The importance of being well read

We like to talk a lot about self-improvement here because we really believe that’s the key to success with everything. You need to be continually evolving, learning and staying ahead of the curve. A great way to do that is by reading. “But Boris, I don’t have time to read, I’m too busy.” Horseshit. Even if you still haven’t figured out how to “Escape the Corporate Prison” there is a lot of time that is just wasted that you could be reading and modern technology makes that easier than ever. Get yourself a Kindle or other eBook reader or get yourself an MP3 player and do books on tape (drawback is that the selection isn’t as big but it’s great if you’re driving). Anytime you’re traveling or waiting for something you could be reading. Even if you’re the busiest 80 hour per week working Wall St. douchebag on the planet you probably have at least 30 minutes per day of wasted time that could be better spent reading.

You should make sure you fit in some time to read at least a couple of each from the following categories per year:

1.) Novels
2.) Non-fiction on a topic that interests you
3.) Non-fiction on a topic that doesn’t interest you but is vital to your career or trade
4.) Something about a foreign country or culture
5.) Self-improvement and how-to books

If you’d like to check out what Charlie and I like to read, please visit our required reading page. That should get you started if you’re at a loss for a good read.

Reading is still the best way to absorb information and probably still will be until they invent those Matrix style head plugs that allows you to just download it directly into your brain. Simply put, reading is the best way to stay ahead of the curve. And don’t forget, if you’re going to follow our advice by visiting exotic locations and meeting exotic women you better have something interesting to talk about. You can’t talk about with the last episode of the Jersey Shore with a quality foreign girl. These girls aren’t dumb like American chicks. Nothing is going to get you in the sack faster with a hot Russian chick than if you know a bunch about her language, her culture and the history and politics of her country. So put down that fucking Xbox and start spending your spare time doing shit that improves you as a person, if you’re not reading then go to the gym, take a foreign language lesson or some other kind of lesson that makes you better mentally and/or physically. Stop being mediocre and start being exceptional in all areas of your life.

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