The mainstream media continues to screw Ron Paul

As I pointed out before the mainstream media is currently engaged in a willful and blatant conspiracy to fuck over Ron Paul. He is currently annihilating the competition in an MSNBC poll on the latest presidential debate (go vote on it), however the mainstream media continues to downplay his relevancy, distort the results of polls and even ignore his existence completely.

Reposted from “Ron Paul Deserves a Proper Graph” on Clearly Presentable:

Ron Paul Deserves a Proper Graph

Ron Paul Deserves a Proper Graph

Watch CNN claim that Ron Paul gets ZERO PERCENT of the vote:

Watch numerous mainstream media talking heads simply pretend Ron Paul doesn’t exist:

The mainstream media is a fraud! Don’t watch them, don’t listen to them. Boycott the mainstream media and get your news from reliable independent sources.


Initially the distortion of the debate poll results were even more egregious:

Ron Paul Poll Distortion

Ron Paul Poll Distortion

Via infowars

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