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Anna, you showed us all the way.I don’t know what’s more appalling about the video below, the blatant gold digging or the fact that ABC News is doing what seems like a positive, or at least neutral “news” piece on this atrocious bitch (and by news I mean non-news). Maybe I’m misreading it, but this bitch journalist seems almost like she looks upon this skank with something like admiration of her ingenuity. It’s rare to see so many things that are wrong with western society so obviously portrayed in one short video clip. From the obnoxious gold digging bitch, the hypocrisy that permeates western society, to the retarded non-news promoting mainstream media this clip really has it all.

Gold digger: I never went into match.com for money

Interviewer: She chose men with good jobs and never expected to split the bill

Gold digger: Had someone said it to me [let’s split the bill] I probably would have said ok you know no problem, in my head I would have probably said oh you know that’s not very traditional and you know I think that a man should really pay for the first date.

Gold digger: New York is really expensive. A lot of these experiences I wouldn’t have been able to have if I hadn’t you know been on match.com

Interviewer: There were so many dates that Jessica says she used a spreadsheet system to keep track.

Gold digger: I really used these spreadsheets with my friends as a way to keep people straight

Interviewer: About one guy she notes, “I am pretty sure I’m not going to be attracted. Am going out with him anyways!”

Well folks, there you have it: your typical, standard, young, single American woman. At least the whores on whatsyourprice.com are up front about their whorehood… too bad this gold digger, Jessica Sporty, doesn’t have the same integrity. Then again since it doesn’t sound like she’s putting out (perhaps even specifically planning not to put out) maybe she is more accurately described simply as a con artist? Although I find this video to be particularly appalling, in another way I found it too good to be true in terms of it’s ability to clearly illustrate almost all of the problems that exist with western women and western society. Honestly I don’t feel I had to write anything at all here, this video does all the work for me. Enjoy those American girls guys.

Unfortunately the jerkoffs at ABC News don’t know how to write an embed code that works with all blogs so click here to see the video (if you have any idea how to fix this please let us know): http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/woman-dates-free-dinner-match-15112192

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