Monthly Archive: August 2011


Silver and the Single Dude

I’m the last guy that ever though he’d write a financial article but after hanging out with Boris and el Matador over the years I’ve taken an increasing interest in the subject. These days... Read More


Charlie’s Letter to Mom and Dad

Here’s the email I sent my parents today about the upcoming financial collapse of America. Note: this is not meant to be entertaining. Mom, Dad, I think that your current investments in American securities... Read More


Help Wanted for Team Charlie

I’ve written frequently before about my love of the company of high quality women. I am at heart a womanizer. But sometimes I start to think that I’ve gotten a little too good at... Read More


Get ready for a rough week…

When is the last time APMEX said: *Attention – Due to the uncertainty in the global precious metals markets, we will not be able to accept any additional orders until the global markets re-open... Read More


I told you so!

Dear Assholes, For all the people that left comments telling me how dumb an investment gold is, I told you so. Even I didn’t think the shit was going to start hitting the fan... Read More


Get Bent, Reverend RG Green!

Since we published our recent hate mail article entitled “Retard Says What?” we have noticed while scanning our Google Analytics stats that a surprising number of visitors arrive at our site by using the... Read More