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Carmelita in Mexico writes: “I want to make love with you until the cows go sleeping

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  • Kevin

    Raul, I’ve never been to Europe, but I’m convinced that the Czech Republic has the most beautiful women in the world. I mean, for goodness sake, look at all the women they have produced! I’m not sure whether it’s that Prague has been completely overrun by the English as you guys say or maybe the internet has been a very inaccurate source visually. How come all of the top exotic models we hear about are from the Czech Republic?

    • We know about the DAFF factor because we’ve been there.

      Basically the entire eastern block has women as hot or hotter.

      I don’t know any household names from Czech but I know a shitload from Brazil. I can also think of super models that come from down right shitty countries. The logic of finding a few super models in x country and then drawing the conclusion that it must be the best is like saying Donald Trump and MIchael Bloomberg live in New York city so everyone in New York city must be a billionaire.

      You could do worse than Prague but you could do better too.

      • There’s plenty of hot chicks in Prague, but your game needs to be excellent there as the chicks are super tired of drunk English dudes coming up to them all the time. Best you go where girls are predisposed to like you.

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