Hate Mail: Retard says what?

Monkey at TypewriterWe have been receiving a fair amount of fan mail over the last few months which we very much appreciate. Besides the fact that it’s nice to receive compliments it’s also nice to know that people appreciate what we’re doing and that we’re on the right track. But let’s face it… hate mail is always more fun. For one thing, for whatever reason, the haters more often seem to be complete bumbling retards that embarrass themselves far more than their target. It is on that note that I would like to present to you the following short but sweet hate mail from Balkan Guy (aka Dood McMan):

From: Balkan Guy
Date: Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 5:46 AM
To: boris@singledudetravel.com

Calling me names doesn’t change the fact U R so retarded U can’t even figure out a way 2 tell me what the fuk it is U R even referring 2, clown =)) I guess that’s Y Russia is so backward – lots of dorx like U who can’t even figure out how attach the thing they R E-Mailing me about or whatever.

Get a grip, vodka brain.

I take it U R also an anti-white racist, since U imply breeding with your own race is undesirable yes? U know, the ‘inbred’ label, etc.

I hope you will forgive me for failing to place [sic] in the appropriate places. Can any of our readers speak retard? If so could you please decipher this? I am marginally amused by this guy but I don’t have a clue what he is talking about.

If you hate us too, please don’t hesitate to write – we love it!

UPDATE: If you think it’s inappropriate for us to use the word “retard” to describe this guy please see the article “Get Bent, ‘Reverend’ RG Green

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  • Michael

    LOL )))

  • lovelygirljones

    Just wondering, whoever is in charge of the website gets to pick what gets shown, right? This comment, for example, might not even get to be shown because it might not be approved! What fun would that be? Perhaps it is only to prevent spam. Anyways, why is there a hate mail section when it is criticizing people who send hate mail? Hold on, I see what you did here. It was very clever of you. You made a criticism of people who send hate mail to attract them to defend themselves! That’s so smart!

    • Your rambling incoherent comment is lacking a point…

  • Tom

    I think it’s very inappropriate to use the word “retard”. That’s giving him way too much credit…

  • Anti-white suicide clowns? Is that anything like a Sarah Palin blow up doll? I WANT ONE!

    Dood McMan, I feel like I met you in a past life. Nobody gets people like us anymore, it’s sad, really. I can’t even go to the grocery store and buy myself some Twinkies and Mountain Dew without running into these Euro beauties lacking the free speech gene. Shit’s crazy.

    On a side note: the only reason this post makes any sense is because I had my mom write it out for me. The original manuscript is written in a combination of Crayola and my own feces.

    Here is a sample: RU a;sdoikaqe aesdgj UI???? gAYkedsga ?!! WHIETYED NATI RUSSIA RUSIA RUSSKIAQ@@@

    Oh, and one last thing: I like the superman costumer, Mr. McMan…or is that Dr.?

  • Mike

    Personally I’m not sure why you thought it was okay to post a picture of a person with a disability for a laugh. If you’re not in 4th grade, it’s just not funny.

    • That really isn’t the intent. This is directed strictly at Balkan Guy. I have no problem characterizing him as a retard.

      • Dood McMan

        U R such a coward! =P U deleted my wonderfully entertaining posts & witty retorts! =D Shame on U! Now go drink your vodka =))

  • Dood McMan

    HAHA – ow predictable U do your “KILL WHITEY!” dance some more pretending people who acknowledge the obvious fact Russia is a backward dive must B short, balding, & goofy looking =)) Is that not obvious 2 N E 1 with eyes?? It’s like saying “The typical American is fat & disgusting.” But I digress… ‘fat is beautiful’ right ROFL!! ahem…

    I guess even though Russians R quite cynical they lack the free speech gene or something & can’t get their head around honesty 2 save their life – interesting. What is it they say over there? “An honest man is a fool”??

    BTW: If U R a hawt Euro-beauty bored with these drunken self-loathing anti-white suicide clowns like Boris, send me a note =D
    “balkanguy at live dot com”

    Gotta’ love the bar scene they talk about on sites like this: “WHOO I’m poisoning ma’self & pretending 2 like this annoying noise! – SWEET!” =))

    BTW: Check out Turkish music. It’s really interesting! Search the ‘deathrape2001’ channel on Youtube. L8R ~@~

    • Are you suggesting that I’m a black Russian? Not to be confused with the cocktail?

      How do you make it in San Luis Obispo with such atrocious English? Even the recently arrived illegal immigrants could teach you English.

      • Dood McMan

        Hey THX 4 the compliments on my shorthand/slang. I do try =D BTW: I don’t know what a “black Russian” is, but I hear ppl who look Mediterranean R called ‘Blackass'(es) there? =)

        I feel so very blak! Blak as tha night… Yo yo yo… “Ma name is Mac Smoov. Ah kill ah slap ah get paid ah get paid. Come hitha ma bichez.”

        HAHA – speaking of slave noise, chek out this awesome ‘dubstep’ thing I found on the U-Boob (thanx 4 mocking it in 1 of the articles. It’s actually quite interesting!)

        Search Youtube for video “Joker feat. Ginz – Purple City”


        • No that is not short hand shit for brains that is called not being able to spell.

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