The mainstream media continues to screw Ron Paul

As I pointed out before the mainstream media is currently engaged in a willful and blatant conspiracy to fuck over Ron Paul. He is currently annihilating the competition in an MSNBC poll on the latest presidential debate (go vote on it), however the mainstream media continues to downplay his relevancy, distort the results of polls and even ignore his existence completely.

Reposted from “Ron Paul Deserves a Proper Graph” on Clearly Presentable:

Ron Paul Deserves a Proper Graph

Ron Paul Deserves a Proper Graph

Watch CNN claim that Ron Paul gets ZERO PERCENT of the vote:

Watch numerous mainstream media talking heads simply pretend Ron Paul doesn’t exist:

The mainstream media is a fraud! Don’t watch them, don’t listen to them. Boycott the mainstream media and get your news from reliable independent sources.


Initially the distortion of the debate poll results were even more egregious:

Ron Paul Poll Distortion

Ron Paul Poll Distortion

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  • John

    Do you agree with Ron Paul that “opinion polls consistently show only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions” as espoused in his past newsletters?

    Do you agree that guns should be allowed in schools, as Ron Paul advocates?

    Do you want to see a return of the Good Ol’ Days…circa 1907, and bank runs and panics? Who needs the Fed, right? Ron Paul & many sub strains of the libertarian and sovereign citizen movements hate the Fed with a passion that borders on xenophobia.

    Since 2000, a lot of the Ron Paul craziness has been whitewashed to clean up his image for his Presidential runs. For the full treatment you’ll need to look up his old pre-2000 Newsletters. I used to read excerpts via the Southern Poverty Law Center back in the 90s. Ron Paul was on their “watch list” I’ve been following politics since I was a teenager, and Paul has always been one of the more colorful, to use a gentle term, characters.

    So yeah, I’m quite familiar with both Ron Paul’s history and his current policy positions. Like yourselves, I find some items I can agree with. However, the outright racism, the neanderthal-like catering to Christendom, the anti-secularism are total turn offs. He has decades worth of obsession with conspiracies, sympathy for the right-wing militia movement, and deeply held bigotry against blacks, Jews, and gays. In short Ron Paul is not the plain-speaking antiwar activist many supporters believe they are backing–but rather a member in good standing of some of the oldest and ugliest traditions in American politics.

    If you guys want to support that kind of thing, more power to you. That’s what the voting booth is for.

    The great thing about Congress-critters like Paul: voting records.

    Check this:

    I don’t take this as a personal attack. Politics is just a game. It really doesn’t matter what any of us think.

  • Elijah Craig 18


    Your narrow understanding of Libertarianism leaves a lot to be desired. I will use the definition of Libertarianism from Wikipedia because, frankly, Merriam-Webster’s definition sucks.

    Libertarianism – is the political philosophy that holds individual liberty as the basic moral principle of society. Libertarianism includes diverse beliefs, all advocating minimization of governmental activity and sharing the goal of maximizing individual liberty and political freedom.

    Libertarianism runs the gamut from anarchists to minimal statists and includes such radically divergent philosophies as Libertarian Socialists with their egalitarian ideals influenced by Marx and Hegel and Right-Libertarians who believe in pure, unbridled capitalism. Many self-styled libertarians espouse political and philosophical tenets that are diametrically opposed to other self-styled libertarians. Our Liberal/Conservative dichotomy can only dream to be so different.

    One would think that Ron Paul would fit somewhere within this broad characterization, but he doesn’t. He is neither a libertarian nor “fake-libertarian” (whatever that is). The MSM and many conservatives repeatedly attempt to pigeon hole Ron Paul as a quasi-libertarian, but Ron Paul is more accurately a Constitutionalist and an advocate of small, limited government. As a consequence, he takes many positions that are sympathetic to libertarian ideals, but they stop far short of true libertarianism. The U.S. Libertarian Party has run a presidential candidate in every election since its founding in 1972: Ron Paul has never been affiliated with them. Your entire criticism of Ron Paul is based on the woefully ignorant assumption that he is an advocate of one sort of Libertarianism, the anarcho-capitalist.

    Capitalism left unchecked, as libertarians and even fake libertarians such as Ron or Rand Paul espouse would ultimately consume itself. Over time all enterprises will either be devoured (bought) or enter into proxy agreement (merge) into 1 single Corporation. This is what pure capitalism will turn into.

    Have you honestly even read Ron Paul’s official platform? Your statement is a non sequitor. There is nothing about Ron Paul that remotely resembles your comment. I don’t agree with Paul on 100% of the issues, but an honest reading of his positions would lead no one to your conclusion. Don’t let your preconceptions of libertarians or the musings of the MSM about “crazy Uncle Ron” sway you. For that matter, don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself. You and I may disagree on the merits of Dr. Paul, and that’s fine…we’re big boys, but at least base your argument on facts.

    And if you are familiar with ZeroHedge, then you are familiar with its concept of Fight Club. So don’t take this as a personal attack John just a disagreement that will make us better men for it…or Dudes.

    • Thanks for writing all that, I had neither the time nor the energy.

  • John

    That’s why it’s probably best to leave the politics out of the equation on a blog like this. I read zerohedge, at Charlie’s suggestion…and like it. It fits nicely with my feelings on our economy both locally here in the States and globally. But outside of the peanut gallery comment section and reader posts, you don’t find outright love for Ron Paul or his policy platform on zerohedge. While there are elements of his platform I could support, I find most of his positions to be absolutely nauseating. I’m sure most of the “Tyler Durden” writers would agree with my viewpoints on Paul.

    This blog hits it’s mark when talking about traveling, fat-chicks and life advice.

    It could be worse…you could be a shill for Rand Paul…and that’s where the crazy really begins. Compared to Rand, Ron Paul is downright palatable.

    • I agree with your comments about the evil capitalist market and I’m much more pro-government than Boris generally speaking. I however disagree that Ron Paul is an idiot. Exhibit A: Ron Paul’s portfolio. It’s outperformed pretty much every hedge fund over the last 10 years, and pretty much every big company except Apple. So maybe he’s an idiot savante, but he seems a lot better at handling his finances than failed baseball owners and community organizers. How’s your portfolio doing?

  • John

    Ron Paul is an idiot.

    I know singledudetravel writers are, for the most part, avid readers of zerohedge. You do realize that major planks of the zero hedge platform are anything but libertarian in nature. There are open calls for socialized medicine (to create a baseline for healthcare costs), an anti-trust provision that bust up the Big 6 (too big to fail) banks among other more liberal approaches. Recently, there was a post pushing Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto as a balm for our current global financial crisis.

    Capitalism left unchecked, as libertarians and even fake libertarians such as Ron or Rand Paul espouse would ultimately consume itself. Over time all enterprises will either be devoured (bought) or enter into proxy agreement (merge) into 1 single Corporation. This is what pure capitalism will turn into.

    The libertarian fantasy land of everyone as a “business owner” self determining their future if only there were no taxes, no regulation or mandatory insurance requirements only works in Ayn Rand fiction and the musings of bloggers. Pure Capitalism is a feeding frenzy where the winners are only those at the very top of the pyramid scheme. As a worker, once you’ve spent your usefulness the Corporation will have no need to keep you around or offer you assistance. You’re done. And remember, Pure Capitalism means there is no safety net if life hands you tragedy or bad luck in your investments. Welcome to living on the gravel roads. Streets or urban planning would not exist outside of Company Towns…so don’t expect to walk around any community looking for work and/or handouts.

    Ron Paul’s 2008 Campaign Manager died with over $400k in medical bills. This guy worked for Ron Paul as an aide since 1998 and was instrumental in setting up the first Presidential runs for Paul. Ron Paul would say that if you don’t have health insurance you’re taking your own risks. That’s fine in this country, but our medical care costs nearly 20% of GDP which puts us well behind every single developed country in the world. We’re no healthier here, as evidenced by the fat-as-aids post on this particular blog. Fuck, even zero-hedge says our system is a major drag on our competitiveness.

    But you know what….Ron Paul likes it how it is. He’s just at patsy playing his part to keep people like Boris convinced he’s thinking “out-of-the-box” and is a unique person to talk to at parties and social gatherings. It’s easy to complain when “your guy” isn’t taken seriously. But in reality, Ron Paul is a douche.

  • Hank Hedgehopper
  • Barbarian

    Did the Romans give Spartacus equal time in the forum?

    America’s Patricians aren’t going to give away all their power.

  • Peter

    When I look at this it boggles the mind! Does the USA want to self destruct? Are there really so manny dumb people there?

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