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EurotripAs you may or may not have noticed we have adopted an unofficial publishing schedule for our articles of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Charlie and I have decided to fill some of the void by filling you in on our whereabouts this summer. We will be making short posts on many of our “off days” with a picture and/or video and just a few sentences about our current location and activities. So if you still haven’t escaped the corporate prison at least you can live vicariously through us… not that we don’t encourage you to get off your ass do something about it as soon as you’re finished reading.

We will also be “checking in” frequently on Facebook and adding additional content there so feel free to friend us and follow us in near real time, click here for Charlie’s profile and here for mine. Aren’t smart phones awesome?

In keeping with the spirit of these updates we are currently on a bus passing Stara Zagro en route to the Black Sea for the Juli Sutrin (July Morning) Party. It’s supposed to be a real blast. We’ll let you know.

Typical Eastern European Bus Rest Stop

Typical Eastern European Bus Rest Stop

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