The Single Dude’s Guide to Kiev, Ukraine

Maidan Nezalezhnosti KievKiev, Ukraine, a major city right in the heart of Eastern Europe. It’s certainly a place worth visiting at least once but I’m going to have to surprise even myself here and give it a mixed review. I’ve only visited Kiev twice, once recently and once many years ago. I was surprised to find the women less beautiful than I remembered and the city itself more beautiful. If you haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet you may not know that many Eastern Europe cities are huge concrete wastelands of architectural diarrhea courtesy of the communist era. There are exceptions though such as Prague, Riga, Zagreb and to some degree definitely Kiev.

Let’s talk about the other major point of interest – the women! I seem to remember Ukraine as being the best of the best in that category but these days it seems to have lost its title, I expect it still applies in Odessa but something seems to have gone wrong in Kiev… You may not believe it but there were a surprising number of fat chicks waddling around! I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. The city seems to be rotting from the inside out due to a McDonald’s based cancer of some sort, and folks, this malignant tumor is metastasizing rapidly from the looks of it. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of hot chicks but Kiev now has way more than its share of fat chicks. In my opinion the girls are far superior in Zagreb, Croatia, Novi Sad, Serbia, Belgrade Serbia, Sofia Bulgaria, Burgas, Bulgaria, Varna, Bulgaria, Riga, Latvia and Tirana Albania to name just a few.

Fast Food in Ukraine, a Dangerous Precent

An isolated portion of the population or a terrifying glimpse into the future of Ukraine?

There was another major drawback to Ukrainian girls that I had never experienced before (maybe I was lucky before or maybe I was unlucky this time?) – these girls are definitely looking for a free ride. It would never occur to a Ukrainian girl to open her wallet for so much as a subway token. Now generally I don’t mind treating girls, especially in cheap countries but I don’t like to set the precedent of being a meal ticket for anyone – especially someone I barely know. Not only will Ukrainian chicks expect that you pay for everything, they’re not going to be shy about ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. Ukraine is a place where it is absolutely crucial that you exercise The Single Dude’s Rules for Money. You might want to take it even a step further and make the first date is a simple walk in the park, second date coffee and third date dinner. Always make sure you pick the places and you’re familiar with the menu – she will order anything and everything she wants so know what you’re getting yourself into. That’s just the reality of the situation here, your Ukrainian girlfriend can and will do some great things for you – you just cant realistically expect her to contribute financially. At least you know that, unlike your American girlfriend, your Ukrainian girlfriend will be taking all that money she saves and investing it into looking good!

Here’s another drawback of Kiev – it’s gotten pretty fucking expensive, at least compared to what it was. This is often what happens when you have a country full of mafia douchebags that have stolen all the money from the country and its citizens – no elasticity of price – you can either afford something or you can’t. Nowhere else is the old adage “If you have to ask you cant afford it.” truer than in Eastern Europe and other “developing nations”. Everyone is either so poor they can barely feed themselves or so rich that the concept of having enough money to buy something or do something is not really within their reality. This is why, counter-intuitively, luxury cars often cost 150%, 200% even 300% of what they cost in the US.

The good news is that it is still possible to have a great time in Kiev in a reasonable budget, however, you really need to know where to go. First of all, stay in an apartment. I got a place for $45 per night (short term) very close to the center. It’s a little bit more than many other cooler destinations but this will be your only major expense. Kiev has a great metro (subway) system which is dirt cheap (25 cents per ride). For entertainment there are some underground bars, clubs and restaurants that a tourist or foreigner would never find in a million years without the help of a local. Even Ukrainians that don’t live in Kiev will not be able to find some of the coolest places. These places are fun and they are cheap. Kiev is actually a pretty happening town nightlife wise – you can see people out on the streets partying at all hours pretty much 7 days a week.

As I mentioned above, you’re going to need a local to help you find the kinds of places you’re going to want to hang out in. If you just wander into the first place you see on Khreshchatyk Boulevard (Ukrainian: Хрещатик, Khreshchatyk; Russian: Крещатик, Kreshchatik), the main drag in Kiev, you could easily pay $100 for a dinner for two (or more). So your mission number one is to hit up the malls and the coffee shops to find yourself a cool date that can show you around. For Mr. Day I recommend the following locations:

Arena City Shopping Mall – great coffee shops for picking up chicks

Mafia – a chain restaurant specializing in Italian food and Sushi – totally stupid, totally cheesy, overpriced but always seemed to be full of chicks

Puzata hata – really cheap Ukrainian food

Golden Dukam – cool upscale coffee shop

Another hot tip I have for you is to look for signs that say Бизнес Ланч (“biznes lanch” in Latin characters but they mean “business lunch”), hopefully you took our advice and learned the Cyrillic alphabet. Here you can expect to get something like a drink, a soup or salad and a small pizza for $4-$6 whereas the normal menu price might be $15 or $20, perhaps more. Lots of places are advertising business lunch deals so look for it and ask for it – you’ll save a ton!

Now that you have a hot little Ukrainian chick to show you around, you’ve gotten past the coffee date stage and decided you like her, ask her to take you to some cool bars, restaurants and night clubs where she and her friends hang out. She’s going to know some places for sure. But I have two recommendations for you:

Palata No. 6 (Палата Nо. 6) – A cool underground bar / restaurant / lounge. The waiters and cooks are dressed up like doctors and the waitresses are dressed up like sexy nurses. I cant begin to tell you where this place is, only that its relatively near the center, in a back alley, in the basement of an apartment block with no signage whatsoever. The address is on the website but better find a local to show you exactly where it is. Food is good and the prices are low.

Karaoke Restaurant Draft – Another cool restaurant, lounge, hookah bar.

Here are the mainstream clubs, you can and will drop some significant coin here but will also find outrageous chicks:

Pa-ti-pa (ПаТиПа) – in the center near the end of Khreshchatyk

Avalon – I didn’t visit but a friend told me “If you like confetti and go-go dancers you can’t go wrong with Avalon.” Had I visited I don’t think I would have been complaining.

Arena – Located in the Arena City Shopping mall. Cover charge can be high. There is also a strip club in the mall complex.

Shooters – Judging by the website they cater to foreigners so watch out for DAFFs and other douchebags. Supposedly there is a ladies night where ladies drink free and no men are allowed in until after midnight. Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor.

In conclusion, while Kiev is not a top choice, you can certainly make it happen there. It’s for sure better than anywhere in the west. You may find that you are passing through Kiev anyway en route to some other place – if that’s the case its definitely worthwhile to spend a couple of days. As an ultimate destination you’re going to be much better off with Odessa.

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  • William Freeman

    Hello I have been to Kiev twice the first time was in 2016 . I met a few ladies who I was talking to on a marriage site . I noticed that the ones who had relocated from the troubled areas where there are still hostilities, were inclined to get me to buy them lots of expensive things and go to expensive eating venues .I met one lady who i felt a connection to Her name is Oksana she paid for my metro ticket home.Not a great cost for me but for her it was a a great gesture. that trip cost me $10,000 Aud for 3 weeks.

    We continued to correspond and I went again to Kiev in 2017 for 1 month. I had learnt a few lessons from the last visit. I booked a cheap apartment near Maiden Square close to the metro. i took Oksana out to the old Presidents home on the way I told Oksana I would pay for us to have lunch there but she said it would be too expensive and that we would get some food from the supermarket and take that with us. What a wonderful Lady so caring . It goes to show that not every one is after a quick Buck.
    Oksana also showed me the Cheap Ukrainian style cafe’s to go to.
    This wonderful Lady and I are still communicating she is the only one I talk to now and we are looking at getting engaged very soon and Married sometime in 2018

  • Gregory Ditto

    So the point is – do not forget that half of the ukrainian population are men and not all of them are happy about sex tourists. just look how ukrainian professional boxers kick ass winning belts)

  • Gregory Ditto

    And third thing. Ukrainian women have many more cjhoices now. Ukrainian guys can look very good, quite a bit of european young men travel to Ukraine for fun, not necessarily as sex tourists, but just as guys, you know – they are often good looking with good manners. Kiev has its share of very rich local dudes on bentleys and ferraries, so are other big cities. In small twon – you will have a problem picking up girls because you may get beaten up by local men – seriously. They don’t like it. You will end up paying or you must be good looking – like anywhere else.

    • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

      “Kiev has its share of very rich local dudes on bentleys and ferraries”

      We call those criminals.

      • Gregory Ditto

        many of them are but very pretty girls will choose them over you. there is also a share of people who, for example founded IT companies and they make very very good money. more than you and me together can make in a lifetime. did you know that ukraine is no 4 IT outsourcing destinations in the world? Do you know that many world famous clothing brands are moving their production to Ukraine? What do you know about Ukraine at all? Besides fairy tales about little princeses who dream to be yours – fairy tales that you tell each other when you sit in a company of loosers like you in a cheap bar somewhere?

        • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

          Apparently we know more than you and have been there more recently too. Enjoy our fat, loose American women. Learn how to write English properly if you’re going to live in the US.

          • Gregory Ditto

            Yes – thats me and even looking like that I get hot women which you will never have. I hope you are satisfied now.

          • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

            Everyone is laughing at you not with you. You have to be the first, and likely last idiot to show up here arguing for American women and against Eastern European. Why do you hate them so much? Did they reject you for being a fat alcoholic woman beater like the rest of your countrymen?

          • Gregory Ditto

            I do not care when loosers laugh. you are probably an idiot and I will explain yo why. I kno ukrainian ukrainians very well – very capable people. However, ex-soviet women in 90s an dex-soviet women now – are completely diffirent speicies. Then you could date educated smart caring female. Now you will get uneducated, double-faced, somenone who gives no damn about you, prejudice perosn. Do you really think that when you are bold fat 50 year old and you date 27 year old lady from Ukraine – she is interested in you? She is interested in your country, you just a vehicle to get her from there to here. I have seen too many divorces in my career just because western men did not use their brains but used somehting else to think. I have seen western guys date women that I would be afraid to touch because I knnow well that she slept her way though with lowest of the lowest. I am not advocating for american women -0 I am just saying don’t be a looser.

          • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

            Blah blah blah… Thanks for sharing your fantasies. Perhaps you should focus on becoming at least semi-literate.

            Just curious, do you like outrageously high taxes and a police state in addition to obese women? You seem to like all kinds of weird things that normal people hate.

  • Gregory Ditto

    What loosers have to understand is that hot ukrainian women are often also smart. And if they are ready to fuck for money – they rather travel abroad to your country and charge 500 dollars an hour, then stay in Ukraine and give it up to you for 20 bucks. Thise times are over, dudes.

  • Julia Bigcity

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  • Gregory Ditto

    Wow, so many loosers cannot get laid in their own countires))) lol)))

    • Sam

      Are you being jealous getting stuck with a fat ugly b.tch from your own country ?
      Does your 400lbs know you are secretly jerking off on pics of russian chicks, you pathetic villagefool.

      • Gregory Ditto

        Nope I speak russian and ukrainian too – i was born there. I have no problem picking up chicks in USA Europe Israel or Ukraine Russia? although I am getting over 30 and it is time to settle down and get married. I don’t need to travel thousands of miles to get laid like most loosers who cannot get laid in their own countries and travel to ukraine or asia or anywhere hoping to score tall blonde for 10 cents. what you should know is that blondes in ukraine also can cost 300-400 euroes per hour. I just know some loosers personally who travel thousands of miles to get wife or just hoping to get laid. I also know these horrible creatures from kreschatic with whom they get laid – probably there were 3000 men who came in her mouth before this looser, and this looser is french kissing her now thinking he scored an angel. loosers are loosers everywhere. you dont know what ukrainian woman (or russian is) – you may pay much much more in the end.

  • Bryan Ohlsson

    I am heading over to Kyiv in 2.5 weeks. I have been looking for a job there and want check out the city. From everything, I have heard, read and people about, I am ready go leave now.

    This guide looks great and I will do a follow up in a few weeks.

  • Global Telecommuter

    I am from Canada and I’m currently living and working in Kiev. I’ve been here almost 3 weeks now and I can update the Kiev destination guide somewhat.

    *Kiev is not dangerous at this point in time as the protests in Independence Square are long over and everything is cleaned up now… in fact you can’t even notice anything ever happened in the square if you walk through it today.

    First of all, Kiev is definitely solid for hot women, but certainly not the top place for beautiful women as many people say it is. It is not in the same league as Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia or Albania.
    But I’d still give it an A- rating for the hotness of the women, comparable to a place like Bucharest for instance.

    English is still not widely spoken here but it seems to be gathering steam and many of the women I’ve met here speak it almost perfectly. It’s very true what some people are saying on here about the women in Kiev being experts in soaking Western men for every penny they can.

    I have been on several dates with 3 local women already (*I met through a local dating site, they are not prostitutes, just local girls). Each time I took them to a restaurant and they proceeded to order expensive food and drinks without even asking or blinking an eye. I make an above average wage and I can afford it, but I will also shut it down if I don’t feel right about the woman or the situation. Don’t gamble unless you can afford to lose is the key phrase here!

    But I will say this about the 3 women I have been dating here… one of them slept with me within 2 days of meeting and continues to do so on a regular basis, the second one had a hot and heavy make out session with me on the terrace of a pub on our first date… which she initiated. The third girl I could have kissed, etc. easily on our second date but I chose not to because she’s not my type in reality and I was a bit burnt out from the first 2 girls in the days prior.
    Anyways, the moral to this is ..I have to give the girls some credit here… they may not pay for anything but they will put out very quickly if they like you! And they can be aggressive about it too… the second girl simply grabbed me and jammed her tongue down my throat at the pub on our first date!

    I don’t mind paying for dinner and drinks if there’s action involved that quickly!

    Also, prices have gone way down here recently with the local currency dropping like a stone after the riots etc.
    A pint of good draft beer is between $1.50 – $2.50 USD maximum at any bar in Kiev now. A pack of Marlboro cigarettes is approx. $1.10 USD and taxi fares can also be incredibly cheap if use the correct taxi companies.
    There is still many rip off taxis but if use an app I found on the Google PlayStore called ‘UKLON TAXI’ you will never get ripped off and pay rock bottom prices.

    My first apartment here was way on the other side of the city on the West side and about 7.5 KM from the city center.. a taxi from my place to the main square was never more than $3 USD! Basically Vietnam prices for many things.

    Some stuff is still a bit pricey however… apartments can be a bit more expensive than expected for instance. If you use Airbnb, Dobrovo etc. you will pay Western prices for a small studio apartment in Kiev.
    The secret is to make friends with a local and they will know where good apartments are for much more reasonable prices.

    A nice one bedroom or studio apartment in one of the fancier/newer neighborhoods such as Ruskanovka (the left bank) should not cost you more than $300 – $350 USD per month + utilities (which are very cheap here).
    Most apartments come fully furnished with good WIFI and many include air conditioning as well (it gets really hot in Kiev in summer.. some days right now are getting upwards of 40 degrees).

    Getting a visa extension is a bit of hassle however, but not impossible. Most Westerners will only be allowed to stay for 90 days on their initial entry visa, but it is possible to get an extension if you are working in Ukraine or in a serious relationship with a woman here. But you have to leave the Ukraine to do this, and go to a Ukrainian embassy in a different country to apply (such as Budapest etc.)

    I haven’t done this yet but I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject and this seems to be the only way.

    • Excellent information here, thanks for contributing.

    • lJxPl

      hey, i am interested in Ukrainian women, cant explain it… i have been talking with one online now for almost 9 months, and would like to find a local chat site we can continue talking on… could you recommend one of the ones you used to meet your dates on?

      it would be much apprecaited!!

      thank you,


  • Reverandglenn

    I find it a bit funny that almost every foreign man who goes to Ukraine wants a super hot woman. Well, let me tell you this, if you haven’t been able to find a super hot woman in your own country, or anywhere else, it is unlikely you will find one in Ukraine, unless you are on the ‘pay as you go’ plan 😀 hahahaha. But, you could do that anywhere as well. Get in shape, cut and comb your fucking hair, put on some nice threads, and your chances improve greatly.

    • That’s not true, it’s an order of magnitude easier to pick up hot chicks in Eastern Europe than in the US or many other western countries.

      • Gregory Ditto

        I don’t kno how I did it but american women paid for me in the restaurants and then fucke dme. Maybe I am doing somehting wrong) And sometimes they were quite hot and had more money than me. I do not think I am very good looking but I treated them with respect and told them compliments and courted them old fashioned way. Girl in Oklahoma – super froicken hot brunette? whom I met at cheap restaurant – slept with me same day. woman in chicago who shwed me around and then went to my hotel. That was when I was a little younger and was heavy into sports. Now chicks are still sleeping with me but I am paying in the restaurant for them)

        • Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

          I don’t know why you hate your country and your women so much but you aren’t impressing anyone here by bragging about the mid western sluts you found.

          This girl “whom I met at cheap restaurant – slept with me same day” is exactly analogous to those girls “probably there were 3000 men who came in her mouth before“.

          You just don’t seem to be very bright. Of course there are some hot girls in the US, just not very many, of them and a large portion of those will have significant personality flaws. Nearly one third of the US is now obese, you simply don’t see that in Eastern Europe, not yet at least.

          • Gregory Ditto

            yes denny’s ws a cheap restaurant. and the point is that one third of your men are also obessee. and only idiot thinks that thousands of miles away he will find an angel. ukrainian girls are very tricky and you don’t know language, culture, history, but you think you gonna score nice intelligent woman just because you make foreign sounds out of your mouth? you will never discern village whore from chemical engineer among ukrainian girls.because most of western men who travel to ukraine to get laid are looser idiots who think they are better humans than locals. they don’t know anything about the country, about its people. they don’t want to find out. because they are loosers and idiots with low iq. i bet you never got laid with anything similar to that girl that you call midwestern slut. she had a CHOICE because she was not poor and I was not rich. she made a choice you moron because she liked me. and she was very very hot. and yes i f—–ed her. and yes we both liked it. and yes she was pure midwestern american hot young woman taller than me. perfect body. you don’t like when someone f—-ks your women while you cannot get laid with them? do you even know why 1/3 of americans are obesse? do you know when obesity began – the year? Do you know what laws and regulations regarding food and food ingredients were passed by FDA prior to explosion of obesity among americans? You dont even think about it and you dont care because you cannot think critically. You don;t know basic science of your body and basic staff about your own country where you live. I know quite a bit of ukrainian girls who will never sleep with a foreigner unless he is good looking and nice and intelligent professional. and they do reject advances of foreign men for th emost part. but local dumb village whores on kreshatic – they do not reject ebcause thats who they are – local sluts.

    • Sam

      Does your ugly wife know you’re visting this site, dude ?

  • Cherry Tree

    Don’t ever think of taking a girl on a date to Puzata hata, she will run a mile because it is where the poor go to eat.

  • daniel Chung

    -.- you want a real woman then you must want the unwanted ones first. Unless power you want like American dollars controlling other currencies.

  • Blaxxo

    LOL Dude, on the one hand you want a girl who is very feminine, dressed like a lady, walks, talks and acts like a lady and then simultaneously bitch about the fact that they don’t pay for anything. You want traditional values then quit complaining about you having to pay for everything….. NEWSFLASH thats how it is

  • Ukrainian Girl

    There are many easy girls everywhere in the different countries. I am sure in Boris’s country there are easy girls too. Generalization isn’t good!

    • Marc Lee

      Nah it’s just Ukraine!! I have been to over 70 countries and partied in a lot of them including Russia. Ukraine takes the cake for pretty much every girl being a prostitute .. In normal clubs. I went to many clubs including dlux , arena, shooters sky bar, and few more.

      The dynamics were weird… Guys and girls rarely talk to each other and when a guy approaches, he is quoted an amount for how much it will cost for the night. There are hot female dancers all night on the podium of these clubs. Shooters didn’t have these dancers.

      I also have to say i have never seen so many hot women in general in my life. I am almost 2m tall and the women are just perfect proportions… Tall and skinny.

      Also as my friend put it .. The country is passively and indirectly racist. They are not used to non-white people at all. When my non white friend was talking to his hot Ukrainian teacher on the street pretty much every one that passed by stared at the interaction like wtf is going on here.

      Go to Poland instead. Ukraine will take atleast another 5 year to open up and there is no first mover advantage, especially if you’re not white. Again, the Ukrainians are not racist just not used to non Caucasians. Even in Kiev English was barely spoken by anyone. It was a real struggle but again i respect the countries item native language/s .. No one is forcing them to speak English it’s their choice but without English the country cannot prosper on the international circuit.

      • Gregory Ditto

        they did not f*ck with you so they are all prostitutes??? You f*cking moron, dude!

  • Ukrainian Girl

    Stupid foreigners!!!

    • Gregory Ditto

      Именно. Лузеры)

  • GIbbzy

    Times have changed in Ukraine, Its become more westernized. Girls are not a slim as they used to be when I initially started traveling to Ukraine about 7 years ago.
    They opened KFC in Kiev not long ago in addition to existing Mc D’s, so go figure what happening to the waistline
    The women here have blown up and heading towards American proportions, plus the women are adopting the usual western women behaviours, which is just unattractive.
    Now that they are adamant in joining the EU and NATO, the place is just gonna become another EU raped country which will lose its identity and culture. That’s the price you pay for the illusion of democracy.


      I did go to kiev last year ,had a great time ,Even though the lady i was due to meet did not show up. A scammer. just after money . It would be nice to meet a honest lady out there. Plan to go out next year .I hope with better luck .

      • Jocke

        Yes, very common with girls who have craving for money. I travelled alot in Ukraine and searched for my beloved. Today i have spendt 1 year with her and feel that she means relationship with me serious, but watch out , there is a lot of girls who uses men and their money! Do some tests, spend time at mall, and resturants, you can read her reactions about gifts and the way she talks about money.
        Especially Kiev and Odessa is greedy girls

        • gLENN POWELL.

          Thanks for that mate, I just find it hard ,to trust any ladies from Ukraine or Russia . Be nice to find a honest one .but i won’t hold my breath .
          . .

          • Diana Hyrya

            The girls know hat you are seeing other girls and paying for other girls, so it is not fair when you pay for some girls and then when you find the one you like the most you are accusing her in craving for money. If you paid for other girls than be fair

          • Diana Hyrya

            If you want a honest one than look at yourself in the mirror and also be honest. There are honest women who are the same attractive as you. Don’t turn them down, be honest

  • The Dude

    Have been to Ukraine and Kiev many times. Will go there again in a couple of weeks. Ill give you a heads up.

  • Hey,I am going to Kiev next week. Dont know anyone and can only speak English. The Australian govt told us not to go to Odessa. Is the place still safe? Has anyone been there recently? Please suggest what I should do and suggest any other places to go to. Also, how far is Bulgaria and what is the best way to get there from Ukraine? Anyone travelling between 8th to 22nd June , we can catch up there and have fun.Please advise Thx . Oxiante

    • Gregory Ditto

      it can be dangerous for sex turist dude. ukrainians like foreigners but it is dangerous being sex turist. some were beaten up by local gangs or just by local men because they don’t like stupid foreigners come there thinking if they flash 20 bucks they will get all women in Ukriane. If you come as a friend or for business – fine. If you come to have serious relationship with somebody – they will tolerate it. If you come as sex tourist – it is not as cheap as you may think it is. africa is cheap.


    thanks for tips . I’m going out to Kiev then travelling down to Sumy .Which i believe is close to Russian boarder .

    • gerardus

      I just visit Sumy it’s a very safe place there is not much to see, but it’s friendly

  • Julian


    How much time have you spent in Kiev? I’m looking for a city in E. Europe to relocate too. Kiev was at the top of my list for a number of reasons. I’ve only ever heard good things about the women…before this article. Any more recent info on that note?

    The recent crisis there has caused prices to crash. At least according to Epatistan, Kiev is now cheaper than Sofia!

    • Cherry Tree

      No it isn’t, they just increased all prices

  • Lonny

    I wonder how the current troubles will effect Ukraine and its reputation for friendly to foreign men women.

    • Gregory Ditto

      foreign women are welcomrehere – you may even get someone to take you to clubs and restaurants/ But expect they they expect more than just pretty eyes looking at them if so. Foreign men are welcome here only if they spend a lot of money because people are sick and tired of foreign loosers coming here thinking that they wwill get very very hot wife for one dollar)

  • Paul Kabby

    I am a black man from London and was in Kiev between Feb 13th- 17th 2014 just before 70 people died. I am well travelled Dude and have been to Russia in two occasions among other Eastern European countries. I travelled alone which is how I like it and make friendship as I go along, that’s me: My advice to you is that you do not listen to all that you hear. If you are a black man Ukraine is not for you. You will be very lucky to go past a door man before you are allowed into a local pub let alone night clubs. But if you insist, mind the bolsheviks.

    • Marc Lee

      Yes this is mostly true. But my friend was super well dressed and was able to get into the best nightclubs. But it was touch and go.

      The thing is that over dressing is always advised. Even in London if you go to vip club you won’t get in unless you have a few girls or are well dressed.

      Anyway, yes if you are not white stay away from Ukraine. You might not face direct racism (except in the way mentioned above) but people will just pretend you don’t exist.

      Regardless, we partied for two weekends here in Kiev. Hot hot girls but was a little on the empty side.

  • R.S.S.RAJU

    i want to vist kiev in summer 2014 kindly suggest a place for stay for 1month

    • LOL! Maybe you should wait to see if the civil war is over yet first!

  • Daniel

    Kiev is for noobs
    If you want the really natural, genuine women you have to ‘infiltrate’ deeper into Ukraine.

    Hop on the bus and head to cities like Kherson. All the males are broke and run away from there, the girls are extremely hot and lonely. The guys who stay are extremely beta, ugly fucks with no game.

    I mean it feels like you’re in fucking heaven / candy store.

    Maybe Miami can compare but all the women are spoiled there and already over-gamed.

    Here it feels natural, like you’re a teenager again going after that young girl in your class, only here it’s like being in a school full of HOT girls, and you are the only guy. HAHAHAHA.

  • Lee

    I recently went to kiev to meet my girl she never asked me for money, she even payed for an apartment in advance to me arriving late at boripol airport. I really enjoyed my time there, fantastic. I have met her parents also.But one concern I have, is that she keeps asking me to marry her and come to the uk. Any advice please.

    • jason


    • John

      What did you expect? You have to give in order to receive, did you only expect her to look starry eyed into your eyes and
      do as you like and then leave her teary eyed at the airport as you make your way back to your rich country? You are probably a lot older than she is too so did you think it was your mature good looks that got her interested. Think what you would do if you were her. If you love her do the right thing and marry her and if not, piss off and stop wasting her time, its all she has.

      • Reverandglenn

        Good advice, John. Foreign men go there for a reason which is usually women. If you are going for a woman, and she is not a gold digger or scammer, then don’t be a douche and lead her on. Man up or leave her be to find someone else to get her out of there.

    • Diana Hyrya

      you met her parents. What are they supposed to think? The parents would feel hurt to find out that you just played with their daughter. You say that you met your girl. Did you want just to play with her feeling? Tell that to her parents

  • Buck

    I have not yet been to Kiev but have lots of real pros with 15 years experience giving me tips.. One thing I heard but no one brought up is apparently the girls love Sushi and if you got a top notch bitch it may be worth the costs? Any insight is appriacated!

  • Malinka

    Pa-ti-pa (ПаТиПа) – in the center near the end of Khreshchatyk – already closed

    Avalon – I didn’t visit but a friend told me “If you like confetti and go-go dancers you can’t go wrong with Avalon.” Had I visited I don’t think I would have been complaining. – nothing interesting as fo a lady from Ukraine – only old foreigners.. and drunk escorts

    Arena – Located in the Arena City Shopping mall. Cover charge can be high. There is also a strip club in the mall complex. only for tourists- if you seek a lady for 1 night- go there- pay tripple

    Shooters – Judging by the website they cater to foreigners so watch out for DAFFs and other douchebags. Supposedly there is a ladies night where ladies drink free and no men are allowed in until after midnight. Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor.
    ladies drinks not for free – but men can enter at any time, but not at Thursday- as this is Girl’s Night 🙂 hen parties 😉
    rest of the week – men can come at any time. better after 10 PM



    • Lee


      • gLENN POWELL.

        well mate i went out to kiev ,had a good week sightseeing, I have many ladies write to me ,but after my experience with the last one .It is hard to know who to trust .But i loved kiev,was going to go back in the last week in may. If the trouble has quieten down.

  • Kieran

    My friends and I are deciding now on Kiev or Odessa. We are all from the UK and are looking to go in mid-June.

    We will have finished our exams at university and are all in our early 20s.

    Our primary reason for going is to have a good time and to mix with the locals (read: women). We are quite well off and are more than willing to drop a few hundred every night – ballers.

    I know this article states that Odessa is the place to be when the interests align with ours but for the dates described what would the opinion of you all be?

  • ByggareBob

    I am planning a trip to Ukraine in spring 2013 , april or may. My goal is to meet a young bride to take home to sweden for long time relationship. What city should i pick?
    I dont´t want to pick some drunk chick out on bar/night club. That i can do in my own country…
    Do Ukraine have some singles clubs/cafes ? How do i find good places?

  • John

    Kiev has millions of people in it. You can’t over generalize. There are still nice girls here. You just have to find them. I am an experienced dater and am able to detect a pro-dater instantly. When I encounter a pro-dater I simply cut her off immediately and move on to the next one.

    • Agree very much, it’s just that some of the other more out of the way towns and cities are for sure going to be better (and cheaper too as an added bonus).

  • Jay

    We are planning a trip to Ukraine next year in Aug 2013. Its been a lifelong dream to actually experience the real deal since the first encounter with Ukrainian girls back in 1996 in Dubai.

    I have read a few blogs & so far more negatives than positives I have come across….however I’m very open minded & would like to know more from the experts..

    80% of the reason we are going to Kiev is girls of coz & any tips or advises will be highly appreciated.

    Would like to have a time coz it wont be a destination that we will be travelling often…

    Look forward to hearing from you all…


    • Kiev is not the place, try Odessa or some small town. Re-read the article.

    • Thomas

      Just remember one thing: “If you cannot get hot girls in your own home, you won’t be able to get any hot girl in any other country even if that country is filled with zillions of hot girls.”

      • Not true at all. Obviously you haven’t traveled much and just looked around on the street. Nor have you observed the kind of toolboxes that can come to the US and get girls all day because they have an interesting accent or some superficial quality. However I agree with the sentiment that if you are good with women in general you’ll be better everywhere. In general in Eastern Europe people will get laid pretty easily just by being nice, not being an alcoholic and not being a wife beater even if they are pretty much inept at everything else. Many Eastern European girls just want somebody to treat them nice and love them and respect them.

      • Walt Shmith

        Well, then the reverse should also be true then? If you can get girls easily in own country, then you will be a hot dude in Iran, North Korea, etc? No way.

  • DoesNotMatter

    Odessa is has become quite mafia influenced. Plus Odessa gets visited by many very wealthy Arab dudes, so the the women of Odessa have become completely worthless and jaded. It has been said that Odessa is in fact somewhat culturally separate from the rest of Ukraine, with the rest of its citizens not wanting to have much to do with the odessians.

  • Boris

    hey, guys, seems that most of you are too crazy about catching girls. Have you had more noblesse in your intentions you would meet women interested in YOU and not in your money.
    Anyway, I want to share my own experience – I came to Kiev to have a great time. I mean it – great and variable. And I was lucky to find a guide who helped me in that a lot. I had just two days in Kiev and wanted to see more of Kiev, and to visit best places. My guide was assisting me perfectly, so that i had driven tour in Kiev, visited several clubs and bars upon my guide recommendation (Museum club and Docker pub i can recommend), and next day I had an excellent tour for shooting. I was impressed with their weapons and pretty wild conditions of this service!
    My guide was a young lady, and it was a nice bonus for her qualified service. She was responsible and honest, i could completely trust to her advices. I paid 20 EUR per hour including her transport support, which is really a penny for what i got in return.
    I want to recommend this guide for everyone who cares about quality of the travel. Here is her

    • 20 Eur per hour for a chick to show you around Eastern Europe? I think that price is too high. We usually get it for free.

  • John

    Yeah, watch where you take the girls because Ukrainian girls will try to take you to the most expensive place in town. It is a status symbol to order more food than they can eat, then not eat it! Waste is a sign of wealth!

  • Nothing particularly insightful from me today, other than simply thanking you guys yet again for your site, and posts like these.

    Why in the world shouldn’t I find it surprising that the best “deals” are in the places I haven’t heard much about, like Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia. Of course.

    Just in case anyone wants to comment, my best idea so far is to get a gig teaching at an international high school, since my education is good and I have a bit of teaching/tutoring experience. Let’s hope I swing it.

    I was thinking about Engineering in Singapore, but you boys have talked me out of that. I’m sure I can engineer like a motherfucker there, but I don’t want to REST of life there, as you’ve taught me about it so far.

    So it’s time to Get Romantic. Go for the people, the connection, the low pay, the tiny studio apartment, buying little gifts for the old ladies at the farmers markets, and being seen doing so by sweet farmgirls too shy to make the first move. Ohhhh yeah.

  • drew

    in kiev now. reminds me of prague but nicer. nothing real negative to say, but it does not live up to the hype. if ukraine was my only stop i would be ticked, but i am heading south to odessa tomorrow and then bulgaria

    • Please let us know how you find Odessa!

      • Nick

        We’ve been to Odessa mid July 2011.
        We had an appartment in the city centre, cab ride to Arkadia took 20mins and costs about EUR 10, probably too much.. but for 2.50 per person, im not complaining. We me a guy with a bmw 525 an he drove us everywhere for a fair price.

        I prefer Kiev nightlife over Odessa. But in summer the Black Sea beaches are a big plus! That being said, we only went to Arkadia, maybe Odessa centre has some nice clubs also.

        I would advice to take an appartment in the centre, that’s were the nice restaurants and pre party bars are. And an night (23:00) you grab a cab to Arkadia.

  • Dood McMan

    2 words: Oksana Gregoriva =))

    Their lies mirror their men. When the mask comes off, U will C. Some R pretty, but U don’t have 2 settle 4 demons in sheep skin. Get a real woman, like in the Middle East. The 1 good thing good 2 come out of these ‘wars’ lately is it got me curious about the Middle East & OMG they got some friggin’ hot mommas =D

  • Nick

    Oh and when a club or bar has a subtext like “Hookah Bar” it doesn’t mean it’s a hooker bar 🙂
    A hookah is a waterpipe 🙂 very populair in Kiev!

  • Nick

    That sounds pretty expensive indeed 🙂 Maybe we we’re just lucky then 🙂

  • Nick

    Quote: There was another major drawback to Ukrainian girls that I had never experienced before (maybe I was lucky before or maybe I was unlucky this time?) – this girls are definitely looking for a free ride. It would never occur to a Ukrainian girl to open her wallet for so much as a subway token.

    Our experience is exactly the opposite, the girls we met didn’t want us to pay for taxi’s or buy them all their drinks. Of course we paid some cab rides and drinks but not more than you’d normally do at home in the UK or in our case The Netherlands.

    But we also met girls who just wanted free drinks and tag along… can’t blame them… you have to realize that a lot of people in and around Kiev don’t have a dime… a metro token is simply expensive.

    • I’ve never been to Ukraine but definitely had some Ukranian girlfriends in the States who expected me to pay for everything all the time. I remember I was at a bar once with a Marya when it was buy one drink full price, get the 2nd for $1. I was buying every round, and about $50 in I started joking that she should pay the dollar for her next round. She was totally pissed at me for making her get in her purse for that dollar. This is one of the reasons why Russian and Ukranian girlfriends have the reputation as the world’s most expensive girlfriends.

      Welcome to the blog! Check out my Amsterdam article and let me know what you think.


  • Nick

    Just got back from Kiev, some tips:

    – When the weather is nice go to Hidropark (Sun City)
    – Bora Bora nightclub, also at Hidropark, nice club!
    – Shooters is fun, but a lot of women with a double agenda… i think. Though we met some really nice girls there that showed us a lot of places in Kiev…
    – Vodka Bar (freedom square) nice to start the evening
    – TGI Fridays at Bessarabska Sq. good food, bit expensive…
    – Patipa is also nice… good music nice ambiance…
    – Also try the waterpipes they sell in the clubs, really nice flavor, no drugs!

    Have fun and keep it real!

    • Thanks for the tips!

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