The Burkha Disgrace

Sexy BurkaWalking down the street in Kuala Lumpur is always an entertaining experience.  People from all over the world are here, from super hot Chinese daddy’s girls in miniskirts and high heels, to Indian truck drivers, to super overly made-up Iranian girls with fake boobs, drunk Australian DAFFs, Ghanaian kids kicking a soccer ball, and of course semi-retarded Malays loafing around everywhere.

But the thing that was the most shocking for me when I came to Malaysia for the first time five years ago were the Saudis.  There’s a lot of oil business that gets done here in KL, so there’s a bunch of Saudis working here and seeing them on the street is really weird.  First you have the dude, an ugly bearded guy wearing flip-flops, shorts, and a ratty t-shirt.  Then trailing him by a couple steps are his wives, usually two or three, wearing the head-to-toe uniform of bullshit called the burkha.

Now this burkha sucks for so many reasons.  First of all, it’s fucking hot in KL, all the time.  85 degrees and up.  When the sun is out it’s much worse.  So I cant even imagine how much that sucks inside a heavy head-to-toe black burkha.  Second, why does the guy then get to dress like a slob?  If I had the assholeness required to make my wives wear that shit, I’d put on a suit or something.  All black is formal wear.  The most ridiculous thing here is when a group of Saudi chicks come to KL’s best known landmark, the Petronas Twin Towers (now the 4th largest skyscraper in the world) in their burkhas and sunglasses all take a picture.  They all look exactly the same!  I can’t imagine how they tag that picture on Facebook.

But of course the main reason I hate the burkha is how it represents the shitty treatment of women in many of the Muslim societies today.  These Saudi motherfuckers just basically keep their women locked up.  In Saudi Arabia they don’t even let them drive cars.  Now there is certain basis for this in the Koran, but these limpdicks are taking things way to far.  They even stone women for adultery.  There is only one rational reason why these guys are doing this:

Saudi guys obviously have the world’s most tiny penises.

I know, we always assumed it was the Asians, but no, it’s these ugly ass Saudi losers!  These guys are so terrified that their women will get a taste of some real dick from some North African stud or even regular European or American pole that they go to unbelievable lengths to keep their women locked away.  I say to those guys, relax!  You don’t need to make women wear burkhas, head scarves, stone them, or even beat them!  Instead, learn to give good cunnilingus, and then be a nice, kind, supportive husband to all your wives.  Stop acting and thinking that women are your property.  If you do this there is a much better chance that she won’t be fucking the poolboy.  And don’t you guys realize that if you let them drive then they won’t be all fucking their drivers like they are now?

Check out this great Islamic fashion, the burkini!  They clear out the pool at a certain time every day so that the women can swim alone and then they still make them wear this disgrace:

I mean, come on guys.  When you are so insecure and afraid that your woman will somehow bring dishonor upon you that you won’t even let her get a tan at the beach you are just an unbelievably flaming douchebag.  You guys are a disgrace.


Charlie Bushmeister

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