Up Yours, Rebecca Watson!

Since we at Single Dude Travel started this blog we have been exposed to the so-called “blogosphere” and it’s been very interesting that this little world really does have a whole life of its own.  It’s amazing the number of geniuses, retards, cool dudes, fake hot chicks, fake hot chick ass-kissers, real hot chick ass-kissers, douchebags, hipsters and assholes are out there.  Boris recently called my attention to an incident that started in real life and has quickly become a heated discussion in the blog pseudoreality.  Many people have weighed in on it already but I feel compelled to add my two cents.

There is this chick named Rebecca Watson who is one of many internet blogger feminists.  Her website is called “Skepchick” provides an answer to a question nobody asked, namely her feminist take on the “skeptical” community.  Unfortunately she seems to be pretty popular and recently gave a speech to a gathering of atheists in Dublin in which she gave some discussed sexism in the atheist community. Then she went to the bar, got smashed and enjoyed all the betas drooling over her. Around 4 AM she says she got tired and headed back to her hotel room.  This is where the story really starts, because as she relates, some Irish dude got on the elevator with her and said the following thing to her:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I find you very interesting, and I would like to talk more. Would you like to come to my hotel room for coffee?

That asshole!  Anyway, she said no, and he didn’t do anything else, just meekly stood there until the elevator ride was over. Then Rebecca did a little video blog entry on her website and said:

Just a word to the wise here, guys. Don’t do that. I don’t know how else to explain how this makes me very uncomfortable, but I’ll just sort of lay it out: I was a single women in foreign country in a hotel elevator with you, just you, and I—don’t invite me back to your hotel room right after I finish talking about how it creeps me out and makes me uncomfortable when men sexualize me in that manner.

So much for not taking it the wrong way, Seamus! This incident has ignited a firestorm in the blogosphere and you would not believe the shit that people are writing about this.  Check out the post and comments.  You can really get a much better idea of how highly she thinks of herself from her manner of speaking, but if you don’t really feel like listening to her self-indulgent rambling that is not on this particular topic, skip to 4:30 for her description of the harrowing incident of being asked for coffee in an elevator.

Now, let’s examine some more evidence.  Here is what Google Images brings up for her:

Would you fuck this chick?

Would you fuck this chick?

I mean, how drunk was this irish dude?

I mean, how drunk was this irish dude?


Come on, drunk Irish dudes! You can do better!

Here’s what we can conclude from this:

1. Rebecca is pretty ugly and you wouldn’t look at her twice on the street in any country with hot chicks in it, like Bulgaria or Latvia.
2. That Irish guy’s game was not that good.
3. That Irish guy was super drunk and had super beer goggles.
4. Rebecca Watson is a bitch who thinks she’s a lot hotter, cooler and smarter than she actually is.

Now enter Richard Dawkins, who is a big shot in atheist circles. He posted the following comment on her site which is pretty crude but spot on:

Dear Muslima

Stop whining, will you. Yes, yes, I know you had your genitals mutilated with a razor blade, and . . . yawn . . . don’t tell me yet again, I know you aren’t allowed to drive a car, and you can’t leave the house without a male relative, and your husband is allowed to beat you, and you’ll be stoned to death if you commit adultery. But stop whining, will you. Think of the suffering your poor American sisters have to put up with.

Only this week I heard of one, she calls herself Skep”chick”, and do you know what happened to her? A man in a hotel elevator invited her back to his room for coffee. I am not exaggerating. He really did. He invited her back to his room for coffee. Of course she said no, and of course he didn’t lay a finger on her, but even so . . .

And you, Muslima, think you have misogyny to complain about! For goodness sake grow up, or at least grow a thicker skin.


Pretty funny, and I agree. In a world where billions of people live on less than $1 a day, don’t have access to clean water, medicine, food, and lots of women can’t drive, vote, and are forced to wear wear black burkhas in 100 degree weather, it’s appalling and disgraceful that a spoiled little bitch like Rebecca Watson feels the need to complain that some Irish dude asked her, a girl who was at the bar until 4 in the morning, back to his room. But as an ugly swamp donkey, it must have been an unfamiliar experience for her. See, regular hot chicks have guys hitting on them all the time since they were 13 years old, and they have learned not to get all pissed off when that happens. I did an unofficial poll today of hot chicks in Singapore and they all agreed that it happens frequently to them, and the proper thing is to politely refuse and then get on with your life. By the way, Rebecca is now calling for a complete boycott of Richard Dawkins’ books and organizing letter writing campaigns and more for his crime of pointing out her complete lack of understanding that people in the real world actually have real problems.

Now there has been a lot of discussion about this event from the feminist/misogynist angle which I think is being beaten to death. Feminist retards are saying that Dawkins, as a white male, has never experienced the sort of terror of being propositioned by a strange man in an elevator (try getting your balls grabbed by Chinese Mafia ladyboys in KL) and just because worse sexism exists in the rest of the world he doesn’t have the right… oh fuck it it’s not even worth paraphrasing the ridiculous claptrap of all these stupid bitches and their pussified man-mirrors. How about putting on some goddamn makeup, girls?

I would rather discuss the human angle of this. Put yourself in this drunk Irish dude’s shoes. He probably had a crush on this ugly ass chick for a while (he obviously hasn’t read our first article) and saw his one chance to get her after 50 other nerdy geeks were drooling over her all night, in a great example a-la The Hunger’s Last Man Standing in the Hostel Principle. He saw his one chance ever and went for it, his game was bad, and he got shot down.

What the fuck is wrong with that? I think that sometimes you only get one chance at the girl of your nightmares. You gotta try. He tried, didn’t touch her, and took no for an answer. Rebecca Watson’s taking offense is the behavior of someone who takes every interaction with the opposite sex as some sort of battle. She picked this fight over nothing, and it was a great move for her. Who ever heard of that stupid bitch before a real author like Richard Dawkins pointed out how dumb she is? Just a bunch of pimply atheist beta dudes.

Really her complete inability to deal with someone as a person with regular grown up social skills, along with other visual evidence like her stupid glasses and clothes makes me convinced that she’s really just another socially stunted hipster chick like Kreayshawn. Different image, perhaps, but same inability to deal with normal social situations. It’s just sad, now we have hipster atheist feminists.

Up yours, Rebecca Watson! Thanks for trying to make it socially unacceptable to be a regular, open, friendly, nice person. Atheists, go to Russia. The girls there are much hotter, much smarter than pseudo-intellectual sanctimonious bitches like Rebecca Watson and would never videoblog that you’re an asshole if you asked them to coffee. Fucking hipsters.

Boris on Skepchick

Boris asks for advice from the “Skepchicks”

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie.

I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I’ve developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There’s no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you’re not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • ra232

    Why do you hate me? Do you know me or anything about me or are you just a hate filled being. You know that hate will rot your soul and turn you into a person that I bet you rather not be.

  • David

    Guys, she’s right, please do not view her as a sexual being, because the LAST thing we need is Rebecca Watson’s genes being perpetuated via reproduction.

  • dk

    Oh hey, more complaining about women wanting to be treated like normal people from a dipshit meme spouting PUA wannabe with a 4th rate blog.

    • Muñoz

      Normal people gets trashed when they are pedantic and hollow headed… so I don’t see how she is getting any special treatment.

  • Muñoz

    Ugly attention whore… not even good looking enough to be tolerated.

  • Randy

    It may be worse than you know. In a video I saw today (unsure when it was recorded) she was complaining that men would ask her what her name was. In public.

    • link?

    • Sounds like the criminal charge “Outrage of Modesty” in Sinagpore.

    • ra232

      Heck I heard that a man was breathing on the same planet as she was! How dare men breathe or exist on the same planet? Ditch the Feminiazi into the harem and done with it.

  • Salamander

    Pure hilarity… and we’re reading it a year later. I love you guys!

  • Wenis

    What kind of vapid shrew would target a man’s career just because he belittled her? How shallow is that? There’s feminism and then there’s ridiculous. Then again, her viewership is a fraction of Dawkins. Freedom of Speech* *UNTIL YOU HURT MY FEELINGS

  • Sophia

    Oh feminists. They make women look so bad, I am one, and I even see that. You’re right, Charlie, agree politely and walk away. She should seriously react better, and as for looks, she’s not terrible. I mean, it’s more of the way she acts that makes her unappealing. Makeup is useless, you can only cover so much.

  • S’

    total waste of article space

  • Thomas Billet

    I know this is ridiculously late and it’s died down but I thought I should point something interesting out.

    On SGU for pretty much the first three years she was on there she, in pretty much every podcast, asked for gifts from her “worshippers” repeated that she loves the attention and marriage proposals. She basically repeats over and over that she loves the attention she’s getting from men.

    The guys on the show even got pissed off because someone wrote in “Hi guys, and goddess”. They pointed out that the fans should tone it down because they sound pathetic and desperate.

    On the following show she told them off! Saying that they insulted her fans. Also she said, half jokingly, that the show had moved up the iTunes charts since she joined.

    Listen to them if you get a chance, it’s so absurd. Oh and she kept repeating how she loved being called sexy and kept telling guys “keep it up, you aren’t losers.”.

    And now that repulsive idiot has the audacity to show a crowd messages that have been sent from guys who “sexualize” her.


    The thing that annoys me the most about this is the fact that there are lesser known female skeptics and atheists who are actually intelligent and are able to develop their own opinions and ideas yet this parasite is seen as being the feminist skeptic leader. She’s ridden along on other’s hard work, she’s contributed nothing to the community.

    And I’m quite certain that most of her “opinions” are from Dawkin’s books but now that she thinks she has a firm position at the top she tries to boycott him. It’s genuinely sickening.

    Oh and on the boycott, people claiming she’s made a personal decision to not buy his books are just wrong. She did write that but also said that she’d be suggesting that others do the same.

    This whole thing has made me realize just how faulty these so called skeptic’s thinking is.

    Thanks to that parasite and others like her yet another noble cause and way of life is slowly becoming a fashion and is bringing along more and more vacuous image obsessed idiots who think, thanks to their role model, that skepticism consists of knowing how to say the word and how to act superior (to themselves) with minimum effort.

    Oh and don’t forget the ironic glasses, you aren’t allowed in until you have at least four pairs each with a “zany” pattern whether you need them or not.

  • WeirdDude

    Not sure if this even matters, but Rebecca Watson is married.

  • RandomDude

    blatant chauvinism. author and majority of commentators are a disgrace to modern western sensibilities and common courtesy

    • Thanks for visiting. I take it as a compliment to be a disgrace to modern Western sensibilities. Those sensibilities have brought us to the precipice.

  • Peter

    Hollister you write a lot! This looks like a soap opera! The video chick thinks she is a celebrity, the entitled tone in the video is funny coming from such an ugly woman. And she doesn’t look that young to me. I think she is one of those closet butch lesbians.

  • This is the most hilarious coverage I have seen, so far.

    If you google ‘Rebecca Watson’, this is on page 7. This page should really be the #1 result on page 1.

  • Phyraxus

    You guys are fucking hilarious. I love how you guys respond to the trolls, even though you probably shouldn’t.

    I live in the US near Mexico and I can testify that American Women are shit for partners. Mexican women are much more humble, caring, kind, and loving. I wish I could afford to travel but will definitely look into it in a couple of years.

    Keep on fighting the good fight against the kool-aid that is modern feminism.

  • Maaldweb

    have you heard her voice? She sounds like a trannie…

  • TAS

    “Rebecca is pretty ugly and you wouldn’t look at her twice on the street in any country with hot chicks in it, like Bulgaria or Latvia.”

    If she got contact lenses, a tan, some makeup, and a nice dress, she would probably look attractive. But like most nerd girls, she goes for the asexual look.

    • She’s a hipster though, and spends as much time on her appearance as any Miss America contestant. Look at her eyebrows.

    • She’s too fat.

  • Heilmut

    I laughed my ass off reading this. Have you seen the new video of here? Where she acts like a spoiled 4 year old brat? That elevator guy is lucky she didn’t say yes.

  • If Rebecca Watson was impregnated by ‘dude in elevator’ and Richard Dawkins aborted the fetus, put it in a jar of formaldehyde and let it sit on his desk, Hollister would be that jar of fetal juice.

    • Hahahaha. True dat!

  • Frank

    Ahahahaha! I love how *mad* Hollister is! I love how much she *cares* about a stupid fucking blog post! I fucking love it! I can picture her fat, ugly, moustached orca ass (or maybe a bony, anorexic, pale pimply ass, I’m not psychic) crammed into her computer chair while she types away furiously, with steam shooting out her ears as she verbally destroys the e-patriarchy!

    I fucking love it. She cares *so much* she has left a dozen or more comments here, some of them paragraphs long.

    Hollister, you familiar with Cam’ron? He’s one of my favorite rappers.

    • I thought Hollister was a “she” too but he/she/it claims to be a big manly man that rides Harleys…. i.e.e either lying or totally retarded/insane/brain damaged who knows what… Who cares anyway, as long as we all got some amusement out of it, that’s all that matters.

  • Evan

    Perusing the comments and article, I can already predict what kind of asinine response my comment will elicit, but if one person reads and digests this, then it will have proven worthwhile. To make this lucid and relatable, I will put the male-female dynamic to the side and ask you to imagine being in a closed space, alone with another person. Now, assume this person is physically daunting to you (6-8 inches bigger with a solid 100lbs.), would you like it if the elevator doors closed and he turned and just stared at you? Now, your answer will either be no (in which case you are lying), or yes, but you will stipulate that just because it makes me uncomfortable doesn’t mean this man is not allowed to stare. I agree. I don’t think it should be illegal, nor did Rebecca imply that her accoster should be jailed. She just pointed out that it was creepy and gave some pretty generic advice to guys out there…say thank you single dudes! Anyways, what this boils down to is sensitivity. If you think that there is a good chance you would be making the other person, guy or girl, less comfortable for NO reason at all, then why stare? Most people grow up and their intuit will dictate this to them, but Rebecca spelled it out for the rest of you. Don’t proposition a woman in a confined space, because in all likelihood, she will be creeped out and potentially feel very threatened. To Charlie: great job being a poster boy for ignorance, kudos!

    • Evan

      I obviously meant that “your answer will either be YES (in which case you are lying), or NO.

    • LOL! You are asinine!

    • Thanks!

  • I told her I was going to miss my crosswalk sign, she kicked me with her little flip flop adorned foot and giggled (I should have known that was ASSAULT).

    • Concerned Citizen

      You think you have it bad. I was going into an account today with arms full of equipment. TWO women opened both doors for me. I knew they had evil intent. They aren’t fooling me.

  • Hollister

    Lucky for you you weren’t in a small, confined space, so had the option of running away. Say, why didn’t you run away ?

    • He was probably paralyzed with fear because it was such a distressing situation. I would recommend that he go home and make a video blog about it, that will surely help alleviate some of the emotional pain and distress caused by this traumatic incident. I am considering taking up a collection for him to ensure that he can receive the appropriate psychological care so that one day he may be able to return to a normal life after such a post traumatic stress inducing experience. Would you like to donate?

  • Walking down Randolph Street (downtown Chicago) yesterday and a cute girl canvassing for starving children stops me and tells me what she does. I listen to what she has to say, I’m pretty big on non-profit after all, and I like the company she works for. Anyway, after getting my information she tells me that I am cute and writes her email address on top of the pamphlet, suggesting that I hit her up sometime.

    The old me would have been flattered and emailed her. However, now that I have been enlightened as to what is appropriate conduct (thank you, Rebecca Watson) I know that this was an UNWANTED SEXUAL ADVANCE.

    I should probably blog about what a filthy bitch she was for asking me if I wanted to help starving kids, and even worse, that she told me I was cute. Who did she think she was???????

  • Hollister

    One suspects that in some company any woman who publicly complains of unwanted advances automatically qualifies for being considered a wanton c-word.

    • Words cannot describe how much you suck.

    • Concerned Citizen

      “One suspects that in some company any woman who publicly complains of unwanted advances automatically qualifies for being considered a wanton c-word.”

      Watch the video again where she (Watson) talks about the elevator guy. First off this should have been a private trivial matter. But when she blogs about she addressing and lecturing all men, and she does it in the most snide and condescending matter possible. What is she so friggin hot no male can walk by her without making a pass at her? You have a woman (with the emotional development of a 3-year-old) doing her best to turn men in misogynists and then she complains about misogyny.

      In my line of work I’m surrounded by attractive females. Attractive and socially adjusted women don’t behave in this manner. They just don’t.

      • Hollister

        “But when she blogs about she addressing and lecturing all men, and she does it in the most snide and condescending matter possible”

        Obviously, you and I don’t have the same threshold for what constitutes snide and condescending… that is all.

        Her blog was not really addressed to all men, but to the small(ish), but growing, community of skeptics and atheists who watch her blog. She had just given a talk about how some women are being kept away from organized events and skepticism in general because they have grown tired of being constantly hit upon and occasionally even pawed by the males in the group. She’s always described herself as being of a rather flirtatious nature, and she has certainly shown that in her exchanges with the male hosts of the SGU podcast, so for a long time this behaviour did not particularly bother her. At least not until other well-known female atheists and skeptics started telling her why they did not attend events hosted by this community. So she started giving presentations on the subject at skeptic and atheist meetings. The elevator “event” occured after one of these presentations and made her feel really uncomfortable, so she mentionned it in her blog as a perfect example of what not to do. That is when the name-calling began.

        What’s particularly funny, is how her physical attributes figure in good place in most of the name-callers comments. As if a woman who does not meet their high standards is not allowed to complain. I am of the opinion that if she was a ravishing beauty these same name-callers would then criticize her because as a ravishing beauty she should expect to be hit upon, including in hotel elevators at 4:00 in the morning.

        • What is with this White Knight crap?

          • Hollister

            The one thing that really riles me in life is mob mentality. Sometimes, maybe often, the person being ganged-up on has a point that others fail to see because they’re busy egging and encouraging each other on to see who can hurl the largest stone at the victim.

            Anyway, I’ve enjoyed this exchange, insults and all, but the exercise has become sterile; after I press the Post Comment button I will continue to believe that Ms Watson was correct in pointing out that there are circumstances in which we men should thread a little more lightly while others who lurk around here will continue to believe that I am an ass who insists on defending an obnoxious ,spoiled, c-word of a brat. I haven’t swayyed you and you haven’t swayed me. Perhaps some time in the future we will all find something we can agree on… (beer, maybe ?), but right now, in this discussion, we’re just going around in circles.

          • Thanks for keeping the discussion lively, dude!

        • “Obviously, you and I don’t have the same threshold for what constitutes snide and condescending… that is all.”

          Or maybe you fail to grasp the obvious?

  • Concerned Citizen

    “Gentlemen (and I may be using the term loosely), are our collective egos really so fragile that we can’t handle a young woman telling us that sexual advances are not always welcome or appropriate ?”

    No, but maybe we should be able to tell some repulsive female blogger she’s behaving like a wanton c-word.

    • Couldn’t agree more!

  • Annie

    Damn what a response… Here’s my two cents, as a woman and as someone who would consider myself a feminist: Use the “would it have bothered you if a woman did it?” rule. For example, if a woman had asked Rebecca Watson to join her in her room for coffee, I doubt that it would have made her so uncomfortable. On the other hand, the basic human rights violations that Richard Dawkins refers to would be deplorable regardless of the instigator. It’s not about who the perpetrator is, it’s about the act and whether or not a woman was victimized based on her gender.

    • Annie, we love you and we miss you.

      • Annie

        Charlie, I’ve been reading but have been too busy to write. Once fall comes and work settles down, I’ll crank something out. Hopefully something of value, (as opposed to complete and utter shit…) 🙂

    • Hollister

      I don’t think it’s entirely a case of who did it so much as what did they really want.

      I think it can be taken for granted that if a woman had asked her for coffee, there wouldn’t be a story because nothing sexual would have been implied. Personally, I also suspect that if she had complained of being sexualized by a known lesbian she wouldn’t have received the flak she is receiving now.

      However, this occured in very particular circumstances and it’s pretty obvious that sex was implied. That makes all the difference. Unless, of course, you believe that “elevator guy” would have asked her back to his hotel room for coffee at 4:00am if she had been a “Mister” Watson instead of a Ms Watson…

      • Annie


        There is nothing offensive about a man wanting to have sex with a woman. There’s something offensive about him forcing it, demanding it, feeling entitled to it, etc. But a man simply wanting to have sex with a woman is NOT OFFENSIVE.

        A woman who likes to have sex with men from time to time

        PS Don’t cock block me.

        • Amen!

        • Hollister


          I believe her point was not about men wanting to have sex with women per se. If men and women did not have sex we would not be here to have this exchange. I believe her point was about being made to feel unsafe in the process. Unlike you, I have never been a young woman and in fact have a rather imposing physical presence, so I have no first hand experience in the matter, nevertheless I am willing to believe Ms Watson when she says that in some circumstances sexual advances can make women feel threatened and uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure that’s all she said.

          If that has not been your experience, that’s good, all the more power to you.

          • Really, nobody should care about whether or not this obnoxious spoiled brat felt “uncomfortable”. Where are you getting “unsafe” from anyway? I just tortured myself by listening to her vacuous rambling again and I didn’t hear anything about “unsafe” I only heard “uncomfortable” and “sexualize” neither of these expresses or implies a lack of safety. This chick is just whining and crying that she felt uncomfortable for about 30 seconds. If she did feel “unsafe” it was unreasonable for her to feel that way. If she can’t handle normal social interaction like an adult maybe she should become a shut in and then she won’t have to feel “uncomfortable” or “sexualized” next time somebody asks her for coffee.

  • Hollister

    Of course there is a difference ! that’s why it’s a non-sequitur: one has nothing to do with the other. As I said, the fact that in some retrograde cultures women are sadistically mutilated does not make it ok for women in western societies who are not sexually mutilated to feel threatened when alone in an enclosed space with a strange male. Btw, at no point did ms Watson try to claim that her experience was in any way worst, or even simply comparable, to the plight of muslim women. That particular mental leap was all Dawkins’. In fact, and I repeat myself here, she did not make a big deal of the incident. Dawkins and others made a big deal of it, but not Rebecca Watson. However, once this story reached the proportions it did, she ran with it. Frankly, I do find her repsonse to Richard Dawkins a little over the top, but certainly no more so than Richard Dawkins’ response to her blog. I suspect that those are two large egos. For my part, I will continue to purchase Dawkins’ books (I highly recommend The Greteast Show on Earth) and I will continue to listen to Ms. Watson’s podcasts.

    Gentlemen (and I may be using the term loosely), are our collective egos really so fragile that we can’t handle a young woman telling us that sexual advances are not always welcome or appropriate ?

    • Making a video blog about it is making a big deal about it. Dawkins was 100% on the money. It’s nice to know there are a few people that are still willing to stand up and call it like it is. This is very similar to when Roger Ebert called the drunken jackass for speeding and driving recklessly. Fuck the whiners and the politically correct.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I viewed her video blog again. Perhaps I’m biased, but I find her snide condescension beyond repulsive.

  • Hollister

    Hmm, typing on the iPad will require more practice before banishing all typos…

    • Keep commenting, I appreciate (while disagree with) your point of view.

      • You can’t possibly be saying this with a straight face.

  • Hollister

    I strongly suspect that neither you nor I know who she is, all we know of her is her public personna. That personna is of an atheist young woman who has recently taken the skeptical community to task for not being more welcomng to women. When women attending an event in a pub (aka Skeptics in the Pub) complain of being constanly hit upon and/or touched in inappropriate ways, there indeed is a problem. It should not surprise you that this sort of behaviour keeps women away from what might otherwise be a friendly drink and intellectual discussion. So, what has Ms. Watson done to deserve the ire of so many (and the support of many more, I might add) ? She pointed out that this is happening and that it is not nice.
    After giving a talk on this very subject and sticking around afterwards to continue the discussion at the hotel bar, she got hit upon the moment she was alone with some guy and proceeded to tell us not to do that. I repeat, however, that she did not make a big deal of this. Others did make a big deal, Dawkins included. It is they whom you should blame for wasting your time.

    Speaking of Dawkins, how, pray tell do you reach the conclusion that she should apologize to
    him ? his whole argument is that because other women have it worst, Rebecca Watson has no basis for complainng. As I’ve already stated, that is a non-sequitur. Apparently, being a respected member of the skeptic/atheist movement does not preclude Mr Dawkins from commiting thet occasional asshatery… Fortunately he does not make a habit of it.

    • Rebecca Watson has no basis for complaining because she has nothing to complain about.

    • So Richard Dawkins writes a “non-sequitur” comment and she calls for a boycott of his books? Does that seem appropriate? More or less so than videoblogging about some poor guy making an alleged pass at her? I stand by my article, Rebecca Watson is a spoiled little bitch with delusions of grandeur. I appreciate the use of the word “asshattery” but otherwise after further reflection I think you’ve been drinking the Western bullshit feminist Kool-Aid. It does matter that there is a difference between being made to “feel uncomfortable” in an elevator by regular human behavior and having your goddamn clit cut off and anyone who can’t see the difference needs a dose of real-world perspective, stat.

  • Hollister

    Bbb…but…but, you said you loved me….

    You know, when being called a disgrace, one should always consider the source. In this case I am quite satisfied because meeting with your approval would likely mean taking several steps back down the evolutionary scale. Upward is usually the preferred direction in which to evolve, but you are quite free to remain stationary on whichever lower rung you feel most comfortable, after all if your definition of masculinity was good enough for your ancestors, then it’s good enough for you !

    • I think Boris tends to get a little melodramatic when he responds to comments. I don’t think you’re a disgrace, but I’m a little unclear as to why you’re sticking up for Rebecca. Of course we weren’t in the elevator so we really can’t know how it all went down, but the way she tells it it really seems like the guy was pretty non-threatening. Furthermore she made a whole shitload of assumptions about his intentions (“sexualizing me in that manner”) that I consider to be the definition of sexism. Probably this dork was too much of a dork to even dream of banging her anyway. Maybe he really did want to talk and have coffee, or maybe get audacious and hold her hand (after asking for permission, of course). But no, he’s a man and any friendly advance is to be interpreted as an objectification, a threat, and a violation of some new social more that I haven’t gotten the memo for yet.

      Maybe you and Boris can quit namecalling and actually discuss the actual issue instead.

      • Charlie,

        Have you lost your mind in Asia or what? Anyone that would stick up for this chick or even acknowledge this issue as legitimate has lost all their marbles (not some, all). Any such person is strictly to be ridiculed for entertainment value and nothing more. You would try to have a logical debate with someone diagnosed as legally insane would you?

      • Hollister

        I stick up for Ms Watson mostly because as a regular listener of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe (sgu) podcast, I know her not to be the shrill feminista you are making her out to be. She is a very smart, well spoken young woman and not at all anti-men. The only thing she is firmly against is religion. If she is a rabid anything, then it would have to be a rabid atheist.

        The only thing she did in her video blog was to ask guys not to hit on women when they are in a position where they might feel threatened. All she said was “guys, don’t do this” she did not use an agressive tone, she did not even make a major issue of it. Indeed, it wasn’t even the subject of her blog.

        As for Dawkins’ response, it is a complete non-sequitur. Yes, Muslim women have it bad, but that does not make it ok for western women to not feel safe when they are alone in an elevator at 4:00 in the morning.

        As a husband and a father of two young women I have to ask myself, what can we men do for women not to feel at least a fleeting tinge of insecurity when they find themselves alone with us in a small enclosed space ?

        As for the particular incident, you’re right, we weren’t there, but it’s pretty disingenuous to think that inviting a woman back to your hotel room in the wee hours would be perceived as anything other than an advance. Let’s keep in mind that for the person receiving the request perception is everything.

        • I like the person you are describing but that’s not who she is. The person you are describing would have never started this farce in the first place. And if she did do this during a momentary lapse of judgment she would now be apologizing profusely to Richard Dawkins and to the public at large for even wasting a microsecond of any of our time on this non-issue. Dawkins’ original comment responding to this nonsense could not have been more on the money. The whole of humanity should be demanding that Rebecca Watson return us every last electronic that has been wasted on this ridiculous non-issue debating it in the “blogosphere”.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I took some time to view some Watson’s video ramblings. First off she has delusions of grandeur. She thinks she’s way more relevant (and superior) than what she is. I think most females might have some security concerns but most would be flattered once they got off the elevator and nothing has happened. Perhaps the Irish guy just wanted to talk to her over coffee.

    Her general attitude depicts a sick individual. She’s an average-looking woman, not ugly but not a raving beauty either. I agree with a previous poster that what she has going for her is her youth, but being young is very fleeting. A few years down the road she will be just another angry useless feminist.

    • Hollister

      Seriously ?!? you think she should feel flattered that nothing happened ? you actually believe that being hit upon in a hotel elevator at 4:00am is a compliment that trumps any security concerns she may have had ? seriously, this is what you believe ?

      …and then I’m the one who gets told that I represent all that is wrong with the western world.

      • I think he meant she should feel flattered that someone hit on her.

        • Hollister

          He said that she should have felt flattered once she got off the elevator and nothing had happened. Ok, so I’ll grant you that poor grammar may have obscured his actual meaning. Still, though, he’s saying that she might have had some security concerns, but once they proved unfounded she should have felt flattered. I suspect that others here share that belief. Don’t any of you see a problem with this ? Why is it ok to hit on someone in a situation where they might feel vulnerable and fear for their security ?

          Are you so amazingly fantastic that any woman who does not meet your high aesthetic standards should feel grateful that you paid any attention to her, regardless of the circumstances ?

          • You are a serious disgrace to men everywhere.

          • Concerned Citizen

            How the hell could this guy know this woman is a paranoid loon? She’s the one being the sexist pig (to steal a feminist phrase). I imagine there was a very small chance that geekboy would have raped her in the elevator of the hotel of the conference they both attended but there was a also a very small chance that an asteroid could fall out of the sky and splatter her all over but I doubt she goes around worrying about that.

            All she had to do is say thanks but no thanks and be done with it. Most men and women (that are sane) tend to view someone of the opposite sex taking a interest in them as a compliment. This is regardless of whether they accept the invitation or not.

            Also to talk about someone you have rejected is in poor taste. To blog about it is even worse.

      • Keep digging.

  • Hollister

    Charlie, you do know that you’re an idiot, right ?

    Those of you who commented should start by actually watching Ms. Watson’s video blog, then you might leave some informed comments instead of this ITG-worthy drivel. You all come accross as a bunch of Neanderthals who’s insecurity is showing.

    • We watched it (and linked to it above). You are both idiots that represent everything that is wrong with the western world. Thanks for commenting.

      • Hollister

        No, no, thank YOU. I have been called worst and by much worthier people. And I’m still pretty sure that most of you did not watch the video. Maybe all you did was skip to the 4:30 comment. How else to explain that you accuse her of ranting or rambling ? she does neither. As for the elevator incident, she hardly makes a big issue of it. All she says in the video is a quick and fairly undestated “guys, don’t do this” in a video blog where that is not the main topic. She did not make a big issue of it, but others did.

        Everything that is wrong with the western world ? me ? really ? wow. I feel giddy; that Boris character thinks I represent everything that is wrong with the western world. My life is complete. I am so puffed up with pride right now that the helmet might not fit when I hop on Harley later this evening.

        By the way, I’m a fifty-something straight male with a Harley, a belly, and a beard, yet it still seems that when it comes to human relations, I have outevolved you. You really should consider putting the club down and stepping outside the cave…

        • We love you.

          • Dragonheart

            Don’t say that man. He’s got a belly and a beard. That changes everything.

    • The thing that really bothers me about her is not her video blog entry which is just some usual hipster feminist entitled drivel, but the fact that she organized a boycott and letter writing campaign against Richard Dawkins for calling out her lack of perspective. That’s the real proof of how shitty she is.

  • Going Rebecca Watson – the process by which an already unattractive woman becomes more unattractive by overtly complaining about whatever attention comes her way.

  • drex

    I’ve shagged worse.. I’d have done her the favour she really needs.. And she would love it so much she wouldn’t dream of pressing charges!!

  • Bigger Brother

    What a sick person. I bet women hate her as much as men.

  • Dude, funny stuff.

    Aside from name calling and abuse, I think RW aka Skepchick needs to actually do some self reflection over this.
    She had a lot of readers before, and probably even more now, so I hope she does something positive with this influence more than just push her version of feminism and arrogance around.

    I got sucked into the furore and wrote a couple of blogs on the matter (http://tonyryan.org.uk/?p=602 and http://tonyryan.org.uk/?p=582 ) , but I shan’t be doing any more. Time to move on to the real issues!

    • Yeah, but she probably won’t. What agenda does she have other than self-aggrandizement?

  • Quartermain

    Maybe we ought to start calling that kind of female behavior as “going rebecca watson”.

    • Fantastic idea… I’m going to add it to the vocabulary. Can you give us your preferred definition for “going rebecca watson”?

      • Tony Ryan – Coffee Loving Skeptic

        Add the definition to the UrbanDictionary site and then forward it around so it goes viral 🙂

      • Quartermain

        “Going rebecca watson” could be defined as “taking offence to any invitation from a socially awkward guy and choosing to massively humiliate him for his poor choice.

  • El Matador

    Skepchik is a caricature of American women’s shortcomings. Unfortunately, we all know someone like this.

    • I accidentally dated one once – the dangers of online dating in America. She tried to convert me to here twisted way of thinking and I dumped her in short order. Luckily I had planned a 3 week European getaway shortly there after and I returned to find her waiting in my driveway in high heels and lingerie – it was hot and creepy at the same time. Anyway any time I see one of these dumb feminist chicks I think of her. I found it so ironic that publicly she was such a rabid feminist but privately she was pining away for some random dude she met online that dumped her after 2 weeks expressly because of her rabid feminism. It was about the time she delivered the line “women are so oppressed in this country” that I told her to take a hike.

  • Michal

    Figures. Although I’m an agnostic and (somewhat) liberal, atheist liberal women generally make the worst partners since feminism of the worst kind is usually implied. At least in the USA. I’d take a good conservative feminine Christian girl (not too crazy Christian, however) over an atheist liberal feminist hipster bitch any day…

  • Dracon

    Not sure if I want to wander into the silliness but what the hell.

    Rebecca Watson may be an overly dramatic attention seeking idiot, but she may also have a valid point. However, whatever point she tried to make was watered down by the fact that she was being an overly dramatic attention seeking idiot.

    Her tender years are the only reason guys are remotely interested in her. That, plus a shitload of 6 packs.
    5 years down the road and even a drunken Irishman won’t give her the time of day.

    While you may not like the attention Rebecca, you’ll dislike the lack of it even more. In a few years she’ll no longer find it necessary to tell guys to leave her alone. They’ll do it anyway.

    You think she’s a pissed off bitch now…


    • Dude, I like most of your comment but “she may also have a valid point” – WHAT? WTF?!? What could possibly be a valid point in any of her idiotic rambling!?

    • Chz Wiz

      Did she declare her sexual preferences? Maybe she doesn’t care for men at all. From the pictures it appears she is one of those loser girls that couldn’t get a prom date. She was probably made to feel inferior by 90% of the girls in high school.

  • Fugly, hairy ass bitch should be flattered a man even acknowledged her presence without spitting on her for being such a disgrace to humanity.

    LOL @ literally anything nowadays being considered rape.

    stupid whores give real rape victims a bad name and make it so that no one believes them.

  • Carmo

    How can you possibly defend this type of behavior? She got hit on, she didn’t get raped. Life goes on, pull your head out of your giant ass and look at the bigger picture. The fact that this is even a story goes to show you how out of touch and absurd American culture and society has become. I mean really, how big of an ego does this sorry excuse for a human being have that she can’t recognize how completely insane she sounds.

    p.s. It sounds like you have a thing for Charlie. Girls often resort to name calling when they are feeling attraction for a guy, just saying.

    • I wish this ridiculous non issue were confined just to the US but sadly this has become a decidedly international incident considering that it occurred at a convention of these fucking losers and Richard Dawkins is now commenting on it.

  • Ted

    I definitely wouldn’t hit on this stereotypical plain Jane. She should remember it fondly, because in a few years, as her minimal beauty fades into oblivion, even drunk men won’t be that desperate.

    • Vaibhav

      what minimal beauty!!??

      • Tom

        good one!!!
        if i had a dog like that i’d shave its @ss and teach it to walk backwards….

  • ashley

    charlie you are such an asshole. she probably didnt like him because he was as ugly as you. pleeeeeze stay in singapore and shut up.

    • We love you Ashley and missed you so much!!!

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