How to spot a ladyboy

LadyboyThis one is going to be short and sweet but I think this is something every traveler to Thailand and perhaps other Southeast Asian destinations needs to know.

The only real dead giveaway is the Adams apple… however that can be surgically removed so you can’t depend on this one alone. Absent an Adams apple, check out the following features:

1. Voice – many ladyboys have an awful sounding masculine voice (think Borat doing his impression of his wife).
2. Facial structure – many ladyboys have something that just doesn’t look quite right about their facial structure, sometimes the face just looks a bit masculine, sometimes it just looks weird in some way you can’t quite put your finger on.
3. Hands – ladyboys often have big manly hands.
4. Feet – like hands, big feet are a telltale sign that you may be in for a nasty surprise.
5. Knees – I’m not sure why but sometimes the knees just look strange on ladyboys.
6. Shoulders – most real ladies do not have broad shoulders like a line backer, especially in Asia.
7. Height – ladyboys tend to be taller than the genuine article.
8. Little finger nail – for some reason, sometimes gay guys and ladyboys grow one of their little finger nails really long.
9. Behavior – ladyboys often make much more aggressive sexual advances than the real ladys.

If any of the things on the list above don’t seem right to you, there is a chance you’re dealing with a ladyboy. If more than one of these factors seems off kilter, you almost certainly have a ladyboy on your hands. I’m told you can always ask if you’re in doubt and that they will usually tell you the truth but not always.

Above all trust your instincts, if something doesn’t seem quite right it probably isn’t. Many long time expats I’ve run into have confessed to accidentally banging a ladyboy when they were drunk. Stay alert and stay sober, don’t become another statistic!

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  • One more bit of knowledge: ladyboys run in packs, rarely alone. So if you cannot tell about one, look at her friends. And in the end, you can just ask. Girls here are not offended if you ask them if they are a ladyboy, they understand. They usually won’t lie because sooner or later they know the truth will come out so to speak. And they will not get any money that way.

  • James

    Wish I could find one. I think I could have an ltr with them.

  • Lilly

    My dad told me when he was young (he lived in Philly) they used to call guys like these SMOKERS;) I didn’t get it at first I thought he was talking about cigarettes;)

  • I once kissed an American Ladyboy in the U.S. She was small and looked so feminine. But she was sexually aggressive. Being young and inexperienced, I could not believe my “luck”. We grinded and made out. Later when I came to know I kissed a dude, I vomitted immediately. But I took solace in the fact that several guys in that club grinded her and would have kissed her as well had they got the chance. Hahahahaha! From then on, I had a rule. I only go for women I approach. Women who approach me (not the same as an approach invitation) are suspect! Ladyboys always approach YOU.

  • Big Poppa

    A buddy of mine warned me about Thai chicks too eager for boob play. They freaks put a narcotic on thier nipples. When the dude is drugged like a darted animal they bend ’em over and rape the guys asshole! Always inspect the goods,ALL of the goods first.

  • My ladyboy gf

    This is so cool! its funny how we western men trying to spot ladyboys. I got this article about having a ladyboy girlfriend what do you think about it? [Manuel: spam link removed – this clown is actually trying to sell on ebook on how to get a ladyboy girlfriend or something – hilarious!]

  • fsadfasd

    Yes, you forgot the hips.

  • Cebubbear

    Have ‘her’ extend her arms, palms up. Women’s arms bend noticeably, men’s are straight. There is no way they can surgically alter that.

    • Good one.

    • or get it to do the splits.. 99% of the guys can’t even come close to doing a split.

  • Dick

    10. Check it’s hips. They don’t have the acreage required for a birth canal.

    • Username

      “It”? That’s a bit rude.

  • Mat

    Thanks. Now I can get some hot ladyboy action that much easier ;o)

    Least they won’t use you for kids, then **** off and demand alimony 2 years later, ’cause they just wanted a baby and they hate men. Which seems a whole lot more honest than regular women.

    And as for the sexually aggressive thing: it’s gratifying! I like truly sex-obsessed babes chasing me! (What are they gonna do, use their ‘powerful’ ladyboy muscles to rape you?) Boobs and a cute face = ok by me.

    I’m going shemale all the way. Nicer personalities, and they actually like guys. If I have to suck a bit of dick, that’s a small trade off.

    • Hey man, whatever you’re in to is fine with me.

    • Elijah Craig 18

      Ahahaha. I smell Troll. Charlie has too much experience and self control to play along, but I’m an idiot so I’m game. Mat, no reason to go adding that missing “T” to your name.

      Take a cue from Ray Davies:

      “Well I’m not the world’s most masculine man, but I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man… and so is Lola.”

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