Welcome to the New America

Welcome to the New America.

Human history has shown us over and over that those in power will do whatever is necessary to maintain control of their subjects. We have seen regularly all over the world of political leaders (or totalitarian rulers) attempting to control dissent by police brutality of protesters, imprisonment of political dissenters, censorship of anti-government ideas, and propaganda campaigns. From Tiananmen Square in China in 1989 to Pinochet massacring people in soccer stadiums in Chile in 1973 to more recent governments’ brutal crackdowns in Syria, Egypt and other “Arab Spring” countries these suppression of populist uprisings have a long history in our world.

Like a scene out of some Middle Eastern dictatorship, the recent police response to protests in Oakland on October 25 show that America will respond no differently to the threat of dissent than any other undemocratic totalitarian regime. America is no different, and the powers that be there will do whatever it takes to maintain their iron grip on the political and economic reins.

Lets check out some YouTube videos. First watch the cops throw a flashbang grenade right into a crowd of protesters trying to help Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen who was hit by “nonlethal force” while just standing there at the protest.

Welcome to the new America, folks. It’s only going to get worse as the situation escalates.

Here’s the classic one of some chicks getting pepper sprayed in New York last month by NYC’s “finest”.

Now for censorship. It turns out that Google has been asked by the US government to suppress video evidence of police brutality on Youtube. Here is a report on the excellent Russia Today English language news network which is my number one news source when I’m in Singapore.

Forget the First Amendment, folks. Sure you can say what you want, but the corporations that run things certainly have an interest in making sure the audience for your message is as small as possible. Welcome to the new America.

The big media has certainly mobilized together to belittle and discredit the OWS movement. They like to alternate between calling them a bunch of privileged lazy white hippie kids who are just protesting as a fad, a plot by Obama or some left wing conspiracy, a plot by Marxists (really, Marxists?), terrorists, a much smaller movement than it is, or just idiots who don’t even know what they want. Here’s a nice conversation between a preselected caller and that fatass drug addict retard shill for the powers that be Rush Limbaugh on October 27:

David in Memphis, I’m glad you waited, sir, welcome to the EIB Network, nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Pleasure to talk to you, Rush. Been trying to get through for years. I’ve got a point about these Wall Street protesters. Their favorite term to use against the Tea Party is terrorists. Well, two can play at that game. They were afraid when the Tea Party came along, Christian militias and Klan rallies were right around the corner, right?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Well, I know a little bit about terrorism, Rush. Ever since 9/11 I’ve made it sort of a hobby to study it.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: When terrorism isn’t fueled by Islam, it’s usually fueled by left-wing student protest movements. If you look at the history, the Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy, the Weather Underground here in America –

RUSH: Baader-Meinhof.

CALLER: Hm-hm. Yeah, when it’s not Islam –

RUSH: It’s all a bunch of spoiled, snot-nosed, leftist rich kids.

CALLER: They’re worried about the violence the Tea Party will perpetuate, yet these kids are clashing with the cops on camera, and nobody is marching experts in front of the media to fret about the violence these kids could perpetuate.

RUSH: Right. Well, in this instance, though, in this instance the media wants a little violence.

CALLER: Well, obviously, yes.

RUSH: They want it, and they want it because they want to be able to say that the violence is anger erupting at Republicans opposing Obama’s jobs bill. The Republicans try to repeal Obama’s health care. That is the optic they’re trying to create, the image they’re trying to perpetuate here.

CALLER: The problem is you always fail to anticipate just how dangerous some of these people can actually be.

RUSH: Well, in what way?

CALLER: Well, you look at the Baader-Meinhof gang, for instance, the people who founded it, one of them was a left-wing journalist who thought West Germany was a capitalist, imperialist system.

RUSH: Oh. Oh, okay. I see what you mean. Yeah.

CALLER: Yeah, she joined with –

RUSH: Well, right now this is a ragtag bunch, most of them who don’t even know why they’re there.

CALLER: Obviously, yeah.

RUSH: But they’re trying to have something made of it. They’re trying to make it look like it’s homegrown, effervescent, spontaneous, and it’s not. This is AstroTurfed. This is planned, it is orchestrated, and it’s disappointing actually when you get down to brass tacks. The numbers are quite small. They’re having to show all of these different cities to make it look like there’s any significant size here. Still, this is actually a very, very small bunch of people. I appreciate the call, David. Thanks very much.

What retarded shit is that? Now Occupy Wall Street are terrorists? Or are they a ragtag bunch who don’t know why they’re there? Or they’re an AstroTurfed planned movement by Obama to pass his jobs bill??? Which is it, Rush?

Anyone who believes a word that come out of Rush Limbaugh’s swollen whale lips these days is a complete moron. Yet people do, in droves.

Welcome to the New America.

And there have been hundreds of arrests all over the country. Check out this Mother Jones interactive map to get an idea of the scope of the protests and ensuing related incidents worldwide. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Welcome to the New America. Enjoy it, there’s a lot more coming where that came from. Or if you prefer to not be peppersprayed, you might consider moving abroad somewhere warm and quiet with nice skinny smart girls to drink tropical smoothies and watch the news with while America descends into a police state. I’ll see you there.

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