would like to thank Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan a Phenomenal DoucheOn behalf of Charlie, ¡Raul! and myself, I would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Piers Morgan for the free advertising he provided for on May 24th, 2011. Out of the goodness of his heart, Piers gave a nice shout out for to his 767,092 (and counting) Twitter followers. Apparently Piers is a big fan of, because he referred to Charlie as a “spiteful little twerp”, a statement he termed “British linguistic terrorism”. We’re not exactly sure what “British linguistic terrorism” is, but we think it might be more accurately characterized, at least in common American English, as British douchebag speak.

Piers Morgan Promoting

Piers Morgan Promoting

We’re also a bit confused as to what he means exactly when he says “Hey ‘dude’ – how does it feel to know everyone can now see what a spiteful little twerp you are?” because we were under the impression that the entire purpose of blogging is so that as many people as possible can see what you write. Whatever he meant, it was a big boost for a little blog like us, our traffic was more than triple the usual average on that day and we just don’t know how we can thank him enough. We don’t mind that he that he thinks Charlie is a “spiteful little twerp” as we generally consider Piers to be an obnoxious, pretentious, pontificating douchebag. Not to mention, anyone who thinks Paris Hilton would make an interesting interview subject is obviously a pretty shitty journalist to boot. In fact, it’s shitty journalists like Piers Morgan who pollute the internet and the airwaves with non-news like Paris Hilton interviews that bear a large portion of the responsibility for how generally stupid and uninformed the average American is… but that is a topic for an entirely different post.

Piers Morgen Interviews Paris Hilton

Piers Morgen Interviews Paris Hilton

Way to go Piers, you’re doing a bang up job! Maybe next week you can give us an in depth look into the trials and tribulations of the life of Carrot Top! It’s not news, it’s CNN™.

UPDATE: - Stealing Fans From Piers Morgan One at a Time - Stealing Fans From Piers Morgan One at a Time


We’re thrilled to see that it looks like Piers Morgan might be getting dragged into the “hackgate” fiasco. LOL! Good luck old buddy!

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  • Quartermain

    He prides himself on being a snotty brit. Says so himself. Tabloid editor, big whoop. Nothing to brag about. What happened to the British gentleman? I would more likely listen to a British gentleman than a snotty brit.

  • Aaron

    Piers is a awful anyway. Just a dumb American hating European.

  • Lumiere

    Being judged by a man who is in desperate need of a crash course in ethics.

    Oh the irony !

  • Ron

    Piers Morgan is a flaming fucking douchebag.

  • Raul!

    Howard Stern was right about Piers. He won’t last.

    • I tend to agree… even Piers himself seems to know this as indicated through the subtle foreshadowing of his Twitter tagline: ‘One day you’re the cock of the walk, the next a feather duster.’ Here’s to hoping that the big wigs at CNN will decide it’s feather duster time for Piers sooner rather than later.

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