The Single Dude’s Guide to Boracay, Philippines

Beatiful Beaches in BoracayHey Boris! This place is great! The beach is amazing and goes on forever, and there’s hot chicks everywhere! Look at that one! Hot!! And she’s waving at us, we should go talk to her.

Wait. Abort! Abort!!

That’s an Adam’s apple, dude.

OK, no problem, this is Asia, we’re used to the ladyboys. It’s ok, I say be whatever you want to be, it’s not my style but it’s cool. How about that chick?

Ladyboy again.

Hmmm. What do we do now? I know let’s go in this bar. Cool place, right? Lots of cute girls in here, for sure. And they sure are friendly! I thought Filipina girls were supposed to be shy, but those girls just jumped in our laps.

Oh. Right. Hookers.

How about those girls? Cute, right? Riiiight, they’re hookers too.

It goes on and on down the beach in Boracay Island in the Philippines, like the background of some old cartoon where the characters are running past a background that repeats over and over again. Hooker, ladyboy, hooker, ladyboy, hooker, ladyboy. That’s what the single dude traveler should expect in Boracay.

People tell us that it used to be different ten years ago, but now, what some call the second best beach in the world is now just a world capital of sex workers and fraudulent ladyboys who wait in the shadows and call out to drunk dudes when they stagger home alone. “Excuse me sir, excuse me sir, where you go? I go with you?” So we say, no matter what anyone else tells you, Boracay is not a single dude travel recommended destination.

These are dudes.

Did they fool you? Gotta look out for the ladyboys!

The Philippines is a poor country. The people are nice, warm, friendly, and many are desperately poor. Thus they flock to the tourist places and do what they have to do, which is prostitution and tourist trapping.

Here’s the pros for Boracay: It’s cheap. You can walk down the beach and get a massage anytime you want for 200-300 Philippine Pesos ($5-7.50). Drinks are cheap – beers for a dollar or two at a bar and half liters of the local rum for a dollar at the convenience store. The locals are friendly and helpful, especially if you want to spend money. There’s lots of fun bars with live music, and as everyone from that part of the world will tell you, the Philippines has the best bands in the region and perhaps is the most talented country of musicians on the planet per capita.

The Filipinos take their music seriously. The new lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda is a Filipino who they found on Youtube who sounds just as good if not better than Steve Perry. Manny Pacquiao like to take the mic and sing a song to the crowd after he finishes taking the current “Contender” Not Named Floyd out by the woodshed. And they love their karaoke so much that there’s actually been half a dozen murders in the last ten years or so as a result of someone singing “My Way” by Frank Sinatra at karaoke.

Boracay is a really nice beach called “White Beach”. It goes on for miles and has super white powdery sand. Up north near the tip of the island, by the “Batcave” which is pretty cool there is an isolated beach that is super nice. Boris and I thought when we were there that this place would absolutely blow the mind of a nice Bulgarian girlfriend if taken there on vacation.

That’s the potential for Boracay, as a place to have a great beach vacation with girls that you bring with you. You could get a week on the beach for four plus drinks and food for under a thousand dollars no problem. Try that in the West. Just get a little bungalow on a quiet stretch of beach, and just alternate between buffets on the beach, buffets in the bedroom, and great party at night every night. That would be awesome and I imagine Boris and I will do that one day.

There’s also great waters ports to be had in Boracay, from scuba to windsurfing. We didn’t do much of that as Boris was still recovering from his Singaporean head injury and I’m always too lazy to do that stuff on vacation unless someone else motivates me. But you can certainly go to Boracay for that purpose and have a great time. Just don’t go to the main tourist trap places or you will get ripped off.

But the most important lesson is: don’t go without a chick. We learned that lesson. When we first got there we thought we might want to stay for a month but instead, four days later we were dying to get the fuck out of there. If we had some smart, cool, sexy Eastern European girls there with us we would have been happy to stay for weeks or even months I bet.

Although now that I think about it there are another couple of drawbacks to Boracay. The food, like the rest of the Philippines, is quite bad. There’s some edible cuisine, like the $5 all you can eat Mongolian buffet, and some tasty late night drunk food. There’s also lots of buffets on the beach that all the hotels set up that look amazing. We tried one and it was just horrible tasting though. It was bad enough that we walked and just got some other food and sank the cost of the buffet. At least it was only $5. Seriously, though, if you’re a foodie, don’t go to the Philippines, it’s just not good there.

Also it’s surprisingly hard to find drugs there. I’ve never had a hard time getting weed at a tourist beach place before. In Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, even Malaysia I found it, and I could not in Boracay. We were hanging out with the local musicians there a lot, and they had dreadlocks and lots of tattoos and they couldn’t get me weed. WTF? Not only that, but one night I got super drunk off the $1 bottles of local rum and brandy and Drunk Charlie was loudly asking them for weed – the musicians seemed quite freaked out by this, according to Sober Boris who was curtailing his drinking due to excess blood loss in Singapore the week before.

So there’s your basic rundown of Boracay’s pros and cons. Now on to the hotspots:

Cocomangas – home of the famous 15-Shot Challenge. This bar is dirty, loud, filled with hookers, and fun as hell. There’s also tons of Japanese and Korean tourists in Boracay and this seems to be the place in town where the Koreans get drunk off their asses. I had two observations about Korea while we were in Boracay.

1. Korean girls can be extremely, extremely hot.
2. Koreans drink their asses off and get super sloshy drunk a lot.

We met some French party animal guys in Boracay and they told us a story about the night before when they took 10 shots of Jaeger and then went and did the 15-Shot Challenge. It was like The Hangover 3, I wish I could recount it for you, but it’s a very long story. Luckily we got together with these guys and drank beer with the microphone and we have a special double episode podcast coming soon on Single Dude Radio with their whole story as soon as I get off my ass and edit it.

Up in Station 1 is where the late night stuff is. Such as Guilly’s and the other ones up there, I don’t know, I was always too drunk to remember what they’re called. These bars are also full of hookers although regular people go there as well. The names of the places in Boracay don’t really matter, as there’s only one main beach path, so you can just walk down the beach and see where the action is at night, a-la Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen.

The other main place for the clubbing set is Epic, and it’s where everybody ends up. Be careful, sometimes they have drink specials only on one of the two bars and the other one is expensive. Weird, right! This is a good place to hand out outside where the music isn’t earsplittingly loud and enjoy listening to the beach and socializing there. We met quite a number of cool people from all over this way.

In conclusion, I would say that while Boracay is a beautiful place, it’s not the place I would pick for a week even with imported girls. Why bother with bad food, tourists everywhere and no drugs when you can go to Vietnam and go to the beach for even cheaper with unbelievably good food and plentiful drugs? Chalk this one up to us being ten years too late on this former paradise.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie. I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I've developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There's no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you're not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • JanPaul999

    I’ve been living in Boracay since 2011 and during off season it’s true it’s hard to find single girls sometimes, but during high season there are many single travelers here and it’s easy. Sure there are hookers and ladyboys around, but also plenty of those “smart and sexy eastern european girls”. During high season you see single girls from all over the word travel there really

  • Barry

    I am in the phills some time in jan , I am 50 looking for a wingman, who likes a beer and a laugh , Manila , subic bay, angeles city, boracay

    • Max

      Hi Barry, love it there, my buddy lost his $$ and can’t travel. I’m married but wife is OK with my travels. Love to be a ‘wingman’, note I am legally blind, but doesn’t mean I can’t see at all, just bump a lot of people.. Give me a Chat.. Max

  • deo

    I stay in Makati, I only go to the islands, PG and so on to get away from the girls. Been living in PI for 16 years, the trick is this if you plan to meet a super beauty with a good CV! the best girls are in Mindanao if you looking for super beauties with virginity or something close to it for long term. For brakes, Puerto Gallera is much better then Boracay if you stay on white sands PG. Subic is brilliant to, Angelus is pointless to go. You can find all that in Manila any ways and much better quality. If your a serious guy, Davoe Mindanao and General Santos…..Filipina Spanish beauties Galore, heaven on earth..seriously

  • Bryan

    you can tell if its a ladyboy right away i was there for 1 month plus just be friendly with the locals and you will have a great time. i managed to find some non working girls not easy to find but hey use safe sex!

    • Rayan

      Some valid points and some really not-so-valid ones.

      First of all, for someone who seems so eager to engage in such a potentially dangerous and self-destructive activity as recreational illicit drug use, in fact so much so that if you have to spend a few days somewhere without getting your fix you’ll write a bad review for a place, it seems very odd that you are knocking hookers. What’s wrong with them? Many “hookers” around Boracay and other places in the Philippines are just regular girls looking to make some extra cash because they are in fact very poor, and for $20-$40 why not? It’s cheaper than a “normal” date most other places. I like getting with “regular” girls and I don’t like places like Pattaya where it’s literally impossible to find a girl who is *not* a hooker, but at the same time having a healthy mix of both isn’t such a bad thing. One those odd nights where you can’t find someone to go to bed with you for free (probably rarer in the Philippines than anywhere else on Earth), then it’s nice to have the pros as back up and also sometimes you feel like just being honest for a change instead of going through the bullshit dance. Though it would be better if it was like Phuket and you had bars to meet regular girls and other bars to meet pros.

      2nd, while there are quite a few ladyboys around Boracay, most of them are pretty easy to spot, but looking for adam’s apples isn’t a good way. It’s a myth that women do not have them. Everyone has them. So don’t blame Boracay for your inability to differentiate men from women.

      Some things I agree on: Philippines food generally sucks. With a few odd exceptions, the local stuff is terrible. However, you can find good international options in any big city and also in Boracay there are some good places to eat you just have to look for them. Also, most of the local bands are very good that’s true. Much better generally speaking than what you’ll see elsewhere in Asia.

      Disagree on: drugs. who gives a shit? If you can’t enjoy a place sober then it’s not worth going to anyway. If you can’t enjoy *any* place sober, then you need help. Hookers, already talked about.

      Another point to agree on: there are better places to go in Asia.
      Basically there is one good way to experience the Philippines… and that is to spend 2-3 months online buliding up contacts through facebook and various dating sites until you’ve got a list a couple hundred chicks deep and then go there and just fuck your brains out with cute horny regular girls who will line up around the block for a chance to be with a foreigner. It’s so easy to do it’s absurd, and you won’t be able to pull off the same thing anywhere else, at least not with such so little work.
      Otherwise, if you’re not willing to do that preparation there are always better places to go.
      Want to pick up prostitutes? Thailand is way better.
      Want someplace with an awesome nightlife? Thailand is better. So is Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo…
      Want someplace with great shopping, cinemas, and loads of things to do during the day? Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo are all better.
      Want someplace where your dollar stretches as far as it can go? Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar are all better.
      Want someplace with amazing beaches? Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are better.

      But I still love the Philippines just for what I mentioned above. I can do 2-4 weeks of prep work, couple hours a day, and come here and have sex with 1 or 2 beautiful petite teenagers every day and never step foot inside some trashy overloud or pretentious disco and never pay a dime. That’s what makes this place unique. Boracay is really just a nice beach to visit if you meet one of those girls you want to spend more than a couple hours with and need some place nice to take her, because every other place in the Philippines I’ve been to outside of Boracay was an ugly shithole.

      • Jesper

        Could you give som advice on online dating with the girls from Boracay? Going for a week in October, and i’d love to meet some girls. Any sites you’d recommend?

  • Mark

    Fuck. This sounds scary. I’ve just booked a week, end of June/July 2014. I’ll be over from London going to Malaysia first to stay with friends who live over there, then going solo for a ‘holiday in a holiday’ to Boracay. Solo dude from London, gonna stick out like a turd in a punchbowl. Any Western girls or non-hookers there where you can hook-up? Sounds like you need a ‘girlfriend’ to keep you safe. Or buddy up with any other single blokes – safety in numbers.

    • Carles

      Hehe I’m going solo on the last weekend of June too. Flying tomorrow actually. Wanna tag along?

      • Mark

        Sure! I get in Sunday about 5pm…send me an email if you wanna catch up.

        Enjoying KL at the moment! Party at The Roof in Bandar Utama tonight.


  • ping

    ladboys they exist its your fault if you let them fool youmthats there business and if you dont want to be a victim of so called hookers or ladyboys or lady gaga and gago local tourist and puti wala tulina tete bahol then stay inside your room and order your drinks and food and watch news. and in the next morning go for a walk and have fun the whole day. thats my tip as tourist in boracay island. im living here and it really fucking shit if you dont take care your ass or dick! lol

  • jim

    I go to PI about every two years. Here is what I can tell you, Makati City, The Market, The Fort are ALL fantastic food destinations, fantastic! I am from San Francisco which is consider one of the best food destination in the world and Manila is giving SF a run for,it’s money. As for Boracay, we go for the higher places which are very cheap for that market. We stay at the regency, amazing world class place and the buffet is off the hook. It’s a 4 star hotel (would be 5 star but the room we stayed in was a bit small). Boracay is touristy so that is a legit complaint. I do not see a lot of legit singles there, again Manila is where all the clubs are. My biggest complaint are the vendors selling activities, too many of them.

  • Doug Flynn

    Sorry, but ,anyone who think’s they can have a great vacation for 4 under $1000.00 is full of shit. You’re knocking the pilippino hookers but it seems that your girls that you brought came even cheaper. You’re a “Dead give away ” with you talk about cheap food when all you do is go to a $5 buffet. Of COURSE it’s going to be shit food. Oh, and buying drugs? C’mon man . Don’t you think about what your saying before you say it? Anyone that buys drugs in a foreign country is just asking for trouble and obviously has a low I.Q.

    • No dude, there is no good restaurant in Boracay at any price. I was just there and I scoured the island.

      • Abel Dean

        “No dude, there is no good restaurant in Boracay at any price. I was just there and I scoured the island.”

        I saw this claim before I went to Boracay last week, and it is a good thing I did not believe it. Do not scour the island. Scour the minds of your resort staff. I did, and I took my date on Valentine’s Day night to the Ambassador Hotel restaurant. It has everything that comes to mind when you think of fine dining, but with tables on the beach. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The Shangri-La restaurant was also suggested, which I presumed to be the most expensive option, and it would be bizarre if it did not turn out to be a “good restaurant.” When I did scour the island myself, I found the Pamana restaurant in Station 2, which serves tasty authentic Filipino food. If you are not there with a beautiful Filipina to guide you through the menu, then you are doing it wrong.

  • lonely soul

    Hi nice comments…….
    If not borocay then guys pls suggest the other destinations for single dudes , I am planning a trip soon ..

  • andy

    Totally agree lumiere, I spent 32 days in Angeles city and paid only 3x for girls (around $70) and the rest came free. Trick is …get them at the disco there! That was back in 2011. You will meet so many chicks that ull get swamped sometimes:)

    • Ryan

      Angeles City is a cess pool… I used to go there in the military once or twice a year.

  • Danny lewis

    This is the best chat I’ve seen on the Filippines. Thanks’ Boracay does not sound like the place for me. You know what I do fellas. I go to a fair sized town. I look around for a cheap hotel that is into giving me a good a rate for a month. I sample the street girls until I meet someone nice. Then I spend the rest of the time with her. That is my holiday

  • Marco

    I normally respect everybody’s opinion and, therefore, yours too.
    However, everything is subjective, and so is Boracay.
    If you are on a budget and can’t afford at least a 20usd meal or a 200uad room, than Boracay is definitely not the place for you.
    Am actually happy that people with your taste think that the island is a place where not to go, cause our aim is to get rid of such cheap tourism and focus on world class quality, service and, of course, price.
    Boracay’s aim is to become a luxury destination in 10 years time, when infrastructures will be rebuilt and all hotels renovated. At that point, junkies, drunks and whorist wont show up any longer 😉
    P.S.: good luck to find an Easter European hooker that will stick to your cheap 5usd/meal budget! Lol

    • LOL! Good luck. What are you going to do with all the lady boys?

      • Marco

        Ladyboys only bother those who show interest. I have been living in Boracay for 10 years and I never got bothered once. So if they approached you it’s because you were staring or at least you look like their target market.

        • Bullshit. Ladyboys routinely run down any foreign male they see. They will follow and harass until you do something like yell at them and tell them to FUCK OFF.

        • pete

          marco who are you kidding 20 us dollars is a weeks work most of the phils .

          • Andy

            Totally right. If u give them the slightest attention ..they will harras u.

  • Nikki

    Why other people had a hard time identifying a ladyboy from a real girl lol. You know one when you see one! And you can confirm it when you hear them speak lol.

  • Nikki

    Hahaha this is a funny post but very true! lol

    • Graham

      NO TRUE….hospitals in Bangkok can now change the voice levels……but not if your poor of course .

  • Denis

    Hello ! I would like to live in Bocaray for some time. What would you recommed for living : house, appartement, hotel ? How about local hotels I have heard some of them do not allow to come everynight with girl or friends and because of that I consider to rent a little house or own appartement. How about the safety of private things if I choose these variants – where to keep documents, money, etc. when I am out ?

  • Chase

    If you want a really cool, laid back place, try Exit Bar in station 2 Sand floor and cool people. Mostly locals (oddly), so you wont find any hookers. David, the bartender, is really awesome and can hook you up with some very attractive non-professionals. A cool club to go to that wont be full of hookers and lady-boys is Summer Place, also in Station 2. Usually some rich Filipinas, some white tourists, and TONS of hot, drunk, Korean chicks.

    Also, if you’re complaining about bad food in the Philippines, you just aren’t trying hard enough. Maybe stay away from the buffets.. Go to some little hole in the wall places where the locals eat (SUPER cheap and really good. My gf and I can eat a meal there for around $3 and I’m not a small guy) or try Hakunamatata (yes, like the lion king song) in Station 3.

    As far as girls, it really is best to bring your own, or learn a bit of Korean! ;-p ANY Filipina would kill for a vacation in Boracay, so all you need to do is find one you like, and you are going to have yourself a good time!

    I could go on, but this is a long comment as it is… Don’t want to hijack the article.

    • captainpankyn

      Yes., Exit bar is awesome ! and to stay, i always prefer the same hotel ( bamboo bunglows ) David is a great fellow , will help you a lot. for food, After my first trip to boracay, i just get my own ready to eat stuff along and in the events of real good food craving, they just come to my rescue. try crafty’s at the dmall, gives you some great international cuisine along with Indian cuisine. operated by an oz guy i guess. and you can try some italian at the cornor of Italy ( boat station 3) or again ask david for some help. and you definitely get hooked up with some nice chicks. i had my luck with north European chicks, south american chick etc. so be vigilant during the day as in the nights they might go around with the guy they met in the morning/afternoon 😉
      cocomongas is a shit hole and creepy place full of whores and Korean patrons. and its just your difference in appearance gives you a important stature across so you will be bothered by them a lot. there are come good joints along the white beach where you can meet alike people. For me the experience was very good.


    HEY . GREAT HOTEL ON STATION ONE. HAD MY OWN private beach there !! And the food there was great. I had the best FRENCH TOAST OF MY LIFE THERE. I did not even have to put any butter on it it was so nice and tasty !! KIKKOS IS THE NAME . GO THERE CHEAP AND GET THE FRECH TOAST FOR BREAKFAST !!

  • Andre Cullen Go

    Before anything else, i believe you’re Caucasian. It’s true there are a lot of hookers and ladyboys in boracay, but we have to consider that a lot of people from you’re race likes exotic looking women. Perhaps the taste of Asians and people from the West differs (in terms of looks), and this is why you consider these hookers and ladyboys as hot and pretty. “JUST A THOUGHT”

    • Only the most twisted deviant finds the ladyboys in Boracay hot. They were some of the worst I’ve ever seen and we’re talking about ladyboys here…

      But yes I agree tastes differ. I don’t like the girls my Chinese friend likes at all, to me they look very average and plan. He doesn’t like the ones that look hot. I don’t know if you can extrapolate this any further but he swears his tastes are similar to his friends and colleagues.

      • Sake Samurai

        Remember, you should accept the culture you are in, be nice and polite. Ladyboys are trying to make a living in their own twisted way, The Philippine Culture has Excepted them, so why not be smart, IF YOU ARE STRAIGHT and looking for a HOT 100% REAL Filipino girl, pay the Ladyboy 50 to 100 pesos. I will tell you they know all the HOT CHICKS, and once they start dialing their cells to find you a REAL GIRL,, the Babes will come so fast, you wont know what to do with them all. Why fight and be worried about bull shit, IF you become friends then its NOT so much about the Money or Bugging you, because you are now the ladyboys friend and that is special to them because you are a foreigner. And nows they feel lucky and privilaged! So use the situtation to the advantage of all, and enjoy life!

  • OptimisPiss

    So let’s just say I do want to bang ladyboys and hookers and get wasted for cheap, would this be the place to go? Or are there better places?

    • Want to bang ladyboys? Yuck. Yes this is the place. 75 cent happy hour beers.

    • Try Zouk, Attica or Ku De Ta (I like how the retarded Singaporeans can’t spell it) or anywhere on Clark Quay but it’ll cost ya. For professionals try Brix or the four floors of whores if you’re on a budget.

    • Sensei

      If you are into cheap hookers, head for Angeles City. It’s a town full of hookers.

  • Rajen

    Tobether with my cousins I will be going to boracay on 30 th January.Stricyly for women .Can someone reccomend me where to go for women even if its hookers. TQ

    • You won’t have any problem with that, dude.

    • They’ll find you don’t worry. Go in any club. Try the 15 shot place. However be very careful you aren’t getting more than you bargain for (i.e. a ladyboy)

  • My ladyboy gf

    I know that this is crazy bu lets admit. There are guys who really fancy ladyboys in fact some of us wants to eb in a relationship with them. I found this blog 7 reasons to love ladyboy what do you think?

    [Manuel: Absolutely hilarious, this guy actually runs a blog trying to teach people how to date a lady boy and keeps spamming us with links. He didn’t “find this” blog it’s his blog. This sick fuck is actually selling an ebook to help people pick up ladyboys on purpose. Normally we don’t allow spamming but this is too funny to pass up.]

  • Mr. Swa

    A Boracay guide showing a Thai ladyboy pop group !!

  • Jeff

    Hey guys,
    Ive been reading the site for a while, but its my first time posting! I’ve gone to a couple of the destinations in Asia that have been mentioned, so I look forward to giving my two cents on them!
    You guys made some great points about boracay. My buddy and I were there recently and if you find the right places it can be pretty sweet for the single guy. I have two suggestions, My firsts is Ariel’s Point tour. Its an 11-5 day trip, you go out on a boat to a private peninsula, there’s a bar there with DRINKS INCLUDED, safe cliffs to jump off of anywhere from 10 feet to 50 feet. They provide snorkling gear and there are a couple kayaks, and an included all you can eat meal which had some of the better food I’ve had in the phillipines. It’s a great way to meet other travelers (not western girls) When we were there we met some smoking russian girls and three cute, rich fillipinas from manila. We ended up hanging out with all of them that night! It only costs 30$ and chances are youll get your moneys worth on the booze alone! Not to mention the fact that you know the girls your meeting are not hookers or lady boys, which is rare in Boracay!

    The other cool thing was the Boracay Pub Crawl. it was about 15$ and you got close to 10 shots throughout the night and drink deals at the bars you go to. It seemed to be a bit more western dominated than Ariels Point, but we spent most of our time with some girls from Malaysia. Again, you know the 15$ cover fee will scare off the hookers and lady boys. My words of advice would be to watch out for the pub crawl leaders! I went two nights and some of the group leaders were with different guys each night. I cant even imagine how many guys theyve slept with in the last couple months, and I don’t even want to know what they have crawling around down there! Double wrap!

    Here are the links to the facebook pages

    Ariels point:
    Boracay Pub Crawl:

  • Stephen

    Good Honest Review of Boracay! You’re right! It use to be really good! Now it’s nothing but a Tourist Trap filled with Hookers and Ladyboys! Eck!

    My People’s Food is really that bad huh? Yeah I heard that discuss in different travelling blog!

    Don’t eat the Street Food! Let’s Just Say… it’s an Acquired Taste!

    In Manila they’ve got a lot of Good Restaurants there… at least the Western Ones. Just eat that!

    The Beach is Beautiful… and World Class!

    Just not the Food , The Swarm of Tourist or The Predators of Hookers and Ladyboys! Eeeww!


  • By the way.. I’d love to know, what places do you think trump Boracay? I want to get some recommendations. The criteria being beaches, babes, weed, cheap booze, good nightlife..

    • Vietnam is a much better choice.

      • Soma

        Any specific recommendations for places in Vietnam? I’m intrigued by your suggestion as I’ve been considering going to Boracay in the near future. I’m under the (highly possibly false) impression that Vietnamese girls aren’t that interested in foreign guys as they are in other Southeast Asian countries.

      • Gagi Wah

        Man, your mind is all about SINS (Drugs, Sex, Drinks etc.). You’re just basing your conclusion because of your dirty expectations. If you just want all of these things then don’t bother to go outside! You can find it on your own backyard just look behind and you will see your mom doing the uh and oh..

        Eating food for just $5, you’re so CHEAP! There are many western-taste foods out there you just failed to look around because of your cheap budget! hahaha

        • This is a pretty retarded comment.

        • xwondeuce

          Gagi – you’re obviously a few puppies short of a pet shop. If you had read the URL before you decided to head to this site, firstly, you’d have half a brain to figure out what this site is about and what to expect. You might be knocking drugs, but lots of people unlike you have their wits about them and know that a cheeky dabble here and a cheeky dabble there isn’t going to have a profound effect on your life – I’ve been having high times when it’s warranted for over 60 years with an intelligent, conservative approach and i’ll be glad to say good-bye to this world earlier than you knowing that a very phukin balanced time of it was spent being content (I’m almost 80 just in case you were thinking I’m some rookie trying to have a dig coz I’m an addict) – apparently Sex, drugs and drinks are “dirty”… someone slap this halfwit around the head. Secondly, you were obviously born with a platinum spoon hanging from your gold plated jaw if you have the pompous, strata-system outlook on life where you quote “Eating food for just $5, you’re so CHEAP!…. your cheap budget! hahaha ” You don’t belong in the Philippines if that’s your stance (In case your pallet is still in its infancy) you’d know that the western food in the Philippines is abysmal 95% of the time… you’re obviously treated like the next king of your family hierarchy that no one gives two shits about except your mother. Charlie Bushmeister, spot on, someone had to put this crimp in his place.

  • Have to agree- day game is the way to go. I used to date the waitresses there. Banged a different girl everyday. Pity it didn’t live up to your expectations.

  • Lumiere

    Charlie it was January this year.

  • Sounds like the golden age has come and gone for the SDT. Still, got to love a good Filipino cover band!

  • Lumiere

    Daygame is way to go in Boracay. Banged 4 filipinas last time I was there although 2 of them flew from Manila (on their own $) to see so I am not sure if they count.

    Philippines is great but there are sharks so you need shark repellant (i.e. savvy).

    P.S. The hookers will bang you for free if they like you

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