Manila, Part 2, The Pros??

Hobbit HouseA while back I wrote a long article about the cons of Manila, in the Philippines, and called it Manila Part One, so I suppose I’m obligated to come up with a Part Two in case you find yourself in Manila and have to make the best of it. I don’t like Manila, so this may be a short article.

I don’t think that Manila is an ideal location for many of the things that I like, really. The food is terrible, it’s very hard to find drugs, the chicks are cute but super boring, it’s not as cheap as it should be, and it’s too hot. The only thing that I’m into that Manila is excellent for is the music. Filipinos are oustanding musicians and every bar will have a good rock cover band in it, often with a hot chick singer who is actually very good. So that’s a pro. The people are generally very nice, and certain things are super cheap.

It’s hard to complain about getting an hour-long massage from a cute Filipino girl for 7 bucks. If you call they’ll even send one over to your hotel or apartment. But, this bargain exists all over Southeast Asia, so it’s nothing special about Manila.

Some places to go: The rich suburb is called Makati, and it’s where all rich Filipinos living on the backs of everyone else have their high-rise apartments. The center of all of it is the Greenbelt Mall, which has all the requisite Gucci and Hermes stores selling shit that is absolutely worthless for thousands of dollars to the privileged few so they can show each other how rich they are. I think that shit is disgusting, especially in such a poor country. But there are a number of bars there. First of all, Cafe Havana is the Beach Club of Manila, and is filled with hookers. Unsuspectingly, Boris and I went there our first night in the Manila and were amazed at all the hot chicks there smiling at us.

Me: “Wow, Boris, these girls look so friendly!”

Boris: “I know, all the stories about the Philippines are true! What a great place to be a single dude!”

Then we proceeded to talk to some cute girls who seemed to really like us right away. We danced, had some drinks, went to another bar, cuddled at our table and had a real nice time with these really sweet Filipina girls.

Boris (two hours in): “Charlie, is there any chance that these girls are professionals?”

Me: “No way, I’m 100% sure they’re not. They’re just really sweet local girls. Why are you always so cynical?”

They were hookers. 100%. There went hours wasted down the hooker trap. That’s Cafe Havana in particular, and the Philippines generally.

Another crazy thing is that the mall has security, it’s the most chi-chi area in town, and yet, just at the perimeter of the Havana outside seating area, there lurks in every dark shadowy place ladyboys, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting tourist or Uncle Boner that is just a little too drunk to tell the difference. What kind of ritzy club district lets the ladyboys prowl unchecked? How can that be good for business?

Anyway, down a couple of doors from Havana is an upstairs Japanese place that is my favorite place in Greenbelt, with a young, non-hooker, non-ladyboy crowd. It gets quite busy and crowded there but the floor plan is right and there’s some cute girls there and usually a good live band.

Also check out Museum Bar which is the expat scene (mainly on Thursdays, I think) where paying $3 for a drink instead of $1 will give you the opportunity to rub elbows with the creme de la creme of Manila society. It’s a bunch of weird people for sure. Manila is sort of a Clockwork Orange town in our opinion. I know that doesn’t make sense, until you go to Manila. Then you’ll get it.

We went to some clubs as well, out at the Resort World complex by the airport. This is where we met (and were picked up by) some of the strangest girlfriends Boris and I have ever had. They were older (like 30) and seemed to have shitloads of money to waste on fancy cars, $10,000 gambling nights, Gucci purses, and $2000 hair extensions. We never could figure out from where they got their unlimited supply of money as they didn’t seem to work, and Boris and I could never even figure out his girlfriend’s real name! Nevertheless, they were hot and nice to us and would often buy us dinner or drinks. They started getting a little scary though when they started just showing up uninvited to our place, wanting to see us every day, turning up at the bar when we were out without them, etc. They would text us separately or from unfamiliar numbers as part of a coordinated plan to figure out where to find us. On top of that, not knowing exactly who these chicks were made the situation a little scary, and since they were getting waaaaay to attached and we had heard stories of well-connected jilted local girls making escape difficult for their foreign boyfriends, we secretly went to the airport one night and fled to Vietnam. Boris swears he saw my girlfriend’s SUV parked outside our place as we went out the back door and jumped in the cab. As the back wheels of the plane lifted off from Manila, we sent a text apologizing and saying we had to leave for a business emergency and we’d see them next time we were in town.

I don’t plan on ever going back to Manila, by the way.

Ok, sorry dudes, this was not a very informative article on Manila. Just don’t bother is the best advice I have. A couple other suggestions – there’s the Hobbit House downtown if you want to eat a steak cooked and served by a midget. There’s also midget boxing, which I will post the video of at some point. It’s worth mentioning the night that we were at the hotel bar where Paris Hilton was staying (she was opening a boutique in town with some stupid overpriced rich girl bullshit), but she never showed up to the bar, which was a pity, because that would have been my only legit shot to bag her ever. I’m blanking on other worthwhile things to do there. Oh yeah, we did KTV with the girlfriends before they got too crazy, which was super fun. Those Filipinos can really sing! Boris, not so much.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie. I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I've developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There's no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you're not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • pavellaozi

    “Gucci and Hermes stores selling shit that is absolutely worthless for thousands of dollars to the privileged few so they can show each other how rich they are” Very well said!

  • LJ

    It’s awkward that the Filipinos are so proud of their prides like charice, arnel pineda and many more, because they will be never be proud of those talented people unless their colonizers will gonna notice them. For example charice, before is very much ignored because she’s ugly ( in a Filipino point of view) but when she was noticed by ophra and Ellen, the Filipino began to be proud of her. Hay, ewan ko ba, kailangan talagang maibalik ang kaugaliang pilipino, na malaya sa dayuhang hegemonya. Isulong ang rebolusyong sosyalista!

  • LJ

    If only the Filipino people themselves have the power over their bountiful resources, they can make the philippines a first world country in a very short period of time. The problem is the US-elite imperialism over the country, where foreigners and few elites are the only benefactors of the Philippine wealth while the rest of the population is oppressed. Filipino people, join the socialist revolution, the people’s war! It will free us from the the oppression we’ve been enduring since then. It will free us from the Caucasians’ and elites’s hegemony! Only the revolution will free us from the oppressive eyes of the caucasians!

    • LOL. Socialism, that always works out great. Idiot.

    • Mr. Chicken Feet

      Thailand was never a colony and has never even been invaded. Yet they’ve stormed past the Philippines like Usain Bolt. So there are no excuses.

    • plusEVG!

      Do you really think foreigners benefit more than the Filipino government who rules (corruptly) over itself and in it’s own self interests? The US really has very little to do with the day to day governance of the Philippines. The pork barrel scandal is just one example of how crazy things are in the Philippines and they are doing it to themselves!

  • Bob

    Brain less people who just do not know thay are fools,stay away from the place,more fun in the Philipines rubbish

  • captainpankyn

    Philippines is fun, was there for over an year and literally had my time. Being an expat was paid an upper corpo american package into the philippines, and everythings over there seemed like to be peanut. may be for the tourists, its pretty hard to discover where to go what to do in a very limited time frame. yes, the girls can be very sticky and you have to be pretty rude to break it up from them. Food is shitty, if you have a taste for spicy and rich food. Most of the people have a very low iq compared to the rest of the world. but again, they are helpful generous and entertaining to your whims and fancies. If you are into drugs, its definitely not a place for you because of its strict narcotics laws.
    Cabana etc has the flock of whores post mid-night.if you want to bump into a classy chicks try glorietta bars ( ayala ave ) or there’s one club in resort world named repuliq. but all in all a good experience, i take a trip to manila and boracay atleast once a year with friends to refresh myself.

  • David

    I had a different take on the Philippines, but I did the single guy thing before. Manila is a shithole, and if that is all you’ve ever seen of that country, I can understand why you’d be turned off. You got go to Cebu or Boracay to find the good ones. Not even the Flips like Manila.

  • Angry Conrad

    I am Filipino-American. I’ve been to Philippines 6 times. Philippines is literally a shithole. The Filipinos who got out, already moved to America. The poverty is disgusting to me. Nobody should live like that. The rich elite don’t care about the country. Philippines is a joke.

    • LJ

      It will be a shithole forever unless the socialist Filipinos will gonna kick your ass out of this land. Never return in this land ever coz the emerging destruction of this country is made by the people like you who are under the american and elitist hegemony.

  • Stories From The Air

    Gabe Asher,

    I agree the Philippines is “loser central.” If you have been to the Airport, you will know. The security keeps checking and checking you because they know they need checking and checking you because they are really sleeping.

    I also agree that it is a place for old perverts. Just look at their “u noe who”. 50 + courting 20 +. And just look at his face.

  • Gabe Asher

    My roomate here in Colombia calls the Philippines “loser central”. I’ve never been there. He says it’s full of pie faced girls that look like they just fell out of the bush, and older, socially awkward, probably child molestor fugitives, dudes who couldn’t get laid in a whore house with a bushel full of $50 bills. It’s where old pervs go to die.
    On the other hand, we call Colombia “the last stop on the bus” because you can travel anywhere, but if you’ve been to Colombia, you’ll be back.

  • Brian Mark

    I agree 100%, he’s a great singer. I saw them in concert 2 years ago and they were great! He has helped the Philippines get noticed and increased Journey’s popularity greatly in Asia. Charice too who is on TV on Glee is another great singer. And of course Manny Pacquio is a world class boxing multi-division champion, pound for pound one of the best ever!

  • John

    You are 100% right the Fipinos can sing and they have good cover bands. Just look at Arnel Paneta is now the lead singer in Journey. Another sad problem is that the malls have 5 times the numbers of resturants that a Western mall does. So what you will get is lots of fat Filipino, many more than you’ll find in a Western country. So as expected diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases are really on the rise!

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