Obicham te Bulgaria!

Bulgarian GirlsJust as I felt the need to proclaim my undying love for Mexico, I too feel the need to make a similar proclamation of my amorous feelings toward the wonderful Republic of Bulgaria. It’s taken me a lot of world travel to truly appreciate how much this small country has to offer in one neat little package. I mean really, the only drawbacks of Bulgaria are a decrepit infrastructure ravaged by communism and the mafia douchebag infestation which is currently raging much as it is everywhere else in Eastern Europe. But really besides some holes in the road and the poser gangsters, there really aren’t any significant drawbacks to Bulgaria.

Let’s talk about all the great things Bulgaria has to offer:

1.) Very inexpensive
2.) Tons of beautiful, classy, intelligent girls plus Chalga sluts if you need a one night stand
3.) Decent skiing (not Colorado or Switzerland quality but decent)
4.) Nice beaches (Sunny Beach is not a good example)
5.) Beautiful wine country that will remind you of northern Italy
6.) Great for all kinds of outdoor activities besides skiing such as camping, mountain climbing, white water rafting and more
7.) Four distinct seasons – other places are just unbearably hot or unbearably cold all the time and that really gets old
8.) A short and cheap flight from any major European airport
9.) Situated geographically close to other noteworthy travel destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Albania and Odessa, Ukraine to name a few
10.) European Union member
11.) Great party, with 24/7 bars and restaurants

I think most of these points essentially speak for themselves but number 10 is worthy of further discussion – why is visiting a member state of the European Union good? Let’s say you meet your dream girl in Bulgaria and you want to travel with her outside of Bulgaria. For the most part no problem. She can visit, or even live and work anywhere within the EU without any visa, permits or other hassles. You have no idea what an advantage this is until you’ve tried traveling with a Russian girl, a Chinese girl, a Thai girl, etc. They can’t go anywhere without serious hassle. It’s, true, your new Bulgarian sweetheart will not be able to go to the States without a hassle, but why would you want to take her there anyway? She would probably just turn into a bitch and get fat by eating McDonald’s food.

Now is the time to visit Bulgaria before it gets expensive and/or more Westernized. You will be amazed how much there is to see and do in this little country that isn’t even half the size of many US states.

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie.

I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I’ve developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There’s no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you’re not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • UK Surfer

    RC – Are you still in Eastern Europe?

  • dag mastr

    Yes Bulgaria is a great place, if you take sometime to learn the Cyrillic Alphabet and Bulgarian language it will pay big dividends, women there love it that I speak to them in their language and say I have a very cute accent. Actually it’s not hard to learn, just look at the gypsie with a donkey cart on the road and think if he can speak it I shouldn’t have a problem. Their number one product is the beautiful women, I would take it over any middle-eastern country any day of the week!

  • Sometime, please tell us what you know or have heard about Romania, and how it compares to its neighbors.

    • I’ve heard it very similar to Bulgaria, with the advantage of a Romance language instead of slavic. I bet they have great parties on the Black Sea in summer.

      • RC

        Yes they do have amazing parties on the Black Sea during Summer. I just got back from a great little beach resort town called Vama Veche. It’s 5 minutes from the Bulgarian border in Romania and it’s not well known to outsiders but it is very cool. Lots of bars and restaurants open all night along the beach and surrounding streets.
        Bars right on the beach with people dancing on the sand etc. Unbelievably hot women everywhere… and prices there are cheaper than Bucharest of course.

    • RC

      I’m a North American guy who has been in Romania now for 2 months as part of my own solo travel tour of Europe.
      I can tell you that Bucharest is a very nice city… safe, clean, no Gypsies and TONS of beautiful, friendly, smart girls… most of whom speak adequate if not fluent English. The main hot spot for chicks in Bucharest is in Lipscani (The Old City), which is a massive entertainment district encompassing several blocks of the old historical center featuring countless clubs, pubs, terraces, restaurants etc. The people watching here (i.e. chick watching) on any night is on par with only a few other places I’ve been (I’ve been around the world 2 or 3 times so I’m not blowing smoke up your ass with this info). I was here only 6 days (I did not go to the Old City until the 6th day due to work..or this might have happened sooner…) and I went to the Old City for my first time on a Friday night… I walked around randomly for 30 minutes trying to decide what patio to have a drink on.. found one.. and literally within 30 minutes a hot Romanian girl walked up to me and said she and her friends (at adjacent table drinking wine) noticed I was alone and would I like to come and join them! Does the sun rise in the East?? I accepted her offer immediately and sat down with them and started ‘working the room’. Within 10 minutes i had hooked up with the best looking one (the girl who had originally come over to invite me to her table). She is an accountant and makes an above average salary for Romania and she insists on paying for most things. 3 weeks later she invited me to live rent free at her apartment in the city and here I am. We have been on a few road trips around Romania during this time and just having a great time in general.
      Prices for most everything is very cheap here… not quite as cheap as Serbia or Bulgaria but very close.
      $2 for a pint of beer in most bars. Shots for $2 as well. Cheap taxis.. but only use Speed Taxi or Meridian Taxis because the rest are sketchy and you might get ripped off.
      The only con I can think of for Romania would be there are a huge number of stray dogs here and many are very aggressive and tend to form packs at night.
      Highly recommended city.

    • RC

      How does Romania compare to it’s neighbors?
      It compares very well… I spent last summer in Belgrade and I must say Belgrade is still the place to beat as far as impossibly hot, friendly, fluent English speaking girls go. If picking your jaw up from the floor constantly if your idea of a good time then go to Republic Square in the heart of Belgrade on a Friday night!
      The women that gather there are without peer in my opinion… then take a walk down Knez Mihailova and prepare to fall in love every 5 seconds.
      I’ve been to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Montreal etc… none of them hold a candle to Belgrade in this regard.
      But that being said, Bucharest is right up there and probably my second favorite after Belgrade.

      • That’s good info right there. Thanks.

      • RC

        Belgrade is one of the absolute cheapest destinations in the Balkans as well, plus I was surprised how open they are with weed there.
        I went into a bar one night and met the owner (if you’re from North America you will be a quasi-celebrity there). He pulls out a huge bud and starts rolling a joint right on the bar counter in front of his staff and all the patrons, then lights it up and shares it with me right there on the spot.
        Nobody even looked twice.. very cool.
        I’m off to Varna for 2 months this Saturday

        • Jealous.

        • RC

          Here is a great travel article about Sofia. This website is very useful in general when planning trips on the cheap to many destinations in the world.

          • RC

            Update: I have been in Varna for 2 days now.

            It’s a very nice small city (population aprox. 340,000) and it’s safe and clean etc.
            Not too many stray dogs either.
            Prices are rock bottom cheap here… a pint of Zagorka beer is $2 USD tops in the fancy bars downtown near the beach, and it gets even cheaper in the neighborhood bars away from the center.
            My apartment is about a 15 minute walk to the center or beach and the bars near my place sell pints (500cl large bottle) for as low as $1.25 USD!!!
            I rented a nice studio apartment, fully furnished with air conditioning and high speed wifi for only $275 USD per month!
            A taxi from my place to the beach is $2.50 USD
            Surprisingly, I have not been ripped off by a taxi driver yet.
            You can get a good meal consisting of traditional Slavic type fare for as low as $3.
            The main pedestrian street downtown that leads to the beach (where the Black Sea Casino & Hotel, McDonald’s, Happy Bar & Grill are located) is LOADED with stunning women!
            Saturday night I sat at a nice outdoor lounge called Vogue across from the Black Sea Casino and I could not believe my eyes… literally no more than 10 seconds would pass between sightings of phenomenally hot women walking past me.
            Sometimes there would be groups of them 4-5… and ALL OF THEM were smoking hot!
            This reminded me of Belgrade.
            Now I have to put Varna at the top of my list beside Belgrade for the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen anywhere.

            English seems to be in short supply here… I’ve been all over the city center and beyond the last 48 hours and have yet to meet anyone fluent in English (with the exception of the woman who rented me the apartment via Airbnb thank god).
            Some of the waitresses downtown seem to know a few words in English but that is about it so far.
            My planned 2 months here might be too long if nobody can speak fluent English.
            The girls are friendly for sure.. but that will not matter much if I can’t have a conversation with them!
            Hopefully I’m wrong and this improves somehow.

            Otherwise a highly recommended single dude travel destination!

  • BeijaFlor

    The only time I was in Bulgaria was an official TDY posting in Troyan. In February. I saw a few (damn few) beautiful faces, but I will say that Bulgarian plum brandy made a very favorable impression on me.

  • In Sofia for another 2 nights, then Varna for a couple nights, hit Sunny Beach, then to Istanbul for a while before flying back home to Oslo. You in the neighborhood?

    • I don’t think he’ll be back on that side of the world until September.

    • Nope not going to be in that region at all. Too bad.

  • @Boris: Hunger and I will be in Bulgaria for a bit, you still there?

    • Not in BG anymore. When are you going ,for how long and where?

  • Dood McMan

    Notice the gals in the photo have no tits! Yes Bulgaria has some hot chix, but really if U want 2 C real heaven, check out Lebanon =) Yes, that’s correct. Yea’ I know I know ‘so backward’ U say, but it’s true – & tho’ most Middle Eastern folk R fat, ugly, & disgusting, when they’re hot they’re FREAKING OFF THE SCALE! =D Same goes 4 Turkey & many other far off LANDS. OMG if U think Americans R ugly, turkey is a wake up call indeed! HAHA Um, but I digress… those Altaic mixes – totally unique & really sleek! It’s like “What Asians would look like if they grew up” HAHA =)) & just ‘cuz they’re evil muzzie whatever, don’t think they don’t fuk, ‘cuz they do, & no, not just after marriage. & yes, they will say ‘no’ 10 dozen X, but they don’t mean it. Keep in touch with their body language. They just don’t want U 2 think they R ‘easy’. Make sure not 2 force or threaten them or U will get yourself killed by their family, etc. Just know ‘no’ does not mean ‘no’ there. They use words differently. They will B ‘rejecting’ U as they grab your azz & pull U in deeper & grind U harder & harder sweating panting bla bla ‘no’ LoL

    • I’m just going to let you hang yourself with your own rope. Rock on Dood!

    • I do think those Middle Eastern girls are smokin hot. Going out in KL tonight to find me some.

    • Sydney John

      I know this comment is 2 years old now, but is it just me or does this guy’s “text lingo” drive you nuts? For f’s sake man, learn to write English properly!!!

      Regarding Beirut; I was there prior to my Eastern European adventures and I’m sorry, but you’re way off the mark re Beiruti women. Sure there’s some good looking ladies but for the most part, they look like they’ve had a bee swarm violently attack their lips and faces and the city isn’t littered with lady goodness such as you’d find with most EE countries. So, apart from your terrible english skills, you’ve also failed, in my opinion, to give a realistic analysis of Lebanon. Maybe you haven’t travelled in EE?

      This site has been an awesome tool while I’ve been travelling Eastern Europe for the past 2 months – really appreciate it 🙂

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