Today’s the Day, Get Off Your Ass

Starting LineHappy Monday, dudes!  For those of you trapped in a corporate prison, Mondays suck.  For the self-employed, like myself and Boris, Mondays are much better.  Building on Boris’ recent post about now being the perfect time to move, it bears stating out in the open that waiting for a perfect opportunity will almost definitely leave you regretting earlier inaction. Today, this Monday, is different.  Today is the day you get started in a new direction.  So what’s holding you back?

I can only imagine some of you out there have had at least one of the following laments:

1.) I would take one of these trips if only I didn’t need to lose twenty pounds to feel good about myself;
2.) I would start a business if only I had another $5,000 or $10,000 saved;
3.) I could go out and meet the perfect girl if only I could work up the courage and the time.

The list could go on forever. Many of us are paralyzed by a fear that we are just not good enough, that the timing is just not right, or that if we hold out somehow things will miraculously get better and our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled more conveniently and more easily.

This is total horseshit.

The change that you seek has to come from you. There is no better time than the present to book a trip that could change your life, set your plan for financial and professional freedom in motion, hone new skills or start meeting new and interesting women. It may be obvious to you in reading this that I am significantly more optimistic than Charlie about crafting a life for yourself right where you stand as opposed to in a foreign wonderland.

You need to live the life that you want, not pine for it. You need to get off your ass and make it happen, because no one else will do it for you. As I’ve already confessed, my glorious ascent to self-employed happiness came at the hands of a firing. Someone else made the decision for me. Looking back, the only regret I have is that I didn’t make that call for myself years before.

Maybe today is the day you quit smoking. Or today the day you book tickets for you and your boy to a Central American paradise. Or today is the day you take your boss’ biggest client to lunch just to make a connection. Or the day you go out and meet twenty horrible American girls on the way to one of the many (yeah, I said it) great American girls. Learn from your mistakes and build your life as you want it. Plan your work and work your plan.

Don’t get me wrong: Nothing good comes from impulsive decisions. I don’t advocate quitting your job without a good plan in place. I don’t advocate major life change without a clear goal in your sights. I don’t want you to burn bridges or be an asshole. I just want you to take steps. But most importantly, I want you to get a fucking move on.

Stop sitting and wondering when things will get better. Stop saying “I’ll start with my next paycheck.” Stop putting off your life.

Trust me. You’ll thank me six months from now.

Sorry about the reenactment, but these kids do a pretty good job recreating this great scene from Fight Club.

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