The Single Dude’s Guide to Dallas, TX

Cowboy's Cheerleaders
The Big D. No, no, this is not another description of Raul!’s gift with women, but a great city for getting it on with some high quality blonde bombshells. Be warned, single dudes, Dallas is not for the yellow-bellied. Stay in Topeka until you are ready.

Dallas! What could be said about this international city/metroplex that has not already? Well, for starters, what you have read or heard about Dallas is probably out of date. It is a fast changing city that looks very different after the last ten years (like Las Vegas or Thailand). Ten years ago, you would not venture downtown for anything but crack. Now with new development, stadiums, lofts, bars, clubs, and art, it is a go to place for meeting some quality chicks. Let me tell you this in advance. If you think Dallas chicks are going to be a mosey in the park, you are wrong. They will have a little attitude. They will challenge you. They will make you work. At least that is what I pick up from other guys. Don’t forget, I am Raul!, and this blog is for you.

Some different types of girls you are going to encounter in Dallas are:

1. Intelligent professional employees of huge international companies:

These girls are what you want. They have been there and done that. With Texas bucking the trend of unemployment in our Unstable States of America, you can expect to find some well paid and well educated Little Misses that are looking for a man like you. You will be able to talk to this chick all night and might even visit an art museum with her.

2. Regular Texas chicks:

These are just your run of the mill hot blonde Texas chicks. They are not as well traveled or read, but still have jobs. Perhaps they have not been to Europe, but Austin is only a 3 1/2 hour drive away. You will run into these girls, but more often than not in a place like Texas, they will be married early or otherwise paired off. Many are fat and stupid like typical American chicks.

3. College Chicks:

These girls will be cute. They will be hot. They will wear short skirts and cowboy boots. Most likely they will have family money. They will be in a sorority. For what it is worth, you can have them. I will not cover them. Been there done that.

4. Alternative Texas Hipstress:

You would be surprised. The hipstresses of Dallas are different than Austin. They have a little more drive and function in a real world. There could be some legitimate targets, but tread lightly.

5. Girls of Ethnicity:

This is a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat place to put your concentration in Dallas. You have a large black population and therefore amazingly hot black chicks everywhere. You have a huuuuuuge Mexican population with all their mamacitas. And, you have a huge Indian population with hot curry babes. International Europeans, Asians, they’re all there. I could go on and on about the different races in Dallas, but there are tons of every type. You must not forget these chicks. Dallas is international, so are you.

The areas of Dallas, unfortunately, are spread out. There is a slow bus system and a light rail that is really not that convenient. You are going to need some wheels. So where to start? I would generally say that we should work from the inside out in Dallas. This would have been the case years ago, but as I mentioned this is the New Big D with new rules.

Let’s start in the daytime. I would suggest you go to a nice coffee shoppish type place in downtown. You can just walk along Mckinney Avenue and find what suits you. Lucky for you, Dallas is home to one of the most ambitious modern art corridors in the world. They have zoned a large portion of downtown for music, art, drama, etc. I would suggest asking your new friend to go to the Dallas Museum of Art with you. If she says no, well, Raul! is not sure what to do when people say no, since they never do. Perhaps you can head over to the museum for one of their evening singles’ events. Museum and gallery mixers are a great place to meet hot chicks and cougars.

Moving north from downtown you can stay along that McKinney Ave I mentioned earlier. This road really has everything. Day, night, all types, it’s all there. Raul! finds this to be the place to go if he has no other option but success.

Keep heading north to the 75 and Knox area of town. This has a few more day type bars and cafes. This is also an area of business. When you are in a town like this, make sure to visit places that have business type girls eating lunch. Many times they will be eating alone staring at an iPhone. Easy kill. Best thing about an impromptu lunch date is it is finite and you can invite her to something after she gets off work, aka happy hour.

Listen, on a side note. Dallas is amazing. The people are super nice. This means the guys, while large, are super nice. They respect women to the point they are afraid to talk to them. The power is in women’s hands in these Dallas on Dallas relationships, but you are not from around these parts. You have the confidence to walk up and talk to anyone. Sure, everyone will stare, but they are just impressed.

A little further north you are going to start running into girl type #3. You will be around Southern Methodist University (SMU). There are some great places around here, but stay east of highway 75. These SMU chicks will be in a sorority and their fathers have more money than the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They will, like fembots, have everything you think you want, but they will ultimately destroy you. Move along to that girl who bought her BMW herself.

The great street up this way is Greenville. Greenville travels north/south. Along the northern end you will find more upscale, but still hip eateries and places to meet women. On Lower Greenville you will find a slew of great live music venues and such. There will be some good bands playing and this will give you the chance to dance. This is where you are going to meet that girl who looks like a hipster, quacks like a hipster, but for some reason doesn’t have the angst of a hipster. This is the place where you will start your survey of Dallas, TX tramp stamps and mom tats. I find these girls, as mentioned earlier, to be more approachable than Austin hipsters. Thus, they are not true hipsters.

Go south from Greenville to the area of town where Peak and Live Oak meet. (by the way, get a map) This is an interesting area with places like the Bryan St. Tavern (killing field) and great taco places. Wait, wait, wait, did someone say tacos? Si. This is an area you might find your business Latina. This is a cool part of town where the insides of the bars are integrated and awesome.

The next part of Dallas that can’t be missed are the shopping malls. Between North Park, the Galleria and others, Texans like to shop and you will find some hot chicks in these places. If not, these malls are still known for their museum quality art collections. Pick up line anyone?

Do not go to Texas without making friends and going out on a boat. You can find your new seamen friends anywhere, but I would suggest going to the Gaylord Texan. It is a hotel on Grapevine Lake near the airport. There is always something going on at the huuuuuge pool area and many people will have a boat. Listen, you have been to the art museum already, but you have to check out the quality artwork of Dallas’ best plastic surgeons too. World class. Just volunteer to be the coxswain.

Now, let us take a second and relax. We have only covered a few square miles of a metroplex that covers over 9,000 square miles and has almost 7 million people.

You could hang in the area we discussed for a long time and never get tired of it. Best thing is, you will be the different thing in the pond, and just like dudes, women love variety.

One thing to look out for in Dallas is once you get too far from the city centers you run into suburban sprawl. The suburbs are a great place to raise kids, but not hell. Save your gas money and don’t go to parties in the suburbs. Everyone will be married and any chick you are introduced to will have her anti-slut defenses up and if single will be trolling for a husband. Check out all the big diamond rings in Dallas!

For a fun little trip away from Dallas, head over to Ft. Worth. You can start right downtown there in the Sunset Square area. This is where most of the party is happening and you will find the chicks to be more ‘Texan’ than Dallas. This is not as international a city and generally the people of Ft. Worth think Dallas has it all wrong. Basically it is just two hot sisters arguing over whether it is better to stay true to your roots as you travel or change a little based on what you have seen. Either way, they are from the same stock, they are hot and they are waiting to meet you!

Now, go get your lasso and your assless chaps and take Dallas by the horns!

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