The fantasy world feminists and the politically correct live in

No Fat ChicksI moved abroad many years ago in no small part to avoid the rampant bullshit that one is assaulted with by feminists, politicians and the politically correct on a daily basis when living in the US as well as many other western countries. For the most part I do my best to avoid or ignore the mainstream media, pop culture and entertainment, etc. but every once and a while I have to take a peek just out of morbid curiosity. It was during one of these aimless internet surfing sessions that I came across this abomination of a blog post. This post is an absolute three ring circus full of retardation and idiocy. Don’t get me wrong, feminists and the politically correct are pretty retarded in general, but even having that expectation firmly in mind this one really takes the cake. Apparently the author thinks that weight and appearance simply do not matter and by simply declaring this false belief it will magically be so. Good luck with that.

Besides making the insane assertion that appearance and weight have nothing to do with beauty the author spent a lot of time whining and complaining about the image below:

Thin to Fat

Holy shit, is the national average really a size 16 now!?!?

Here’s another similar picture, for the record I highly doubt the chunky chick on the left is anybody’s “ideal” woman, also she looks a lot more like a size 12 than the girl in the picture above who actually looks pretty hot and not fat at all!

Fat and Thin

I'd say the girl in the middle looks pretty "ideal".

I find the rest of the article to absurd to even respond to but if you care here is a nice commentary (updated because In Mala Fide is now defunct). What I really want to talk about is how incredibly fat the western world is becoming and about the growing movement of fat acceptance and the growing prevalence of fat apologists. Hell, there’s even NAAFA (The National Association to Advance Fat Accetpance). Just when I thought I’d seen it all it seems an entire movement has sprung up trying to convince the world that obesity is normal and that not only should we accept it but that we should celebrate it (after all, wouldn’t declaring fat as beautiful be celebrating it?). Let’s get something straight here, in the real world the following are indusputable facts:

1.) Obesity is absolutely unattractive except to some small percentage of the population with weird fetishes.
2.) Obesity is health a risk.
3.) Obesity is a rapidly growing problem.
4.) Only a very very tiny percentage of fat people are that way due to some legitimate medical condition that causes uncontrollable weight gain.
5.) Obese people waste resources, not just food but energy because they are more expensive to transport and more expensive in terms of health care expense.

This is not something we should accept, rationalize or make excuses for – it’s a problem that should be addressed. In fact, since more and more countries are moving toward socialized medicine and fat people require more health care, it’s increasingly becoming a public policy that affects every tax payer. Why in the world should we make excuses for and rationalize this unhealthy, disgusting, unattractive, wasteful condition? Additionally, why isn’t anyone pointing out that this obesity problem is a relatively new problem? And if we really want to get down to brass tacks here, isn’t anyone asking themselves why the fuck fully half of the population is even bigger than the two plumpers on the right of those photos who supposedly represent the “average” woman? Seriously is it that bad now?

Check out what things used to look like just 25 years ago in the US:

United States Obesity Rates 1985-2010

United States Obesity Rates 1985-2010

And today:

2010 State Obesity Rates
State % State % State % State %
Alabama 32.2 Illinois 28.2 Montana 23.0 Rhode Island 25.5
Alaska 24.5 Indiana 29.6 Nebraska 26.9 South Carolina 31.5
Arizona 24.3 Iowa 28.4 Nevada 22.4 South Dakota 27.3
Arkansas 30.1 Kansas 29.4 New Hampshire 25.0 Tennessee 30.8
California 24.0 Kentucky 31.3 New Jersey 23.8 Texas 31.0
Colorado 21.0 Louisiana 31.0 New Mexico 25.1 Utah 22.5
Connecticut 22.5 Maine 26.8 New York 23.9 Vermont 23.2
Delaware 28.0 Maryland 27.1 North Carolina 27.8 Virginia 26.0
District of Columbia 22.2 Massachusetts 23.0 North Dakota 27.2 Washington 25.5
Florida 26.6 Michigan 30.9 Ohio 29.2 West Virginia 32.5
Georgia 29.6 Minnesota 24.8 Oklahoma 30.4 Wisconsin 26.3
Hawaii 22.7 Mississippi 34.0 Oregon 26.8 Wyoming 25.1
Idaho 26.5 Missouri 30.5 Pennsylvania 28.6  

Is it just me or is anyone stopping to take notice that a huge chunk of states have what looks like 1 in 3 people that are obese (or more)? Not just fat but obese!? How fucked up is the world that in just 25 years the United States can go from being a relatively fit nation to having a national average obesity rate of 27% (that’s over 1 in four!) and a large portion of the commentary is simply telling us that we should just accept fatness as a frequent and regular occurrence and even that we should redefine our concepts of beauty to include not just the fat but the obese? That’s what this is isn’t it? Why is it never part of the discussion that there are still huge chunks of the world where it’s still a relative rarity to see fat person such as Eastern Europe and Asia (with the exception of the Philippines and to a lesser degree Thailand, where the girls but not so much the men seem to have a real propensity for packing on the pounds)?

As fat as I know the west has become I still can’t help but wonder if this “the average woman is a size 16” statistic is just an egregious inflation to make those that are even fatter feel better about themselves (“Well, I’m just a little over average…”). Maybe it’s something like that pesky “one in four” rape statistic that never seems to go away even though one can easily determine that the real figure is well north of one in one thousand? Sadly we have come to a point where it’s more likely than not that anything you find in the mainstream media, as well as an increasing proportion of the “alternative” media, is just flat out wrong, complete and total bullshit. Buyer beware – keep thinking for yourself and don’t believe any of the bullshit people are trying to sell you these days!

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