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So you finally escaped the corporate prison and moved abroad but your 15-minute business plan isn’t quite firing on all the cylinders yet and you need to make some extra cash. No problem! Besides the luxury lifestyle at a budget price and all the beautiful women you’re enjoying, simply speaking fluent English with no discernible accent affords you special skill that opens up a lot of interesting potential side jobs for you in most Single Dude Travel recommended destinations.

1. Teaching English PROS: Flexible hours, stable consistent work, may offer assistance with housing and/or visa and work permit. CONS: Not usually very high paying (although it can be if you find wealthy private clients). Teaching can be a great thing to do in a foreign country. It doesn’t pay very much (usually) but sometimes your employer will offer you housing assistance and often times help with your visa which can be huge. You may be able to pickup lucrative private clients like wealthy businesses men that want to learn high level business English. If you have advanced degrees yourself this will improve your chances.

2. Acting PROS: High paying, fun, exciting, often does not require visa or work permit, totally awesome to brag to your friends back home about. CONS: Work is not consistent or stable. You might be surprised to learn that these jobs are totally easy to get in foreign countries. When some kind of film production takes place in a foreign country they usually only fly in the top actors, the rest are cast locally. Most roles in most movies are not speaking roles and the few speaking roles usually end up going by default to people working in the Embassy or soldiers stationed nearby or whoever else just happens to be there. Give them a run for the money and get out there to those castings. Make sure you get a speaking role though ($250 – $1000 or more per day) because non speaking roles pay shit, perhaps as little as $25 per day. Besides big foreign productions (often hard to come by) you also have open to you TV, commercials, independent films, b-movies, music videos and more. Any time a character has to speak English as a believable native speaker there is a potential role for you.

3. Voice-overs PROS: Can be relatively high paying. CONS: Not really exciting like being in an action movie with shit blowing up everywhere. There is plenty of demand for voice-overs in native English in other countries. Find out who casts for this in your location and get involved.

4. Face Jobs (China and maybe other places in Asia) PROS: What could be easier. CONS: Doesn’t sound like very interesting work. For the uninformed, this has also be described by CNN as “renting white people“. Chinese companies believe they gain credibility by simply having a white guy around and they pay for it, sometimes handsomely.

5. Sales PROS: High earning potential. CONS: Not easy. Most single dude friendly destinations are also excellent outsourcing locations as well. You will often find large western companies attempting to exploit the dirt cheap labor in your travels. The flip side of this is that there are going to be many local companies looking to get a foot in the door with these western giants. A nice, smooth, slick talking westerner will be of interest to many local companies with something to sell to the large western companies. In the east, companies are often very disorganized and mismanaged and westerners are often considered business gods.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s a good starting point. Some or all of these jobs will be found in almost all of the destinations we recommend. There is a lot of opportunity for native English speakers so think outside the box and get out there and pound the pavement. You may be surprised at the weird and interesting opportunities that come your way. Maybe you’ll even become a shitty b-movie action star (your chances are way better abroad than in Hollywood!).

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