El Matador Returns! New York and Golddiggers

statue-of-liberty-bikiniAs everyone knows, NYC is rife with gold diggers. According the principles that El Matador believes in, the only reason hot young women compete hard to get in to college is so that that they will have the best mating opportunities. That is, by gaining access to the cream of whatever crop they hope to be nesting with, they get the first pick, before men understand the stakes. Essentially they are leveraging their lifetime peak of attractiveness (their 20’s) against men’s unrealized lifetime value while in college. Our value increases over time, as we get older, theirs plummets. This chart from Defalt User’s blog illustrates the point nicely.

Sexual Market Value

I love cougars, but you gotta catch them before it's too late.

Boys, don’t let them talk you in to marrying when you’re young. You have no idea what you are capable of in the dating arena until you are past 35. They want to buy a doctor at pizza deliveryman prices.

New York City is a an absolute heaven for men with regards to dating. The oft-cited statistic that in NYC there are 10 single women for every single man doesn’t take in to account the number of gay men in NYC or even guys who have zero prospects. So, you might as well consider it more like 15 women to every man, In NYC, women come from every corner of the US if not the world to seek their fortune (their successful man).

At some point, they’ve looked in the mirror and decided that the boys in Mayberry just don’t deserve their incredible good looks and special snowflakiness. I have met so many girls in NYC from East Bumfuck who when asked what they are doing in NYC, don’t have any rational explanation. “Uh, I just wanted to be here.”

Sheeez, it must be nice.

I’ll tell you what they’re doing there. Looking for guys.

Because landing the Big Kahuna (High earning ambitious guy) is their target and they have little time to waste being in relationships with guys who are gaming them or aren’t going to be alpha providers, the self-proclaimed 8-9-10’s employ a triage system that allows them to figure out who you are and what you’re worth. This includes, Googling, Linked-in, Lexus Nexus and other background check applications. It is vulgarly common to be asked “so, what do you do?” in the first 5 minutes of a conversation at a lounge or bar in Manhattan. I always answered with a preposterous lie in retaliation and spent the rest of the time defending my assertion.

“I’m a diamond dealer for high net-worth clients.”

“I’m a for-profit organ dealer, harvesting organs from accidents and suicides.”

“I’m a photographer. Hey, say cheese.”

“I’m a body double.”

You get the idea.

Lately, the old gold digging line of asking “what do you do?” has been replaced by a phrase so cynical it would startle Machevelli. Now it’s, “How do you fly?”. You may be thinking, oh they want to know what carrier or class of service. No, in this golden age of the 1%, where winners have taken all and then some, that phrase is actually asking,

“Do you fly commercial or in private corporate jets?”.

There you have it, Private Corporate is the new First Class.

Of course, most girls in NYC aren’t like this, just the truly reptilian. I still highly recommend you single dudes travel to NYC and remember the house odds are HIGHLY in your favor. Play to win, be audacious, play like you couldn’t possibly fail. NYC is where the best women go to meet the best men, who turn out to be assholes, leaving it to the actual real men to go in and pick up all those disappointed pieces.

Adios, amoebas….


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