Guest Post: Pay Me To Date Me

Anna, you showed us all the way.A couple of months ago a Singaporean born businessman based in Las Vegas – Brandon Wade – launched a new “dating” website called Here is the description of how it works from the website: is an online dating website and marketplace where users can buy or sell the opportunity of going out on a first date.

Based on a patent pending dating system (US Patent Pending: Application No. 61407831), provides a platform where generous and attractive singles can negotiate and agree on a price for a first date. By providing this additional monetary incentive, is able to help people meet those they really want to meet – Guaranteed!

When you register for the site you choose one of two options. You can either select to be one of ‘the generous’ – paying for dates or one of ‘the attractive’ – charging for dates. Of course, practically all of the ‘generous’ are guys and practically all of the ‘attractive’ are girls. So this is a website that allows men to buy dates and women to sell them. This may be a good (Patent Pending!!) business idea, but it also is proof that being a smart businessman does not prevent you from being a giant douchebag.

Move over Donald Trump! There is a businessman here that actually has the audacity to try to out douche you! Still think you’re Top Douche? Well think again, because Brandon has another website called To give you a taste of this brilliant business idea:

There are many men and women who want to find a Sugar Daddy, Mommy or Sugar Baby. But they do not know where to start. Because of how our society works, it is awkward for someone to walk up to another to ask them if they would like to get involved in a Mutually Beneficial Relationship. That is where comes in. Our website provides a secure place for like-minded Sugar Daddies, Mommies and Sugar Babies to meet each other.

Here is Brandon Wade’s Facebook Profile Pic – Look at me!! I am with a girl!! The reason you can’t see her left arm in the pic is presumably because he keeps his wallet in his back pocket.

Brandon Wade

Brandon Wade and Tatyana at the 2011 Sleazebag Awards.

Of course, the reaction from the mainstream media in the good old US of A was as predictable as it was vitriolic.

“This is prostitution.”

“This is the death of romance”

“This is eBay for escorts”

It’s not just the mainstream American media that has a problem with these sites. I also do. However, my reasons are different. My problem is not that it is prostitution, it is not. It differs from prostitution in one very basic and easily graspable concept. With prostitution you pay to get laid. With What’s Your Price however, you pay for the “privilege” of taking a presumably extremely self-entitled woman out, and the glorious honor of buying her drinks and a meal in the desperate hope that she would care to tolerate your presence later for free.

In short, my problem is not that it is prostitution, the death of romance or anything else highlighted by the predictably froth-mouthed, hysterically prudish reaction from the US mainstream media. My problem is that it makes both sides look truly pathetic.

Let’s examine a profile of a “attractive person” on the site:

California_Lovee – Judging from the photo, this is some usage of the word ‘attractive’ that I have not previously encountered.


California_Lovee, a slutbag fit for a douchebag.

Although according to her profile she is a 19 year old single mom, she is also “A CLASSY GIRL SO THE MINIMUM I WILL TAKE FOR A DATE IS $80”. Well she put it all in CAPS so I guess she must be really classy! And she is ‘mainly looking for a beneficial relationship’ but she does not specify if it is going to be a relationship that benefits just her or something mutually beneficial, hmmmmm. Since her stated income is under $20,000 any benefit she might bring to a relationship would definitely have to be… um…

Finally she says “also casual adult encounters are my thing too =] let me kno wat u have in mind”. I look for many things in a girl. Things like the ability to spell basic words in her native language like “know” and “what” would be a good start but it’s OK, sweetheart, I understand what you’re trying to say. Perhaps we can re-write the dictionary definition of the word “classy” to cover illiterate single teenage moms who are into “casual adult encounters” and expect you to pay them money just to tolerate you for a few hours while you pay for their drinks and food. Now that’s what I call classy!

To the men on the site: Guys – you are not ‘the generous’ you are ‘the desperate’. Only the betas and omegas of the world would be so truly pathetic to even think about entering into such an arrangement.

Here’s one of the “generous” people:

Gentlemen, a douchebag fit for a slutbag.

Gentlemen, a douchebag fit for a slutbag.

His name is “Gentleman.”

His profile is just too good to not quote a long passage from:

Most people say that I am an unforgettable character. Many young men tell me that when they grow up, they want to be like me.

Of course, I am seeking a traditional arrangement-with an attractive, slender, young woman. However, if you are new to this and feel a little uncomfortable, would you prefer to dine in the finest restaurants with no expectations, other than an enjoyable time?

One could say that I am a world adventurer. I have traveled to over fifty countries over the last five years, from Katmandu to Timbuktu.

I founded, and was CEO of four financial service companies — an institutional stockbroker, an investment advisory firm, a mutual fund and a hedge fund. Three of the companies were very successful and one was not so good. I have worked and not worked. For me, not working is better.

Because of the financial crisis, reduced circumstances has caused me to liquidate the jet in favor of public transportation. Now, flying first class, sitting next to strangers. Woe is me!

I had a cameo role one of Aaron Spelling’s TV productions, because they used my house to film it. I was paid $75. So, one could say that i am a professional actor. Playboy has had ten photo shoots there.

I enjoy going to the best restaurants or the trendiest places. Why not, I get to eat too. From Daniel in New York to GQ in Moscow.

Because of my involvement in the Olympic Games, I was made a honorary attache to the Russian Olympic Committee.

A small library at Oxford University is named for me. (I donated the funds)

I spend time in Atlanta, New York, Moscow, Kiev, Aspen and a horse farm in South Carolina. All of which I maintain a residence.

I have never said «Do you know what I am saying?» or addressed someone as «Dude».

First of all man, fuck you, what’s wrong with calling someone “Dude”? Next, why do you sound so desperate? And if you travel so much, haven’t you realized that you don’t need to be looking for exclusively gold diggers? If it’s about the sex, just get yourself a hot high priced escort like Elliot Spitzer’s girl! Are you really just so lonely that you’re looking for a real relationship? What are you expecting will come of a relationship that is founded on the basis of disrespect? On the basis of a woman telling you that your companionship is so undesirable and the idea of spending time with you is so distasteful and revolting that they need to be financially compensated? If you’re so smart as to have made all your millions, don’t you realize that you’re making a fool of yourself? Just go beat off onto your piles of money. Or better yet, go to your residence in Kiev and go to the local diner and pick up a gold digger Ukrainian girl. She’ll be much hotter anyway.

Spitzer's Girl: As hot as two goats in a pepper patch

What do you think, should we set him up with California_Lovee? His stated net worth of $50-100 million should probably qualify as “beneficial” for her, and he definitely has $80! It’s a match made in Heaven!

So guys, before you start buying dates you need to ask yourself some questions:

Is she going to fall in love with you because, when you pay to meet her, she finds out that you have a shiny new sports car?

Is her heart going to melt when she sees how stupidly expensive the cocktails that you are treating her to really cost?

Will she realize she has finally met the prince charming that she has been looking for her entire life when she catches a glimpse of your black Amex card as you pick up the tab (as you inevitably will) at the overpriced restaurant at the end of the night?


Of course, the advertisers and marketers of the world like Brandon Wade will tell you exactly the opposite. There is a multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to sending their message out. Why? So they can sell you more stuff while you stupidly flounder around like a blind guppy, bottom feeding in the dark recesses of the dating pool. Men who know anything at all about attracting women and getting them into their lives and into their bed – without financial compensation – know one simple truth. The most attractive thing about a guy is not the fancy restaurant or shiny cocktail bar he takes you too, nor his expensive car it is his ability to connect, engage, delight and tantalize women emotionally by his sheer presence, character, humor, personality and inner strength.

Don’t possess those things? Don’t have that ability? I’ve got some bad news for you. Sitting in front of a laptop, scratching your mangina and wondering about who you should pay next for a date is not going to get you there.

And for the ‘ladies’ on the website – and I use the term loosely – you are not the ‘attractive’. You are harlots. Now there might be a linguistic confusion here. I am not suggesting they are prostitutes – although, undoubtedly, many of them will turn out to be exactly that. The word ‘harlot’ and ‘prostitute’ are not the same thing even though most people think that they are. The word ‘harlot’ is first recorded as being used in the English language in the 13th century and it initially used to refer, interestingly enough, to a man and not a woman. It referred to a particular kind of man who was a beggar, a vagabond – in other words a man who seeks not mutual reward in his relationships but was a value leech. In the 14th century the word first appeared as a derogatory term for a woman too and by the end of 17th century England it was no longer used to refer to men at all but only to women.

Yes ladies, that’s what you are. A harlot. A blood sucking leech on the lookout for a sucker and, when you do find him, you will suck him dry and – unfortunately for guys – not in a fun way.

Substitute the words ‘the generous’ with ‘the desperate’ and ‘the attractive’ with ‘the harlots’ on the homepage and I would no longer have a problem with the site.

OK of course I appreciate that, for some people, time is money and, if you are a busy guy, then the price paid might even be reasonable if it saves time. Surely the guys who are signing up in their droves are self-justifying it in exactly this way. They are paying to save time. Not for anything else, right?


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