Guest Post: STD’s and the Single Dude – a few things you should know

Condom How ToAlright dudes, this is definitely not the sexiest topic of discussion, but unless you’re the luckiest stud on the planet that manages to exclusively date hot virgins, chances are your girl has been with at least one other guy. Well Sex-Ed 101 taught us that despite your sweet little angel having only banged one other guy her entire life, that one dude just gave her all the accumulated pathogens from the hundred whores he’s been with. So this topic is unpleasant, but the following could save some dude’s life out there. So first I will elaborate on the dilemma Single Dudes face, then offer my own personal story, and lastly present the solution I arrived at.

The simple solution seems to be just practice safe sex, right? Well it seems “safe sex” isn’t as safe as the mainstream media tells us:

Even if condoms are used consistently and properly (which occurs only between 5 and 40% of the time), they still are ineffective barriers against disease. Condoms, whether used correctly and consistently or not, do not prevent the spread of HPV.

Unless of course your definition of “safe sex” is to completely wrap your body in Saran Wrap, but then I wouldn’t expect you to get much action! haha And it’s not just HPV, but herpes and a list of other nasties can still be transmitted even with condom use. Yes, condoms offer protection against pregnancy and blood born infections such as HIV, so I am not suggesting they are worthless. Definitely wear them!! However, despite the fixation on HIV because it’s life threatening, it isn’t the only lethal bug out there. The ubiquitous HPV16 and 18 viruses cause cancer, and last I heard cancer was quite lethal too. And it’s not just ‘cervical cancer’ for women as a quick Google search of “HPV 16 cancer male” will provide more info on that subject than you’d ever want to know.

So the Single Dude should just go see a doctor if he happens to get sick, right? Not so fast! Firstly, antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses. Moreover, you must have surely read by now that many bacteria are becoming resistant to previously effective antibiotics. Now this really sucks. Here we are in 2012 with amazing technological advances at our disposal, yet our genius collective minds can’t even figure out how to clear out some microscopic cockroaches from our bloodstream? Well maybe we have discovered cures. Maybe basketball star Magic Johnson is doing something that makes him look even healthier than his non-HIV-infected contemporaries. Maybe there’s just too much money to be made from peddling treatments instead of cures and making insane amounts of money from patented pharmaceuticals instead of more effective, natural, and safer treatments.

Well I’m not an scientist or licensed doctor, and I am not making any ‘medical claims’, but I will share my personal story and my journey to discover “alternative” medicine. I always used protection. As much as it sucks, I always wore it. For the record, I’m no retard and know how to use a condom properly. So a while back I met an amazingly gorgeous and sweet Russian flight stewardess in Hong Kong, where I live. The next month, I flew her back to Hong Kong for a visit and had an amazing time. Eastern Europeans are awesome indeed! Unfortunately, I felt very ill soon thereafter and knew I contracted some sexual disease. I did a blood test and my worst fears were confirmed: positive for HPV16. The Russian girl was already back home when I decided to talk to her about it. She felt devastated but was skeptical! She said she never felt sick, so maybe I was wrong. I insisted she get checked, so she begrudgingly did. She was shocked to discover she had this serious virus and didn’t even know about it. Unawareness is very typical with many STD’s. So the doctors told us that there is no prescription drug that can kill the virus. They only suggested some drugs that might boost the immune system and that is all. It seemed I’d be back in their office with cancer a few years later.

Fortunately, I happened to have read about ozone therapy and how people claim it works for any infection and even for cancer treatment. I didn’t find intravenous ozone in Hong Kong, but instead I found a doctor here that studied in the USA and administers a hydrogen peroxide/ionic silver solution intravenously. After the first IV, I felt immediate relief from all symptoms!! Then I found a clinic in Moscow that did intravenous ozone, and I recommended it to my Russian girl. She was initially very skeptical of alternative medicine (brainwashed by Big Pharma), but I told her she better obey me and go, so she submissively went to the clinic like a good girl. After several rounds of these treatments, we both retested and were negative! Now she thinks I’m her Godsend angel that saved her life! Haha And we lived happily ever after, The End.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t have been a happy ending had I listened to Big Pharma’s self-interested medical advice. According to what I have read, and personally tried on my own body, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, MMS 1, and ionic silver can ALL be safely administered intravenously. These substances can kill any pathogen known to man; and pathogens can never build resistance to them. Ozone therapy in particular is commonly administered intravenously in Germany and other countries, and there are also many good MD’s across America that use it too. It’s not quack science and has years of safety behind it. Why the hell doesn’t the mainstream media talk about this then?!? Why even bother with ineffective chemical antibiotics that can potentially cause extreme side effects? The best antibiotics can only kill 12 types of bacteria, whereas ionic silver and ozone have been tested to be effective against over 600 pathogens!

Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that Big Pharma can’t make money off a simple gas or metal that can’t be patented? Hydrogen peroxide and ionic silver can be made for pennies per gallon too, and these substances can’t be patented because they are naturally occurring. Incidentally, silver’s anti-microbial properties are just another reason to invest in silver as Charlie has advised. Silver is used to purify water, used in burn creams, bandages to prevent infection, and even as a cover for surgical tools. Silver really is a precious metal!

So a couple of lessons here. First, the single dude should get regular thorough screenings that specifically check for STD’s. Secondly, DON’T EVER GO TO PROSTITUTES. It would be a miracle if those cesspools didn’t have some disease. Try to pick up some decent girls. As discussed above, there are zero guarantees, but a girl you meet in a café is less likely to be a slut than some chic at a nightclub. The third lesson is to find a doctor that does IV’s of ozone, ionic silver, or hydrogen peroxide in your area. I have found these doctors in Texas, Colombia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Germany, but I know they exist in almost all countries. Even if you aren’t sick, these are great anti-aging therapies and great for general health, so you should do them once in a while. Usually these doctors also offer “chelation therapy” which removes all the mercury, lead, and other toxic metals from the body. This is a great therapy for general health and increases energy. What is the point of having 4 girls if you don’t feel healthy enough to be with them all!

However, the IV’s can be expensive. Roughly $150 USD per IV in the US and a whopping $200 – 250 USD per IV in Hong Kong, but only $15 in Colombia and $30 – $50 in Russia per IV. Obviously, if you get in a serious relationship with a girl, then you’d want her to get the treatments too at the same time; otherwise you’d constantly be getting each other re-infected. If you can’t find a doctor in your area that administers alternative IV’s, consider the following supplements that can be taken orally and are relatively inexpensive: MMS1, MMS2, Immune boosting herbs, Iodoral (iodine supplement), ionic silver, and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Research these things online before taking them, but I can vouch for their safety if used as directed. If you’re serious about taking ionic silver regularly, buy your own generator at as it can become expensive to purchase pre-made bottles of it. Of course, you can also combine all these oral therapies with the IV’s for the best effects!

In conclusion, I’m not a doctor by trade, but I’m telling you what worked for me and Tanya. Do your own research, and learn to be responsible for your own health, and definitely don’t expect Big Pharma to have your best interests at heart.

Editors Note:

First and foremost, due to scumbag politicians and their far reaching regulations of everything, we of course have to disclaim that has no doctors on staff and we are not qualified to provide medical advice. And more explicitly, we are not purporting to be offering medical advice.

All of that said we’re big fans of alternative medicine, holistic healers, functional medicine, yoga, meditation, healthy local organic foods and avoiding GMO’s like plague. We also are decidedly not fans of the mainstream medical establishment, especially big Pharma and companies like Monsanto whose only goals in life are to poison you.

In our experience, alternative options are often cheaper, more effective and less risky than whatever the latest and greatest poison being offered up by Big Pharma is.

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  • Anon

    “Is there a test for HPV in men?

    Currently, there is no HPV test recommended for men. The only approved HPV tests on the market are for screening women for cervical cancer. They are not useful for screening for HPV-related cancers or genital warts in men.”

  • TheGingerNigger

    This rant is pure scaremongering. If you wear condoms your are safe. I have banged the dirtiest, filthiest hookers all over the world and never had a problem. I have always worn condoms. If you wear a condom, you are invincible (Provided you don’t go down on them). Also make sure you have no exposed sores on the root of your penis shaft.

  • Max

    Where can I find a doctor injecting ozone or silver in central Europe (around Vienna)?

  • amir

    HIV chances are negligible- Its a gay disease. Bacterial infections =antibiotics. Usually its just yeast= candida. I only worry about Hep C. If you have a strong immune system, you won’t even have warts show…, though you may have it show up on a partner…

    • hongkongsilverboy

      Ask Michael Douglass if HPV is nothing to worry about…

  • How can you determine what is a good colloidal silver generator? I’ve been looking at this:

  • wildone223

    Where did u go in Hong kong for your treatment?

    • Daniel

      Doctor Leung in hong kong. Here is his number to make an appointment: +(852) 2837 8023. He only takes referrals, say Daniel referred you.

  • Hongkongsilverboy

    “chanting shitty poems and dancing in the woods”??? Come on man, let’s just be respectful and helpful. You can disagree and not opt for any alternative treatment if you don’t care to. But let’s not call these treatments “quackery” as they are administered by fully certified MD’s! You can argue about the nuances of the science all you want, but I am a real person that has put these substances in my body and have seen many others do it at the local clinic, all with great results. I can also vouch for the negative result of HPV16 I only got AFTER using these treatments. The truth is that our own medical industry is one of the main killers in the USA, just look at all the celebrities that died of prescription drug use! Obviously, I don’t recommend you go inject yourself with hydrogen peroxide on your own. But if you happen to get ill with something some doctors say there is no cure for, I have no problem recommending you get a second opinion from a certified doctor that offers either ozone, silver, chelation, or hydrogen peroxide under their supervision. And yes, Niel Skywalker is correct that most of the time, you probably won’t get an std, especially with condom use, but this is valuable information for those worst case scenarios.

  • There’s a whole lot of fear mongering going on here. I traveled and banged girls all over the world. Slept with club girls and pro’s for free and when i went home after almost 3 years i had no STD’s what so ever.

    I did blood and urine test and came out clean.

    I used condoms about 99% of the time.

    Neil Skywalker

  • Incomplet

    When white blood cells make ozone and HO they do so in a very limited area (ie directly on the bacteria they want to kill). Mind you cells do not use this to kill viruses (that is what antibodies are for).

    Ozone is a pollutant, constituent of smog, and carcinogen when it occurs in any significant quanitity. In fact, it’s damaging characteristics are why white blood cells use it to kill things. If you pumped an effective antimicrobial dosage of either ozone or hydrogen peroxide directly into your blood stream, you would become very ill or die.

    In fact, doctors no longer recommend using hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds, either. It tends to do too much damage to your own cells and retards healing.

    Colloidal silver is also bullshit. Back before the advent of betadine, silver salts (which are deep red) were used for cleaning wounds. They worked, but are more toxic and less effective than betadine, and so they were phased out. Most “colloidal silver” products are in fact silver salts, and are not suitable for internal consumption for any reason. Real colloidal silver is more or less colorless, and does not have any proven antimicrobial (or any other beneficial) effects. Chronic use of real colloidal silver doesn’t really poison you, but it can permanently turn your skin a nice pasty blue-gray color.

    Next you’ll be telling us we can solve all our problems by chanting shitty poems and dancing in the woods.

    • Your random claims, particularly about the silver, might carry more weight if you support them with some citations.

  • I did not previously know anything about the toxicity of ozone, ionic silver or hydrogen peroxide but I can vouch for chelation therapy as a very effective means to combat a plethora of conditions for which the mainstream medical community essentially says: “You’re fucked, but you can take one of these for the pain.”

    That said your analogy is far too simplistic not to mention the fact that something is toxic doesn’t really mean much if you don’t talk about the level of toxicity. Lots of things are toxic if you take too much. Water will kill you at a certain level. Table salt can be fatal if you eat too much of it… but on the other hand it is also fatal if you don’t have enough. The real question is the level of toxicity of these substances at the recommended therapeutic dosages.

    Furthermore, 5 minutes of Google research seems to indicate that Ozone is produced naturally within living organisms as a means to combat foreign bodies. Certainly there are negative side effects mentioned to but the question again is how much ozone is necessary to achieve what result. For sure inhaling it would appear to be a bad idea but an IV treatment may or may not have the same types of negative effects for a given concentration. I wouldn’t mind a little inflammation for example if it kills a life threatening virus.

    “Ozone, along with reactive forms of oxygen such as superoxide, singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and hypochlorite ions, is naturally produced by white blood cells and other biological systems (such as the roots of marigolds) as a means of destroying foreign bodies. Ozone reacts directly with organic double bonds. Also, when ozone breaks down to dioxygen it gives rise to oxygen free radicals, which are highly reactive and capable of damaging many organic molecules. Moreover, it is believed that the powerful oxidizing properties of ozone may be a contributing factor of inflammation. The cause-and-effect relationship of how the ozone is created in the body and what it does is still under consideration and still subject to various interpretations, since other body chemical processes can trigger some of the same reactions. A team headed by Dr. Paul Wentworth Jr. of the Department of Chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute has shown evidence linking the antibody-catalyzed water-oxidation pathway of the human immune response to the production of ozone. In this system, ozone is produced by antibody-catalyzed production of trioxidane from water and neutrophil-produced singlet oxygen.[38]”

    It would also appear that some yet as to be determined concentration of hydrogen peroxide may tend to stimulate white blood cells into doing their job. Although, like virtually everything too much appears to be detrimental:

    “Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the two chief chemicals in the defense system of the bombardier beetle, reacting with hydroquinone to discourage predators.
    A study published in Nature found that hydrogen peroxide plays a role in the immune system. Scientists found that hydrogen peroxide inside of cells increased after tissues are damaged in zebra fish, which is thought to act as a signal to white blood cells to converge on the site and initiate the healing process. When the genes required to produce hydrogen peroxide were disabled, white blood cells did not accumulate at the site of damage. The experiments were conducted on fish; however, because fish are genetically similar to humans, the same process is speculated to occur in humans. The study in Nature suggested asthma sufferers have higher levels of hydrogen peroxide in their lungs than healthy people, which could explain why asthma sufferers have inappropriate levels of white blood cells in their lungs.[20][21]
    Hydrogen peroxide has important roles as a signaling molecule in the regulation of a variety of biological processes.[22] Hydrogen peroxide also plays an important role in aging[23] and cancer.[24]”

    • Richard

      Firstly water and salt are not toxic. Large quantities of either can kill you by disrupting the solute balance between your blood and tissue, there was a girl in the UK who took ecstasy and then drank a huge quantitity of water (15 cups I think) which resulted in her brain cells rupturing after absorbing too much water (like overfilling a balloon).

      Hydrogen peroxide is created all the time in cells as a by product for certain chemical reactions (I forget which), it also decays, and there are many cellular processes to remove it so it doesn’t cause much harm. It doesn’t surprise me that it is a marker for the immune system, but that doesn’t mean that injecting it into yourself is a good idea.

      Ozone is used by the immune system (along with a cocktail of other drugs), but it is very specifically targeted to defeat the intruder. Look up eosinophils, mast cells and basophils; those are immune system cells that are essentially grenades that the body throws at intruders. They only work because they are targeted at the intruder; a general injection of ozone is pointless, and also possibly harmful if the dose is high enough.

      I do agree that chelation therapy works, but only for the specific purpose which is the removal of heavy metals, following heavy exposure. The chelation chemicals also harmful themselves so there is no point taking them unless you need to.

      • I am not going to debate the semantics of “toxic” with you… the bottom line is that virtually anything will kill you if you take too much of it, table salt and water are just two of millions of examples (and salt has an established LD50). On the flip side, exposure to many extremely toxic substances can have virtually no effect if it’s under some threshold amount. I reassert that if you don’t compare whatever dosage they’re talking about administering to something like the LD50 your statements are virtually meaningless.

        Besides that mainstream drugs have all kinds of nasty side effects and many of them (should I go so far as to say virtually all?) will kill you if you take too many tablets. And this is without mentioning all the drugs that are released and then later found out “woops, sorry that causes spontaneous heart attacks” or cancer or who knows what.

        I take all of this with a grain of salt. Mainstream medicine will poison you just as easily as “alternative quacks” will if not more so.

  • Richard

    Can I just point out that the three chemicals you had injected are all toxic. At the concentration at which they administer them, they would have barely any effect on pathogens, in fact ozone is highly oxidising so will be a contribution factor TOWARDS cancer.

    To use an analogy, ozone therapy is like trying to kill an invading army by indiscriminately bombing your own land. Any perceived gains are circumstantial or due to the placebo effect.

    If people here are interested in a cancer wonder cure, keep your eyes peeled for “Immucin”. It targets the cell membrane protein MUC1 found in 90% of cancers, and has no known side effects.

    • Buckaroo Banzai

      “To use an analogy, ozone therapy is like trying to kill an invading army by indiscriminately bombing your own land.”

      Richard, please don’t be absurd. If you knew the first thing about conventional chemotherapy, you’d know that it kills EVERY SINGLE REPRODUCING CELL IN YOUR BODY. Given that cancer is a tiny fraction of the reproducing cells in your body… what do you think that’s like?

      Oh yeah: “trying to kill an invading army by indiscriminately bombing your own land.”

      Alternative therapies don’t have billion-dollar pharma companies promoting them, and cancer hospitals making $100s of thousands of dollars using them, like conventional chemo does. No, alternative therapies can only support themselves by ACTUALLY WORKING.

  • Freshked

    This article had some useful information in it. It is amazing how incredibly misinformed we are about things like STI’s. I recently read this article that kind of talks about some of the same stuff and gives a little more practical information for those out there searching

  • Hongkongsilverboy

    Don’t know why the topic drifted to whether or not condoms are 100% effective. Regardless if you think they are 100% effective and would be willing to have anal sex with an HIV positive dude because you believe they are 100% risk free…the point is that people get infections one way or another and current medicine has nothing to offer them. Period. Isn’t a second opinion worth trying? Doctors that offer chelation and ozone therapy are fully certified MD’s. These aren’t chiropractors or acupuncturists. Ozone kills viruses, antibiotics don’t. That simple. As for chelation, I have personally seen a man half paralyzed from stroke make a full recovery after using chelation therapy! One Chinese province is about to open an entire hospital that only uses these treatments because this hong kong doctor is curing so many people of “untreatable” diseases.

    • The whole American medical system is so unbelievably screwed up it makes me throw up in my mouth. I’d write a rant, but it’s such a monumental undertaking to list all of the failings of this joke of a system America has I’m daunted by the task.

  • WL

    My understanding is that the U.S. Navy developed Chelation therapy to remove heavy metal (lead poisoning) in sailors – and the treatment spread to other ailments. My dad used it intravenously at the doctor’s office to clean out his heart and veins. I use oral chelation therapy with IV6 about once a year to loosen up the joints and tendons and clean out my system – works for me and its cheaper than a bypass surgery.

  • Darren

    What a bunch of hilarious nonsense. Condoms are effective, not as Mr Datapoint contrarily claims.

    Go ahead, try out chelation therapy and find out that not only does it work very well at ruining your kidneys you’ve also thrown away your money. No evidence exists in peer reviewed journals that chelation therapy does anything other than drain your wallet. At least “big pharma” is in cohoots with those evil scientists to grow kidneys in a lab environment so you can get unexpensive replacements for your poor, gullible ass.

  • Hongkongsilverboy is a good MD in north Carolina. He has a huge center that treats people from all over the world. He’s quite vocal and his website has tons of info. He was harassed by the NC medical association.

    Here’s a list of ozone doctors in Texas:

  • Hongkongsilverboy

    Nick, unless one has microballs, condoms won’t cover them. Don’t know about you, but I pound my chics all the way down. Hpv and herpes are not blood born. Anyway, that was my experience…I got infected and didn’t put the condom on my finger! Haha besides, shit happens…condoms break, condoms slip, or maybe you’re too drunk and horny to put it on. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear some dudes have had issues, so I’m not alone. This info is for that dude that ended up with some infection, regardless of the reason, not judging here. And notice that these are MD’s I went to, not some random dude with a white coat selling snake oil. Peter, my last post had a link to which is as started by some MD’s. If you need help finding one, then tell me which state or country and I’ll see what I can find!

  • Thank you for this.

  • Peter

    Very interesting. I have been taking some natural herbs to boost immune function and I never heard about these treatments! Do you guys have some links on those treatments? Using Google to find quality content is not what it used to be and I find your recomendations very reliable!

  • Nick

    Wait…wha? Condoms don’t protect against HPV? And they’re only used correctly 5% to 40% of the time? You mean 95% to 60% put them onto their fingers?

    Condoms are the #1 most effective protection aganst ALL STDs, period.

    • MMSwirks

      You’re wrong. In the USA, at a government ran public health clinic I visited for Hep B/C vaccinations before traveling abroad (biggest mistake of my life-vaccines cause immuno-suppression), there was free government sponsored literature to take stating emphatically that condoms are NOT effective against the spread of HPV!!! And HPV infections will not show up as warts for at least 6 months or longer after infection, but many HPV infections never show symptoms like raised warts of any kind and there is no test to determine whether or not you have one of these 100s of viruses short of using an electron microscope. Any of you got one of these lying around handy to determine if you’ve got HPV and are spreading it to your partners? Didn’t think so….Furthermore, each additional virus, bacterium, yeast, parasite, etc. you contract from your sexual adventures is going to take a piece of your immune system’s ability to ward off disease away. And by the way, few doctors know how to test for parasites other than to eyeball your feces. Interestingly, over 80% of parasites are microscopic and reproduce by the 1000s or even millions by laying 1000s of eggs throughout your body EVERY DAY! All of these invaders together is what eventually can lead to AIDS in people rather than a single lonely virus. Check out this research and see what you think. Are condoms enough?

  • Hongkongsilverboy

    A good, serious question that deserves a thorough answer. If you spray some ionic silver, or even hydrogen peroxide, on any exterior ‘blemishes’ it would definitely help heal. However, they call Herpes the “gift that keeps on giving” because any visible ‘blemishes’ might temporarily go away, only to return again and again. The reason is that the bug has hunkered down deep into tissues and remains there. Then it comes out to visit again when your immune system is compromised due to stress or other illness. So the focus shouldn’t be only on the exterior only, but rather on completely ridding your body of the virus.

    IV’s are definitely the best way because they go straight into the bloodstream. But finding silver IV’s in the USA isn’t easy. Instead, search online to find an MD that does ‘ozone therapy’ or ‘oxidative therapies’ in your area because they will be easiest to find. I have read online about American doctors using silver IV’s, but personally I have only found them in Hong Kong and Australia. The problem is that these upright doctors that maintain the Hippocratic Oath are usually harassed by mainstream medical associations if they are too vocal, so they usually prefer only word of mouth clients. If you are having difficulty finding a doctor locally, asking a local Chiropractor for a reference might be helpful too. That’s how I found my doctor in HK because his website was in Chinese haha Almost all major cities have at least one MD that offers one of these alternative IV’s, so be diligent in your search. Doctors that offer “chelation therapy” might also help direct you because they have the same mindset as the doctors that use ozone.

    But what sucks about IV’s is the price. Ironically, the process is really quite simple and cheap. Just get a saline solution bag, add your preferred bug killer (ionic silver, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and MMS1 are all dirt cheap) and let it drip into the vein. That’s it. That’s why it only costs like $11 in Colombia last time I went. Unfortunately, in the USA, MD’s that offer these treatments aren’t getting reimbursed with government Medicare and neither will insurance companies cover it. So these doctors need to make a living too and will charge at least $100 per IV. Depending on the severity of the infection, it could take several IV’s to fully rid yourself of the infection.

    Now, that’s NOT to say oral administration won’t work! The problem is that you have to be very disciplined and it takes longer. If you really want to treat yourself with ionic silver orally, you need to be drinking several glasses of it throughout the day. It could take one month or longer to fully rid yourself of the virus, but it is definitely curable. Healthfood stores will sell you a small bottle for $12-$20 USD. Well you need to drink a couple of those daily for optimal results. You’re better off buying a high quality silver generator for $229 at (I’m not affiliated) and make unlimited amounts by just using distilled water. These machines are small and portable too. Ignore any BS propaganda about your skin turning blue with ionic silver. I have been drinking daily a large pitcher of it for years. Also add a drop or two of some DMSO and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and you’ve got yourself a cutting edge solution made super cheap! Those are the 3 ingredients my doctor uses in an IV, but it’s also great orally. The DMSO really makes a difference if you’re only taking it orally because the DMSO safely permeates through human tissue similar to a ghost passing through physical walls, and it carries the silver with it! The addition of DMSO to the ionic silver gives you results closer to that of the IV. You can also add DMSO to your MMS1. I bought both here: Again, I’m not affiliated, just spreading the word 😉 All these things are fairly inexpensive, you can travel with them, and it’s great for more than just sexual infections. Frankly, I think all Single Dudes should buy an ionic silver generator. It’s great for general health and wards off any type of illness. With swine flu and flesh eating bacteria in the news, it’s good to know how to treat infections!! Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if a pandemic like the movie Contagion is started by our own government as a false flag, but that’s another topic…

    And for the dude out there with cash to burn or a serious illness, invest in a small, portable rife machine from this company: they cost around $1500 USD, but they are excellent quality machines.

    After using these therapies, definitely get retested to be sure you’re clean and verify the effectiveness of the therapies!

    here’s a great website started by some MD’s with loads of info:

    • ManWithGoldenGun

      HK, thanks for the in depth response. Fortunately I am not dealing with the gift that keeps on giving, but molloscum is the sort of virus which I believe the medical community has put on the back burner for developing a cure, as it is not really dangerous, just infectious and unappealing.

      I recently picked up some colloidal silver which I began applying topically today. I am going to give it a few weeks before I opt for the ozone therapy as Colloidal Silver does have quite a reputation for destroying viruses and bacteria. For anybody in the Manhattan area, there is a location that offers these kinds of therapies in Flushing, Queens.

      Will be sure to update as I find results! Thanks again for the input

  • ManWithGoldenGun

    I’ve been trying to find some alternatives to prescriptions from doctors which don’t do shit for viral infections. Colloidal Silver seems to be the ticket, are the IV trips preferred or is it suitable for topical applications?

    • Hopefully Hong Kong Silver Boy will drop in and answer that.

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