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monkey at typewriterHere at Single Dude Travel we really enjoy keeping an eye on our Google Analytics statistics, because among other things we really get a kick out of seeing where all our readers come from and how they find us. The other thing we find extremely entertaining are the keywords that people use to find us on Google. While Google may be the best search engine out there, our experience says their search algorithm could still use some tweaking! Here are our favorite search terms to date:

100 kg girls who have cock
acceptable cockblocking
accidentally fucked a lady boy
all the popular people are douchebags
all women assholes
american country fat ass girle
american girls are fat, europe
american girls are horrible
american girls fat european girls thin
american girls so stupid
american ladyboy lifestyle
american suck virgin foreign girl marriage
american women are narcissistic bitches
american women terrible wives
an assholes guide to life
are all eastern european people douchebags?
are fat chicks are fun to fuck
are models not just coat hangers
are there girls in chinese bars that aren’t hookers?
assholes get laid douchebags get laid book
assholes go to cancun
attend a sausage party
bang her silly
being a douchebag gets you laid
bulgarian chalga & the mafia
bulgarian women are beautiful and not expensive fuk
burkha at the beach
burkha making
burkha shorts
burkini for kids
can strippers be monogamous
can you mail weed to your hotel in playa del carmen
chains are cool to cop never change (what?!?)
chicks dig man boobs
chinese fan “round eye”
countries that you pick up heaps of single girls
dirty looking tattoo thai bar girls
do dutch girls like it in the
do fat chicks need a bigger dick
do girls like peacocking
do hipsters really have ugly girlfriends?
do hipsters wear bathing suits
do suzhou girls shave
do womanizers change after meeting a nice girl
do you have to fuck the fat girls to get the fine ones
does gin really get her pants off easy
doing ecstasy in tulum -carnival -cruise
donde hay sausage party en guatemala
don’t fuck fat girls
eating disorder therapy sweatpants
educated chalga girl
fuck to forget but don’t forget to fuck
fuck you fat americans
fucking hipster skinny jean motherfucker
funny acronim for fucking fat chicks
hipster chicks suck
how do i tell that she wanted me to fuck her right there
how it feels to fuck a fat chick
how to a very good womanizer
how to attend a sausage party
how to be a ladyboy
how to find and fuck a fattie
how to meet girls and not be a douche bag
how to peacock while wearing normal clothes
how to say douchebag in russian
how to tell a girl you don’t want to be serious with out being a douche
how to travel with mdma
i don’t always drink beer but when i do i will fuck a fat chick
i hate american girls
i hate hipsters
i like girls with big fake tits, tramp stamps and tongue studs
i need to fuck a fat chick
i want suck middle age women booms
i want to attend a sausage party
i want to fuck a fat chick
i will fuck the fat one
id rather jack off then have sex with my fat girlfriend
identify fake tits model
is a 17 dollar diamond ring from ebay a rip off?
is de beers a rip off
is it okay to fuck a chubby chick?
is it okay to not give a girl a diamond ring
it is fun to fuck a fat chick
jersey shore rockstar game pua
lady boy alert
lederhosen sex tumblr
lifting up girls skirts
lingerie coffee shops san jose, hookers
mall school girls cleavage
man travel country suck straight guys
men trying high heels in shops
mens guide to barfights
mexican sweatpants
models are like coat hanger
models as living coathangers
most important is lawer fees jay-z
munich nymphomania
musical people ass holes
my ex is a ugly fat bitch
my little pony guide to life
my little pony’s guide to life
new orleans nymphomaniacs
no good american bitches
nude hotel sauna german
old football equipment
old gringo pub
old men ktv china
one thing i learned is, hot girl sitting at a slot is a hooker
order a prostitute in suzhou
oriental lady make love and fuck
pabst blue ribbon apparel
pabst blue ribbon bottle 1940’s
pabst blue ribbon in france
pabst blue ribbon prices
pasty white hipster girls

peacock tramp stamp
pick up artist condom choice
pick up artistry is a sham
pick up arts game jobs that require travel
pickup “tramp stamp”
piers morgan
piers morgan douchebag
ping pong girls thailand
professional womanizers wont sleep with you first night
pua mail order bride
reasons to say fuck society and go traveling
reasons women suck
retarded malays
riga ladyboy
rockstars into fucking fat chicks
romantic negs
rules for gold diggers
russian women pain in the ass to work with
saudi women fuck their drivers
sausage party tumblr gay attend
self entitlement single women
sex an der autobahn frankfurt oder
shes a bitch and hes an asshole
should i fuck a fat girl
single guide travel swinger
sluts and cocaine vol 1
some womanizers dont sleep with you on first date
starbucks girl sucking for an extra
steroids strippers
stripper stewardesses
super models clothes hangers
take advantage of gold diggers
teach me how can fuck to chinese girl
the act of sucking a man dick is blowjob. what is sucking a woman pussy called?
the flying pig – solo travellers
the playboy bunny house
too many fat american girls
touching ktv girl
travel or picket fence
tucker max “fuck you”
villages coming after you with torches
vintage mustache
walking coathanger models
warning signs of a gold digger
waxed mustache hipster
ways of kicking a soccerball
what do chinese eat in suzhou china
what a bitch
what happens private rooms in ktv bars
what is best place to meet russian hookers in manhattan?
what kind of a purse would a hipster wear
what kind of mafia is in riga
what language should my wife and i learn?
where can i attend a sausage party
where to drink beer in china
where to find a live sausage party
where to meet nymphomaniacs
why are american girls such bad people?
why are american girls such bitches
why are eastern european women such sluts
why are fucking engagement rings so much money
why are girls so bad at blowjobs
why are marriages so shallow
why are so many cooks on tv assholes
why aren’t there hot stewardess on usa flights
why do all puas look like douchebags
why do american girls think their all that
why do women need big diamond ring
why douchebags get laid
why dutch girls are prettier than american girls
why girls like to cockblock
why hipsters ruined society
why not just fuck fat chicks?
why waste your money on girls
wiki travel gringo hunters
womanizing sport
women who scam men for engagement rings
would a girl prefer a douche over a nice guy
would you finger a fat girl?
wow what a bitch

While perhaps we have something to offer to someone that would like to know “how to be a successful womanizer“, we’re not sure what we can do for the guy that’s seeking “man travel country suck straight guys”… it sounds like a tough sell. Nevertheless, if you have any topics you’d like us to cover or you would like to write a guest post please drop us a line at

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