Greece: Greed, Graft and the Grim Reaper

Greek DefaultThe Greeks are totally fucked.

They’re not just a little fucked, like your car just got towed or you got drunk and accidentally banged a Ladyboy … No Greece is fucked big time, like waking up in a bathtub full of ice and your own blood in Bangkok and realizing your kidneys are already on the next flight to Vietnam.

It amazes me that people are still debating whether or not Greece will default. For the rest of us non-retards, it is a foregone conclusion. The real question is when they will default and how many other European countries they will take down with them. Clearly if the few solvent countries that are left in Western Europe (read: Germany) keep bailing out the incompetent losers like Greece they too will go bankrupt. With estimates reaching as high as $250,000 of public debt per working adult ($1.2 trillion total) and rising, even school children should be able to understand that in a small country of only 11 million people, that debt level will be absolutely insurmountable.

Michael Lewis, one of my favorite authors of all time, recently wrote an outstanding exposé on Greece. Reading this article provides a “Holy shit I can’t believe those stupid motherfuckers did that!” moment nearly every paragraph. Anyone who spends a significant amount of time with their head outside of their ass knows the Greeks are a particularly lazy bunch of donkey raping shit eaters (particularly the former Greek government) but most people have no idea how much of an understatement that really is. For example consider the situation at the national railroad. As reported by Lewis, it provides excellent insight into the limp dicked incompetence of the useless and corrupt Greek government.

The national railroad has annual revenues of 100 million euros against an annual wage bill of 400 million, plus 300 million euros in other expenses. The average state railroad employee earns 65,000 euros a year.

600 million Euros per year… pissed away down the toilet… on the railroad alone. To call the Greek government fiscally irresponsible would be like saying Charlie Sheen occasionally enjoys a bump.

But in addition the Greek’s unparalleled ability to vaporize other peoples money borrowed under completely false pretenses thanks to the bloodsucking scumbag cocksucking cokehead whorefucking cumguzzling nunbeating asshole buttplugs at Goldman Sachs they must certainly be some of the laziest people on planet Earth. Consider the Greeks classify over 600 professions as “arduous” and thus eligible for early retirement (age 55 for men and age 50 for women. Side rant – Why on earth do women get to retire five years earlier? That’s blatant sex discrimination. If anything men should get to retire earlier, since they die sooner. This is another example of the hypocrisy of modern feminism.). What kind of people have jobs that Greek law classifies as “arduous”? People that do dangerous and back breaking labor such as hairdressers, radio announcers, waiters, and musicians. I can’t imagine what kind of a cakewalk the non-arduous Greek jobs must be.

Besides all the stupidity, laziness, incompetence and waste, you can’t talk about Greece if you don’t talk about theft and tax fraud. Greece is a place where it is expected that everyone is to be bribed and nobody pays taxes because nobody is ever punished for these offenses. Scumbags that work in the Greek government emerge from a career based upon wasting the two or three Euros they actually collect in tax money along with hundreds of billions borrowed from duped investors are able to afford multi-million dollar homes which of course they evade paying taxes on.

Lewis interviews perhaps the only two straight arrow tax collectors in all of Greece who come with folders filled with cases of companies owing millions of Euros in taxes and paying none. When caught the worst thing that happens to them is they pay a paltry bribe and perhaps a fine amounting to no more than a few thousand Euros. It’s not the just the big business moguls failing to pay their taxes, one of the tax collectors Lewis interviewed estimated that two thirds of the doctors in Greece report incomes under 12,000 Euros per year. This is in a country where the average blue collar railroad worker earns 65,000 Euros per year. I don’t want to dwell on too many fine details but I strongly recommend you read Lewis’ article.

But wait there’s more… like an infomercial for rotisserie chicken ovens the list of gems about this country just goes on and on… besides being lazy, incompetent and dishonest thieves, some Greeks are exceptionally violent, soulless bastards without even a hint of morals. Thousands in Greece have been taking to the streets to protest the “austerity measures” which are taking away the free money that they now feel entitled to, and the protests have often turned violent and even deadly. Lewis describes exactly what mobs of Greek protesters are capable of:

Two months earlier, on May 5, during the first of these protest marches, the mob offered a glimpse of what it was capable of. Seeing people working at a branch of the Marfin Bank, young men hurled Molotov cocktails inside and tossed gasoline on top of the flames, barring the exit. Most of the Marfin Bank’s employees escaped from the roof, but the fire killed three workers, including a young woman four months pregnant. As they died, Greeks in the streets screamed at them that it served them right, for having the audacity to work. The events took place in full view of the Greek police, and yet the police made no arrests.

Give that a moment to sink in. Protesters in Greece killed several workers in a bank, including a pregnant woman while screaming at they that they deserved to die by burning alive. Their crime: going to work. The kicker… no arrests by the police.

Like I said, the Greeks are fucked, and this is where the silver lining is for us single dude travelers. Just wait and watch this Greece situation. Things in Greece are going to get really, really bad.  Greek property values will nose dive and unemployment and crime will skyrocket. Give it a couple of years, and there will be apartments on picturesque Greek islands and beautiful Greek girls available at fire sale prices. Unemployment always hits the young the worst and when we visit there in a couple years the young Greek dudes will all be totally broke unemployed losers. Having a few bucks (or better yet, some gold) and future prospects will put us single dude travelers in a very select group roughly the same size as the number of dudes that have banged Pam Anderson or how many hookers Charlie Sheen has beaten up. If you want your own exotic Helen of Troy, it will be a situation similar to the days right after the fall of the USSR when gorgeous supermodel quality Russian girls were desperate to grab any lifeline they could find out of the chaos. Greece’s problems will be a great opportunity for guys that have their shit together. I’m just going to sit on my couch, crack open a can of Gallo, and watch this train wreck.

Greek girls are hot.

Available at rock bottom prices, T-minus 5 years.

I would love to say this could only happen in Greece but honestly the US is not  fundamentally different. When considering the true debt of the US, with estimates ranging from $50 to $200 trillion when unfunded liabilities like social security and medicare are taken into account, the picture starts to look a lot similar to Greece’s. The debt per capita is certainly similar. When the US borrows from investors under the bullshit pretense that they will ever be paid back it is screwing investors just like Greece has been doing for years. The biggest thing that really separates Greece from the US is that they do not control the world reserve currency and thus they cannot just print more money. It’s been a good run but this distinction will not keep the status quo alive forever. Now is a good time to take a hard look at your future.


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  • jebbie

    is this true??
    taken by a famous PUA forum:
    <the current economic paralization in greece,has profoundly affect society.
    as crisis enter it's six year (with no obvious sign of recover ahead)
    prostitution has seen an explosion as never before
    the same is true for porn idustry,which is the only industry with actual mobillity,in the crisis striken country.nevertheless recently
    on a greek island a sex theme park has opened.probably about 300 hot greek girls are having found employment there.
    and they have to deal,with the sexually supressed arabs ….for wages that are no greatly different than those that eastern euro girls are taking.
    nevertheless ,and as crisis going on and because of it, many greek girls are lefting home,and targeting major touristic beaches across country,
    then they reside under tents,and they wear only provokative bathsuites and they are always topless.
    such camps have made theyr first appearance two years ago.
    to tourists such camps are known as ,because someone can get in,and get a hottie
    for a night with giving her 20 euros!
    if such a social destruction couldn’t speak over austeritys effect over people’s life.
    then nothing can talk>

  • elliot

    with all this crisis in ukraine (and all this cold) greece is the place to fish sexy nice babes….even cheaper than uk nowadays.

  • bertie
  • duke

    indeed greece is the hotest stop of all… women,cheapest prices in europe,weather….what else a man needs?

  • josh

    oh goshhhhhhhh need to go there soon!

  • hassan

    i v’been to greece from dubai instead going to thailand (because of the current riots)and i was rewarde.first of all if you like med type of women,greece is the ideal place,to my view far sexier than thai girls……every night i had sex with a hot girl for peanuts.great article

  • dennisblue

    wow this report has seen thinks to come,before even there was a sight.

  • terry parker

    as im having recently return back from there.i can add,that greece is the real gold.many opportunities … the country has fall to it’s chepest.with just few bucks and a hottie that is sunbathing at your hotel’s room will follow you later to your bed.

  • jerry springtime

    this article has deliver truth…..indeed today greek gurls are hotter than ever and…broke.

  • deadlo

    yes the hottest babes are in greece!!

  • segab

    lot’s of sexy babes are really in bottom fire prices!!!i had a real great time.

  • sefil

    no im talking about greek girls.they are so hot and very open minded…they are tall mostly dark skin and hair,and the vast majority are focusing on theyr looks so much.i think greece and serbia are the countries with the hottest chicks in europe.

  • sefil

    believe me greek girls are the hottest in europe along with serbian,i think is right time for fishing.

    • When I was in Greece I found a huge amount if the hot chicks there were Eastern European immigrants.

  • almost three years have passed since the erruption of greek crisis.and no signs of desperate greek women on the horizon.greek girls still having the same arrogant behaviour towards foreigners.if someone have visited greece,knows well for what im talking about.despite the crisis effect, no greek woman is to be found in places related with sex trade.i think going to greece for this very purpose (fishing local girls) is just a waiste of time………plus risky because locals can be mad if come across with some sex tourist.yet greece in summer is a huge playground with lots of people from every corner of the world who want to have nice time,relax, everyone who knows greece well…… possible in greece to have sex with english girls(soooooo easy) german (not that easy) dutch,french,spanish,russian,polish,scandinavian etc.its sad but true that greek and italian girls are not in the list with possible sex partners.even if theyr male compatriots are having taking foreign women to theyr beds as a sport.greek women hardly break theyr grecian circle.having an extensive knowledge over greece (over 12 years there) i think that a foreigner will be always foreigner in greece.unlike other nationalities,being a foreigner in greece is not a magnet for girls,honestly i think the opposite.i challenge everyone who knows greece to judge my opinion.apart from what has written in relation with possiblity of greek women to be available because of crisis,which i think is wrong.the whole article indeed gives a very comprehent picture of crisis.

  • gaoptimize

    Greek women will never be able to even approach the quality of the highly educated women who are great mothers from Russian that were available at the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was a once-in-a-century bonanza. I have the god-like children to prove it. Perhaps T-minus 5 years to alot of painful mistakes being made by men who should balance looks against a bunch of other qualities in women.

  • We’re basically just reviewing the Michael Lewis article, who is far from the MSM. Fact-checked and everything. What is bullshit, for example?

  • P.Tsaprounis

    You, my friend, are a fucking liar .

    Most of what is written in this post are fucking bullshit.

    Don’t watch or read only the mainstream media and try to see behind the scene OR Get a life mate!!!

  • @Clint:
    “Having a few bucks (or better yet, some gold) and future prospects will put us single dude travelers in a very select group roughly the same size as the number of dudes.”

    Indeed indeed.

    Highly intelligent girls who grew up poor. That’s the demographic. That’s where I’m looking. I know this because my Mom’s super-swell, and that’s her exactly.

    How convenient that we have an entire country (Greece) that will soon be full of hotties in that category.

    Hot damn.

    • I know, I hung out last weekend with some gorgeous, smart, and super nice chicks from Greece, in Uruguay of all places. I’m always impressed by the Greek girls.

  • John V.

    Your text is not any better quality than a mediocre British tabloid. What you cannot understand is the harsh game banks and media play. Britain’s debt is also enormous. All countries owe until banks and markets decide to stop lendning, cause a havoc, and starting buying up everything in the cheapest possible prices. The crises began with the US crisis, when the clever banks and investors bought the toxic bank products in the US. After that, the crisis started in EU, and now we found the pretext of Greece spreading the crisis.
    Ignorant columnist should stop spreading racism between nations.

    • We have no love for the banks nor the USA, who are the ringleaders of the crisis, and we also know that there are plenty of Greeks that had nothing to do do with this problem. That doesn’t change the fact that many Greeks did get a free lunch for a long time, and it doesn’t change the fact that those rioters killed people in Marfin Bank and then cheered about it.

      • John V.

        Dear Charlie,
        Europe should punish the member state Greece for letting a number of its population out of the state grasp.
        However, punishing Greece means that the same will happen to most of European states. Media are simply distracting the attention to the actual reasons of this. You will soon see a European Union with citizens paid a few hundread euros or equivalent in other currency (see Britain: the pound has lost one third of its value against the euro in the last 3-4 years), struggling to survive. Something like “United States of Europe”.
        What in the media is not mentioned is how heavy taxation is imposed, unbelievable for a large number of population that simply did not have the means for a better standard of living even before the crisis started. What is not said is the ways these treaties are being imposed, to the continuous deadends for any discussion. What is not said is that many of these measures and the way they are being taken are against the Constitution, against logic, against development etc. There is nothing else I can say;
        only that once programmes like Channel’s 4 “Go Greek for a week” get small attendance, then there will be hope for these countries too.

        • I agree with you, John. All of Europe is broke and they must default eventually. I just don’t understand why Greece hasn’t done it already. There is no way they can “grow” their way out of this crushing debt.

  • Came across your blog on Zerohedge, pretty good post. I love Mediterranean girls.

  • Tony Cur

    Greeks women, here I come!!

    T-minus 5 years

  • Zero Govt

    “But in addition the Greek’s unparalleled ability to vaporize other peoples money borrowed under completely false pretenses thanks to the bloodsucking scumbag cocksucking cokehead whorefucking cumguzzling nunbeating asshole buttplugs at Goldman Sachs they must certainly be some of the laziest people on planet Earth.”

    Great line. Great journalism.
    And i can all the more appreciate your points when the previous paragraph gives us the low down on the tragedy that is the Greek railways. In every country this is a huge open sewer for delusional egoists (politicians) to piss away other peoples money. Like buses trains are 100 years past their sell-by-date and from every angle (efficiency, cost, benefit, energy squandered, use of resources etc etc) a complete bankrupt subsidised joke of a transport system.
    If I thought Greece was bad you just filled in the blanks to a new realisation they’re a pile of dog crap fully deserving what they got coming (economic reality). Come on you Grim Reaper, it’s Party Time

  • El Matador

    Agreed, I misspoke I meant I believe Germany will leave the Euro common currency.

  • Tony

    Interesting write up. Thanks!

    As a first generation Greek American, it is devastating to see the land of my ancestors in such complete disarray. I think you are spot on regarding a lot of what you wrote. In fact, I believe that after WW2, many of the hardest working Greeks left their homeland and came to America. In fact, a large amount of Greek immigrants came to America post WW2 and America is better for it, as they have earned the reputation here in this country as being amongst the most hardest working ethnic group. I wonder if the ones that remained in Greece were the lazy ones with no ambition, and now we see, a couple of generations later, the results of this great drift.

    Regarding your statements about them being fools to be protesting about the austerity measures, you are over generalizing and not accurately portraying the emotions going on. First off, the older generation is to blame, not the younger ones who are now exiting their teens and into their twenties with no prospects of hope. They have been cheated by the older generation and the bankers and corrupt politicians (not unlike this country). They are enraged not about the fact that they have to work (and I get my sources from family and friends I am in contact with regularly), but that they have been served this mess. The older generation, in fact, if one listens to the daily Greek talk shows, blame themselves and are constantly apologizing to the young men and women for putting them in this situation because of the bad practices you mentioned in your write up.

    In the end, the anger and rage has and will be directed at their own selves and with the banks.

    As Lord Acton once said, ‘In the end, it will be the people versus the banks’.

    We are now seeing this prophecy come true, and I hope for the sake of my beloved family and friends, they will rise up eventually from the ashes like a phoenix as they have done time and time again in their long and illustrious history, with a new appreciation of sound money, rule of law, and living within their means.

    • Very well put.

    • Very good comment and spot on about the young people. They will pay dearly for their parents’ mistakes.

  • El Matador

    So illustrative of how pathetic the Greeks are, they are whining incessantly at other countries to “give them back” Greek antiquities that THEY THEMSELVES sold off to rich collectors from other countries (Elgin marbles, for example). Why did they sell off their own masterpieces from their own distant past? Because they didn’t value their own history and just wanted some fast cash! Do they even offer hard serious cash to recover these works of art? No, they just whine cuz they want something for nothing and summon the United Nations PC Patrol to come collect stuff that their grandfathers sold off. Germany is going to leave the EU just to be rid of these parasites.

    • Totally agree but I think it is wishful thinking about Germany leaving. I think the dominos have already started to fall and nobody can stop it. This ladies and gentlemen is the beginning of the end. I hope you know where the keys are to your bomb shelter.

    • I spent some time in Greece and my impressions were: hot chicks, high drink prices, and lazy people. I climbed Mount Olympus (which was an easy walk-up that a dog could easily do) and even though I slept in at the lodge nearby, I was still the first out that day. After summiting I passed several Greeks on their way up who seemed amazed that I made it up, and after I encouraged them I later saw them ALL quit and turn around for no apparent reason as I was bagging a nearby sub peak. And don’t even get me started on the real estate agents I talked to. I’ve never seen a real estate agent uninterested in doing a deal before, anywhere, and all the Greek ones had no interest in my business.

    • yannis v.

      It is these countries with these parasites that support the economy of these non-parasitic countries.
      Two years ago, 70% of the trading inside Greece was between customers and huge companies like Lidl, Prakitker, Ikea, Carrefour, etc.
      The monumental public constructions, such as the new airport in Athens, was constructed and exploited by the German company Hochtied, etc, etc.
      These parasites make Germany and Holland and Sweden richer.
      Before you talk, think because you are simple and ignorant.

  • Well Boris I have to agree and disagree. The current situation in Greece can also be due to the US’s policy there after WWII. Instead of letting Greeks decide who they want to rule them (both factions fought the germans), we decided that we have to install a corrupt dictatorship of our liking. Yes Greeks are by western standards “strange” but ill give one thing to them; at least they have the balls to rise up and tell their government “enough is enough”. The entire EU (read fourth reich) is collapsing and honestly the sooner the better. Right now non-aligned (no reference to the movement started by tito and sadat) are going to grow since they run their own economies independent of the Federal Reserves directives. Now the subject of greek girls… if you are not Serb, Greek, Armenian or Russian then you better be a smart tourist as this site points out cause these girls come from a long history of selected and arranged marriages. We’ll see how this situation evolves but for now on the Balkan peninsula i would recommend Bulgaria or Serbia. Greece may evolve into something like post-ponzi scheme Albania which will be kind of dangerous for anyone to go there. oh well… we’ll see how this situation will influence possible plans to drink Ouzo with some long-legged greek goddess on the beaches of Corfu.

    • Zeljko,

      I really agree with you much more than I disagree. I am certainly no fan of the US Government, just note the last paragraph of the article. I also really like people that stand up and rain on the government’s parade. Like you, I also have no love for the EU nor the Euro (stupidest idea ever). My problem is that the Greeks motivation for getting up off their asses and raging against the government is wrong. They are mad because free shit they didn’t earn, don’t deserve and aren’t entitled to is being taken away. When they should have been rioting is back when the government was pissing away borrowed money through astounding incompetence and corruption. That and the violence. Killing innocent people is not cool. My opinion is that they made their bed and now they must lie in it. The same goes for the US in the near future.

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