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Online DatingI just came across a post that I believe demonstrates irrefutably why internet dating in the west is a big no no. Check out this review of match.com on edatingreview.com I’ve reposted below:

Reviewed By Analyst, Washington DC

Over the past few weeks, I’ve conducted a study to measure the effectiveness of match.com. I created 6 control groups that are designed to be representative of all match.com users. Over the course of one week, I measured the response rates of all 6 groups, in order to determine which group will receive the best user experience. The results may shock you, but they are designed to prove that online dating is most certainly not the most effective medium for men to meet women.

The 6 control groups/profiles are as follows:

there were 6 total profiles created, all in the same area in Washington DC. Each was posted during exactly the same week (7-day period) of July, 2007. Each profile has almost the same text description (obviously some text was altered for the different genders; however, the overall information is identical). The only difference between the profiles are attractiveness (for men and women), and height (for men only). There was no contact made by any of the profiles – this experiment was designed to measure the natural response that each profile will receive. The statistics in each profile are as follows:

1. Attractiveness/Weight – varies
2. Height – 5’5″ for all women, varies for men
3. Income – All are 75k – 100k
4. Location – Washington DC
5. Everything else is constant

The attractiveness of each profile is described below:

1. F-1 – This female is extremely attractive, as rated by 10 males. Her average rating on a scale of 1-10 was a 9.37. Most would describe her as a clone of Angela Jolie.

2. F-2 – This female is average, as rated by 10 males. Her average rating on a scale of 1-10 was a 6.78. She is about 10 lbs overweight, but in no way unattractive.

3. F-3 – This female is a somewhat unattractive, as rated by 10 males. Her average rating on a scale of 1-10 was a 4.52. She is about 40 lbs overweight, but not hideous.

4. M-1 – This male is extremely attractive. He is 6’0″ and looks like Mc. Dreamy, as rated by 10 females. His average rating on a scale of 1-10 was a 8.44.

5. M-2 – This male is average, as rated by 10 females. His average rating on a scale of 1-10 was a 6.13. He is still an average weight, but is only 5’9″ tall.

6. M-3 – This male is also average as rated by 10 females. His average rating on a scale of 1-10 was a 5.65. He is only 5’7″ but still average weight. The only thing separating this male from M-2 is the height, in which he is 2 inches shorter.

Here are the results over the period of 1 week:

F-1 Winks: 2651 Emails: 752
F-2 Winks: 2101 Emails: 721
F-3 Winks: 985 Emails: 203

M-1 Winks: 245 Emails: 68
M-2 Winks: 11 Emails: 2
M-3 Winks: 2 Emails: 0

So the conclusions are:

1. The attractive female (F-1) received 10x more response than the attractive male (M-1).

2. The average female (F-1) still received almost as much response as the attractive female (F-2).

3. The average males (M-2, M-3) received little to no response whatsoever.

4. For the males, if your height is below 5’9″, you can expect almost no response.

With that, happy match.com-ing!

Thanks Analyst. Guys, don’t waste your money on Internet dating in the US, please.

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  • The Chief

    Stumbled across your website a few weeks ago after finding one of your links on a Zerohedge post, and I must say, you guys have some of the best content I have come across in a long time. Keep up the good work – I’m sure I will continue to be an active reader, and hopefully provide some useful and pertinent commentary.

    My experience on match.com living in NYC has been drastically different than what you have described for DC. That is to say, there are plenty of good looking and even very hot girls on the site, and very little false advertising (its fairly easy to spot the fat and/or ugly ones, and nearly all of them post enough pictures to give you a good idea of what they look like). I should mention that while I am not the most attractive guy out there, I am 6’3”, I like and actively chase tall girls, and I have reasonably good (but not amazing) game. This just adds to the already significant advantage I have just by being a single guy in NYC – according to the tall girls I meet, they all say that there aren’t enough tall guys in NYC, and there are too many guys here who just don’t have the social ability to approach and talk to girls.

    Yes, I know (and agree with you) that American girls suck. That is not why I am writing this. This is a site about single dude travel, and match.com is one of the easiest ways to meet some of the best NYC has to offer. And you don’t need to take them out to dinner – I actually make it a rule not to, and have bagged plenty of hot girls after meeting up for drinks once or twice. Yes, I said it – there are plenty of these girls who will go home with you the first night – hot ones, too. These girls are NYC professionals, so most of them aren’t cheap either – nearly all of them will buy a round of drinks or at the very least, offer to split the tab. This is an easy way to tell the gold diggers apart from girls who actually LIKE being around you – we all know money talks. On average, the girls I meet on match.com are both hotter and more intelligent than the ones I meet at bars, through friends, or via other random occurrences.

    The best part is, assuming you aren’t a two pump chump or completely selfish in bed, the girls will want to keep coming back for more another time. If you are as honest with these girls as I am, and tell them what you are (or aren’t) looking for, they will more often than not be game to stick around as a FWB… and those are always good to have, especially if they are hot and good in bed. A large majority of them came here looking for the (rich) guy of their dreams, but will be happy to bang you until they find someone they can screw out of all his money. You never know… while most American and NYC girls suck, if you go panning for gold long enough, you might eventually find it. Most of us are, after all, American ourselves. Many of these girls, both former and continuing FWBs, are actually good people – I even stay in touch and hang out with some that I don’t bang anymore, because I genuinely enjoy their company.

    I’ve went on long enough – bottom line is, if you’re in NYC, give it a try. Need more persuasion? I’m sitting here writing this, at about midnight on a Friday night, exhausted and not up to going out, but still trying to figure out which girl I want to come over and entertain me. And at the top of my list of options are girls I’ve met from online dating.

  • El Matador

    DEFINITELY do the online dating before you go to a new country to line up lots of coffee dates. The anticipation of your arrival, the built-in assumption that you are better than local guys and the time limit imposed on your visit heightens women’s interest in a huge way.

  • Jamie

    yea, what surprising findings! Who woulda thunk it?

  • haha this is funny, but by no means surprising. The US is overrun with desperate horny men, all of this feeding the egos of those F-1s and weakening the hand of men everywhere. Be cool, be yourself, talk to people and do shit you like. Or move like me.

  • MattM

    I am 6’1″. Does that mean I get all the girls?

  • James

    My experience with online dating.
    The women only take photos from the side angle. The pictures are date stamped from 2006-2008 or only face shots are included.
    Meeting them in person. All of them were/are OBESE. 🙁
    Whales, gigantic massive whales…..hyoooooge….
    Watch out for screen names using the terms “diva, princess, allthat, daddysgirl, hotchick,etc”) Those are RED FLAGS.

  • Redi Knight

    I’m in DC and did the internet thing along with offline for several years. I can vouch for the results. The women are all spoiled by the attention they get. You have to be perfect and even that’s not enough. DC is full of nerds with negative amounts of charisma yet good incomes so as you can imagine this leads to a lot of very overconfident women. All my successful relationships were women I met in real life. The one online relationship that was any good was with a foreign-girl. I went to her country.

    Online girls by and large are online for a reason. Either ugly and boring or beautiful and complete a-holes. Also they have endless options and will juggle dates all week (even the ones that you KNOW couldn’t pick-up until after last call, if you get my drift). In person guys have the advantage if you have the social skills to approach. The online thing is for shy losers too scared to walk up and talk to a woman (I know. I was one).

    Save yourself the time and spend the subscription fees for drink and concert money.

  • M

    Now, in all fairness, that review was from 2008!

    … not that I think much has improved!

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