The bars with the most expat chicks are Casa Bar, Shamrocks (Irish pub) and Alamo.. all in Recoleta… and Sugar in Palermo.

    BA has the highest number of psychiatrists and plastic surgery in the world per capita.
    They are strange, insecure people.

    Very dangerous city as well.

  • Santiago from uruguay

    i have seen two of your reviews. I agree with you in some points, but in another ones it seems you demand way to much. Maybe it is me who needs to travel worldwide seeing many cultures, but i really dont understand what are you lloking for when you travel. extremely cheap, beautiful girls and drugs everywhere? are u not thinking in Paradise?

    • There are many choices for the single dude traveler and everyone has their own preferences. For me, my expectations are not unreasonable as I have found places that are just right for me, including Vietnam, Mexico, Bulgaria, and Hong Kong.

  • Martin

    I lived one year on Buenos Aires for business, it was a nightmare for me, a shithole town. I will never ever go back !!

    Food = 3/10
    Argentina world famous sticks most of the times were a total letdown and overpriced as fuck, pastas were also bad, they almost don’t have any variety on fish. Food offer is EXTREMELY limited. Wines were good.

    Girls = 2/10
    While there are some European descendants girls who looks pretty hot (they look Italians); Average Argentinian girls are UGLIES, shabby, out of line, dull, dirty and poor. What really suck about this is the few women that look Italian (hot) are all stuck up bitches from hell, they think they are princesses, they are all rude, disrespectful and self absorbed, if you talk to them you either get instantly ignored/rejected or they will play with you (cock teasers) they will try to get drinks from you (most of them can’t afford drinks with Argentine salaries) and then nothing will happen, Argentinians even invented a word for that behavior “histeriqueo”. I actually feel sorry for you Argentinians guys your hot girls or even your average girls are real bitches to deal with !!

    Hotels/Places to stay = 1/10
    OVERPRICED OVERPRICED OVERPRICED, On most of the places they try to scam you with the change or they try to charge you in dollars… Actually in Argentina nobody likes or wants the local currency (pesos) because it doesn’t worth anything and is in constant devaluation !! To make matters worse you end up paying a lot for the ultimate crap third world hotels.

    Design/Clothes/Fashion = 1/10
    OVERPRICED AS FUCK !! There aren’t famous labels in Argentina, because Argentinians can’t afford them. So they have a pretty cool movement of local designers “AY NOT DEAD”, “FELIX”, “GARSON GARCIA”, “EL BURGUES”, “BOLIVIA” and many others, but the clothes are overpriced as fuck and at the end of the day the designs are just out of dates copies of european fashion.

    Culture = 1/10
    There is no culture in Argentina, they copycat everything from the US or Europe. Actually most of the Argentinians i knew didn’t like to be labeled as Latins or even as Argentinians, they firmly believe they are Europeans even if there isn’t a single European gene on most of them lol. The only culture they might have is “futbol” they go CRAZY over it. Their government uses that to brain wash them and make them forget about the terrible economic and social situation they live on.

    Overall = 0/10
    Ugly people everywhere; misery; lot of garbage even in the down town; lots of families sleeping on the streets; extreme poverty in every corner (is sad to watch); people lacks education most of them don’t even speak a word of English, actually they barely speaks Spanish lol; gray depressing town; lots of ghettos and “chorros” (robbers) is very dangerous to walk at night (i been robbed twice there); porteños (buenos aires residents) are always trying to fuck on everybody (even on themselves) actually you have to be extremely careful in Argentina or you will get scammed or robbed !

    In conclusion, DO NOT go there, there are a lot of marvelous places to know in the world and so little time, Buenos Aires is definitely NOT one of them !!

    • I wouldn’t give BA overall a 0/10, that seems a bit harsh, but, it’s definitely not single dude recommended.

  • afx

    I have to agree with this post. 🙁
    Chile and Uruguay are the same, don’t go there.

  • G

    I’m originally from BA but currently live in New Orleans. BA is a huge city and kind of pricey. It requires some money to get to enjoy the best places and food. But if you’re willing to spend 1000 + $s on airfare and over 7 hs on an airplane, why not go all the way and invest an extra thousand or so to make your trip worth it. All the places mentioned in the article are exactly as described. Not really the best places to go party though. Plus the people that go to this kind of places are more relaxed and are not too concerned about looks. The metropolitan area of BA has over 12 million people with different kinds of fashion sense per se. In regards to tango, its origins are from the first Italian immigrants that were mostly sailors that had left their families behind and come to BA in search of better job opportunities, hence why it’s so melancholic. Most young people don’t really care for it. Back to partying, if you want hot chicks and partying hard and in style is your thing, then you must hit the night club scene. That’s where the real magic happens. The hottest night clubs are usually by the river front. All the way from Puerto Madero to General Paz highway which is where BA capital federal ends. Costanera Sur and Costanera Norte being the hottest areas. Most of them have two or three dance floors, and some even have outdoors’ dance floors by the river with great djs that are good at keeping the crowds rolling all the way up till sunrise. Night club chicks tend to dess quite sexy and show a lot of flesh. They love to dance. So dancing, smooth talk plus persistance is the way to go. They usually play it cool and don’t show too much interest, but as long as they let you be around and you keep playing it smooth you’ll succeed. These chicks spend a great deal of time and money to look hot, so they expect to be treated like models. Once in bed they’ll take good care of you. I’d recommend visiting BA with a couple of friends, renting an apartment for a week (way cheaper than a hotel) which there’re tons of web sites for it. I know that for a fact because I still have my appartment in Palermo and rent it to international students and turists. There are also a buch of cool bars and irish pubs by Microcentro (downtown) where professionals go for drinks after work. I used to go to a place on Libertador Ave. on a 20th floor with great views of the city, top notch chicks and awesome tapas. Can’t remember the name though, but I would think you can find those kind of places online. I also used to go to a couple of Irish pubs in microcentro where you can meet chicks that speak good English (because of their jobs) and some foreign people (including Americans) that can give you some pointers. If you have a lousy night and can’t score, there are a bunch of websites with super hot chicks that can come to your place for $100 and screw you like if you were their boyfriend. That being said, I’m not trying to offend anybody with this specific piece of info, I just intend to give all the info I know that will help a single dude to have all the options available to score the hottest chicks BA has to offer.
    Like I said, BA is humongous and it will require some research and money to enjoy it properly.
    Hope this helps!

  • Muñoz

    Argentinians are amongst the scruffiest and most pedantic people in the world (a very strange combination). While there are many pretty argentinian girls many have an ugly horse face.

  • Kim du Toit

    Just over the Andes from BA is Chile. Santiago has some of the sexiest women on the planet — AND they dress well. In the summer, go to Vina Del Mar. Take blood pressure pills.

  • I was in BA in 2006 for three weeks and found I liked the city and the people there. The steaks can be hit or miss as far as food. But the area of Palermo Soho was a great place to meet other Argentineans.
    We were shooting an indie art house film there and found in the beginning the crew were amicable but distant. However by the end of our 12 day shoot, they had welcomed us warmly and shared their family and friendships with us.
    As far as the girls our concerned, i found them to be unassuming but sexy. i call them sleepers; girls at first glance who seem plain but their plainness reveals their individualism in a more provocative way when you least expect it. When their personalities come shining through, they become gorgeous woman.
    Keep in mind that the friendliness and sexiness we experience in Europe and Asis isn’t really present here mainly because this country only recently shed off it’s military dictatorship from the mid century to the eighties. As I spoke with them, it was explained to me that many families who had lost family and friends during the dirty war were now seeing the same people responsible for these disappearances walking the streets. There is a huge amount of distrust and the need to be private that comes off as a coldness to non natives.
    I love the city, the country and would love to visit again. And yes the currency is pegged at a rate that is far higher than other CA and SA countries. But that is a political issue.
    BTW I really like your site and keep up the good articles and reviews.


    I agree. BA is not that great for food or women. I do admire the city though. You can see that they were definitely very wealthy at one point as the architecture is stunning. It is also pretty dirty on the streets. Alot of families live on the streets now and they go thru the garbage every night and it gets blown around.

    They have great wine that is dirt cheap IMO. But the food leaves the pallet desiring something else. Food isn’t too bad for price. Clothing and shelter is where the inflation has hit really bad. Took my ex girlfriend so I was fine with not seeing a ton of hot women running around. But I wouldn’t go back single.

    My next trip is Colombia this year as a single dude and can’t wait. So anyybody got any tips let me know.

  • Evan

    Finally another guide!

    Thanks for these, keep them coming 🙂

  • Moseph

    Great report, although I am dissapointed that Buenos Aires isn’t a great scene. Did you venture to any of the beach areas perchance? Have you ever ventured to Chile?

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