Austin Texas, Part 2 – Everything but 6th Street

Texas BBQSo in a previous article I provided the go-to single dude guide to Austin’s famous Sixth Street.  But there’s a lot more going on in Austin, so without further ado here are some other good things to check out.

The best regular Monday night event I have found in America is DK Sushi Karaoke.  DK has been doing the weekly karaoke for years and it is super fun.  It involves singing, a gong, DK drinking a sake bomb with every singer, (along with the nightly “designated drinker”, and everyone getting hammered and having a great time.  DK is a straight shooter, but his life philosophy is right on.  He makes offensive jokes and lift up girls’ skirts, and somehow they giggle and wear shorter skirts the next week.  Don’t miss this.  You need to get there early, like 630 to get a table as it’s a small place.

After DK, head over to TC’s on a Monday night.  It’s a black club, but is overrun Monday with white kids (including many hipsters) for their long standing blues session there.  It’s unbelievably hot inside in the summer so wear shorts.  This is a great place to pick up young (possibly under 21) girls who are very open to expanding their world.  I was once picked up by a super hot 19 year old there in a matter of 15 minutes who was very concerned with proving what a big girl she was.  Unfortunately she turned out to be a complete sociopath and I had to quit calling her before she boiled my bunny, but not before she got super coked up and left me absolutely covered in hickeys and bite and scratch marks after a particularly vigorous round of sex.  It was pretty embarrassing; I had to cancel almost a week’s worth of dates.

Austin is a great town if you like water.  There are lakes and other waterways everywhere and lots of places to swim, kayak, row, boat, etc.  A great place to go during the day is Barton Springs, which is a pooled off area where all sorts of Austin people go to cool off during th super hot Texas summers.  The water is really cold and make sure you check IDs.  A friend of mine taught Woody Harrelson how to do a backflip here.  Night swim is free from 9-10 and they occasionally have live music.

Up north of Austin is the shopping center called The Dominion.  Typical of high end shopping districts, there’s a lot of high end women shopping there.  Look for the rings before you commit, the Texas girls tend to get snapped up pretty quickly.

South Austin has two major drags – the South Congress neighborhood, and South Lamar.  Both have lots of places worth checking out.  On South Congress I like Botticelli’s which is a nice Italian restaurant with prices high enough to keep the hipsters away.  Home Slice Pizza is delicious.  If you’re into country music, the Continental Club is a classic venue.  On Lamar, I like the Saxon Pub – they usually have top notch music there.  If you can stand all the hipsters, the Highball has a lot of entertainment – they have private karaoke rooms (like KTV), a stage with regular live acts and bowling lanes.

So having lived in the Midwest where there’s nothing better to do, I have become a decent bowler.  I average around 175 and have been in leagues.  I actually like bowling and think it’s a pretty good date.  So I don’t mind that hipsters also like to bowl.  But I have never seen a hipster who was a good bowler.  I think it must be a rule that hipsters aren’t allowed to be good at it.  Come to think of it, have you known hipsters that were really good at any sport?  Hard to come up with that one.  Maybe that pitcher for the Giants, Brian Wilson.  Love his late Beach Boys work as well.

Austin is also home to a gigantic public university, the University of Texas, and that place spillith over with super cute Texas girls.  Try them at the UT bars and go to a UT football game and you will shit your pants when you see all the hot chicks wearing cowboy hats, skirts, and burnt orange tops.  Now it’s public knowledge that I hate American girls generally speaking, but Texas girls are a bit of an exception.  They are my favorite American girls.  Nice, friendly, well dressed and relatively classy, their personality drawback may be excess conservatism.  If you meet a local born and raised Austin girl, you have a good chance of quality compared to typical Americans.  Just remember that Texas still has an obesity rate of over 30% however.

Another nice place to pick up girls is along side the lake downtown around 5-7 PM.  Try to borrow a dog and take him on a walk at Auditorium Shores and meet some young professional girl walking her Schnauser after work there.  Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag!

There are countless other great venues in Austin so ask around when you get there.  There is never a shortage of new fun things going on around town.  We highly recommend for great ideas on everything that’s going on in Austin.

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