Weekend Update – Occupy Wall Street and Fantasy Stock Game Starts Monday

Weekend Update with CharlieToday marked the end of the 3rd quarter, and what a quarter it was. I went to Bulgaria, all over Asia, and the world looks like the dominoes will start falling in earnest soon. Greece hasn’t defaulted yet, although it looks like it might at any moment. Boris called Greek default months ago and is looking to be proved right at some point. I was Skyping with a cute Greek girlfriend of mine yesterday and I suggested she take her money out of the bank in case of a bank run there and she said, “It’s ok, I have no money. Nobody can find a job, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” It was kind of heartbreaking to hear, and things are going to get much worse there than they are now.

You think the Greeks will put up with MORE austerity? You have gotta be kidding me, they’re all broke and unemployed there. There’s a chance they might go to war with Turkey at some point too. The shit will really be hitting the fan there with popular uprisings if the government keeps forcing the people to all pay for the corruption of a few. (Alright, maybe more than a few, a lot of the Greeks are lazy motherfuckers who were getting a lot of free money.) But not the young people there, they had nothing to do with the trouble they’re now in. Nobody in Greece can afford to move out from Mom and Dad’s until they’re 35. And beers are 5 Euros wherever you go, minimum. What the fuck?

There’s a lot going on in the world as far as popular uprisings are concerned. Riots in England. Demonstrations in Spain and Italy. The Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc are shaking the snow globe big time and you never know when those conflicts can start spreading, especially if anybody starts fucking with Israel.

Here at home in the gold ol US of A there’s been some stories about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Now a lot of people have been saying that these guys are just some dirty hippies wanting free love but I suspect there’s more to it. They at least have figured out who the real bad guys are. The motherfucking bankers are the biggest villains. Not the politicians, they’re just flunkies, but the bankers are the number one reason that Boris and I keep telling you to cover your asses before it’s too late.

The Occupy Wall Street people really hit my consciousness today when a story popped up on Zerohedge about Radiohead planning a guest show there Friday the 30th at 4, when the stock exchange closed for the quarter. I thought, awesome, not because I like Radiohead (I think they are super boring) but because that would get a hundred thousand people out there if it were true.

Alas it wasn’t. They published a retraction on their website an hour later saying they had been hoaxed. Too bad. But still this movement seems to be gaining legs. They have had some run-ins with the police; check out this video of the cops pepper spraying this chick:

And watch those Wall Street motherfuckers drinking champagne in the balcony above the protest:

I’m going to New York on Monday for a little piece of business and I’m going to stop by there and do a little Single Dude Journalism. I’m curious what they really stand for and what they’re trying to accomplish. I sent their website an email asking for interviewees so hopefully I can get a whole podcast or video or two of them for you next week. I will try to avoid getting arrested or maced however. More on that later.

Remember also to sign up for our fantasy stock game, now that it’s the 4th quarter just go to updown.com and sign up for an account and then friend Boris at his page: http://www.updown.com/member/borissdt. It should be really fun to short the shit out of Bank of America or however you think you can go from a millionaire to a billionaire. Check out Boris’ earlier post for more info.

Have a good weekend, everybody, and hopefully I’ll have some good stories for you next week.

Charlie Bushmeister

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