The Single Dude’s Guide to Riga, Latvia

rigablondes_layer-1Riga, Latvia is definitely one of my top five favorite single dude travel destinations. While only slightly more expensive than most other Eastern European countries it offers a lot more class and beauty (if you stay in the old downtown). Think Prague and Zagreb as opposed to Sofia. You can expect a plethora of hot, classy, intelligent Eastern European women and an outstanding selection of bars of clubs.

Riga is definitely a place where you should stay in an apartment near the center of town. Charlie and I were able to rent a two bedroom apartment right smack in the middle of all the action for 35 EUR per night. We also took our time to really do our homework on this destination by surveying a bunch of people on CouchSurfing for the best bars, clubs, restaurants and other activities (click here for an Excel spreadsheet, places we actually visited and approve of are highlighted). Although we had a gigantic list of recommendations we ended up finding a couple of favorite bars near our apartment and just hanging out there the whole time.

The girl situation in Riga is absolutely astounding. Besides the fact that the women outrageously hot, intelligent and classy it turns out that, as in many Eastern European countries, there are more women than men. I stumbled upon an interesting little piece of research indicating that not only are there significantly more women than men in Latvia but they are relatively sexually promiscuous. To put it another way, Latvia just might be the holy grail of single dude travel. See the chart below and I think you’ll know what I’m talking about (hint, as close to the top left corner as possible is what you want and guess where Latvia is).

Sexual Promiscuity Chart

Sexual Promiscuity Chart

In Riga there are two distinctly different types of girls, Latvian Latvians and Russian Latvians. If you want to know about Russian Latvian look no further than El Matador’s article “An Introduction to Russian Girls“. As far as the Latvian Latvian girls, I can only say that they seem a touch more conservative and a touch more sophisticated, but either way you’re going to be finding plenty of the tall, thin, super model types. About 30% of the population in Latvia are Russians that were forced to resettle there during the Soviet Union. The Russian Latvians and Latvian Latvians don’t really seem to get along. It’s an extremely common sight to see alternating tables of Latvian Latvians and Russian Latvians throughout the entire bar. You can spot them really easily by looking at how the girls are dressed or simply listening to whether they’re speaking Latvian or Russian. Latvian Latvians might have a slight edge on English, pretty much every true Latvian we met could speak perfect Latvian, Russian, English and often another language or two. If you have a Phd from Harvard expect to find a Latvian teenager that will make you feel stupid and uneducated. These people really have their shit together.

With all these super positive things I’ve had to say about Latvia I do need to bring up two big negatives. Bar fights and ripoff bars. The entire time we were there we didn’t go one single night without seeing a bar fight and sometimes more than one. We even saw our local favorite bartender beat the shit out of a customer with a baseball bat. Not to worry though if you’re not an asshole and you stay alert you should be able to avoid getting involved in the fight. The closest I came to being involved in a fight was stumbling home drunk one night at about 5 am. A Latvian guy approached me and asked me if I wanted to fight. I said “Of course not, why?”. He explained that he didn’t want to fight me, he just wanted to know if I wanted to come fight with him and his friends because they were on their way out to find a fight. I politely declined and stumbled home.

Let’s talk about the other big drawback, ripoff bars. Latvia has a number of “black listed” bars whose sole purpose is to ripoff foreigners by charging exorbitant prices for drinks. There’s even a little more to it than that. I’m sad to say that Charlie and I got taken for a round in one of the beers. We were walking down the street minding our own business when two 5’10” (180 cm) Russian blondes picked us up. All along we were thinking “I know it’s Riga but this is too good to be true!”. Sure enough it was. They lead us into a ripoff bar. This story does have a happy ending though, unlike many other Eastern European countries the police in Riga are apparently not corrupt (or at least not so corrupt). As we were sitting there getting ripped off a police officer came into the bar and politely asked me to step outside. The officer then proceeded to tell me that we could do whatever we want but she would highly recommend that we leave because this bar is known for ripping off foreigners. That’s a big deal in Eastern Europe, in many other countries the police would show up to beat the shit out of us if we didn’t pay the tab! It’s nice to be in a country that doesn’t have crooked cops, trust me on that one.

Overall, Riga, Latvia is 100% single dude approved.

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  • Johny

    I’m based in the US – New Jersey, but I booked my trip already with a tour group.

    • Kevin J.

      Hi, I’m from Israel planning to go there, would you like to join?

    • David Velarde

      when? i am going in May 5th. let me know!

  • Johny

    Any single straight dudes looking for a travel buddy to Eastern Europe? I think I’ll need to scratch Latvia off my list.

  • Chuck

    I went there July , 2016. My advice the women are hot looking, but chances are they really don’t like men, unless it’s pay for play. I spoke to a woman in length here she told that since it’s a male shortage women here have adapted and dont need man. I’m at the night club and you see these hot chicks dancing by themselves, and I noticed when single guys aproach, they would turn them away, so no ass grinding. I think it’s a town to bring your wife or girlfriend. If you are a guy likes paying for pussy, it’s for sale all day, but if your like myself and just want to meet and talk to women, they are not friendly. I must ad I did meet a rusian girl who I was dancing with that seem nicer than the Latvian women. I don’t recommend Lativa for single guys.

    • Ralfs Bērziņš there is the best guys who make different kind of travel to the Latvia, with much og activities

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  • Karolina

    Just because beautiful girls worth visiting Latvia. 🙂 And it’s really attracted to lone men foreigners come for short holidays in Latvia. 🙂

  • Peter Steele

    Oh my gosh. These slavic girl are so hot. For instance, Latvia is the fifth largest country by quantity of prostitutes per capita. Just think of these figures. For example, these escorts in riga are popular now

  • Manuel

    Who can blame them with the #rapefugee crisis and all.

  • jackg79

    im just going to come right out and ask you… Did you get laid? if so, how many different women? Any 2 nighters? (returned for more).

  • Jrue

    How Racist is Latvia, I’ve seen numerous articles and complaints all over the internet about it. In case you are wondering I’m African American… Thanks for the help

    • Don’t really know, wasn’t an issue that came up. I don’t remember seeing a single black person during my visit let along discussing anyone’s views on the subject. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

      • AD

        Did you see an Asian?

        • Manuel

          Not that I recall. But I don’t mind Asians. More importantly I saw no muslims.

  • Shaun

    G’Day everyone,

    I would like to visit Riga for a week or 2 simply to let my hair down and party, and meet some new people… and I would like some honest opinions please.
    Everywhere I look on the internet I read 4 – 5 negative posts about Riga to every 1 positive post!
    Is Riga really that bad?
    I don’t want to believe it is, however with every negative thing I read (most of which is very similar on each forum) logic would suggest to stay away 🙁
    I’m an Aussie guy who just loves a good time, and I have NEVER been in a fight before out on the town anywhere I’ve been.
    Look forward to hearing a few good stories about nightlife in Riga.


    • Gary

      I’m currently in Riga, staying at the Semarah Metropole (would recommend – lovely hotel). It’s a decent place, although Warsaw still wins for me in terms of nightlife and women. Riga is slightly more expensive than Warsaw, too. That said, Warsaw is well worth a visit. The old town here is great, but do keep your wits about you. I’ve not had any negative experiences, but people in Romania and Poland are certainly much more friendly than here. English is spoken by some, but it’s certainly not as common. If you know some Polish or Russian, you should be ok – English seems to come a little lower down the list.

      Costs? It depends. There’s a Skybar at the top of the Radisson Blu hotel near the Freedom Monument. A shot of vodka there is in excess of €4. The Skybar is one of the more expensive places. Bars in old town typically charge around €2 for a shot of vodka. Beers range in prices depending on where you are from around €2 to around €3.50. Pint of Coke is around €2.50.
      Fags – expect to pay around €3-€4 for a pack of 20 Marlboro red.
      Food costs vary. You can get a decent size pizza for less than €10.
      Travel costs are extremely cheap. Single bus travel is €0.60.

      Places to go: Use your judgement! If it’s busy inside, then it’s generally going to be ok. If it looks dead, then there’s probably a reason! Also don’t accept invitations from people on the street. As I say, use your own judgement. As with anywhere, the more you can do to blend in, the better. If you actively make yourself stick out like a sore thumb, people will try to take advantage of you.

      Maybe I’m visiting at the wrong time of year and you need to be here during the summer for the stunning women? As I say, Warsaw still wins for me on that point.

      • phutatorius

        There are not as many touts as there used to be, but anytime someone suggests you try some wonderful bar that they know, especially if they’re a good-looking woman, you should suggest that no, they should come with you to this wonderful bar that YOU know. That shuts them down fast. I’ve had some funny conversations after that has happened, but never picked up one of the tout-ladies.

        I find the people in Riga to be friendly enough, but I agree that Polish women are unusually nice.

        Groups of drunken young men are to be avoided, regardless of wherever in the world you might be. I don’t think Latvian-Latvian or Latvian-Russian men are worse while drunk than men in other countries I’ve visited. I’d say Liverpool was the worst.

    • Arthur

      It is a shit hole !
      Rude and unfriendly people and terrible food……………….
      I only went there for a big dirt bike race in Kegums !

    • Arthur

      Only thing good about the place is the Air force Museum next to the Airport !
      Where you can see busted arse old Russian Fighter Jets !

  • Arthur

    I think Riga is a boring place, sure there are some Pretty girls around.
    Like anywhere else in the world.
    And all stuck up !
    I am only here for a big bike race (Motocross) near Riga.
    The people are rude and unfriendly and the food is shit, why the hell would anybody come here for a holiday.
    I certainty wouldn’t !

  • Cole91v

    Dood McMan, I want your contact info. Way to keep it real.

  • Latvian girls are drunk all the time (also Latvian men). Latvian girls are also mentally unstable. Once tou get a phone number and meet them a few times you see quickly they have mental problems. While living there two years I had three girls try to commit suicide in my flat.

    Russian girls will take your money very quickly in Riga. They look down at Western Men and take full advantage. First night you take them to dinner they will order the most expensive drinks and dinner on the menu.

    By the way…Latvia is VERY expensive. Their money is pegged to the British pound so one Lat equals .50 cents US. Cheapest Hotel costs $250 per night, dinner cost about $29 per person and mobile about $250 per month for a basic little dial phone/

    Now about Russian men in Riga. They will beat the SHIT put of you for walking the wrong way. They live each day thinking about going out at night and busting a foreigner in the face and head after drinking Vodka. In the Old Towne at night they go looking for Westerners for blood letting. While working there I had to keep stun gun, knife and spray and I used all of these every night. One night I had to stab a Russian after he broke my jaw and he died, I left the county the next day and never went back/

    • This is bullshit. Latvia is cheap unless they have had 1,000% inflation in the last three years. It’s true the currency is very strong but you can buy a lot of stuff for a fraction of a Lat.

      • McLovin

        Latvia is cheap – they’ve switched to euro since new years though.

    • Johny

      Thank you for your advice about Latvia. I would have never imagined what you described.

    • phutatorius

      I’m in a very comfortable hotel now in the Old Town. $50 a night, for a huge double room with a kitchen and en-suite and with breakfast included. Dinner in the Old Town runs around 10 to 12 Euro per person for entrees at nice places. Riga seems a bit more costly than Poland, but not bad. No idea about mobile, but based on the other lies you’re telling, I don’t believe it’s expensive. My UK mobile works fine here anyway.

      As for the stories about Russian men, they sound like more lies. Yeah, sure, you killed a guy in Riga. And winged monkeys fly out of my ass. We were in a bar watching football with a number of Russian guys last night, and they were fine. There was some banter about Trump and Putin, but nothing that was threatening.

      I’d recommend keeping your wits about you late at night, but that’s true anywhere.

  • I love Riga ad Latvia best place to visit is studio nice club and first dacha because I am from caucacus Georgia t did not had any problems with local hot heads mostly city is russian, so english is not too popular I used to hang out mostly with Russian girls they are hot and even cute when you exp-lane who wares the trousers , I had few incidents with locals but after explaining that I am not from west but from Kavkaz ! they become quite fresh minds with understanding and and change their hooligan habits, for me Riga and local girls are the hottest! its not cheap best time to vizit is new year when all nice looking girls are coming back home from west Europe to hang out and have nice time at home city and night life gets more alive and colorful

    • andres

      Are you serious? Riga is mostly Latvian – English is fine, except for when dealing with russians (which you shouldn’t anyway).

      • Jan Skreder

        When it comes to Riga then all talk is true beautiful women and the locals guys are harmless. Be very careful of Latvians in provinces. If you meet Russian speaking Latvian than it is ok, they are harmless, but Latvian speaking Latvians ( mostly guys) are just to much for me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not some kind of “Pussy” I’m 6 foot 2 tipical Swedish guy and all my male colleagues somewhere near me , but lockal giys are just to tough frightening stubborn barbarians who does not know how to live and work in 24 for seven, it’s no wonder that women are looking for foreigners – dumb fucking nation. At the best, they will not speak with you at all and if you will continue than you will find yourself kissing the road pavement.Toughest crowd I ever work with – not particularly friendly at all. It is interesting that even Riga there are not considered as its own capital city, thay says that in Riga living only weak and Russians – a very nationalistic and racistic including women – fucking morans, They solve all problems with their fists, although they are smart enough to lead your business to the bankruptcy!!! FUCKING nightmare barbarian country!!!
        I worked in inland in Valmiara and Madona and Ventspils for two and half a year for representative for my company and could take it no more! In province Latvian women are beautiful but tough as a rock, but man is like from horror moves – they give you free ticket to home with a broken skull and instructions how to kill your self in half way ! By the way lockal police are just helpless or not willing to cooperate with foreigners , so do not search for help there and hospitals are just for dying ! Seriously do not go there! !! My colleagues from Norway came home with a skull fracture , just because it took a look on someones girl . Those guys are serious ruffnecks and don”t mess with you of course If you just t want to end your life a lonely place where nobody will ever find you! I’ve heard that a number of British tourists are still missing, and the Latvian state tried to hide it only to keep the tourism inflow in the capital. In any case, a very dark place not recommend going there to anyone. It’s not worth it believe me. If you get home from there in one peace consider your self a lucky gue!

  • Banger

    After reading the comments I’m pretty sure all you oogly eyed faggots are Probably responsible because you put these women on the pedestal and then they turn into monsters who think the world is theirs and everyone owes them something. Women from all over Eastern Europe are great but Latvians fucking SUCK

  • Banger

    This Place Sucks a whales Cunt. The women are not intelligent, they do not look like that picture and they not marriable or sexually open. They are just fuckin cunts. The weather here sucks and besides one or two clubs in the center there is nothing you might expect. Graz has lots, oddly enough. This place has shit nightlife and the people are cold and cunty. And it rains all the time and it’s cold.

    • phutatorius

      The fact that you didn’t get laid says more about you than about the locals.

  • matthew

    i love latvian girl, hope marry one

  • VeC Zviedriju

    Hey guys. I’m a swedish dude who used to live and work in Riga (8 months) when I was 20 (2011-2012). I’m an above-average looking guy (I’d say 7-7.5, not trying to be a douche or something, but yeah), and I got laid so goddamn much in Riga that I wish I didn’t move back. I didn’t get laid EVERY time I wen’t out of course, but I’d say around 40-50% of the time.

    Latvian Latvian (not russian) girls are really friendly, interested in foreigners and smart (just like the article say). I can’t recommend Riga enough, best city I ever lived in. Cheap alcohol, mostly friendly people, really attractive and awesome girls.

    I couldn’t figure out latvian guys though. One time when I was out with a latvian girl and two of her male friends, they were being real nice to me, buying beers and such. She later told me that they asked her “Why go out with a foreigner?”. I’d say some latvian guys hate foreigners because the girls are attracted to them, and some latvian guys are just cool and easy to hang out with, if you’re in need for drinking buddies.

    Riga -> 10/10! Just stay away from the russians.

    • ghey

      Yup russians will break ur skull in and make u eat concrate

  • Adamski

    Shortage is a Mortgage.

  • ioan

    yes ,all baltics girls are over 200 cm 🙂

  • mat

    im 172 cm man am i too short for baltic girls ?

  • max maurell

    OK, I will.My name is Max and I was visiting many capitals in central and eastern europe. When you not drink too much then you still keep thinking and that’s your safery.
    Donot go late in the evening to so called MEN’S CLUBS or other clubs. For example nightclubs, stripclubs etc etc..
    Better meet girls in normal pubs, restaurants, pizzeria’s, bars.
    Stop looking for girls when the sun is down, do it just in brought daylight.
    It is the same in every big city: Paris, Praha, Sofia, Warsow and Riga too.
    Have a nice time but always use your brains

  • Kristina

    I happened upon the “The Single Dude’s Guide to Life & Travel” site while doing research for a change in career and I find your comments on the best countries to find beautiful women interesting, funny, and not surprising as I have two brothers who are mostly about the “P”. More women need to read such sites to gain greater insight on the male psyche. We women tend to expect men to ignore their instincts absolutely. I know that this expectation is fruitless and leads to much Strum und Drung.

    Did I get it wrong? Are men not, mostly about the “P”? I do not want to dwell in generalizations. Pursuing the “P” is biological—I get it.I happened upon this the Single Dude’s site while doing research for a change in career and I find all comments on the best countries to find beautiful women interesting, funny, and not surprising as I have two brothers who are all about the “P”.

    Thank you!

    • Evan

      Correct, single dudes and men in general are first and foremost, all about the “P”. Everything else is secondary.
      Why would anyone expect a person to ignore their instincts absolutely? Men don’t expect anything from women until we get suckered into paying for stuff anyway 😛

  • I was there. It was one of my favorite countries. The girls were very approachable but just wanted to talk and have a drink. They didn’t want to have sex. I find the claim that “girls are promiscuous” is a myth. A few girls are, but most aren’t. It’s not in their female nature to sleep with any guy. Only deluded males say that. But it’s not true in objective reality.

    • phutatorius

      I’d be skeptical that you have “female nature” figured out. The PUA’s try to sell these lazy, half-assed myths about biology, but people are more complicated than that, and there’s a lot of variation among women. Also, it depends on the guy to a great extent. Be open to experience and don’t play games. That’s always worked well for me, and I’m not a handsome man (though I’m in good shape).

  • Jeff

    I spent a few weeks in Latvia and honestly had the time of my life. I met the parents of my Latvian friend from Alaska (super hot) in St. Petersburg and they drove me to Riga. The Russian / Latvian border was quite the experience, the guard collected all 3 passports and when he saw my American one his mouth opened and his eyes got rather large. He basically thought I was lost and then proceeded to search my bag, where he found several bottles of vodka. He asked why I had so much and I told him it was a bad habit. He informed me that I had more than was allowed, a $20 bill solved that. Anyway, Riga is great, your assessment is spot on in my opinion. I would also recommend going to Jurmala, this place is not only beautiful but there is hot chicks all over the place on the beach of the Baltic Sea wearing bikinis and just being hot. I was lucky to have some good hosts who showed me around the entire country.

    I do have one story dealing with a ripoff bar, which believe me do exist. I had met these 2 older American guys who were in Riga on business (I suspect to meet women as well). They were very nice and glad to hear that a young guy, I was 22 at the time, was traveling the world. At that point I had been traveling for over 2 months all over Eastern Europe and Russia and was pretty broke. They invited me out for some drinks, I said I was really low on cash and would have to pass. They were really cool and said no problem, it is our treat. We went to one bar and then they told me they met this guy, Dima, who had told them about some great club with lots of ladies (that should have been the red flag). They suggested we go and I translate for them, I said sure. So we go into this super plush bar with “Russian Latvian” hotties everywhere. I think it was like 20 LAT or something to get in, which included 3 drinks. We all sat down and were bombarded with these amazingly hot women, obviously the professorial hustler types. I was talking to them and translating for the other guys and then one asked me if I minded if she get a drink, I basically told her you can do whatever you want not really thinking about it. Well, after that the drinks began pouring in like Harvard and Columbia MBA’s did in early 90’s Russia. After about an hour, this stereotypical looking Russian guy (nice suit with an open neck shirt and chain), Mikhail, presented me with a bill. I opened it and discovered each of those drinks was 100 Euros! The bill totaled something like 1500 Euros. One of the American guys was in a private room getting a “massage” and came out with a nice little grin on his face. I had informed these guys about the big bill and they were like “what the fuck is Mikhail talking about” (apparently they initially took a real liking to him). After some period of arguing and me translating as much as I could, the 2 American guys basically told me to take off, they would be better off without me translating. I grabbed my backpack and waited for a green light and then darted out the door, 2 Russian thugs pursued me but I was able to hide under a box and escape capture.

    A funny follow up, one of the guys had loaned me $100 and I promised I would pay him back. This was back in 2006, honestly I had forgot about it but about a year ago I was going through my travel journal and came across his contact info. I called him up and said, “Hey this is Jeff from the gentlemens club in Riga, do you remember me? I owe you $100.” He was like, “Oh my god, Jeff, we thought you were dead!” I was like WTF, why did you think that and if so did you tell anyone? He said they didn’t know who to tell (State Department comes to mind) and didn’t know my last name anyway, I guess that merits a pass. Long story short, I paid him back the $100 and now he wants to go to Russia with me to find a wife, jesus christ.

  • Hey thanks very much for this, and also for the take-down of Prague. That certainly makes sense, and explains why we hear about Prague so often on BBC comedies.

    So it looks like Riga for a best first guess at where to go teach English. I’m certainly down.

    Shoot, I’ve been down with Riga ever since I saw 3:20 of this video here:

    Good lord. Even with dorks like the fellow in the video the girls there seem pretty, nice and not in the least big bitchy. WOW.

  • John

    well i was not saying i would get an one-night stand every night but was wondering what are the chances of that happening because a lot of websites advertise that such ans such palces a best for single men and such(etc, etc) but prove to be a dead end. Morever which is the best period to visit there?

    • I don’t know if it’s any consolation but we have nothing to gain from recommending any one particular place over another. Riga is good any time but probably summer is best because they have a beach not far from the city.

  • Dood McMan

    & crime is another factor 2 consider. Y bang girls who’s offspring will B chaos like their race? If Latvians R so violent, Y bother? Turkey 4 example has lower crime than most Western nations. U will B unlikely 2 have trouble with locals trying 2 rearrange your face =) Same goes 4 the rest of the Middle East – regardless of what the electric jew (TV) says. & if U R looking 4 chix who’s ‘stock is down’, look no further! U don’t have 2 wait (like with Greece). GR8 opportunities exist RIGHT NOW 4 hooking up with hot Middle Eastern babes =D & did I mention they got some friggin AMAZING kool music? WoW – just search that ‘Deathrape2001’ channel on U-Boob (you tube) 4 instance. !WoW!

    • Next time somebody asks me to explain douchebag I will use you as an example.

      • Dood McMan

        All I’m doing is stating facts, so your refusal 2 acknowledge reality just illustrates your cowardice. Like 4 instance there R lots of hot looking black girls. However, they R all insane. Acknowledging the obvious, not being a ‘white lies’ type coward, is attractive 2 real women – such as Middle Eastern types 4 instance, or hell N E real girl with half a brain. Not just the Aziri chik who tells me ‘The blax should still B slaves’, or the Aussie who goes off how she hates them going on how ‘They should have killed all of them not just 3/4! Tas(mania) had the right idea. They ran them off the cliffs! =)”

        Well U get the idea, coward. & that’s another thing I’m sure U ran across in your travels. They don’t pretend 2 like 3’rd world sewage so much. Grow a spine dood. B a man =D Hawt chix dig MEN, not ‘politically correct’ clowns.

        • phutatorius

          There are some women who are damaged and feel the need to be abused by scummy guys, but that doesn’t make those creeps real men. They’re just cowards who push women around. I’ve always treated women with respect and I’ve still gotten laid.

          Your internet hyper-aggression is an attempt to compensate for a sense of inadequacy. Bullies are weaklings.

          And racist slimebags should be castrated.

      • Dood McMan

        BTW: I’m not trying 2 B mean. Don’t take it the wrong way. Your site is awesome – very funny! =)) Please do a ‘top ten’ type list ranking selections 4 hottest female regions, etc. Your site is not very organized. Please sort things in order of quality – ‘best bodies’, ‘best faces’, ‘best personality’ etc. Could maybe do a little spreadsheet type grid where the visitor can sort the regions/women by specification! =D I would happily add my lists 2! Did U know 4 instance that ‘Kurds’ have many superbeauties? Their eyes R friggin’ AMAZING! & nice bods 2 – but those eyes, wow

        Lot of trash of course but it’s a percentage. That would B useful also – 2 provide rough % of hot 2 krap. America is maybe 1 in 1,000 (literally).

        • That’s great but you are not funny. You are trashing half the world in a very ignorant and uncalled for way. Generally we have an everything goes attitude here but there are limits and you are testing them.

          • I think he’s pretty funny. Offensive, but funny.

      • phutatorius

        An illiterate douchebag as well…

  • Dood McMan

    The prettiest women R Middle Eastern. U don’t realize it sometimes, because in America they tend 2 call themselves ‘Italian’ when they can pass =) They have really dramatic eyes (some of them), hot curves, GR8 lays, etc. They’re basically like Italians, but nicer, & healthier (not into booze & krap). Problems include laziness, lack of drama (which can B good) – pretty placid. Balkans have lot of hotties, but there is a ton of Indian mixed in (Tigani=Gypsy), including Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, etc. Macedonia & Cyprus is basically Greek (other issues). But yea’ my point is these girls may look good in this pic, but examine closely – other than the absence of hideous rolls of American flab, they’re nothing special. By contrast, the occassional Turk or Lebanese & whatnot R jaw-dropping goddesses all around =D & unlike the Tigani-mixed breeds of the Balkans, they R NOT slobs, nor 3’rd worlders. Every Arab house I’ve been 2 they turn 2 a fuking palace, whereas Indian sorts R more like ‘white trash mentality’. Albania 4 example has a huge problem with people throwing down their trash whereverthefuk they please. It’s just bizarre.

  • John

    i would like to ask which is the best period to visit Riga. Also by saying 100% single guy approved you mean thow easily you can hook up with a womna for the night or just plain eyecathing beutiful women. morever you refer tah you wnert with a friend “wingwmn”.Thus is not so “single man” opptunity. Single as i far as i know mean totally on your own. Is tah a case for Riga?

    • First and foremost, unless you speak Russian or Latvian you better brush up on your English if you intend to pickup anybody (and by brush up, I mean take a one year intensive course). Second, single dude just refers to a guy who is not married, engaged or in a serious committed relationship. He may or may not be in the company of friends. Lastly, in my experience Latvian girls are not sluts, they’re pretty classy, cool and smart. If you want tons of one night stands that’s not really what we are about nor is it our area of expertise. Maybe try southeast Asia.

      • SE Asia would definitely be a good choice for that. Or America, our women while fat and stupid generally are quite easy relatively speaking.

  • El Matador

    Latvian girls are outstanding.

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